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c.e.o. don carty dot com. thanks. the breasting the u.s. congress the israeli prime minister says he's ready for a quote painful compromises to achieve peace with the palestinians but will not return to pre-one nine hundred sixty seven borders the idea backed by washington. not just special but essential relations president obama reaffirms close ties with london during his visit to the u.k. but behind the smiles and handshakes there are strong differences to overcome. plus an international trio of space voyagers live safely on the cozart step bringing with them some unusual guest mutated flights from the international space station.
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one of the growth anticipated i.p.o.'s of this here is often running. the most popular. one of the most popular search engine standards so much of the sound on the nerves of more business in twenty minutes. nine pm here in the russian capital you're with r t thanks for joining us now israel's prime minister has stated he's ready for quote painful concessions but flatly denied his state would return to the pre nine hundred sixty seven borders with the palestinians well during his speech to the u.s. congress had been minutes on yahoo we iterated his country's friendship with washington but failed to give any solutions for the middle east peace process and for one what's been being said in washington today let's cross live to our correspondent guy in it chuck e. on why there are gay men now netanyahu enjoyed
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a repeated standing ovations in congress today didn't he. ah that's right he was addressing a cheering for me supportive crowd is every second sentence was met with old gratian standing ovation it was completely bipartisan and very obvious when prime minister netanyahu was talking about peace with the palestinians he said israel would be ready to recognize the future palestinian state state only if palestinians recognize the jewish state and its route will be generous on the size of the future palestinian state he said and would be what would be careful with the with where the borders lie taking into account its security and it is and it's the security of its people and the demographic realities on the ground he was talking about the settlements of course that were built on the disputed territories but along with the with this peace yearning graduate these really prime ministers said they would not go she had with a government that they label as terrorists palestinians on the other hand don't want to negotiate any anything before israel stops building settlements on the
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disputed territories so that's where the peace process hits a dead end president obama's speech last week the spirit a lot of confusion both with these release inside could it be that washington's unwavering support for israel is the ministering and with the palestinians who believe there is nothing but words in the u.s. president's calls to go back to the nine hundred sixty seven border lies as a basis for negotiations president obama was quick to confirm the palestinians fears and made it very clear that those were just words and no action will follow president obama basically has basically told these released within wanted to hear a that going back to nine hundred sixty seven borders doesn't actually mean going back to nine hundred sixty seven borders alliance he was talking about swaps and all that he said peace cannot be imposed on the parties of the conflict and no one can put any pressure on israel to make bold moves to actually advance the process and the other saying he says the u.s. will block any u.n. at hands to help resolve the conflict so it does appear to be
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a deadlock despite would obama has said and that. confirmed by palestinian leaders the right in moscow for talks they said there are still issues on the table that remain unresolved will give it another issue that they did report is that of iran benjamin netanyahu did take a firm stance towards the country during his address or what exactly was said. well despite the fact that prime minister netanyahu speech to congress repeated the word peace is so many times that it was supposed to be all about peace he did not feel to make some harsh statements regarding iran which israel sees as well as a great threat to the world and to its own security and hinted that military threat could force iran to give up its nuclear program in the military nature of which israel is sure although there is no proof of that prime minister netanyahu said the only time he ran seriously contemplated giving up its nuclear program was in two
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thousand and three when there was. a threat according to the prime minister netanyahu a real threat of a military attack from the united states what's interesting that congress met this statement with a standing ovation could it be that the u.s. congress is seriously contemplating is seriously considering threatening to randwick war. well thank you very much i was our correspondent going it should come reporting from washington d.c. now the american president is in london for the second day of his four nation european trip well during his first state visit to the united kingdom obama has met some of the queen and the prime minister david cameron however a dialogue between the two sides has been tested following disagreements and key issues such as the conflict in libya as well as economic policy artie's laura abbott is covering a bounce from the british capital. president obama arrived early in the u.k. to avoid disruption by volcanic ash which is again hit flights in the u.k.
