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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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could syria be the new libya europe and the u.s. consider sanctions in response to a violent and often they had lee crackdown on anti-government protesters. prime minister vladimir putin heads out of the use of force in conflict torn nation saying politicians are not practicing what they preach. protection of violation the french government puts on soldiers on the streets to protect against terrorism but some members of the public say they feel targeted and spied on. and off he focuses on the north caucuses to find out why it's become a hot spot but terrorists using islam to turn young muslims into it streams of.
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international law from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. where it's just pause eight pm here in the russian capital the syrian army is sending in more tanks and reinforcements as part of a crackdown against anti-government protesters in the south and while the u.n. is urging an investigation into the government violence washington is pushing for sanctions somebody of the west may be gearing up for yet another intervention. has been finding out. i couldn't even right speech at least for one hundred civilians have been killed in the last month of violence in the country and in the last few days alone since the lifting of the emergency nor some five hundred people have been arrested now the white house is considering introducing new legislation new sanctions against the regime in damascus is
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a form of punished. for this violent crackdown the hope is that european countries would follow suit in addition to this in another example of the increased diplomatic activity and the call for sanctions against syria we are seeing in the u.n. security council a debate over a draft statement that calls for restraint and also condemns the violence and it does set the stage for the eventual imposition of sanctions against the country it's thirty blocks of course by the un secretary-general banking moon for an investigation into the killings against this backdrop there is more concern being expressed by experts in the international community that not only the increased diplomatic activity against the country but also the possibility of future intervention and that this will spark a reaction from arab states in washington and brussels i guess there are a lot of concerns about the fact that syria are like libya is part of an alliance
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and their clients is very wide it begins in iran. elements in iraq's government are part of the syrian regime has been on hamas in gaza so if the international community or united nations all united states are going to apply to syria measures all of an economic meaning a direct intervention or political tremendous pressures what they may get their return is a reaction by the iranian regime by hamas by hezbollah and others what the consequences if nato and the u.s. step up their operations in syria many fear could be the same consequences in terms of what we've witnessing in libya and maybe because in an operation that's a really big on the go for several months and many fear that it could continue for months if not years really the situation in libya is a parallel to what we witnessed in happening in syria today there were experts who are suggesting that this could lead to the eventual supplying of weapons to the opposition in syria in libya we heard. nato and the united states saying that the
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libyan leader moammar gadhafi is not a target now here in some western powers saying that he is could the same parallel been drawn with syria so against the pretext of actually coming in and wanting to assist the local population and actually prevent to use this terminology a slaughter waste could be preparing the ground for foreign intervention in syria. the russian prime minister says he's alone by nato his approach towards bombing libya at a news conference following russian swedish talks putin said the coalition is quick to act for the cost. yes that's because of it's well known that i used to serve an occasion to be at the time the soviet union was waging a war in afghanistan and many of my friends served in afghanistan one of them was the head of the advisors group on the security bodies in herat one day he went on leave and i asked him well is and sasha how's the situation down there and at that time our country had a very patriotic spirit we believe that we're doing
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a very good thing having this war in afghanistan his reply came back and expectedly you know without my signature not a single missile or bomb can be fired so what i asked i assess my success and my achievements by the number of orders that i don't sign for me the sound of chocking can you imagine hearing that from a k.g.b. officer at the time i asked him why he said do you know how many peaceful civilians perish because of these missile attacks no matter what reasons are behind them sometimes i contemplate how easily decisions on using force are me today in international affairs and it leads me got smacked and that happens against the background of all the fuss around the human rights and humanism which the modern civilized world seemingly practices don't you see significant contradiction here between fearing the words and deeds and the practice of international affairs and we should do our utmost to eliminate this imbalance or. the french intervention in
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libya has the government in paris taking drastic steps in the name of security. it's easy to persuade people that there could be a terrorist this legislation it's easy then for people in february to believe well that they have a right to listen to my phone calls which they do they have a right to monitor my e-mails facebook because they're really protecting us but armed soldiers patrolling the streets of berlin observers say the french government policies are far cry from liberty or for the. all the details on coming up in just a minute. meanwhile meters insistence libya only to protect civilians is losing credibility in a month of airstrikes against colonel gadhafi forces his personal compound has been a regular target contributor. to the coalition has taken sides in the civil war to secure a lucrative future for its interests. countries involved in the intervention
