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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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thanks. oh i'm sorry marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture president obama decides not to release the photos of osama bin laden's corpse in hopes of not endangering the lives of the remaining troops fighting overseas so what new criticism of the face and light of his tough decision was detail surrounded in lodz capture or disclosed which are rather contradictory with mission reports list new information hurt the
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white house is credibility and the line may be gone but what about his platoon of men who follow the united states need to put out an a.p.b. on the new leader about i think. bad news for those who want to see bin ladin with a whole one as white house that it's not releasing the photos it was press secretary jay carney at today's white house briefing reading a transcript of an upcoming sixty minutes interview with president obama over why he decided not to release the photos. we discussed this internally keep in mind that we are absolutely certain that this was him we've done d.n.a. sampling and testing and so there is no doubt that we killed osama bin laden it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in
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the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence or as a propaganda tool that's not who we are. we don't trot out this stuff as trophies that's not who we are what jake carney just said right there strikes right to the heart of what george w. bush did to this country and what president obama is trying to change bush was governor of texas he executed one hundred thirty one people no other governor ever came close to flipping the switch on as many prisoners and bush did it with ease as in two thousand and three article entitled the texas clemency memos by ellenborough in the atlantic magazine pointed out governor bush frequently uprooted executions based on only the most cursory briefings on the issues in dispute in other words he didn't think twice about taking another man's life even when the guilt of that man might be in question and bush wore these executions as a badge of honor saying in
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a two thousand presidential debate i'm proud of the fact that we hold people accountable when the supreme court handed bush the presidency back in two thousand he brought this same brutality to the white house and in doing so in many ways our nation became more brutal more bloodthirsty that's why instead of resorting to interpol or black ops or surgical miller military operations to track down those responsible for nine eleven which went to war he wanted maximum violence not a single ounce of bloodshed needed to be shed to get bin ladin after nine eleven afghanistan's leader mullah omar offered to capture him and him over to face trial twice but bush said no way each time you'd be working on that war against iraq ever since one nine hundred ninety eight when his brother jeb it is defense secretary rumsfeld side the pin act argument calling for an invasion and one thousand nine hundred nine when bush told his biographer mickey herskowitz on the record that if he was elected he fully intended to be a war president in iraq because that was the best way to get political capital. in
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world history books we read about brutal military commanders who would post the heads of their vanquished enemies on post for everyone to see showing off their own brutality and today we refer to those people as barbarians but this is exactly what bush which brought from texas to the white house barbarism after we went into iraq and alas that away saddam hussein's two sons were proved that we could be just as violent and brutal as saddam was by releasing the photos of the bullet ridden dead bodies and as well of saud their heads off and posted them on stakes in front of the white house that bush would have loved to show a picture of saddam's corpse to mean you want the world to know how he had botched the ng in accidently decapitating and having to chase the head rolling around the room of saddam hussein and all the while a small segment of the american people bought him well i'd lost can be contagious
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when al qaeda leader abu musaab it's a car we was killed in iraq in two thousand and six the bushies splayed out his body for photographers to get their shots in and those photos were plastered on the internet newspapers and cable news as in we can kill people through ed we do it with enthusiasm but president obama is not like president bush he doesn't have a history of executing people in fact his history is the opposite as a community organizer and law professor he teaches people and brings them together he's what's known as a statesman and no matter how terrible a criminal may be there's still a certain bit of respect that should be paid to the dead there's something unsavory about rejoicing and celebrating the death of anyone even but a lot as john dawn famously said any man's death diminishes me because i am involved in mankind. yes we should be relieved that bin laden is gone yes it's
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a good thing for the world but to party hard over a man being shot in the head that is not who we are we are not who george w. bush tried to make us into we are not like al qaida that kicked kidnaps an american my daniel pearl severed his head on the internet and rejoices over his death it's just not who we are and that's what president obama told us of the day we're involved in a hearts and minds struggle in the middle east and it depends on us not being like them and of course sarah palin disagrees she thinks we should be just like them to you today show for the wise warning to others seeking america's destruction no pussy foot around no politic in her drama no drama it's part of a version comeuppance. we don't need to prove anything to al-qaeda or the united states of america this is especially important when the release of gruesome photos
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is of it worse waggling when we were swaggering braggarts could light off a powder keg and at least we are constitutionally limited representative democratic republic if our representatives the people we elected the members of the house and senate intelligence committees have seen the proof in the photos that's enough young that there's no good reason other than laden's death photos should be released releasing the photos would have satisfied the death there is any way they just say that they were pows otoh shopped and the rest of us understand that we don't need to see the blood to get the picture bin laden's dead we don't need the trophies we did what we needed to do after ten long years now let's move on. coming up could president obama facing a huge backlash from the muslim community as a result of bin laden's death i'll talk with someone who believes so the word.
