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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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our message is simple. if you take the risks that reform entails you'll have the full support of the united states sounds promising right but the president's message may not be as obvious as it seems so reading between the lines is the u.s. trying to promote imperialism under the guise of democracy will get a reaction from some people obama may have been trying to target in today's speech . it's been like that before that level of. communication in this race that. the american citizens expect more of an american citizen but also
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a muslim hold off his plane on his way ironically to a conference on his lawn a phobia so in a post osama bin laden's world let's change could be enticing muslims sentiment growing. and it may be time for americans to open their eyes and start paying attention to those glaring signs the ones that preceded the financial collapse so what the experts tell me a long arm isn't the end of the economic world as we know. it's thursday may nineteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for is out there watching our team. president obama lays out guidelines for the future of the middle east and north africa calling this a moment of opportunity so osama's out freedoms in and in his forty minute class speech tough talk on dictatorships and democracy and so much more
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the united states opposes the use of violence and repression against the people of the reach of. the united states supports a set of universal rights and these rights include free speech the freedom of peaceful assembly the freedom of religion equality for men and women under the rule of law and the right to choose your own leaders so everyone has thought after this speech including a group of muslims not too far from here in the state of virginia artie's kalen ford sat down with a few of them during the speech and found the president's words are one thing they've heard before. president barack obama mugged his newest plan for peace envelopment and democracy in the middle east from washington so we face a historic opportunity we have
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a chance to show that america values the dignity of the street vendor in tunisia more than the raw power of a dictator. there must be no doubt that the united states of america welcomes change that advances self-determination and opportunity. but across the term make here many in the arab community were skeptical. came to the us from tunisia eleven years ago leaving his wife and son behind he lived the revolution from a far. but i think you can imagine how they could change and it's not because he hasn't been easy and. this is going to be the one that's enough. because like the. new president but i don't think we know. what is the arab spring turns to summer many here express their doubts about how president obama's
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proposal for private investment we think it's important to focus on trade i just paid an investment i just insists a marshall plan for the middle east would work. going to be ok because you know i was being some of. the was. like business from outside what about you know you know. we need to be first in this country and this become harder for business for some but now we need president obama had tough words for libyan leader moammar gadhafi and syrian leader bashar al assad president assad now has a choice you can leave the transition or get out of the way but many here didn't seek an ascii as the only leaders we needed to move on minor keys remain in u.s. allies saudi arabia in jordan as well if they want to stay. they should do something good for their people not only stay out. manju money money in their
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pockets it's not like people see your people if they need some food need everything they should give their country is rich like them not all of them booed they suffered just three years ago many in washington's palestinian community had high hopes for the quote peace candidate even as worked for his campaign door to door to be able to vote for him and i did my server and called everybody you know to vote yes we did but unfortunately he's a big disappointment obama inside and outside for the middle east an interview but now many are disappointed and want the us to let democracy bloom in the arab spring on its own they should get out of the arabic revolution because what they could do it bigger and. more screw it and build it just leave the buddhist of these of those who had to get what they want their good wishes and their good
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the market to see their we love the american way. to get to sound out president obama's message to the arab world with quote take the risk of reform in kale and you'll have the full support of the united states but for those here thousands of miles away from family members in cairo tonight in jerusalem they're waiting for a promise to turn into progress feel important r.t. regina. so let's talk about this certainly this has been the topic of conversation for a lot of people not only in this country but around the world joining us for more is eunice abdulla mohamed she's alast of islam policy dot com and eunice i know that you are in morocco right now so i just want to get a sense from you i mean is this something that people where you are is this something that they're paying attention to that they care about and if so what do they say. well i think with today's speech we can definitely say that obama has officially lost its cool whether that's the arab street or anywhere in the world it was very pathetic display not only
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a condescending message to muslims in general but it was very threatening saying do as you're told if not there will be consequences giving the carrot and letting it known that there was a stick to follow if things were not adhered to and very much belittle the intelligence of people in the muslim world like in morocco for example arabs are not fact stupid americans that have no clue about the historical reality of the american empire people here are not deceived by the fact that barack obama didn't address any of the realities for example the fact that he didn't support these are arab uprisings or arab revolution if you will or the fact that he supported mubarak up until the end and this is conclusively shown in all the polling going in the region if you. research center come complete a poll yesterday before the speech and showed their. popularity of the united states and the muslim world generally is at levels that we have not been seen since since bush and yet obama came along and pretended that america was here to save the
