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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2011 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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three blog video for your media project a free media argy dot com. connect organizer live from moscow these are the top stories the israeli prime minister reiterate celebes refusal to reach a peace agreement with the palestinians based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders which the u.s. is pushing for that a manager now claims such borders would be indefensible. brought obama comes to the u.k. agent pressure a london into closer cooperation on security and the war on terror david cameron is expected since aboard for his government's controversial spending cuts. to jordan opposition readies itself for fourth day of protests against the president
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promising to show me it's really the door by wednesday thousands have been rallying in the capital tbilisi the largest demonstration in the years. plus it's back on solid ground for three space travelers have spent a grueling six months in zero gravity aboard the international space station mir ties into life back on earth after touching down the steps of cars and sound. board is at the top of the hour up next in our spotlight algor not ask suiting while the center for international energy environmentalists strategies for the future holds for resource cooperation between beijing and moscow. hello again and welcome to spotlight the interview show and i take my mouthing off and then my guest in the studio is. in just three decades
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china's economy has become one of the biggest in the world the country seems to be producing a virtually everything from start to space and if so by the economic crisis better than any other economy but today beijing is starving for energy and is turning to its neighbors particularly russia all cheap help efficient management steps what does the economic future hold for the two here is the executive director of the center for international energy and environment strategies. closing preventive services press conference that russia and china will further develop their strategic partnership today trade volumes between the two countries amounts to sixty billion dollars but moscow and beijing plan to keep that figure up to one hundred billion dollars a year moscow is looking for new energy markets in asia and china is ready to peg.
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hello soon and welcome to the show. thank you all thank you very much for being with us well this month the brics countries which are brazil russia india china and south africa have agreed at the summit in china to establish what they call the mutual lines of credit in local currency which particular consequences do you think it will have for bilateral relations and will it affect the the u.s. dollar as a reserve currency as a world reserve currency. i think that this summit brings. for single for not only the violence for russia and china but to the whole emerging powers in the world that we call this is multiple laboratory the world. being our emerging powers mind i don't think that. other
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countries and they will agree with this point and the currents overall say that to some extent i think that the emerging howlers on the mirror own millions things they want to be in integrated more closely with each other and the currency i think that the main point and the main content in it and as i know that well for a long time china and the russian government has been to have been discussing about the currency and especially in the energy field so i think this is a big progress in both pilots very well a ship speaking of the dollar is china interested in clicking the dollar of the thrill of being the world's exchange korea. if i regard a serious legal question i think i will give you the answer is the no that china.
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has never been considering about kicking away collar from the world's finest kate. both russia and china will never be a living in the world without color but i think that in some field and i mean that in some function or acknowledge field and in some place maybe in some regional currency it can play and can be playing more important role but if your civil suit is no good sir then why is charlie getting rid. of the u.s. treasury bonds is it along to stroke it to get rid of the guns which oh i think that every state. there they are holding. some finance i mean and things that they want to make my name. i don't get.
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it it's not so dependent on a market currency and asked or didn't bounce it's real valuable and. according to the economics of every state government or even ever won't be as income that their revenue from them and what they have been putting into the market and i think the main idea are sore because you're in the in the china has been hurting such a large amount of us national bounce well i think we want to be more multiple lived through the world but it is true that choice is capable the chinese financial system is capable to to change the world to change who if they want it i mean two to dethrone dollar i mean a good. story to do that is the truth and i don't know how i go yet.
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in one of them in the fossil fields where i don't think china will have a better or try and will have the will to be. hard to think like you're sad about the dollar ok but the united states has been criticizing china for the policy of a cheap yuan for keeping the un she would surely continue revalued think its currency in the future. i know that you held it in beijing for fun time. china is rarely has being. appreciating for our large winning beef and several years i could feel you and you can see the exchange rate being. changing for our times. i don't think that china and china are for the china
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balance there is intentional killing to kick the chinese rear end. as they subjected fully and lol but. they are trying to. kill making it. balance the gradual way according to its real how to think the real currency value. china the chinese economy has performed spectacularly even during the the recent economic crisis though chile is. already entering its kind of the good that the chinese economy will be reoriented so what will be the new china's economic advantages if it's no longer the cheap cheap labor what else what was going to be to do outreach. from your question i feel they are very familiar with the chinese part of
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. ten years only reason january so reading here it's really a written you're supposed to be familiar that's where you. are very much so. yeah i think it is good news that that. is. another five another five. five year plan requires trail five year plan. i think that the year plan and we asked that we were starting from the former soviet union where we come from you to keep it but it's really a plan a really important thing or economy alive solve all. the restructuring because the way we have been more moved to to give emphasis to the internal. markets consumption in china so we want to.