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you know something if you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realized everything you saw. on tumblr is a big issue. the
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white house is really releasing new details about bin laden's death he was reportedly unarmed when seals raided the compound and shot and killed him and issue reports that he used his wife as a human shield were untrue on the decision to kill bin laden so the taking him alive but house press secretary jay carney said there was concern the bin laden would oppose the capture operation and indeed he resisted after the body was definitively identified it was taken out to the north arabian sea placed in a white sheet and bag and slid into the waters the religious remarks were read so
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these new details pose a problem for the president my next guest says yes joining me now is bryan fischer director of issue analysis the american family association brian welcome tom good to have you you said that the president of the united states rock obama has been running around the world blaming his problems on george w. bush and blaming his problems on america take a look at this this quote. maybe that this man is going all over the world blaming president bush and blaming america for all of our troubles with the islamic world this is a major p.r. problem for president obama and he does not even realize the size of the hole that he dug for himself and the size of the hole that he just fell into the lane all his problems on america brian. what are you talking about. president obama has
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made a career out of blaming president bush he's giving me one example or character for our client to go in please give me one example i have over and sort of this person over the years you know when when president obama has been speaking been thinking to myself why doesn't he mention bush why isn't quite this out about what he has to the best of my knowledge never ever blamed bush for any can you give me one example lemme be nice if you gave president bush credit even nancy pelosi one example of why in english that you're right you're happy to consider courts leadership and she recognized that president bush's actions have contributed to the capture of the executioner bin ladin to be nice your president obama would do the same when he blamed bush. be nice to president obama will give credit to president bush for his vigilance poor eight years when did he blame bush and when did he go around the world blaming america well but in the in the campaign even if you remember where
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you want to alice our university in cairo basically your comments raising all over himself the apology was the employees were in pain just. campaign you can't tell me that because he didn't apologize for any senators who were he campaigned on the promise that he was going to restore our standing in the muslim world and then he turns the overall war on hundred percent of the credit for executing what muslims believe and referred to as the lion. if you hear me. you know muslim world in jerusalem same could be that president obama is a dog and dogs should be afraid to take out lions the lion is still the i am and. on president obama not so i don't see brian i'm going to say you're talking about is a long and muslims like there are some giant unified all we're talking about over a billion people only one muslim group to the best of my knowledge and that's
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a mosque there pretty sketchy has has come out and condemned us for killing osama bin laden you know of others i mean this was this is this guy who is the most was representing hamas where are the muslim women so this could be coming this the mom sort of debate that we've gotten to the engines on president obama and i saw you know what you were given a couple of hours i mean the multiple employ says we're standing nine eleven go don't you remember brian the day after nine eleven they held a candlelight vigil in tehran iran all around the muslim world people were holding vigils on behalf of the united states when it came out that it was assad bin laden you omar came out and said to george w. bush i will have him arrested and turned over to a third country for trial we bush started sobbing and he said and then mullah omar came out and held another press conference and ok we will definitely give him to you now we don't even demand proof that he's guilty will simply now turn him over to a third country which said no we're going to have our wars. well you know i'm to see
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mom in jerusalem is not alone there have been a lot of other muslim voices calling preventive see against the united states and vengeance against president obama in particular and i stand behind what president obama did here one hundred percent i think he was absolutely right to supergirl to see us navy seals american he was an absolutely right to take osama out rather than capture him and take europeans and dump his body and see everything he did was absolutely one hundred percent the right thing to do and i will back into their comments just two hours ago or three hours ago man was a shootout with police in oklahoma he's a suspect in a pipe bombing of a muslim center in florida and he was apparently killed in the shoot out this kind of rhetoric saying that all muslim oh american muslim group has said that no did no american muslims come out and said that the vast majority of muslims
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around the world condemned him at the time and although they've condemned our wars against iraq afghanistan many some more say they saw him this. was a crackpot who represented a tiny slice of islam we've got crackpots who represent tiny slices of christianity who are running around blowing up abortion clinics and murdering doctors it should we just look at all of them and say other crackpots will deal with them like they are but i'm tom i'm surprised that you support what president obama did here because he acted just like a pit cowboy works this was a renegade rogue operation don't recall any here any was raining down on a conference and that's the ominous own standards remember president obama's that wanted triggered this is a law enforcement issue we have to bear in these people we did. we have to get it out a lot even to give them a try what in the swat team do this experiment and he took out osama bin ladin at.