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day it was quite a prophetic display well let me go back to a few things you said yes i mean one thing you said is that you felt like obama was using threatening words it towards a muslim people but the fact is a lot of people a lot of jewish people here in america and a lot of people in israel also found the speech a little annoying i mean benjamin netanyahu already has reacted to the portion of the speech that president obama was talking about the one nine hundred sixty seven borders so just to play devil's advocate if president obama is making the arabs mad and he's also making the jews mad is it possible that perhaps he's keeping some balance here. you know ground over is dead and he's trying to get reelected we all know that it's just rhetorical commentary from the president trying to pretend he's tough on israel because what they have in the real background in the real intention is the stick these revolutions where they want them which is replaced with not a replacement of the regimes the whole economic component of obama's speech was
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suggesting that the world bank and the i.m.f. should conduct a plan for development of this region when in fact it's the world bank and the i.m.f. that created the conditions under which these arab uprisings were allowed to occur and created the stimulation for the uprising coming out of the american quantitative easing two package obama's just merely adding one to the end the rough one is real or harsh with israel rhetoric because essentially you knows that this is the only way that he can make any sort of any form of appeasement he's going to get their foot in the work prevent any form of cooperation between mike. bass and. and the efforts we're going to take to go into the united nations think it representation there apart from worrying about what america thinks and it's really just rhetoric it won't be followed up with anything what and it's only exposed to deceive but as i said no one in the muslim world is naive that may be capable at
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home of the mystic prime but it's not it's not in the capacity of obama to utilize his rhetorical skills any longer and it will anyone it seems to me that you're saying you know a lot of what obama says you're not and most of people in the muslim world are not going to get behind president obama and left there's an action that that whether he thought has anything or not. that it's sort of empty rhetoric so should he have just not that anything at all. yeah absolutely and there well he could have said something productive like we're going to leave afghanistan and iraq tomorrow he could have said we're not going to try to use the world bank and the i.m.f. and stick you in get servitude and implement them our prosy alongside of me a liberal reforms for example they're going to put a two point two billion dollar world bank loan to egypt they've already put a one billion dollars aid package together for ten usia and this is without any representative political party that has any form of power so this shows you who
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really runs the show and it's all about maintaining economic control over the region and he actually that's what i said it was threatening because it was subtle threats for example he said our message is simple if you take steps reform entails you will have our support and he also talked about sanctions on syria and iran as as a nonpartizan going in the international arena and having to suffer under sanctions for that reason and trying to develop nuclear weapons but they don't apply to any country unless you go against u.s. policy so what he was telling to the muslims in north africa specifically egypt tunisia and egypt and egypt was either you go along with the neo liberal globalisation guarded by us or we will take you into the level of being treated in the international community like a syria were like an iran and it requires a long discussion but it's absolutely threatening and he's lost his appeal and he should have just stayed silent he said nothing productive and certainly a good discussion but i do have to say just because you mentioned it mentioned
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a couple times the i.m.f. the world bank a lot of people were surprised at least that he spoke about debt forgiveness that's something that doesn't come up very often unfortunately now we are out of time at us absalom one hundred it chief analyst of islam policy dot com joining us from morocco. well there are so many believe that these strong words may not translate into action you just heard from eunice and there's other people too people who say it's unclear what's going to be next certainly the rifts that the president spoke about run deep and so we had ours he's going to change a con look more into this and she found that not everyone's fight for freedom into washington's plan. once could be about democracy actions are about interests as the wildfire of public rage spread throughout the middle east and north africa the beginning of this year analysts say america's foreign policy in the region has seen a major crises this is been the that what he calls is the formula for fifty plus
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years out of this country that we try to look for somebody really like to see in our back there but washington's old policies could now be seen on folding in libya a large portion of the leading population is opposing any foreign meddling in their affairs and analysts say washington's efforts to propel its man into power in libya could result in in finding that's going to last years the inconsistency between what america says and what america does seem obvious when you came to egypt despite hosking warrants author rick perry and on democratic rules washington have been supporting him for decades many of those years president or as. leader counselor and friend something that was good when millions of egyptians took to the streets he was swiftly shifted its policy is that are in washington hawks we've never seen ski explains if we conclude for example that the street is going to win
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there's no point abutting our head against the wall in order to say the government is doomed on the other hand if we are convinced on the street it's going to fail there's no point massively antagonizing the government with which we have to deal after whatever happens over in yemen where the president is heavily backed by the u.s. or in bahrain which hosts the major u.s. fleet washington was very careful not to undermine their leaders although they too have violently cracked down on peaceful protesters meanwhile in iraq people regularly protest against their u.s. backed government it but israel even mentioned here these. stays in saudi arabia one of the u.s. key allies in the region scores of citizens have been arrested and the u.s. seems to be ok with all of that but one state that is coming close to being on washington's blacklist is syria iran's closest ally in the region there is strong
