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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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in this. week's top stories here in the roots comes face to face with the specter of terrorism for the first time people were already been arrested following the metro blast that killed thirteen over two hundred. more harm than good libya's rebels could be in as much danger as colonel gadhafi from nato bombs experts say the alliance is poisoning the ground and with radioactive ammunition. the man behind an internet mail piece for russia's most wanted terrorist goes on trial in finland his links to the extremist websites ignored. also its fifty years this week since man stepped into space yuri gagarin's momentous flight is celebrated
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both on earth and in orbit. with a look back at the past week's top stories and the latest developments this is r.t. within twenty four hours a day this past monday a terror attack on a metro station in the belorussian capital minsk left thirteen people dead over two hundred were injured in the blast that took place during the evening rush hour two days after the bombing president look at shankar said authorities have detained five people in connection with the attack one of them described as having new skills in chemistry suspected of triggering the explosives through the rest of people apparently confessed but the motives for the bombing are still unclear what is occurring a control over describes the first deadly terror attack in the country's modern history. find forty nine pm means country ground. a man steps on the
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platform of a crowded metro station he's had a back on the floor and walks away for several minutes you can see him cold blooded for the right moment trains going in both directions make a stop doors open. i started to scream asking for help i was reading how many a man into woman carries me on thought into the fresh air i taught my med and didn't leave me until the ambulance arrived. that's mine and hooman majd vianna where they saved not only cost me nothing but the life of your unborn child as well . come on the day i was going to the city center to buy vitamins and terrible but i believe i got off not only where people without with missing mags and hands on six months pregnant my thoughts were about the baby. but instead into reno huddle to protect your belly she was lucky people splodge
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a door in the big smoke and didn't trouble you were in the ride. the train was full of parents and then there was this bang and all of a sudden fire ceiling collapsed lots of people one on the platform older sister to was something and then i saw this was a girl's body. lena was at the very epicenter of the lost and one of the few to me recklessly survive in her carriage and then despite the panic others gave her helping hands to skate the carnage from the city's busiest metro station this is where the two lies of the meanest subway intercept on this explains why there was so many commuters during this in rush hour on monday eyewitnesses say that those hollywood it was carried out onto the street from the sound shows and many of those who want to still remain in critical condition in hospitals across the city the news of the tackle up to those systems being a lot of people do. aspirate to contact their loved ones for some delays in getting
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through the longest moments of their lives. mux you should call me to say there was a terrorist attacks descend then the line broke out because when we came to the scene and saw her we were shocked it was all torn apart as if you'd been hit by shotgun pellets only space hands and clothes were covered in blood of you she was trying to please or shock you don't cry this is not my blood it here the blast was that of others caught up in late for city twelve killed at the scene one more died in hospital as funerals were taking place in minsk and elsewhere people were walking to the site of the tragedy in their hundreds almost a week after the attack many are still struggling to come to terms with the human cost of the chassis. lost lives. it hurts it hurts terribly people need to understand and value every moment of
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their lives and remember those who died. i'm sorry but i can't. it's even a virtue of what our team needs balance. and conflict resolution analyst dennis summit says the minsk metro explosion could be part of a pattern of attacks across european capitals it will fall into a pattern of similar terrorist attacks that we've seen in different european cities and. has not been a target before in this way and it is not perhaps an obvious target for a terrorist attack but clearly bellows is not immune to these kind of incidents that we've seen then moscow that we've seen in london that we've seen and mother made and in other places and so this was obviously raised a number of alarm bells amongst your torah and about the russian capital. and while
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reels from the deadly attack his extremist views find a safe haven in an unexpected place. finish authorities ignore the promotion of terrorism under the nose with a country's capital harboring a website which openly supports attacks here in russia that report on its way this is. also still to come it's really says it's going to accept tens of thousands of new refugees from unstable arab countries straining border control balls to the limits of. their stories to come first in libya fierce fighting is continuing between pro-government troops and rebels near the city of misrata there are also reports of fresh nato air strikes along the country's coast the aim is to disable colonel gadhafi forces on the opposition could be suffering just as much u.s. war veterans want the coalition has been using a queasiness substance in its strikes which causes cancer you take it as you may find some images in going to reporters to stoke. these leave young men
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cheer on top of a tank hit by coalition forces unaware of the silent killer they could be breathing in as they celebrate though the western coalition denies using depleted uranium in our means in that country others say there is a good chance weapons with the highly poisonous radioactive element have been used that kind of damage. there's a really good chance that with the new road. to ninety percent sure there was. just only use on it it's getting. exposure to the world all the wind blowing. the particles are in the air. so all these people in these cars you. know lisa sirius served in the u.s. military during the first gulf war in the early one nine hundred ninety s. clearing up battlefields in kuwait back then the u.s.