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well you know i think you're making brian i think you just made my point he said ok it's law enforcement this guy's a criminal we're going to go in with a swat team and he did and he took them out brian thank you for being with us russ appreciate your. so no the celebrations around the country over bin laden's death are subsiding it's time to take a step back and look at what all this means for our future security after all there is a lot a lot more terrorism the most wanted list who are looking for an opening to blow something up as brian base which is that just because bin laden is gone doesn't mean the rest of these guys are just going to call it quits so even though the number one man on the most wanted terrorist list was snuffed out on sunday and we have to do to make sure the others on that was don't carry on his legacy joining me now is cliff schecter author and political strategist a regular contributor to the huffington post cliff welcome thank you have thanks for having us thank you for joining us thoughts on first of all actually you have
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written a piece about those out to get us. now other countries have dealt with those to get them italy had the red brigades they even murdered the prime minister over more stuff them in the trunk of a carney said by suffocated whatever germany had bought a mine off gang a the united kingdom england had the irish republican army they they didn't drop bombs on any one of those countries drop bombs on other countries even though in every single of these cases those groups were finding a refuge in other european countries they dealt with them by law enforcement the way that obama basically president obama just did with bin ladin arguably i mean used the military t. sure. what or what about these others that are out there to get us how should we be thinking of them how should we be was born i think we have to think about dealing with them in a similar way look if we're talking about a broad obviously what we did in iraq has had nothing to make us safer in fact it is more unsafe and we went into a country that had nothing to do with nine eleven in afghanistan the initial
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purpose i think it's very you know i was in favor of it to go in and disrupt the taliban i was in favor of going good law and there was a point where after tora bora we were in finding it to take. back to a domestic level i think you know what i wrote my piece on the huffington post is look we've still been long may be gone we still have many people targeting us here in this country and yet we still have this thing called the terror gap. anybody who don't are terror watch list to go and purchase an assault weapon explosives in fact senator frank lautenberg released a report that showed in two thousand and ten two hundred forty seven times when those in the on the terrorism watch list tried to buy guns were explosives they successfully did out of two seventy two that will give you your ninety ninety one percent success rate and they also showed i think was the number was fourteen hundred fifty three times between what was it february of two thousand and four and december of two thousand and ten same thing ninety one percent clips another in
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every ten guys are successfully getting weapons that can kill people in the right way and not only that we've had a number of terror incidents in this country since nine eleven and most of them have been christian americans shooting at other people shooting but but you know question last week and the reason i went to the white house correspondents there. in order to get in the room with the president and his wife for an hour we did not have to go through a scanner even though i september for michael chertoff we did not have to take our shoes off i didn't take my belt off there were they look they're a person that was that there was no. pussyfooting around over there or what i thought you know i came back from germany a couple weeks ago and and and you know i got to the thing and said you know me take my shoes off and the woman laughed and said we're not afraid i mean you know isn't it time for us to set aside the security theater the bush put together and and and and just look at some good serious police work that's exactly right yes we
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need to look we've got musing intelligence assets we need to use them in many of these cases that you know a great case being needed al-hassan of the fort hood shooting we had a f.b.i. joint terrorism task force that was on it and yet we. still allowed him to go and buy weapons and tell people we know in many cases who these people are and so what we need to do as you would do with good police work is we need to go and make sure that these that there is a list those that are on a terrorist watch list let's face it they can't get on airplanes right now we're saying you are too dangerous to get on an airplane we believe that you should also not be able to get yourself a god and people get explosives that just seems insane in a scene country right now probably post bin laden we know that they're going to some people that could be coming after us we should handle his intelligently handle it with logic and reason and you know as you said as smart police actions can do what we need to do you wrote another piece a little while ago suggested the headline i think was that gabby giffords
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assassination was tragically sadly i think was the worry is predictable yes. isn't this piece of a piece of the whole even though that had nothing to do with islamic extremism of course it is of course because in that case you have another case where someone who obviously was having mental issues when he failed a drug a number of drug tests he could get the army these are all things that if they were reported would have stopped him from getting a gun you know besides a terrorist watch list we don't we've got a system right now i work i do consulting with a group called mayors against illegal guns chaired by mayor bloomberg and they're doing a tour around the country to fix gun checks and they say just to do this is not taking law abiding citizens guns away this is doing simple background checks at gun shows i mean we find it again and again we don't do anything about issues over in those stories or just you know that you can go on not an example just you know john patrick but they're all from california who can't he's not allowed to buy guns in california because he's deemed to be mentally unfit just goes to nevada goes to show buys a gun from a private seller comes to the pentagon starts shooting you know this is this is the