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condemnation of the syrian leadership and the white house source says the administration is close to the clearing president assad's rule there illegitimate action might follow syria is much more dangerous a situation than libya as far as global issues are concerned it is a crucial player in the balance of power in that region with the situation in the middle east as unstable as it is analysts say the u.s. involvement in yet another conflict could further destabilize the region and add more red spots on this map. are t. washington d.c. i'm just saying with this topic for more outspoken just a short time ago with musician poet playwright and political activist loki i pointed out that he is just the type of person president obama may want to reach he's young educated and whole and has a vested interest in what happens in the arab world so i asked him if he was being reached you know the president is not reaching me. and i really sincerely doubt
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he's reaching the people who are actually based in the places where he's talking. what would have to change what would president obama have to say to win you over or to at least get on board with you know some of his policy war i don't think. he one thing that he said which really struck me was he won trade liberalization of egypt. the question is how much more liberal did he want the trade of egypt to be under hosni mubarak it was selling its natural gas to israel for a third of its value i mean i don't know how much more liberal the trade could become i think really he said something which i personally found to be quiet colonial choice of words he said the entire region is facing a choice between hope and hate i mean this is really like a george bush ism if ever there was one i think that mr obama clearly has
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a choice between empire and security and that it's not just security for the united states that is security for all of its puppets around the world well let's say on and this topic of egypt i know a lot of people are kind of getting ready anticipating today's speech compared you know compared to the one we saw back in two thousand and nine in cairo certainly a lot has changed since then and i want to play a portion of the president obama said regarding egypt and then i'll get your take on it. and that's why two years ago in cairo i began to broaden our engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect and i believed then and i believe now that we have a stake not just in the stability of nations but in the self-determination of individuals. the saddest poll is not sustainable.
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societies held together by fear and repression may offer the illusion of stability for a time. but they're built upon fault lines that will eventually terrorists under. so here we have president obama talking about quote societies held together by fear and repression one thing that seems a little ironic you know i'll just throw it out there is that he didn't mention hosni mubarak so much by name in terms of the fact that hosni mubarak and you touched a little bit ominous was supported with money with weapons with support for the last couple decades and now all of a sudden he's the person spreading fear. well let's be completely clear and honest about this not one of those people who is a political cheerleader the one thing which egypt tunisia libya and. syria actually up until two thousand and four all had in common is that they were complicit and they were involved in fact they were partaking in rendition for the
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united states they were torturing terror suspects on behalf of the cia this is all four of these dictatorships were involved and not all of these governments that they're talking about have capitulated to u.s. interests over the years some have capitulated less than others this is why we have libya and syria being treated completely differently to say yemen and bahrain for instance you have in yemen with the collaboration of the yemeni government the united states have been drawn in that country. under obama which is something that bush didn't do like i say and regimes have capitulated more than others and this is why you have a difference in the way obama is talking about you know in bahrain they've been killing people and they have u.s. military base there however mr obama said started pointing the finger at iran now i don't mince my words when it comes to the iranian government some people dislike me
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because of that but i will tell you this is not the iranian military the are based in bahrain it's the u.s. military and now the saudi military as well as making a guy also mr obama you didn't hear you didn't hear a peep about the saudis even though he talked about rights of women and he talked about dictatorships there are none more. more brutal than the saudis and also. he even had the nerve to talk about iraq and democracy well iraq as a country holds the record for going the longest time after an election without forming a government for over ten months there was no air. rockey government they've just been banning trade unions in the electricity sector what is this democracy there still over fifty thousand u.s. troops there and double as many contractors and mercenaries in this country is this democracy i know lowkey wanted is the model of democracy one of the biggest frustrations are for obama supporters and a lot of them are surprised at how president obama is not quite as different
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a president as his predecessor now r.t. spoke to our very filmmaker tariq ali about this point i want to play this really quick and then get your thoughts in terms of that obama speech little different from bush at all i mean the way he celebrated said this cowboy behavior. sending in people into a compound in pakistan to carry out a revenge killing it had nothing to do with just sit and everything to do with revenge so i know you mentioned locally a little bit that there are some times similarities with president bush and president obama talk a little bit about this. well i think definitely somebody whose opinion on this is very valuable is mr donald rumsfeld he was being interviewed on sky news and he said one thing about obama is that he was elected on the promise of being everything george bush wasn't that's what he campaigned on the basis of he said
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however since obama became the president he has kept all of bush's policies whether it's the defense secretary robert gates our anything else but me personally i would disagree with mr rumsfeld and say he's extended further than george bush has one son i'm away is still open george bush did go in pakistan but not to the extent that obama has done george bush did not bomb yemen obama has bombed yemen george bush did not bomb libya obama has been happier you know this is an extension of the the children bush policy in my view and that was located musician poet playwright and political activist. well as president obama address the middle east this sunday will actually mark three weeks since the death of osama bin laden remains face of evil in america for the last decade but now the terrorist death also brought an end to the fear of islam in this country are going to start here starting to delve into