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dropped more than three hundred fifty tons of depleted uranium over kuwait and iraq pictures of bombings from libya seen all too familiar to see how those touches are red that's the burning see how it shoots out instead of a cone straight out and you get the flare at the bottom that's a new explosion depleted uranium in military terms is highly efficient relatively cheap and powerful enough to penetrate the heaviest armor nato flatly denies its use in libya even though the u.n. human rights commission has called for advanced countries who refused to sign up include the u.s. the u.k. friends and this will the smallest particles if you are a new nano particles are the most dangerous ones inhale they get into the glaude until spreading to any organ including the heart brain liver cancer chronicles penetrate your cell tissue this is when you get all kinds of genetic mutations and
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people in iraq for example grieving that contaminated air every day and experts say there's no way to fight it in fallujah or in iraq where the u.s. blocked thousands of depleted uranium rounds after the two thousand and three invasion a quarter of all babies are born with a range of horrendous ever normalities higher rates of cancer leukemia and infant mortality have been found here then after the it tomic bombs were dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki the u.s. and the british military admitted widespread use of the week you rein him in bombing bosnia in one thousand nine hundred ninety five for a legacy you felt today with cancer and looking at rates several times higher than normal we've gotten medical confirmation all round pollute. iraq the health a picture of the radium are there and we see it throughout iraq or saudi arabia kuwait afghanistan somalia the balkans and again now we're seeing the movement into a libya dr dog rocky was
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a leading specialist in the cleanup after the gulf war says there is no way of actually decontaminating affected areas i was given a written memorandum to lie about to help in a particular a mission he himself was exposed to depleted uranium almost all of the members of his team are now there some fear that the suffering of those bombs in areas where there will be no western troops will go unnoticed and i think happens in. libya i suspect this. kind of has. to start saying hey look everybody here. and nations and so forth i don't think anyone it pleaded you rhenium has a half life of four and a house dealing in years hence it's description by some as the silent killer that will never stop killing. our t. washington d.c.
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. well for more on the situation in libya let's cross live now to patrick henningsen he's a london based journalist and managing editor of the twenty first century why dot com thanks very much indeed for joining us now in a recent article you suggest the african continent and libya in particular has become a platform for a brand new cold war between the western states and china interesting thought what brings you to that conclusion. well if you look at the u.s.s.r. vs the west the original cold war this was not so much a war that was fought face to face on the military field it was a country it was a war that was fought in third party regions and usually through proxies and exactly what we're seeing today especially the last month in north africa. this is . the goals of intervention so stated intervention by the un in nato.
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are very different than what was drawn up in resolution one thousand and seventy three the goals are regime change it also the goals or the control of resources in that region and the eviction in other words the dismantling of chinese economic interests in africa give us an idea i don't like the new sorry to interrupt give us an idea all of those interests that china has not just in libya but but also in africa. sure i mean china has got just in libya alone i mean i could give you a long manifest from angola to uganda tanzania to chad to zimbabwe just in libya alone chinese contracts or some value something like twenty billion u.s. dollars ok sizable investment on the parts of the chinese in libya now if you look at the instability that has been caused by the situation in libya and across north
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africa according to beijing's minister of ministry of commerce the chinese the turnover from these chinese investments in north africa has dropped almost fifteen percent in the first two months of this year so destabilization. is hampering chinese influence and economic investment how is it that if there is this tension this potential cold war why isn't it a fact that china hasn't been more outspoken about what's been going on in libya for example it did have the chance along with russia to veto the u.n. decision to impose a no fly zone and carry out aerial bombardments now if china felt its worst interests risk that why hasn't it spoken or indeed indeed vetoed that sanction. sure look i think this is a very good question and now you can look at it two ways ok initially from a chinese point of view the original u.n. resolution as vague as it was asking for
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a no fly zone now if the chinese initially thought they took it on face value and said well this is going to help stability in the region by having a no fly zone and hopefully things will calm down and we can get back to business as usual obviously we know from the events of the last couple weeks it wasn't just about a no fly zone its route was really about full on military intervention on the part of nato. in the region in libya so the chinese style of the sea also is very different than the west's look china is the elephant in this situation you know and despite the rhetoric you might hear from the u.s. and you hear this thing all the time the number one economic power in the world is the u.s. this is actually not the case the u.s. is now it number two possibly number three behind china in the european common market so china doesn't have to have the hyperactive foreign policy behavioral patterns that the west uses to get what it needs to get out of the situation the