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make our internal market integrated take more and up our solve to make more people to become sunni our in this series not last long because if you do that the word for is the chinese word for it will cost more and you will no longer have the advantage of cheap labor. actually the ruling are not enjoying that instills in the labor the sterns now. i'll be in china willing extensively and saw i helped investigate for example in a south east sells them market i've been to find and their chinese market player for example or the referee ger are the war was from russian made in china they are making and hylander on made in. eastern countries so that means that the chinese there is expensive cheap labor a commodity. being moving in international market so are
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we helping restructure our economy to another to another direction i think is to trying to be upgrading living standards of chinese unself so using their own commodity well china's economy was a low the fruit of the world to recover from the global financial crisis has this report from spotlights union. zinaida. the factory of the world is just too dependent on foreign trade to stay in news the global economic tribulations that craps in international export markets in two thousand and nine a china hard some of the factories were closed as a result of fuel or use to cope with the downturn the government came up with protective measures like for french old you do poses easing restrictions of a bank loans and increasing credits for small and medium sized enterprises as
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a result of stricter regulation banks in china seem to be less affected by the crisis for us criticizes china for keeping its currency are officially low to make its cheap goods more competitive on world markets fair or not the state controlled poor soon works china's economy grew by ten percent last year in february the country over to japan to become the world's second largest economy haven't survived the credit crunch trainees now face to face with yet another challenge worst an idjit crisis in years and they shal disasters to go in a drought tries reverse reducing hydroelectric capacity as shortages are concentrated in key manufacturing regions and the eventually too must slow down in chinese economy growth. the problem is this spring china is experienced a number of blackouts right the shari securities news reporting
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a quote limits on par use in china caused by a shortage of other tricity we reduce the nation's circle economic growth by zero point five percentage points and what will be china's government response to this crisis is sure to catch up just to its large. sudden or only the this year our last three years of problem it has been on permanent problem from chinese so it shows not only the resources of the electricity generate a generation but it's real and shows that the problem of the energy of developing structure in china i mean there the problem has there are two reasons for these kind of sort of problems one is that you know about and china the generator for
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electricity it's the main main way from the cold that the china productions then to off coal is in. knots ratan and at that main road where s. and more much more consuming electricity is in the north is seaside so that actually for the transportation. is a problem from real says along transportation from the nass western region to the east and region. yeah yeah yeah and and the other thing is because of the electricity pricing system for magnesium because for for considering the whole people's living standard a slow china's government has been. again a lot fall for the financial front finding far up subsidizing that just that they're so the prize and can not relate telling that chill throughout the market
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that has piled up by saying well we'll continue to talk about as your problem is in china and. something else also just after the short break everybody that was all good to see the cheap lobby is it the director of the center for the approach to energy and its environmental studies does say with the state's work life was the best. place to. play. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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download the official anti obligation to your body phone the i pod touch from the i choose samsung. launch i'll see the light on the. video on demand she's my old girls and our essence for you now in the palm of your . question on the call. welcome back to spark like i am al green of in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is seed the executive director of the center for international energy and environment strategies in beijing. we
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have been talking you know good problems chinese growing economy starts experiencing with energy well the. true comedy in japan the disaster with the fukushima nuclear power plant how badly has it affected chinese energy sector is it true that there china is rethinking its nuclear energy program. yeah and three i'll be working. in pocket for more than half an hour and a half a year one during when i was there a way we were worrying about that that the earthquake finally as soon as i left there that earthquake. happened but then there was the money looking. so another thing i saw was not only. chinese are are thinking rethinking
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about burn that nuclear strategy i think and most of the japanese they are worrying about. nuclear energy that's a real. real worry but another act of fact is if the whole word or where we haven't seen nuclear energy that every five day will have how to fed the electricity stop the world and yeah yeah yeah they're out because of we we can feel better how important that new create energy is for chinese because we all know we're told the whole world where we once have carbon reduction and we want to be energy efficient and we can. be clean energy consumer country so we have a very ambitious object object to be using more to
