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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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hailed russia's help in the paving the call for a palestinian state as moscow hosts the two recently reconciled parties for talks on the middle east peace process. not just a special party is sexual relations president obama reaffirms close ties with london during his visit to the u.k. but behind the smiles and handshakes there are strong differences to overcome. opposition in georgia valve's to fight on until president saakashvili steps down despite fears the leader might use any means necessary against protesters to plink power. plus an international trio of space of voyages landed safely on the
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kazakhstan bringing with them some unusual guests mutated slides from the international space station. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow now two palestinian factions have reaffirmed their recently forged tiny's as a both fatah and hamas are in moscow seeking russia's backing for the creation of an independent palestinian state they met with foreign minister sergei lavrov benefit mapped out their path towards the resolution of the arab israeli conflict. following the visit. a delegation consisted of members of hamas and fatah those two organizations decided they were going to work together on the fourth of may they signed an agreement in cairo putting behind them a sometimes turbulent history between the two groups they said they've now put past
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behind them completely and a willing to work together in order to achieve a palestinian state and said that they will work together in a state government of a palestinian state now they're going to put forward these plans to the u.n. general assembly in september they met with their foreign minister sergey lavrov to tell him all of this and following that meeting the tele geisha and seemed happy for what they had heard from mr lavrov that russia was ready to give the palestinian state a palestinian state their full backing. we're not planning to proclaim independence unilaterally next september and we're going to call on the u.n. to recognize a state court and foreign minister sergei lavrov has reaffirmed russia's support for this process. for mr lavrov often the foreign ministry though to confirm what was said in that meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu really slammed down those proposals for a return to nine hundred sixty seven borders now the palestinian delegation that's
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been in moscow a hamas side of that is said that they will never recognize the state of israel the fatah delegates that have been here said that they still view israel as the main stumbling block on the road to peace however both sides this bit made up this delegation said that they were happy about mr obama putting forward a. plan that would see a return to nine hundred sixty seven borders however this didn't go far enough for them. it's not the first time that he was has made statements on the need to recognize palestine in his one nine hundred sixty seven borders in any case this is a positive sign but unfortunately it's not enough because the initiative says nothing about jerusalem. which has been an indispensable part of the palestinian lands occupied in one thousand nine hundred seventy the usa being a key player in the middle east for the most observant of be all resolutions made by international institutions and above all by the un but the latest u.s.
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attempts to rekindle the peace process in the middle east seeming to be dead in the water palestinian delegates from hamas and fatah here in moscow to put forward their ideas to bring peace to the region. while the israeli prime minister has flatly denied that his state would return to the pre-one nine hundred sixty seven borders with the palestinians the solution that barack obama had actually called for twenty minutes on yahoo reaffirmed his position before the u.s. pro israeli lobby just ahead of his address to congress but he said returning to pre-one nine hundred sixty seven borders would leave his country indefensible and blame the palestinians and willingness to recognize the jewish state for the deadlock in the conflict just a few days ago barack obama called on israel to accept the proposal backed by the u.n. e.u. and russia israel met the suggestion with heavy criticism as the deal would mean withdrawing from occupied palestinian territories human rights lawyer nor erica says washington's call for peace is just empty rhetoric.
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when he spoke on thursday his these thought is speech basically said that he wants to negotiate from the pre-pay nine hundred sixty seven borders with lance wops which already assumes that there would be a recognition of the settlements that exist and that the settlements wouldn't go anywhere this by their eagle status under international law but notice that it is apec address he doesn't say anything different he says that they will not be the one nine hundred sixty seven borders because of where it swaps lancelot's means with no return to sixty seven borders but your islam and the surrounding settlements that are illegal around jerusalem will become facts on the ground as israel has once it is tried to make reality with the creation of an adaptation wall when in fact the basic premise in international law firm the one nine hundred forty nine armistice line as the line along which a palestinian state should be built that said i think that it becomes really irrelevant anyway to discuss this because basically what is at the table repeat us
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is offering to the palestinians is not sorry i see kurds but there are very very is a state where they have some sort of autonomy invited to stand very similar to black townships in south africa or reservations here in the united states. was a human rights lawyer nor america talking about the u.s. is ready to play with the situation. but the american president is in london for the second day of his four nation european trip during his first state visit to the united kingdom obama but with the queen ahead of talks with the prime minister on wednesday however a dialogue between the two sides could be strained following disagreements on key issues such as terrorism and foreign policy to use or images covering the events from the professional. president obama will be staying here at buckingham palace as a guest of the queen while he and prime minister david cameron plan to establish closer security ties between britain and the u.s.