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and interpreted un security council resolution one thousand nine hundred seventy three in any way what sane it's protection of civilians there helping the rebels and their hitting gaddafi scum part it's obvious that this mission is no longer humanitarian accepting one party to a conflict begins there are there canard for cold humanitarian now the countries who are involved in this intervention by a party to a conflict a belligerent party it's easy to see why nato warns it will change in leave when the new regime is established a new leadership out of gratitude for the countries will save them from gaddafi would want to sign new oil agreements and also will allow mater to set up its military base on the territory of libya these are the double standards of this intervention why have an international law if everybody can interpret it any way
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they want. france is increasing security at home fearing revenge attacks linked to its campaign in libya on soldiers patrolling the streets have become a common sight the government says these measures are necessary to prevent a potential terror attack was not is daniel bushell reports many see the policies as the scaremongering tactics of a big brother state. soldiers on the streets with machine guns this is francis busy here at fifty of your most expensive time to tear a program to find what it called the growing terrorist raids the government claims troops make the public feel safer but that's not what people think then a little bit dangerous they can. use the force and other way there is a bit frighted with the guard. with the premier francois feel says troops are required because france bombing libya threatens
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a terror attack at home you'll never find soldiers at shops tourist sites government buildings train stations airports schools and churches but expose the system doesn't even work and the main feature of terrorism is that it's impossible to foresee. real target is not secure terrorists' says one investigator but to monitor the public it's easy to persuade people that they could be a terrorist just metro station it's easy then for people in friends to believe well then they have a right to listen to my phone calls which they do they do do it they have a right to monitor my emails and facebook because they're really protecting us troops are only the visible part or sorties can now read people's emails under a law passed quietly in february president sarkozy also signed a bill for police to touch phones were built getting judges authorization to
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justify the invasion of people's privacy says one author so as he makes france's six million arabs a scapegoat he has to make them afraid thinking that there is an arab with a bomb here. a government recently branded muslims a problem and burn the muslim food. face veil some already mocked the band and what they see as an arab witch hunt by going out in vocals and mini skirts there's also the large cost world workers continue to be laid off in the economic crisis v.g. pierrette estimated prices eighteen billion euros each year enough to create a million new teaching jobs and embarrassed government and lists a tries to hide the amount. is very expensive because the executive can move riffle from one area to another quite quickly it's very difficult to find an exact figure critics like
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michelle cologne have dubbed the video system vishy pierrette she was france's first in the second world war it spied and informed on people and targeted ethnic minorities. the french government today stands accused of doing the same to its own citizens don't you bush or r.t. paris. in the battle against terrorism in north caucuses it's not just russian special forces on the front line within the muslim community they're an ideological battle is raging between moderates the extremist groups trying to lure young people artist button has this report. a busy day at university in russia's north caucasus these students are learning about arab culture and language they're trying to broaden their horizons so were so filled. until radical islamists took hold on him. i saw the way his stare changed he became alienated from everyone
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the brainwashing teaches them to be ready for the next world so they stop paying attention to this one by the end of university he had started to take food to militant friends in hiding when civil war to stop it he left home forever as locals say he had gone to the forest well i already felt something inevitable and sad was . coming but i didn't know what to do i didn't have a chance to stop him when he left town for more chinos it was a month later the police surrounded a group of militants there dagestan's capital they were ready to surrender but their leader started shooting to provoke a deadly gun battle in which they all died including romney in another of the region's capitals now chick it's friday prayers at the city's main mosque but this is a muslim community living under a cloud three months ago their leader for a public mufti was shot dead outside his home by muslim extremists. and as
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such i have been a vocal critic of both your thirty's and the extremists saying there is corruption in the police as in other spheres of society but it doesn't mean a policeman to be shot dead. when their ideologists say they are to make people scared of islam i can't agree islam is not a thing to be afraid of the only way to promote islam is to make people see the beauty of it if they are scared of it they will refuse it so you put since the one nine hundred ninety s. more extreme forms of islam thought to come from outside russia has been growing influence. university staff are concerned at how impressionable some students have proved to be they say the region's muslim majority was not be made to feel alienated we need. to speak more of. you sure the russian federation our government our constitution all wars they.