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he's staying at buckingham palace as a guest of the queen while he and prime minister david cameron meet here at ten downing street to establish close to security ties between britain and the u.s. the idea is to create a joint security strategy board which will bring together leading figures from washington and london to deal jointly with security and foreign policy challenges it's a unique arrangement in which the u.s. will open up its highly secretive national security council to u.k. officials and it comes at a time when both countries admit they weren't prepared for the uprisings in the middle east and north africa a struggle cameron and obama linked to the cold war in she states press it might not be easy to us still saying that britain cutting defense spending could harm its cooperation with the us and although cameron and i have on tuesday pledged to keep
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our pressure on libya's colonel gadhafi to comply with u.n. resolutions the two sides are being divided a billet b.-a with the u.s. more reticent about its involvement than britain myself likes they're also talking about afghanistan with the us trying to persuade the british army nourse to pull out troops they say this year both countries see two thousand and fifteen as the target date for withdrawing troops but it's still unclear what the terms of that would be terrorism bills they will be agenda with the us also in the u.k. to support its tough line on pakistan holbrooke terrorists and requesting that cameron tells more to combat british muslim extremism the us will also ask crescent to reassure russia about the siting of the missile defense shield in poland all in all the so-called special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. is alive and kicking and looks set to deepen over the course of this visit. that was artie's a lower image reporting for the british capital. nato planes of launch their
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heaviest air attacks on libya's capital tripoli since the start of the coalition's campaign well it officials say three people were killed and dozens injured but the main target reported to be colonel gadhafi compound gartman comes as france announced its decision to deploy helicopters to escalate their strike power but moscow says the alliance acting in libya has so far failed to act in accordance with un resolution russian foreign minister about the rebels representatives' and moscow as part of attempted peace negotiations let's get more on where nato is rounds of campaign in libya may read from investigative journalist assignment. thank you very much mr suffer joining us now how do you see the way out of the libyan crisis now both sides of the civil war have failed so far to try to compromise and there's airstrikes all had failed to protect civilians well the only thing. the way it's going i think for nato is that you begin to feel the.
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preparing the ground for the ground troops arriving there or already offices or offices and so on inside. and you just feel that they're beginning to prepare. prepare the way i think for more ground troops that are having said that russia in says that needs nato should testify over its actions in libya before the u.n. security council and i'm also saying that the alliance is feeling to act in accordance with the u.n. mandate as us said they are preparing for more strikes in libya and now what's your take on this that russia really is insisting that nato should testify or. well i mean the way they've interpreted the u.n. resolution is very very wide what was originally. specifically defending civilian targets civilians and cities and so on and now has become much more offensive so the question is the targeting of gadhafi is compound a couple weeks ago the killing of his son and his grandchildren a lot where exactly is the story i think is
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a question that has to be asked. all right well that's a point that you bring to light that we would like to ask you as well nato is the time to carry on the attacks and they can be as you have said that we have already attacked gadhafi is a compound how many think the initial humanitarian mission is just a disguise for the real aim which you have mentioned it possibly to get rid of gadhafi rather than bring him to justice and what is your perspective on this i think it's i think it goes further than that i think we have to remember the libyan uprising in relation to what's happening inside of tunisia and what's happening inside of egypt and in the wider arab world there is a whole series of uprisings so you have from throwing out the window from tunisia and the us sort out the window in egypt now coming through walking through the door and sort of look at so you begin to see the beginning of a much longer geopolitical play here about how the west and western powers are placing themselves between tunisia and egypt this is of course means that what happens in the future is going to be very very difficult not only for the libyans
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but also for egypt and tunisia and i think you get the feeling that this is beyond gadhafi this is much more about strategically placing your forces inside a situ inside a region which is undergoing massive term or yes as you mentioned moving out of libya there let's move on to syria now that the european union has agreed to widen sanctions against syria now freezing the assets of the country's president why are the western powers so keen to see a regime collapse in syria and where do you think syria would go next if that happened and what's the impact on the region as you have been mentioning earlier. well serious very very important i mean it is the one country that has held out against western pressure for many years it's seen as the backbone of the resistance inside of lebanon palestinian resistance and so on and i think they see they hope i think that there would be some kind of regime would take i would be much more friendly towards the west but the problem is that these revolutions are very very
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unpredictable and most likely you will have a regime that's much more hostile to the west and much less willing to make a deal with this row and play the west end game so i think they're playing a very dangerous game in syria but there's also i think if you mind if you don't mind me saying a large dose of what we're seeing here because what's happening in bahrain and the oppression i think of the of the movement there is quite severe yet there are no sanctions on the regime there so you would begin to see in a sense the old hypocrisy beginning to play itself out and of course this means that there will be very little credibility inside the arab world it's not even handed let's put it that way thank you very much for inside investigative journalist simon soft talking to us from london. well for more on the a libyan stalemate of the rest of the arab world you can log on to our web site that's our team dot com and here's a taste of what else we've got lined up for you right now the e.u. issues reese a fresh ultimatum saying alfredsson needs to stop economic reforms as it's failing