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the idea is to create a joint national security strategy for it is a unique arrangement in which the u.s. will pull off its highly secretive national security council to u.k. officials and it comes at a time when both countries admit they one prepared for the uprisings in the middle east and north africa it might not be easy for us there was a saying britain cutting defense spending could harm its cooperation with the u.s. on the two sides have been divided over libya with the u.s. more reticent about its in polls women than britain might have liked they'll also be talking about afghanistan and the u.s. will be trying to persuade the british army notes to pull troops out later this year both countries see two thousand and fifteen as the target date for withdrawing troops terrorism will also be on the agenda with the us asking the u.k. to support its tough line on pakistan on hold during terrorists and to bomb it will be asking cameron to do more to combat british muslim extremism the u.s.
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will also rest in to reassure russia about the sizing of the missile defense shield in poland only know the so-called special relationship between the us that to you k. is far from over whatever that means to the rest of the world's. reporting right. so half hour here drug dealers are being left red faced coverage my friends are getting in the face of russia's drug dealers forcing the threat of off the streets . by now if we return to space crew came back to work through some unusual additions to that city. robert george of the opposition is determined to carry on with the rallies aimed at overthrowing president saakashvili thousands you know nothing on the streets of
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tbilisi for several days in the lead up to resign now pushing for early elections to stop what they say is a criminal regime leading the country into can the protesters feel that saakashvili may use all means possible to stay on top but as one of the opposition leaders and you know if they're not saying told us here people will continue to fight for that freedom despite the threat. that he would not participate in. the making. is the bank we still want him. to leave here i'm absolutely sure we have. fighting. everything like him including from the film just these. i know that that means easy to use any kind ok like that they will be share. he says he believes it was them to sit right. here at the same time i know. people who may be seriously
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a spike if you can which is coming from the state that may be able to be able to be receiving a nation get out. even if you played it never the less people that any of us turn to our people. to. begin a chance of. a nation really can't be and if i think elections in. jordan opposition says good president saakashvili actions started the revolution and the country political expert. says the leader is a rapidly losing what few supporters see. this word of saakashvili has diminished drastically for several reasons well firstly the war was not that much popular in spite of the fact that while georgian population i'm not speaking even about
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georgian elite is not pro russian but the result of the war not satisfactory for the for georgia secondly. they cannot make situation the country is not good because in the beginning of his presidency the support of the west of the european union and the united states was rather big now it has diminished for several reasons again well there was crisis but also the policy of circus really is not wise and it is not that much supported in the west so we may for see that there too the group of he is supporters will diminish and it will diminish drastically in the next few days it may be just part of the lead just to power the opposition is growing. political analyst a conference cry by keeping take on the unfolding situation in georgia russian authorities are stepping up the war on drugs in the country but for some the speed of progress just isn't fast enough vigilante activists are taking the fight into
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their own hands but their actions falling foul of the law for national force. it said all is fair in love and war and perhaps even more say in the war on drugs drugs that killed two point five million people every year cross the globe and almost three hundred fifty men women and youngsters every day in russia alone some of their own controversial battle against the threat asia's customers they arranged to meet alleged drug dealers and once they have satisfied they suspect is a drug pusher they serve them a black mark and leave them red faced. people have to know their enemies will do work like this people will be free to go out next time because next time police may be there. but these guys are not alone in russian there and the conventional methods of fighting against drugs their colleagues from the drug free city movement
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have been accused of torture in attics after they used handcuffs to force them to kick their habit they've also marked drug dealers houses to shame them in the community. but it is our uprising against the drug dealers do you think it's better to sit at home and watch how the drug dealers will be killing you and we managed to unite our forces and declare war to the drug dealers. sociologists a mob justice occurs when people become disillusioned by official efforts but the public taking the law into its own hands is an unwelcome trend work the north of the border there are a lot of enthusiastic who are striving to eradicate this horrible evil by any means possible when the actions don't comply with the law the law is against them for sure we can eradicate this evil but only by legal methods there are over five million drug users in morden russia vast amounts of money has been blown on reducing drug demand and treating addicts percent to six are just getting more and
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more gloomy. this is how some moscow activists are trying to stop the menace threaten the country with waterproof dye they must do as they say will have to hide from the public protest three weeks some are skeptical about their methods are others even accuse them of killing it is what the antidrug vigilantes argue their form of justice is warthe it if it helps save at least one lot. more if not in our. moscow. tehran has announced it's planning to impose sanctions against a twenty six u.s. officials for violating human rights in iranian parliament has accused them of escalating terrorism and drug trafficking now it comes as the e.u. agreed to widen sanctions against the country over its nuclear program professor say admired says that the government wants to put an end to what it claims is u.s. a lawless ness in the region. i think the view really in iran is that the united
