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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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the israeli prime minister reiterate so over his refusal to reach a peace agreements with the palestinians based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders which the u.s. pushing for. rocco bol comes to the u.k. to pressure a london into closer cooperation on security and the war on terror. the georgian opposition readies itself for a fourth day of protest against the president promising to show me how selfish really the door when sting. plus it's back on solid ground for three space travelers have spanned a grueling six months and zero gravity aboard the international space station. and
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in business we take a look at what's holding a russia's burgeoning internet economy back join me for the full business bulletin and around twenty minutes star. of the russian capital watching r.t.m. arena joshua all kinds of program now we turn to the nine hundred sixty seven borders that's the latest word from the israeli prime minister in reaction to the u.s. president's peace initiative addressing the powerful pro israel lobby in washington benjamin netanyahu repeated he's asserting that such a move will undermine the country's security declare the nine hundred sixty seven borders it sounds simple several times after barack obama suggested a peace settlement should be based on these lines after israeli criticism by u.s. president has assured the jewish state of american support and stress the new
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borders will have to accommodate the reality on the ground where human rights lawyer says washington's change of rhetoric doesn't bring a peace deal any closer. or he spoke on thursday is. basically said that. he wants to negotiate from the pre nine hundred sixty seven borders with lance wops which already assumes that there would be a recognition of the settlements that exist and that the settlements wouldn't go anywhere this spike their equal status under international law but notice that it is apec address he doesn't say anything different he says that they will not be the one nine hundred sixty seven borders because of land swaps land swaps means no return to sixty seven borders but in the surrounding settlements that are illegal around jerusalem will become facts on the ground as israel has once it is trying to make reality with the creation of an addict nation wall when in fact the basic premise in international law firm the one nine hundred forty nine armistice line as the line along which a palestinian state should be built that said i think that it becomes really
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irrelevant anyway to discuss this because basically what is at the table would be u.s. is offering to the palestinians is not sovereignty or statehood but there are various offering in the state where they have some sort of autonomy in two stuns very similar to black townships in south africa or reservations here in the united states unable to make a breakthrough with peace talks in the middle east gone is continuing his european tour the presidents in london on his first visit to the u.k. were he will attend meetings with both the prime minister and the queen of pressure and then you can run on matters such as the european missile defense shield and against you and in turn the cameras hoping the president will endorse his kind of spending cuts reports now from the british capital. president obama will be staying here at buckingham palace as a guest of the queen while he and prime minister david cameron plan to establish closer security ties between britain and the u.s.
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the idea is to create a joint national security strategy for it is a unique arrangement in which the u.s. will open up its highly secretive national security council to u.k. officials and it comes at a time when both countries admit they weren't prepared for the uprisings in the middle east and north africa it might not be easy though u.s. still says this a britain cutting defense spending could tom its cooperation with the u.s. and the two sides have been divided over libya with the u.s. more reticent about its involvement than britain mice of like they'll also be talking about afghanistan and the u.s. will be trying to persuade the british army not to pull troops out later this year both countries see two thousand and fifteen as the target date for withdrawing troops terrorism old to be on the agenda with the us asking the u.k. to support its tough line on pakistan on hold during terrorists and to bomb it will be asking cameron to do more to combat british muslim extremism the us will all say
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oh it's question to reassure russia about the sizing of the missile defense shield in poland only know the so-called special relationship between the us that g u k is far from over whatever that means to the rest of the world's or am of reporting there and coming up in the program drug dealers in the russian capital are last seen ransom. this is house of moscow activists are trying to stop the madness threaten the country with waterproofed i. find out why a vigilante is are taking these drastic measures and whether it's even legal. thousands of protesters have been rallying for several days now in georgia was a goal to overthrow president. the opposition has vowed to take radical action by wednesday saying that the currency must go by then russia has condemned the dispersal of demonstrations with tear gas and rubber boards saying it violates