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probably have in this country where you could have reasonable laws where people can get there you know law abiding citizen is going to go and still say this is insanity you know we don't we i mean i mean after mumbai and people know what happened in mumbai all it took were a couple of guys a couple of teams going in with some cell phones and assault weapons and some explosives and they brought that city to its knees so we you know we need to be vigilant we'd be smart so of all the fear mongering in the old shoes and you can't bring the water through the airport but you can break through the baby formula and you know let's be smart intelligent about this and we can defeat this problem claims you very much for your dad it's my pleasure in my humble opinion we really want the safe american that we stop our stupid wars in muslim countries and stop our support for corrupt regimes around the world there's a reason why angry people around the world are not burning the flags of canada or finland. speaking of war. our founders were very explicit about this james madison the father constitution in seven hundred ninety five wrote of
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all the enemies to public liberty war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises develops the germ of every other war as the parrot of armies and from these proceed debt and taxes and armies. and debts and taxes are the known instruments for an armies or brain of many under the dominion of the few no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continuous warfare and yet continuous warfare is essentially what george w. bush set us up for. alexander hamilton seven hundred ninety three this is the guy who wrote after the federalist papers it was the the secretary of treasury in the george washington ministration alexander hamilton seven hundred ninety three it is the providence and judy of the executive to preserve to the nation the blessings of peace executive course being the president the legislature alone can interrupt those blessings in other words have a war by placing the nation in a state of war james madison wrote
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a letter to his mentor thomas jefferson in seven hundred ninety eight james madison was saying if the constitution supposes what the history of all governments demonstrates that the executive the president is the branch of power most interested in war are most proud through it and it has accordingly we studied care best of the question of war in the legislature who was going to put this in the legislature where it can't be you know it you it we takes a declaration of war and george orwell of course said that when war becomes literally continuous this is a nine hundred eighty four in his book it also ceases to be dangerous when war is continuous it eats up the surplus of consumable goods and it helps to prefer preserve the special mental atmosphere that a hierarchical society means this is the idea of perpetual war you'll recall from one thousand nine hundred four george orwell you know the famous saying of big brother. that paymah saying actually here's george w.
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bush saying something very much like. we talk about. it war is peace big brother's famous statement from one nine hundred eighty four it's time for us to a say no more wars that a congressional declaration of war congressional declaration of war we haven't had one since world war two and b. we're going to stop the ones that were already here. crazy alert all the republicans are thanking george w. bush for killing osama bin laden average americans are instead turning their thanks to another man who had to be behind the killing jack power that's right kiefer sutherland the guy who plays the no holds barred torturing terrorist under jack power in the fox t.v. show twenty four has seen his twitter page explode with people thanking him for
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a job well done so little and responded yesterday by tweeting sometimes real life is better than fiction the world is a safer place of course this could be oh president obama's best opportunity to silence the death of years abject power kill bin laden in a special episode of twenty four these guys will believe anything they see on phonics. coming up and serve it is that i should hire jamie weinstein from the daily caller to drive me what i stand as the lone liberal and our midweek problem. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right.
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i think. either one well. whatever government says they're going to keep you safe get ready for freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .
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for. fun. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right.
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i think iraq is evil and wanted well. whenever the government says they're for keeping safe get ready because of them care freedom. all about the big picture i'm tom hartman come. up with dispatch our white house says no releasing photos of slain extremist leader osama bin laden meanwhile right wingers continue to praise former president george bush for his capture i discuss these topics and more insights from did we front and later we all know fox so-called news has a habit of separating fact from fiction as far distorting the image of the government but surprisingly it didn't start.


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