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renewable energy. in the future we set the target. two thousand and twenty one and renewable energy will occupy almost more than twenty percent of the total energy consumption but. saw in these targets that the nuclear energy will play the biggest the role so wait for another ambitious plan is the new korea and it's developing. a cold. this is truly good vitro chinese and you say to the frozen pole mostly birds. if you're moving to clean of the types of. this means show them i'd be interested. in a part of russia soon gazprom who may provide girls to china which is
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a much clearer source of illegal kill me the major interests you cooperation with the russian programs providing goods. yet there are two aggressors are crying crying and i just felt china is i have if i am not make mistake i remember other things to say on the sixth floor in china for the first time important that the natural gas mostly is is not a pipeline natural gas this is the l. and g. . so we are more the chinese government both and the russian government the chinese supposed to balance or have been discussing that the natural gas the trading sell but there is. one thing is the price everyone i think in the world who is interested in energy knows that point but. that. is still going out there so if china wants to be in. using nor anacreon energy i
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think natural gas is that is is the better choice i think i know there has been a competition between china and japan for the hearts and minds of the russian intelligence of lines i read i read that the chinese were winning in this combination of as they view one or is the competition still on. do you think is that chinese are waiting that the japanese are i don't even florence and i think if it if not if not are how to save their always i think if i win win games. i do hope of that if. because i know that it is and are a liar how to save their part buy a car from the main pipeline and tear it to japan so i think the. three parties where are thought it is
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a good thing not only for chinese not only for russia but also for japanese the chinese have also been working pretty extensively in the arab world and central asia especially in central asia for four problem gas supplies through this region do you think that russia and china maybe compare what pointers doing business in central asia. in my mind because you are not an ass or a wise director of the institute of russia essential asian and eastern europe that is so in man and their way which very much are clear about the how to say leading role of russia in central asia i mean i mean. this this kind of leading role that means. how does in the multiple the corporation. who can be more push an operation with each other for for what
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for multiple benefits for our states in the in a range and so what the china is doing i think that even that the energy cooperation chinese are with. the central asian states we're still helping getting lots of helpful from from your russian for example and all your the chinese are oil pipeline without a russian oil i think. that our your at the pipelines is transforming and that there are also some are from russia. own with the two big. issues were russia insuring. world news the shanghai corporation used to be the shell in fines and the other one used to be a group brit's these two organizations in your opinion are very
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capable of coping saw the problems of equally corporations were they could only be used for strategic and security. cooperation. in lima the first of s. to say all in just as you said that the former don't think the shanghai fire phase of the main way originally. security the military issue and now it has been. trans. forwarding more and more to the trading and the economy so i think it. is playing not only for florida security but also florida economy and also the culture integrating in the region. but for the breakthrough in. i and the burning is more of economically.
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the russian president and also the russian prime minister putin altro who tracked investments and solutions early versions of russia's companies many analysts littleness like yourself say that russian companies are considered to be undervalued today so do you think that chinese are ready to invest in to go shoe companies interest is business. as i know there are lots of enterprise of china not only national companies but most are the private companies clay are very much interest. in left amount. we think that if it's a good cooperation trial centers and some people want to have a trial. but also we think that chinese market is also are there along
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that that russian companies are to be entered into chinese markets to be doing something so we waive court which have a stratagem cory's the going out strategy according to most outsiders understanding going out that means china's going out to get sounds in to grab something but it's only chinese hard to say thing. that trade them the real meaning is that not only going out but also well come coming coming that is that is what the real meaning of the going out strategy though when we see growing up in russia we mean having fun and. i didn't get the feeling with profound well your remarks just to mind that right just in the studio was. these is the director of the center for international energy and environmental studies in beijing and this is the now for all of us if you want to have your sales pablo's or have someone in mind if you
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think i mean for the next hour just drop your spotlight will do that with the program to your own party and take it thank you terry.
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