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to meet a bailout obligations. and officials are leaving in moscow dolphinarium to sink or swim a lack of money and crumbling infrastructure mean that disabled children will lose out on a unique treatment all these are more at archie dot com. away moscow court has reduced the presence or absence of oil tycoon in a cup of coffee from fourteen to thirteen years a lot softer the former you cos had appealed his conviction for stealing billions of dollars worth of oil and laundering the proceeds let's get the details from. this fall of the invest for us now natasha can you just give us the ruling for today's high profile case when it will cost of course to be released. while the court has ruled that. the former world like one will have to remain in jail until two thousand and sixteen together with his ex business partners like the libby defense means five more years of prison for both of them they were arrested back in
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two thousand and three and since stand they were convicted twice the last hearing of their case to place names of last year and back then the verdict was for the both of them to remain in jail until two thousand and seventeen however they've appealed and the court has to be assessed the amounts of money that's they've stolen and has cut down the term for both of them by one year nonetheless they're still being accused of embezzling men's money laundering and self. terms of tons of serial tens of billions of u.s. dollars worth of oil however because it eclipsed he does not agree with this ruling this woman had a full what used to be one of bush's biggest oil companies and he says he's now going to appeal to the european court all right. it's very much for that. because our reporting there. are russian authorities are stepping up the war on drugs in a country but first some of the speed of progress just isn't fast enough now
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vigilante activists are taking the fight into their own hands but their options are out of the war are as many of the national reports it said all is fair in love and war and perhaps even more so in the war on drugs drugs that killed two point five million people every year across the globe and almost two hundred fifty i mean we men and youngsters every day in russia alone some are fighting their own controversial battle against a threat payson as customers they arrange to meet alleged drug dealers and once you have satisfied this suspect is a drug pusher they serve them a black mark and leave them red faced. people have to know their enemies would look like this people will be free to go out because the next time police may be there. these guys are not alone in russian there and conventional methods of fighting against drugs their colleagues from the drug free city movement have been accused
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of courtroom addicts after they used handcuffs to force them to kick their habit they've also marks drug dealers houses to shame them in the community. it is our uprising against the drug dealers do you think it is better to sit at home and watch how the drug dealers will be killing you we managed to unite our forces and declare war to the drug dealers. sociologists a mob just as occurs when people become disillusioned by official efforts the public taking the law into its own hands is an unwelcome trend growth in the us little border there are a lot of enthusiastic who are striving to eradicate this horrible evil boy any means possible the women actions don't comply with the law the law is against them for sure we can eradicate this evil but only by legal methods that are over five million drug users in mood in russia but us amounts of money has been blown on reducing drug demand and treating addicts as statistics are just getting more and
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more gloomy. this is how the moscow activists of trying to stop the menace threaten the country with waterproof dye their marks do as they say will have to hide from the public for at least three weeks some are skeptical about their methods are others even accuse them of hooliganism but the antidrug big event is argue their form of justice is more fit if it helps save at least one life. r.t. moscow. and house of international those in brief are you this hour an hour from the erupting icelandic volcano causing a further disruption to air travel as it sweeps over europe more than two hundred fifty delays and cancellations have been reported in parts of scandinavia ireland and scotland while the threat has over services in england if i was saturday's eruption of the country's most active volcano this is the largest in one hundred
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years last year as from another icelandic volcano caused one hundred thousand flights to be canceled closing being european airspace for a week. the former egyptian president and his two sons will be tried over the deaths of anti-government protesters cause they were brought up was ousted from power in february after mass demonstrations demanding an end to his thirty year rule. he's now being held at a hospital in the red sea resort town of sharm el sheikh barak and his wife also face allegations of illegally wasting pop we thought was. a d.n.a. sample of the former international monetary fund chief has reportedly been found on the shirt of a hotel maid with cues of of sexual assault in a new york would tell would be unconfirmed reports citing sources close to the investigation while police denied waynes forensic tests from the room where the alleged attack took place are on goalie the many extra bases charges including
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attempted rape and sexual abuse or the acts i have heard who was under house arrest in new york denies the allegations. the devastating tornado that hit the u.s. city of joplin on sunday has left one hundred seventeen people dead and more than four hundred injured thousands of homes schools churches businesses in the town of the state of missouri were destroyed forecasts a severe weather could probably persist and maybe reach the end of the east coast by the end of the week almost five hundred people have died in the u.s. storms and tornadoes this year of them. in japan india company running the fukushima nuclear plant admitted three of six reactors damaged by the tsunami actually suffered a meltdown within days of the shocking revelation has left many wondering why the information wasn't made public so are all the a disaster of the
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a facility two months ago raising fears of a radiation leak area of thirty kilometers around the plant was evacuated but the earthquake triggered a massive tsunami killed as many as twenty five thousand people russia's aversions minister believes the japanese government should have released the information about the area so that the world could assess the real scale of the task. when we started getting the first recall to go to devastating tsunami it was of course a tragedy for japan but i think the authorities should immediately given the information about what else was located on this territory because frankly shima is a big red dog today and everyone's watching their radioactive activity there but what happened to all the disposal facilities factories and plants the authorities should have told the world about it so that we could assess the damage because it was all washed into the ocean the tsunami submerged the land and then the waters receded taking it all back and after this tsunami there were so many aftershocks