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do not do anything against is somewhere as itself radical islam isn't thought to have arrived in the region until the second chechen campaign started in one thousand nine hundred since then although widespread fighting has died down the methods of small extremist groups bombings and shootings have proliferated the question nervously asked here now is whether the radicals ideology and methods or wants of desperation or growing confidence tom watson r.t. . two militants have been killed in a special operation by russian security forces in the country's north caucuses region government open far from their car before being shot by police it's been confirmed they were leaders of a criminal group but extorted money from local businessmen officials say the money was used to aid militants and extremist groups in north caucasus region has been gripped by almost daily violence between authorities and terrorists hj well coming up here and make way for the runaway many.
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find out how the russian authorities are planning to stop the dangerous drivers transporting russia's commuters. now time to update you on some international news making headlines this hour in our world update an afghan air force pilot has shot dead eight u.s. troops and a contractor at an airport in kabul the government reportedly suffering from mental illness or not according to a flight before and colleagues all planned the attack off to be recruited by the taliban incidence is the deadliest of a number of recent attacks and foreigners by afghan security personnel. the white house has released president barack obama's original birth certificate to prove he was born in the state of hawaii so-called birth is of claim that obama was actually born in his father's native kenya eligible to be president obama did release a less detailed version before he was elected in two thousand and eight but have
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refused to make public his original one until now. egypt has again shut off its gas supply to israel and jordan one of the explosion on its key pipeline near the city of irish law schools twenty meter high flames in fourth authorities to switch off the main terminal and security officials say that an unidentified gas attack the pike has been hit twice before during the uprising against the post president hosni mubarak last month when gunmen planted explosives failed to detonate. well those of military personnel have taken part in the pre-dawn dress rehearsal for the royal wedding in london the army navy and royal air force protesting their reading this what promises to be the world's biggest televised marriage ceremony prince william and kate middleton of to be married on friday and around six hundred thousand spectators are expected to line the procession with. an everyday commuters swarming on to public transport here in russia take serious risks in an attempt to get to their destination shuttle buses
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a cheap and frequent put in some parts of the country they're involved in up to cost of all road accidents often with lethal consequences. has been finding out why . a high speed chase and a miracle that no one was killed. for more than ten minutes police pursued the speeding shuttle bus which had a drunk driver at the wheel. another shocking example this race between two million buses in central russia that left keep teen people injured according to police in some russian cities shuttle vans are involved in more than half of all rude accidents we are in the us seized in southern russia and as you can see shuttle bus is very popular here the cost is less than a dollar per ride but just like anywhere else in the country this type of transportation is fraught with danger most shuttle vans go on to private companies where drivers are often overworked and underpaid some of them try to get behind the
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wheel drunk or worse. this year alone fourteen random checks and found twenty seven drivers who we using drugs for just one be caught up living in moscow parked his car and took a shuttle bus to work he says he almost got killed. for serious violations in a row very risky wants to. go in the wrong way i was so scared i was ready to grab the guy but here i'm a complete. meanwhile forty's and they want to see they found a solution to the shuttle bus problem a trendy high tech one. that would use this year we are all shuttle buses with satellite tracking equipment and video cameras to help us deal with complaints on a case by case basis no matter home press of these plans are it's still unclear how this big brother approved will affect the situation on the roads but with the rising number of shuttle bus related deaths and injuries it may be one small step
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because of the carnage there is below the ski r t. let's go back to our top story now the violence in syria and the talk of possible sanctions. from washington we'll talk to talk more about this i'm joined now by the former reagan administration official paul craig roberts joining us live there in the states thanks very much indeed for joining us well as we're reporting today many people are saying could syria become a new libya could we see foreign intervention there next do you think. yes i think that is the attention of the united states. the documents leaked to wiki leaks show that the united states state department has been financing. syrian opposition groups and the and washington has certainly taken a much stronger interest and syria and in libya it took in bahrain or saudi arabia or egypt or the other places where protests broke out.
