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addressing the u.s. congress of the israeli prime minister says he's ready for broader painful compromises with the palestinians that stands firm and rejected a peace plan that backed by washington's. not just special but essential relations president obama reaffirms close ties with londoners during his visit to the u.k. but behind the smiles and handshakes there are strong differences to overcome. and the russian vigilantes who feel the war on drugs is not bringing the desired results by their own controversial battle against the threats. one of the most anticipated i.p.o. of this year is running one of the most popular search engines and rushed out to
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save the most popular engines in russia the terms of some. sort for shipping. start more in business in twenty minutes. ten pm here in the russian capital you're watching our teeth thanks for joining us our top story israel's prime minister has stated he's ready for quote painful concessions but flatly denied his state would return to between one nine hundred sixty seven borders with the palestinians well during his speech in the u.s. congress benjamin netanyahu reiterated his country's friendship with washington but he failed to give any solutions for the middle east peace process for more on what's being said in washington today let's cross live to our correspondent day and it should now that netanyahu did enjoy repeated standing ovations in congress they
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don't he. well to say he was addressing a cheering forward supportive crowd every second sentence was met with gratian standing ovation prime minister netanyahu believes the same old speech he said israel would not negotiate with a government that they labeled as terrorists and this world would not have to go back to the nine hundred sixty seven border lines which would mean giving up east jerusalem and the west bank in the meantime israel continues building settlements on the occupied territories despite international condemnation of those settlements as illegal palestinian leaders who arrived in moscow to seek russia's mediation in the peace process clearly said that as long as israel continues the illegal settlement expansion as long as they refuse to even consider sharing jerusalem negotiations are doomed and they really are and any attempts of the international community to help resolve the longstanding conflict are being blocked by the united states the obama administration has blocked the u.n. security council resolution that would have condemned the israeli settlements mention the ego and to write a resolution that would have given some kind of
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a mandate to force these three weeks to stop it president obama also said the u.s. would oppose the u.n. recognition of the state of palestine and we do know that the palestinians all want to push for the recognition of their state at the u.n. in september let me add that the whole of the international community supports the idea of the true state solution and the nine hundred sixty seven border lines as a basis for that solution although president obama said he shares that say you it was nothing but words he what he has said because at the same time he said a go way back to nine hundred sixty seven border lies doesn't actually mean going back to nine hundred sixty seven one of life he was talking about lance last sloss the palestinians are only likely to accept the he said peace cannot be imposed on the parties of the conflict and see the u.s. will block any u.n. u.n. attempts to resolve the conflict and today's absolutely nonstop standing ovation in the u.s. congress is a good indication that the u.s. will stand by israel no matter what it does tolerable another issue that was
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brought up as the country's a view of iran and you don't even want to know who has taken a firm stance towards iran during this address and what exactly was said about. well because of this by the fact that prime minister netanyahu speech to congress repeated the word peace many many times when it was all supposed to be about being about peace he did not feel to make some harsh statements regarding your read which is well seasoned rates right to world and to its own security and he hinted that a military threat could force in red to give up its nuclear program into military nature of which israel seems to be sure of although there was no proof of that prime minister netanyahu said the only time he ran seriously contemplated giving up its nuclear program was in two thousand and three when there was a threat of a military attack from the united states that's according to privatise today but yeah what's interesting that congress met this statement with standing ovation and
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here is a question here is a question could it be that the u.s. congress is is seriously considering threatening iran with war. thank you very much for that our correspondent reporting from washington d.c. well now for more on where u.s. israeli relations are heading and what it spells for peace in the middle east let's talk to foreign affairs expert stephen hess thank you very much for joining us and mr assume this now we've heard benjamin netanyahu a promise of concessions in congress today about the same time he would like to be internationally backed plan to return to create one nine hundred sixty seven borders and this forced a washington to a backtrack on its and thorson of the proposal what exactly is israel prepared to give. very little actually. seems to be implying used. to hold the. various includes a series of bomb contiguous camps on the west bank and surrounding land.