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chinese will sit and wait be patient and they'll make their move cordingley sit wait and be patient when i can i just ask you. for the moment what do you make of the current situation at the moment nato has gone far beyond what is legitimate many are claiming cameron the british prime minister just said today that he sees the current resolution as a restriction to what nato should be doing that surely a new resolution should be put in place to end the stalemate to end this conflict do you agree with that. well look you know i mean we have to look we've got to look at this resolution let's have a very good look at this revolution resolution one nine seven three was based on the assumption and this is based on unverified reports that khadafi was gunning down his own citizens ok really have to have a good look at this who are these people that were quote gunned down how many of them were there a lot of these are witness reports not all verified by any independent
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international human rights organization and they've rushed through a resolution of the eleventh hour that we really are running out of time patrick here but just quickly let's say a new resolution is brought and it does actually say i agree that there should be a regime change and indeed perhaps ground forces employed just briefly and finally what could be the political implications not just what's going on in libya but the political implications of that happening. well for the united nations the political implications are pretty obvious from the from the iraq the u.n. is being used as a kind of bureaucracy in other words like the state let's put this simply the u.n. is the is the parking meter ticket issue or who comes up puts a ticket on your car ok and nato is the clamper or the tow truck company that takes your car away ok so just kind of technique is being used on an international scale it could have horrendous implications for the united nations could turn the united nations into a league of nations that we saw before the second world war
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a completely useless international bureaucratic body that's costing us a fortune in delivering very little in terms of its original charter so this is the front from a western political point of view it could really be a problem at home for the u.s. and the u.k. if they continue down this road of protecting corporate interests in the region and not really come up with the sort of international justice that people are expecting patrick thanks so much for your time for joining us live there in london patrick henningsen journalist and managing editor of twenty first century well dot com thanks thank you bill. frances dropped a train carrying tunisian and libyan immigrants from italy and i'm president of move since the introduction of the e.u. travel free zone hundreds have been halted on the france italy border rose says the move appears to be illegal in violation of european principles but france says it will only honor those immigrants are able to financially support themselves italy's granted temporary residency to tens of thousands of people fleeing the trouble in
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north africa some european legislators say the only way to deal with the inflow of refugees is to change border regulations. and his minister should have very clear that these people have no future in europe because by giving them just do just the hope of getting a legal permission to stay in europe he's creating another foot wave so to speak you know other migration from from libya or from egypt from tunisia who find it a possibility to country europe reality is really striking here i mean for now ten years my party and equivalents to my party have been crying out loud against the open borders because it's created so many problems with illegal migration with with international crime and so on the entire shingle idea has failed and therefore we need to step back. into the situation which we had ten years ago where there was actually national park control because it is for the benefit of the national states but a benefit of the populations of europe. also this hour we travel to france where lawmakers
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are struggling to deal with a large minority community that. was a sort of oprah as the country brings in a panel traditional biodegraded improving integration but he said that actual effect is very different also what it's like this one will serve as a reminder for future generations of the last person journey into space but for now they're still basically to tell the story of the week i got it and that momentous day brought in memory adding another layer of color to history. the publisher of a finnish based propaganda website for chechen terrorists is gone on trial well the prosecutors in helsinki have overlooked mccullough store shows extremist things instead accusing him of smuggling people into the country and he said i have been following the court proceedings he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but me hi all stores are founded and runs this website center a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorist and declared
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by the un to have links with al qaida though kumara it's responsible for some of russia's most horrific recent terror attacks in moscow metro blast and the dome of the out of the airport bombing which total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred cycles doku umarov a president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the wife of a mujahideen islamic fighter the situation is that the standard. and he's associates they are working for the politicization of islamist the spring feel about. they want to make radicals be hailed thor's or is being prosecuted not for aiding terrorism but for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into finland people who he calls freedom fighters the way the people who sent the writes about the situation. contaminating the finished mediates.
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slower and slower writing of the same way. under what are they writing rewriting of it's correct to make it through the dark see this is the company that houses the website located right in the center of how simply meanwhile opponents of islamic extremism or those who speak out against it are being persecuted by pillars of artes for allegedly violating minority rights. a finnish pastor was to frocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and forced to divorce his wife to protect her from calf threats he received these came from joe kumar himself who said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerks church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial hatred has been launched all the research he's trying to make something positive out of losing his job because all the guy might have been busy with my work but no have the.