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which were super bowl full no one can remember anything like that before if the area here wasn't so densely populated the consequences wouldn't have been so disastrous roll should realize and from the tsunami in thailand in two thousand and five we built a tsunami warning system in all far east also there's a ban on building potentially dangerous facilities and it's an army area the main lesson we all should learn from this catastrophe is that we need to weigh all the risks and decide which structures can be built in a potentially dangerous area and which cannot. and after spending six months in space they finally were. kurds are worth an american italian and a russian cosmonaut have landed safely in classic star however the intrepid voyagers did come back along and that's part of their experiments of the international space station they tested the impact of orbit on fly scientists hope their work will help understand how conditions in space that living organisms actually star guard has been following the mission so it is the crew of the i
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assess that have spent six months there have safely landed in the step in kazakhstan as we've been watching on the screens here in mission control in moscow the craft the module that they came back in departed from the eye assess a few hours before it came to land then it started its descent reentered the earth's atmosphere came in over the caspian sea then opened its parachute and eventually landed safely in the second class extern and teams of helicopters and planes were ready to receive the crew and to make sure they were all ok after their descent it's the end of the twenty seventh expedition on the i assess this crew been up there for six months and while they've been up there was well is conducting a lot of experiments both on themselves to see how they've responded to the environment of space and also many technical experiments and receiving space vehicles up there they've also seen in some rather interesting anniversaries the spent the new year up there they sold out multiple times because of the time
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differences here on earth and they also saw in fifty years since you're a go go and was the first man in space and they recorded a special video message to thank all those involved and to mark that very special anniversary and they received the last ever u.s. and shuttle on its mission up there it brought some equipment up to the i assess and then they waved goodbye to that for the last time they've been up there for six months they're now back down safe on earth and all the people down there who've just received them in this step in kazakhstan will be trying to make sure that they receive a proper welcome back on earth. well coming up next all the latest business news with purely on that softer short break.
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oh it's time for your business update and one of the most highly anticipated i.p.o.'s of the first year is off and running russia's most popular search engine down the source forty percent on the nasdaq debut and as many call it the google of russia priced its stock initially at twenty five dollars a share seventeen times oversubscribed the company's stock raised one point three billion dollars that makes it the biggest internet i.p.o. since google back in two thousand and four well the timing could hardly be better as those growing interest to internet stocks as demonstrated by successful show by . russell may drop out of you that's happened earlier this year and see all the youngest boy is what the company will spend the money on. not so much more
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you into the company as of that reason was because it's untrue. for the company of course we continue nor would you wish we. knew it when you go and. you do this and there is. no smooth would be company. let's take a quick look at the markets oil futures are still fluctuating at this hour with lights with more than ninety nine dollars a barrel buyers have als back from some of their previous losses helped by china's energy demand data again as the u.s. dollar is limiting the rebound. let's take a look at harvey's stock markets are performing the u.s. markets are into road so just marginally as you can see. we've got europe here to show us continue their gains on tuesday and with that prices for she buy this puts it is was around point four percent in the life of the decks or the same gains at the close how were the investor sentiment from
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a brachial on the system to concerns about the eurozone sovereign debt crisis. markets have closed them up what with the r.t.s. up nearly two percent that's now have a look at some of the individual show moves i mean the majors one month i mean games supported by stronger commodity prices promise up around three percent gains around two and a half back in stock also on the rise was around two percent and the black. well in front of nash from verna capital says it's too early to celebrate just today. you know given up all the game so far this year and i think that now we can really start going back to the gains that the russian market should be able to have with the with the oil price of oil prices still above one hundred bucks however it really does doesn't really depend on russia or depends on what's happening in europe and i'm afraid they've got a lot of structural issues to deal with and i don't think i've dealt with them so
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far so i'm afraid we could see some pretty downside. and in other news russia still production crew six point six percent here on here the first quarter to almost twenty three million tons report from our single jets production shoot free prices levels this year boosted by the manufacturing and energy sectors michael bell are all planes that were consistent strength sort of russian still makes if you think of the raw material subs the stainless you know i've got all the material i can call being an important element in the production of steel also self-sufficient i think on the flip side and probably the disadvantage would be a lot of the plants old probably some investment needs to go into that and also the remote sort of occasion so you know not all the infrastructure is the to make as efficient competitive compared to other countries yet again the saving of today's labor leader still relatively cheap compared to some of the other regions in the
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world. now that's the latest in our europe today we'll have more of your life and while it's time stay with us the news headlines. are that over. twenty years ago in the largest country subjects certainly since of. what had been the book began a journey. where did it take. the
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bus. for. whom which right and if you knew more about some.


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