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the struggles of the muslim community after and one that's. getting drunker which is dead but dispelling caster still causing chills if you're islam and muslims come to talk to some not iraq is alive and kicking there is this this stigma there's this bias conscious and unconscious about muslims and you know alina phobia is at its height in the united states muslims i definitely targeted just because of who they are one of the lead targets of discrimination this sixty one year old in march i mean up to lead to death was recently. hold off an arrow points and gather with his son also on him on despite having passed through all the security checks the pair gained from their flight without explanation i've never speak anything like that before that level of you know him really ation a disgrace that. as an american citizen. the irony of the brooklyn mosque leader
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was headed to a conference on islamophobia the whole idea of the of freedom of religion and that's what we pride ourselves over because america is zero per hour so now we can take pride no more there you single out a group of people because i have a different faith in you this is just horrible all some see airport authorities can do all it takes in the name of security others are done looking for excuses and recognize religious profiling when they see it i mean not to let chief was one of four even moms headed to the anti prejudice conference ejected from their flights there was no security issue it was no safety issue. caisson it was discrimination based upon the reason you were in the us and except. as some americans celebrated it jeff a bad one. the muslim community in the west hope for an end to fear and distrust directed at them and the pressure on muslims to prove themselves as a loyal and patriotic americans we don't need to prove ourselves that there are
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more than. muslims. and muslims have been can be will get a large. and this is my country something until those in power redefined the war on terror a bias against muslims will remain that's not going to stop until we have i think some policy shift so that muslims in fact are not targeted in islam is not their bogeyman of the twenty first century and with the war on terror it has no end in sight others blame the right wing media for a few willing to hostilities not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. in the forefront. for basically with this message breaching the policy makers in war them fifteen states across america where laws banning shari'a the legal code of islam that some
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observant muslims choose to follow is being pushed through if you're a practicing any form of sunni islam and obeying its religious was and doing it not just alone but with a partner that means that you are forming a sure reorganization and therefore can be prosecuted and pay a fine and spend fifteen years in jail all this many see is based on ignorance and fear of the are no americans is sort of gradually. muslims they need to have some kind of contact with with this culture about seven million muslims live in the united states a significant part for countries. imparted by the number one terrorist even after the stuff is the course for boys evil force nine eleven is gone it's on the fulvia remains and could be well in its way to becoming the permanent state of the human rights record of the united states is that the truth or to be so much in here is now some food for thought there are more than forty four million people on food
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stamps and one out of every american children one out of every four american children is also on food stamps one in four has a lot of children whose parents cannot afford to feed them in this country this non third world country is one of those factoids that nations stop and think and our friend the business insider of actually come up with fifty of these points to help paint a more clear picture of the state of the economy ready for another one the number of low income jobs in the us has ridden has risen steadily over the past thirty years and they now account for forty one percent of all jobs in the united states and here we just saw mcdonald's hire fifty thousand new workers that doesn't demonstrate the point i don't know what will but i want to break this down and for more earlier i spoke with max for audible senior analyst at green cross capital. there's a maximum amount of federal and also state local unemployment benefits that people can get not everybody who's out of work but also qualifies for unemployment
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benefits and so there's lots of people falling through a safety net with a lot of holes and we should also mention that in about a dozen or more different state legislatures right now we're seeing bills move through the legislators which the governors a lot of these states are are eager to sign that further reduce the amount of unemployment insurance that we do see this in homelessness we do see this in incarceration for criminal activity sometimes driven by economic need and we see it in part in a weird way that people very rarely acknowledged in the housing market part of the reason the housing market united states has double dipped it is in such dire straits is that young people can't afford to foreign families and people can't afford to buy houses and so part of the weakness in the housing market is all these people who can't afford to live on their own and are sleeping out of food on a couch or in someone's basement or on their feet and on the floor of their friend's apartment it's almost like it's going to take you know lawmakers and big bankers and people who want to see the unemployment go down it's almost going to
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take them having to actually step over these homeless people to get to work because a lot of them frankly they don't see it so they don't have to deal with it but i want to show another kind of factoid here this is one for parents of those with older children who have graduated from college the good news for those of you whose kids have yet to go to college i'm sorry to report that the cost of college tuition in the united states has gone up by over nine hundred percent since one thousand seventy eight in the last just three decades nine hundred per cent what does that mean for the future of those who want to be educated in this country. but we know it means a bunch of things we passed a very unfortunate benchmark in two thousand and ten the total amount of student loans outstanding is now nearing one trillion dollars and is larger than the total outstanding value of all credit card debt in the united states we've also seen something else very disturbing which is in the factoid less but maybe for next year it should be that the average person getting out of college the united states now has twenty thousand dollars.


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