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fundamental human rights opposition parties claim early elections are used to stop what they are calling a criminal regime leading the country to disaster itself this really has fallen quote absolutely ruled out any early polls nevertheless the main opposition leader you know we're denouncing told it's not if people will continue to protest even if the government. we have got a good atmosphere here fighting for. everything angel i can include being from the film just these look a lot of me we don't want to leave a little bit of the country i know that they haven't made easy to use any kind of work that they will be share big easy solutions you feel it lets them to sit like that. she it is a shame i know they do it with equal yet again very seriously face fight that you can't which is coming from the site that maybe every day every media are receiving it at nations because the work is heavy that even if it is meant as
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a let's get this job. in people's. lives have achieved i will give a shit if the case then. i did it in a should really be effective i think elections into it according to political experts. policies are not popular in georgia and he's already losing support among his alliance. this support of saakashvili has diminished drastically for several reasons well firstly the war was not that much for your ear in spite of the fact that while georgian population i'm not speaking even about georgian elite is not pro russian the result of the war or not satisfactory for the for georgia secondly. the this economic situation the country is not is not good because in the beginning of his presidency the support of the west of the european union and the
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united states was rather big now it has diminished for several reasons again well there was crisis but also the policy of saakashvili is not wise and it is not that much supported in the west so while we may force either. through the group of he is supporters will diminish and it will diminish drastically in the next few days it may be just part of the lead just the power of the opposition is growing. it was an r.t. and still have a sour back on terra firma. free clue from the international space station have landed safely because it's time join us for all the details of mission control in moscow and. they faced it this is not a provocation but warned. the forces that we should use the stairs are you sure the critic three strikes they have no idea about the hardships the group face. plate one it is this is it is all of
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them soon it seems for any army the life of abusing other men is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. be true nineteen forty five don't r.t. top come.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report on our. russian authorities are stepping off the war on drugs in the country but for some the speed of progress just isn't fast enough now activists are taking the fight
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into their own hands but it's landing some of them in trouble was a law however the vigilantes say the ends justify the means to help save lives and often reports. it said all is fair in love and war and perhaps even more say in the war on drugs drugs that kill two point five million people every year across the globe and almost two hundred fifty maimed women and youngsters every day in russia alone some are fighting their own control virtual battle against the threat tasers customers they arranged to meet alleged drug dealers and once you satisfy this suspect is a drug pusher they serve them a black mark and leave them red faced. people have to know their enemies will be like this people will be free to go out because the next time police may be there. these guys are not alone in rushing there and conventional methods of fighting
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against drugs their colleagues from the drug free city movement have been accused of torturing addicts after they used handcuffs to force them to kick their habit they've also marks drug dealers houses to shame them in the community. it is our uprising against the drug dealers do you think it's better to sit at home and watch how the drug dealers will be killing you we managed to unite our forces and declare war to the drug dealers. sociologists a mob just as occurs when people become disillusioned by official efforts at the public taking the law into its own hands is an unwelcome trend growth in the north of the border there are a lot of enthusiastic who are striving to eradicate this horrible evil by any means possible when their actions don't comply with the law the law is against them for sure we can eradicate this evil but only by legal methods there are over five million drug users in morden russia this number has almost doubled in the last
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decade alone vast amounts of money has been blown on reducing drug demand and treating addicts persisted edge is getting more and more gloomy. this is how some moscow activists of trying to stop the menace threaten the country with waterproof dye they mark do as they say will have to hide to the public for at least three weeks some are skeptical about their methods are others even accuse them of hooliganism but the antidrug juventus argue their form of justice is worth it if it helps save at least one life. r t moscow well most of the heroin used by addicts in russia is trafficked from ghana stan in pakistan r.t. caught up with islamabad's and drugs chiefs to find out what's being done to stay on their current straight. people are just happy with the conferences