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subject and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his life for carte burning propaganda about a man who is torn apart by the lives of thousands nice now are to eat healthy. well as the months to wards russia's presidential election we've got full coverage of the buildup for utility talk coming from the stay abreast of all of this and turns in russian politics but it is unlikely to really delve into what's happening check out the twenty twelve section on the website. so when this is you say aliens of earth shirt very experiences explore the russian city has become something of a hotspot for u.f.o. sightings all that and plenty more for you know r.t. dot com. this week a controversial burqa ban came into force in france and perhaps women from wearing a full face veil in public places france become the first country to introduce the
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measures but other nations are thinking about following suit with artie's dental bushell reports it could well backfire and stir into racial tensions even further. here just become a criminal a new french law covering your face in public is designed to make muslim women integrate in society but the softly spoken single mom says it's had the opposite effect. my friends have simply stopped going out and all the new rulings made some good to speak out and many vowed not to change the way they dress and move on their minds what the french republic stands for says basically is this woman he pledges to pay the hundred fifty euro fine for anyone who continues to wear a veil and is taking the dispute further. but we are soon france in the european court of human rights it's about freedom of expression. that was
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five years nicolas sarkozy's integration advisor last month after criticizing the president's approach that he now calls on french muslims to wear was similar to the one forced on jews by the nazis. these government should learn how to negotiate opinion polls show record low approval ratings for the french government with thank you zeeshan the story into racial tension friday prayers in paris muslims are forced to worship on the streets the government mocks the building of basic public prayer rooms more discrimination say worshippers against the muslim population wrong the scene of the riots in recent years against government policies there are signs of more. well there is a distinct possibility. especially when the domestic. decisions and events in foreign decisions and again come together those already advance have also
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reached partners in europe that joining a glimpse from the illegal call to action of rumors it may be under ivory coast we will consulting allies and sending north african briefly g. back to you to meet them in the face of international anger unlist clear france is no longer lecture regimes like iraq when it picks on its own ethnic minorities and its cracked so called meet with the french government over its called one policy the bill quote proof of politicians illegal us he's a party last week quit more expected to do the same in the coming days the new bush will see. what exactly it fifty years ago this week nearly got it made history when he became the first man to go into space it was a monumental achievement marking the beginning of a new age the age of manned space exploration and artie's silly i went out and met
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some of the people who knew the legend in person. i think i'm feeling alright ready for launch. and i have the honor of taking the cost of a great space craft into space first i was very happy to have that it was only the beginning of april twelve one thousand nine hundred sixty one the day you to go got it blasted off into space orbited the earth and made history. a feat celebrated across the globe iraqi surely it was incredible it was hard to believe that this actually happened the last chile. but for this man it was also the day his name shocked to think you know i definitely was not a paris didn't know where i was serving their name you know i graduated from planets academy and at the facility was working at mr secret only heard that you re going to be sent into space they soon it was me janice came to our house to
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interview her parents and they knew nothing of the one i think they can help process. one of us like this one will serve as a reminder for future generations of mass first journey into space but for now there are still those who can sell the story of eureka got it and that momentous day from memory adding another layer of color to history adequate tow scale was a doctor who prepared the garden for his first flight she recalls that very day fifty years ago. when will the girl look more pale than usual he was unsociable and quiet which was not like human oh he would answer by nodding or a short yes to all questions sometimes he would start humming some tunes this was a different guy would your team up and hugged me and i sat yuri everything will be fine and he nodded back when you're with the think as soon as he got in return to worth he was a superstar a hero for his compatriots those who knew him admit they weren't quite sure how to
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act around him. even to our limits never know what we were playing volleyball in the garden and another guy approached us we'll move the way you want to risk it was very surprised he said what song was put together those who played against him were giving way to govern noticed is that he was offended he said it was play fair ok for several years. he'd be hard pressed to find someone he knew who got it and has a bad word to say after all he was chosen not just risen abilities as a cosmonaut but also for his demeanor and signature smile certainly not a bad reputation to be associated with for this you got it. this are silly our party. pretty healthy his posse are in the russian capital but with a recap of this week's top stories for you very shortly stay with us life here in moscow.
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chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. the mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever again outer space. hero of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flights to could he ever think that his life.


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