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in my opinion and. when american interest in libya was to clear china out of the mediterranean and towards them from their libyan all investments and i think syria is targeted because of the large russian naval base in syria and so the united states. which was caught off guard by the protests and confusion and major learned it can use our protest. to the chinese and the russians from the mediterranean without having to directly confront the power what many would say that to contradict your argument many would say look relations between nato have improved the resetting of relations are currently undergoing but tween washington and moscow your argument may not make
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sense that because washington cannot offer all create more tensions not only with the middle east but with china and now again with russia kind of. well it is because i mean look at that washington has been in circling the russian with a military basis for the last decade and tells the russians that it's because of washington is afraid of iran. and you know. the state's response to china's economic contribution. africa was to form the united states' african command called after a car which was created in two thousand and eight. and so these are i think the reasons the united states has taken such a strong interest. in libya and i would also syria had it years nato that i'm there here's a go at what it is nato is a tool to do that in
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a way we seeing using as a tool in libya and if that's the case the nato alliance seems pretty divided over labor at the moment but it really have an appetite and a cohesion to actually target syria next. well. the european countries are of course american puppet states arthur i mean nato is fighting for the united states in afghanistan. and now nato which was formed to. resist a possible soviet invasion of western europe who is now fighting in a war africa. so i think the united states did succeed in turning nato into an edge of cold. and i believe the american drought for hegemony. which israel feels threatened by the chinese presence in their view and they're not happy that china is acquiring engine needs for its developing
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economy you may be aware of the recent report from the international monetary fund that the chinese economy will have surpassed that of the economy of the states within five years so if washington deprive. oriel resources and make clear industrialisation slower and more difficult if it can and deprive russia of a naval presence and a merger alien then the drive for general. can continue and with fewer obstacles and so all right they let me just quickly ask you this dr continuing we've talked about libya we've talked about tensions with china and russia perhaps you haven't mentioned iran is that the next target you think as well i think iran has been targeted for some town and if you watch the propaganda about syria
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washington is now claiming it. is is helping syria. oppress the protesters. you know what's different. syria about clojure in both cases we know for a fact the united states government is supporting. opposition groups is not as far as we know in tunisia or egypt. and so it's it's only in those two countries where washington head. opposition forces are funding the. united states has an interest in intervening. in both cases there is a strong presence to all of us. moving. in syria paul paul will have to leave it there it's very interesting at bearing in
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mind your experience as a former reagan administration official to hear what you have to say about the ongoing developments there in the middle east and north africa thank you very much paul craig roberts joining us live here in arctic thank you. well that brings us now to twenty five minutes past the hour business is next here with me tree. welcome to business it's good to have your company russian oil companies once they have the new coil expected to present plans for the first exploration projects of the arctic shelf by the first of september lukoil is already operating offshore and places to invest the dozens of billions of dollars into shelf exploration in russia and abroad as well but of reports. it's not another disaster in the ocean it's a take of the our training center for workers developing offshore oil and gas deposits the complexes built by lukoil has just signed
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a deal with rosneft on self exploration out to talk on these and more i'm joined now by they had all who quite regularly hear of. when b.p. planned to sign a deal with rosneft on the arctic exploration they have pledged to invest the frost billion dollars and provide technology is what will be your contribution so they call it the ration. card we have unique style for our already developing some of the world's largest offshore to causes such as the west to we are financially stable we can take on some of the financial risks we are good partners for rosemary because at the present when i am planning to star joins expiration of the shelf deposits and how much you read it in past. the first three specialists will have to present concrete feasible projects by the first of september and the government should approve them it's mostly the arctic projects or in the black sea or in the
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caspian sea he'd say kind of geological exploration especially in the arctic is a very three to seven wells and garner we spent about a billion dollars to drill these kinds of wells i think their minds will be similar here especially if you talk about exploration of the arctic. but if the b.p. rosneft deal go through how much does affect your corporation of the austin after. it will in fact it our partnership and rosen if partnership with b.p. are very different projects which are not connected now they're economically technologically or politically when we're talking about cooperation with rosemary we're not. talking about exclusive partnership but you buy cooperation on concrete projects if you put it on a particular the interviewing the president of luke world's most of the markets u.s. markets opened makes them flat that's after the commerce department reported who
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does for durable goods in march climbing to an hour percent this is a good consecutive month investors are waiting for the federal open market committee a news conference by fed chairman ben bernanke so far the dow was up zero point one percent the nasdaq by just north european markets ended the session also mixed flat for the footsie and up point seven percent for the dax the boost the buy strong endings results in ericsson and then automakers shares are on the rise across europe with gating on better corporate results she has a finnish mobile naked nokia also jumped on this after the company said it would add four thousand jobs. russian equities showed a very different picture with the r.t.s. falling point eight percent of my say so point one point two percent energy stocks were among the main losers despite high oil prices let's take a look at some of those stocks was near and the t.v. the biggest news of the day down two percent lead to even two point four percent
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despite posting record high annual profits. all right the headlines are next with bill so you do stay with us if you fam. if.


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