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states and its allies including members of the you are basically the countries that are violating human rights more than any other country in the world they are constantly waging wars in afghanistan and iraq and now in libya. killing and murdering hundreds of thousands of people in addition to that for example the siege on gaza which is illegal and barbaric where ordinary women and children are made to suffer and it is being done with the support of the united states in the you so basically what the iranians want to do is they want to break this culture where the americans and the europeans constantly act as if they are the center of the world as if they are more civilized than others whereas in reality the harm that they've been causing for the world is unprecedented i think that what is important not the actual saying things themselves it is breaking this year old centric model that has been imposed upon the west and the rest of the world. for meantime nato planes have
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launched their heaviest airstrikes on libya's capital tripoli since the start of the coalition's campaign libyan officials say three people were killed dozens injured with the main target reported to be his compound on biden comes as france announced his decision to deploy helicopters to escalate a striking power moscow says the alliance acting in libya has so far failed to act in accordance with the un resolution the russian the foreign minister met the rebel of representatives in moscow was part of an attempted peace negotiation process let's get more on where letters are ramped up the campaign in the libya may lead from political analyst medical darby who joins us live now and so mr but i would washington's urging more nato nations to join the libyan air strike campaign do you see that as a as a solution to the crisis as the libyan government and rebels have so far failed to establish any form of dialogue. i don't think it's the solution in the beginning it was. there has to be political solution to this crisis in order to
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bring the good luck. of the car is whether it's the libyan government. that will offset this conflict. and the military strokes i think the whole was the at least the whole underside of the new deal and the united states. and britain and france was that it would shift the balance of power. it was for you know some far we go without sufficient capacity on the ground circle this conflict. once and for all i don't see how would we be. more conscious of the alliance apart from political some value but i don't see i don't see this as a solution ok so you don't see this as a solution you talked also about the allied intervention they were hoping for
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a shift of the balance of power to that of the rebels but let's talk about this ongoing mission because the coalition is calling it its campaign there a humanitarian mission is aimed at protecting civilians but in reality every day people are getting killed by nato bombs to think the ends justify them so. i don't think that the end justifies the means really of the beginning if you remember when there was. there will be some kind of massive humanitarian crisis and that is really the prevention was justified and. i don't see how it was sort of the thing is to give you what would be. a few. days against. people in tripoli which i think it was a little bit farfetched i wouldn't want to give you. any. this is a good. feel good mission is just driven by evolution and.
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i don't see. inside as you say you don't see a very clear end game in sight it was just about a week or so ago the american president said the ongoing campaign in libya is an open ended mission about the latest nato attacks that may come as france analysis decision to deploy helicopters to escalate their strikes and their walkability and meanwhile many countries are including including russia the alliance has gone far beyond the barriers of the original un it right ocean do you think there should be a body controlling the coalition's actions in a country. that's a bit of the blue difficult question. don't see you don't think lee un security council has given them a nice try its should be but one. hundred dollars the actions of the allied forces but i don't know what security
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council unfulfilled was for all. of them look at those. presidents on the ground when it's not even the unify all the it's not a whole lot of declared war the. i don't see any other one of the. series which is of course problematic of how you would be such an order. but. i'm a little bit of power structures i don't see this happening with. a political analyst i can make it our way they're talking to us live from thank you. hour for more on the libyan stalemate and the unrest in the arab world just log on to our web site but here's a taste of what lined up for you right now at our c dot com here you issues a greaser fresh ultimatum saying athens and has to step up economic reforms as it's failing to meet its bailout obligations. under visuals are leaving a
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a moscow dolphinarium to sink or swim a lack of money and crumbling infrastructure mean disabled children will lose out on a unique treatment more that i've asked you to come. right now let's look at some other international news for you in brief this hour and the last cloud from the erupting icelandic volcano is causing further disruption to air travel as it sweeps over europe more than two hundred delays and cancellations have been reported in parts of scandinavia ireland and scotland while a threat is hanging over services in england to follow saturday's eruption of the country's most active volcano the largest such event in one hundred years last year ash from another icelandic volcano cost one hundred thousand flights to be canceled closing the european airspace for a week. for an explosion has rocked iran's a largest oil refinery shortly before the country's president arrived for