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they're in this campaign because it is the easier part of the thing done you have been talking about it all over the world in all the conferences if you were to head this menace it is the same thing as said if he could catch a thief you have to wait informants and pay them and this thing will go down on you hit hard and that is what we are doing and the support that comes from the international community is the countries which are destined for this drug are feeling the heat of the mush who thinks more emphatically and then nothing in order for ever numbers which is not happening at all i am blaming the international community not for doing enough if unity c. had been there for about fifty is the question is has it reduced the drug it hasn't in the united states of america did in a while its time for the last and most immunity of the so much of forces as it greatly reduced the drugs production did it has not so what can pakistan alone do
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on the second. i need to watch the full interview with the head of pakistan's a drug force in just over an hour's time here on our team. the libyan capital has awoken to the heaviest nato shelling there since the beginning of the international campaign tripoli reports three people were killed and dozens injured during twenty minutes of strikes the main target appears to be his compound nato aircraft have been firing on tripoli almost every night and attempts to destroy the military arsenal of the libyan leader the way this attack comes as friends new pain ounce they're seeking to deploy helicopters to escalate their strike power. syria has hit back at sanctions imposed on president bashar asad by the european union saying it will harm the syrian people european ministers have frozen assets assets and banned him from entering the e.u. the sanctions were in response to the violent crackdown on anti-government protests
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in syria he rights activists say over eight hundred people have been killed and thousands arrested since the uprisings began in march the same meeting the e.u. also tied in measures against iran to pressure it to abandon its nuclear program meanwhile the u.s. is also impose sanctions on the syrian president calling on him to leave the transition to democracy however middle east experts are seeing believe that one goes far as the u.n. resolution similar to that imposed on. syria is a much more complicated case because there are some other more important political actors in the region involved so i think a u.n. resolution is much further down the line if at all obviously i mean we have first israel we have lebanon we have you run involved it's also a question of. the people that might take over there is the internal dynamics of having religious minority in a sense being in control of the state and the other whites on their president bush
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. and what will happen to them if there is a sudden swing in any other direction basically the you can say that there is a certain inherent logic to sanctioning countries and. actually start to improve in a way to reward would be to remove sanctions or you would basically continue trying to. and by pressure and in the case of iran we are just continuing that kind of path regardless of what's happening in syria the latest sanctions particular ones the deal with iran's economy that is cutting it off from the financial system if you will of the world is having an effect on the ringgit society and economy at large but they were put in place primarily in order to affect iran's ability to acquire the nuclear capability that might and the need for weapon and on that particular aspect i think they haven't had much of an effect yet. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world in the ash cloud from dropping icelandic is causing further disruption to air travel some flights remain grounded in scotland while the threat hangs over services in ireland and england it's called
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saturday's eruption of violence most active volcano the largest in one hundred years the ash in the atmosphere affects visibility and can clog engines making it too dangerous to fly fears remain there will be a repeat of last year's travel chaos different icelandic eruption closed much of europe airspace for a time. the operator of japan's nuclear power plants confirmed two more reactors have experienced a partial fuel meltdown of the site that had previously been thought only the number one reactor had suffered such a fate plans cooling systems were knocked out by march's devastating earthquake and tsunami the official death toll from the disaster currently stands at some fourteen thousand people. one of the deadliest tornadoes ever recorded in the united states has now claimed at least one hundred sixty lives and left more than four hundred injured the storm tore through the city of joplin missouri flattening homes
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crushing cars and tumbling trees the city's hospital suffered a direct hit killing for its always warned the death toll could climb a search and rescue workers continue their efforts meanwhile forecasters predict more severe weather for the region. the crew of the international space station has just been reduced to three that's because three other intrepid travelers have now returned safely to earth and american and a tie in at a russian cosmonaut received a warm welcome as are reports. the crew of the i assess that have spent six months there have safely landed in the step in kazakhstan as we've been watching on the screens here in mission control in moscow the craft the module that they came back in departed from the i s s a few hours before it came to land then it started its descent of the earth's atmosphere came in over the caspian sea then opened its current chute and eventually landed safely in the step in kazakhstan and teams of
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helicopters and planes were ready to receive the crew and to make sure they were all ok after their descent it's the end of the twenty seventh expedition on the i assess this crew have been up there for six months and while they've been up there was well is conducting a lot of experiments both on themselves to see how they responded to the environment of space and also many technical experiments and perceiving space vehicles that they've also seen in some rather interesting and a verse or it's the new year up there they saw that multiple times because of the time differences here on earth they also saw in fifty years since eureka garren was the first man in space and they recorded a special video message to thank all of those involved and to mark that very special anniversary and they received the last ever u.s. and space shuttle on its mission up there it brought some equipment up to the i assess and then they waved goodbye to that for the last time they've been up there for six months they're now back down safe on earth and all the people down there
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who've just received them in this step in kazakhstan will be trying to make sure that they receive a proper welcome back on earth. there now check out more on the stories we're covering our. tensions between outlands and the e.u. grow over greece's lack of one needed economic reforms the blocks growing weary of being weighed down by the country's huge national deficit. wildfires and russia have wiped out whites as much for us this year as compared to last the poor of the . raising themselves for and another potentially choking summer camp. for some time celebrity photographer jasper cardini are at the running of the streets of moscow until the middle of july i'm going to your column to watch the full interview with the artist.
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brings up a bit here on r.t. and we'll bring you all the latest from the world of business with katrina stay with us. hello and welcome to our series business bulletin the internet economy in russia could more than double in the next four years boston consulting group says it will grow from the current one point six percent to three point seven percent of g.d.p. but the group's vladislav tanko says there is still a number of fact is limiting the development. the good news is one point six percent if you correct this for the oil and gas component which is very substantial
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russia in case you do this you become two percent two percent more or less with. reasons being have to. prevent this number from the higher you go along the proportion of the e-commerce and what prevents you commerce from developing is actually not the internet itself but i've truly the physical problem so the problem will be commerce with people don't trust the payments so the payments system we can pay with credit cards so in a way russia still has work to go and work russian infrastructure for purely political infrastructure but also critical infrastructure. let's take a look at the markets now oil futures pared some of their previous naso has helped by china's energy demand ourselves now again in the u.s. dollar is limiting the rebounds asian markets are flaps this hour with concerns continuing that europe's debt crisis may spread to larger economies that can buy
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was shot losses on wall street monday led to the soft opening but sony corp is up two point eight percent despite the pre earning statement of a fiscal net loss of two hundred sixty billion yen for two thousand and ten. here in moscow the markets will start trading in around the towers time they closed deeply in the red on monday and made negative news from abroad the r.t.s. lost over three percent and then my sixth in the nearly two percent lower. russian starts have seen their value drop over ten percent since the beginning of this year michael stein of appreciate believes negative investor sentiment will continue in the short term. given the fourteen percent month to date the klein in the my sex were somewhat cautious on where we go in the near term especially given the commodity price environment which me trigger additional outflows from russia that if you had plans that said with
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a medium and longer term view quite constructive and russian stocks are trading at just seven times forward earnings in them going wide a forty percent discount to emerging markets i think going forward investors are going to pay close attention to external developments and this coming week investors will look at the german business climate data in addition to the usual suspects as jobless claims and us wall sophie attention to housing data out of the u.s. on the corporate front in russia investors will be looking at wednesday when dixie will release its first quarter numbers in addition on thursday lukoil m.t.s. and x five also released their first quarter numbers. russia could cut its budget deficit by more than half this year that's according to finance minister alexey cooper and this is record oil prices will also help this investment and pay off debts incurred during the crisis. if we're using actual revenues to cut the
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budget deficit that's why this year we're planning to decrease the deficit from three point six percent down to one one point four percent this is possible that oil is trading over one hundred five dollars per barrel plus extra oil revenue will also be used for investment. that's all the latest business for now we'll have more for you in just under an hour's time stay with us for news headlines states.
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