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a visit in the south western city of done one person was killed and at least twenty injured in the blast and interact was heard the president was expected to make a speech marking the opening of the refinery officials think a gas leak may have caused the explosion. now the devastating tornado that hit the u.s. city of joplin on sunday is left one hundred sixteen people dead more than four hundred injured thousands of homes schools churches and businesses were all destroyed forecasters say severe weather could probably persist and may reach the east coast by the end of the week long. five hundred people have died in u.s. storms and tornadoes this year alone. now after spending six months in space they finally returned to worth an american italian and a russian cosmonaut have landed safely in kazakhstan however the intrepid voyagers did not come back alone as
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a part of the experiments on the international space station and they tested the impact of orbit on fridays scientists hope their work all help to understand how conditions in space affect living organisms. has been following the bush. the crew of the i assess that have spent six months there have safely landed in the step in kazakhstan as we've been watching on the screens here in mission control in moscow the craft module that they came back in departed from the i.s.o.'s a few hours before it came to land then it started its descent reentered the earth's atmosphere came in over the caspian sea then opened its parachute and eventually landed safely in the step in kazakhstan and teams of helicopters and planes were ready to receive the crew and to make sure they were all ok after their descent it's the end of the twenty seventh expedition in the i assess this crew been up there for six months and while they've been up there was well as conducting a lot of experience both on themselves to see how they responded to the environment
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of space and also many technical experiments and receiving space vehicles up there they've also seen in some rather interesting anniversaries the spent the new year up there they sold out multiple times because of the time differences here on earth and they also saw in fifty years since you're a good guy and was the first man in space and they recalled a special video message to thank all those involved from our very special anniversary and they received the last ever u.s. endeavor space shuttle on its mission up there brought some equipment. and then they waved goodbye to that for the last time. they've been up there for six months they're now back down safe on earth and all the people down there who've just received them in the step in because it will be trying to make sure that they receive a proper welcome back on earth part is the bottom line or a time out i bet you want the latest business news with katrina.
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thank you rory hello and welcome to business with r.t. in around two hours time again dick stock of stocks will kick off trading in new york russia's web search market maker has raised one point three billion dollars in its i.p.o. it's the biggest float by an internet company think google went public in two thousand and four oversubscribed by fifteen times year and it stopped the price above the expected range all eyes are now on how trading will start in new york at half past six moscow time and once things get under way we'll be talking to the c.e.o. of your own decks live from there today russia's steel production grew six point six percent year on year this first quarter to almost twenty three million tons a report and still young suggest production should surpass pre-crisis levels this year boosted by the manufacturing and energy sectors by both the outlines the weaknesses and the strengths of the russian still make its. if you pick up the
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material substance you know i've got all the material you call being an important element in the production of steel the subsurface should be called the flipside and probably the disadvantage would be a lot of the plant old probably some investment needs to go into that and that's the remoteness of the question so you know but all the infrastructure is there to make those officially competitive compared to the other countries yet again so to go today's labor day labor still relatively cheap compared to some of the other regions that are. let's have a look at the markets now oil futures are still fluctuating this hour with light sweet around ninety nine dollars a barrel but of bounce back from some of the previous losses by china's energy demand though again in the u.s. dollar is limiting the rebound. european shares continue their gains with firmer metals prices supporting miners the forty as is around point four percent in the black and the dax almost point seven percent up as our however investor sentiment
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remains fragile and persistent concerns about the eurozone sovereign debt crisis and here in moscow the markets are continuing their gains after monday's major losses with the r.t.s. gaining one point five percent this hour. and let's take a look at some individual share moves on the my sex energy majors are among the main gainers supported by stronger commodity prices gazprom is up around two and a half percent and rosneft gains around two percent this hour banking stocks are also on the rise of a sperm bank and one percent in the black russian markets may be on a bit of a rebound this hour but they've taken a massive hit in the last month it's been the longest losing streak since two thousand and eight after first quarter buoyancy the market has lost favor with investors business artie's thirty on a public over explains why. as old most always in russia the stock markets follows that well prize so there is no surprise here oil fell about three percent on monday
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trade and the russian stock market fell about the same market which is also say that investors are concerned that europe's debt crisis may who are the economic recovery and they lose advertise for risky assets russia is still considered a risky investment favored by speculators but it's analysts say this is speculative capital is leaving the contre scared away by political on certain subjects for the elections next year and that by possible curbing off quantitative easing program in the united states some analysts say that the full will continue they predict the russian are tails will get to below seven two hundred points in the near future but the authors say that the trans may soon change op more and as such huge capital outflow as we saw last week is often a sign that the market has reached its bottom that brings you up to date with business from now when i have more for you in just under an hour's time stay with us the headlines next.
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