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be indexed by israel. non-contiguous and really non-viable. indeed it would sound very similar to a man from a scratchy stands in apartheid south africa but i'm also in his speech not to yahoo has repeatedly assured members of congress of israel's other wavering friendship towards the us now what with what israel's consul provocations and she will call it how long will washington have to keep saying yes to the jewish state. it's very hard to say on public opinion the united states has really shifted in recent years to a more even handed positioned down balance pro israel in terms of supporting israel's again in the security interest rights and exists and in the light but. its spirit is getting more and more weary of our tax dollars being used to support colonization and oppression in the palestinian territories unfortunately your
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republicans mood ever more to the right in the air alliance with netanyahu as have many congressional democrats and obama as. limited his new year's tax as is his efforts are in terms of greenpeace for its being isolated by the republicans and members of his own party about well another point i'd like to bring up is that netanyahu was also called on him awkward abbas to what therapy so we have hamas and only ben enter into talks with well is not on you are really in a position to shelter made of their hardly any need you negotiate with the governments of launching negotiate you heard it you chant no country has a right to say no we'll only negotiate you if you form your coalition government a certain way and especially since you look at the israeli cabinet if you look at coalition government or netanyahu you have parties others as extreme as hamas and the other direction bars that say palestine has no right to exist. parties or want
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to engage in complete cleansing of the palestinian population from the entire territory west of the jordan parties that support these far right wing military is paramilitary groups centrally terrorist who have murdered the palestinian civilians so there's a clear double standard here and unfortunately united states evolving into this double standard by making similar plans of hamas not the hard government get seeing no problem with comparable parties being part of the israeli palestinian have the palestinians civilians he also said that the that the refugees palestinian refugee issue should be resolved outside the borders of israel but without offering any solution he just trying to push the problem away from himself. well there are very much the. house i started seems to be willing to compromise on the on the right of return to some degree but to insist as as i think yahoo and us government has
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done that the palestinian dream now is that even before entering in negotiations you know seems to be. unreasonable doesn't hinge on the fact that defeat if israel is only willing to. give the palestinians a tiny portion of the of the west bank is the future only and there's no way you can physically resettle a population we get i mean and then we'll need the twenty two percent of palestine doubt the united nations recognizes under belligerent occupation but. netanyahu apparently support of congress saying this is too much the palestinians have to settle for even less all right thank you very much for your insight there stephen is it has a foreign affairs expert thank you. now the american president is in london for the second day of his ford nation european trip well during his first state visit to the united kingdom a bomb has met with the queen of the prime minister david cameron however
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a dialogue between the two sides has been a tacit falling disagreements on key issues such as the conflict in libya as well as economic policy artie's a lot of it is covering events from the british capital. president obama arrived early in the u.k. to avoid disruption by volcanic ash which is again hits flights in the u.k. piece staying at buckingham palace as a guest of the queen while he and prime minister david cameron meet here at ten downing street to establish closer security ties between britain and the u.s. the idea is to create a joint security strategy board which will bring together leading figures from washington and london to deal jointly with security and foreign policy challenges it's a unique arrangement in which the u.s. will open up its highly secretive national security council to u.k. officials and it comes at a time when both countries admit they weren't prepared for the are rising in the
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middle east and north africa a struggle cameron and obama links to the cold war in chief states press it might not be easy to us still say that britain cutting defense spending could harm its cooperation with the us and although cameron and a former have on to state pledge to keep our pressure on libya's colonel gadhafi to comply with un resolutions the two sides are being deployed to the libya with the u.s. more reticent about its involvement than britain likes it likes their will to talk about afghanistan with the us trying to persuade the british army noise to pull out troops they say this year both countries see two thousand and fifteen as the target date for withdrawing troops but it's still unclear what the terms of that would be terrorism bills they will be agenda with the us hosting the u.k. to support its tough line on pakistan harboring terrorists and requesting the cameron tells more to come back to british muslim extremism the u.s.
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will also are to press him to reassure russia about the siting of the missile defense shield in poland all in all the so-called special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. is alive and kicking and looks set to deep. but of course. that was artie's alarm at reporting from the british capital now moving on and nato planes have launched their heaviest air attacks on libya's capital tripoli since the start of the coalition's campaign but even officials say three people were killed and dozens injured the main target reported to be colonel gadhafi compound the margin comes as france and the decision to deploy helicopters to escalate their strike power but moscow says the alliance acting in libya has so far failed to act in accordance with the u.n. resolution the russian foreign minister met the rebel representative said moscow was part of attempted peace negotiations talking about nato has ramped up aerial campaign in libya investigative journalist simon isaf says the coalition has other
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interests in the region other than gadhafi. the way it's going i think for nato is . beginning to feel that they're preparing the ground for more ground troops reuter they're all already offices offices and so on inside of eastern libya and you just feel that they're beginning to prepare the way i think ground troops but was originally specifically defending civilian targets civilians and cities and so on and now has become much more offensive so the question is the targeting of gadhafi compound referees' ago the killing of his son and his grandchildren the last word exactly is the story i think is a question that has to be asked and i think you get the feeling that this is beyond get off this is much more about strategically placing your forces inside a situ inside a region which is undergoing massive turmoil. well for more on the libyan stalemate and the unrest in the arab world you can log on to our web site that's our team dot com and here's a taste of what else we brought up for you right now the e.u.
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issues in greece a pressure ultimatum saying athens needs to stop talking economics reforms as it is a bailing to meet a bailout obligations. and officials are leaving a moscow dolphinarium to sink or swim block of money and probably infrastructure this able children will lose out on a unique treatment always and more of our team doctor. moscow court has reduced the prison sentence of ex or oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky from fourteen to thirteen years without softer the former you cos had appealed his conviction for stealing billions of dollars worth of oil laundering the proceeds are going over cuba has the. court has ruled. before we will have to remain in jail until two thousand and sixteen together with his ex business partner. that means five more years of prison for both of them he was arrested back in two thousand and three and since then they were convicted
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twice the last hearing of their case took place and then due to last year and that then the verdict was for both of them to remain in jail until two thousand and seventeen however they've appealed and the court has to reassess the amounts of money that they've stolen and has cut down the term for both of them by one year nonetheless they're still being accused of embezzling money laundering and self over tens of billions of u.s. dollars worth of oil however he does not agree with this ruling the former head of for what used to be one of russia's biggest oil companies and he says he's now going to appeal to the european court. i thought you know because they are reporting from outside the court where the hearing to place earlier today. the russian authorities are stepping up the war on drugs in the country but first some of the speed of progress just isn't fast enough now vigilante activists are taking the fight into their own hands but their actions are falling foul of the law
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artie's media phenomena has the story. it said all is fair in love and war and perhaps even more say in the war on drugs drugs that killed two point five million people every year cross the globe and almost three hundred fifty men women and youngsters every day in russia and some are fighting their own controversial battle against the threat tasers customers they arranged to meet alleged drug dealers and once the city's finest suspect is a drug pusher they serve them a black mark and leave them red faced. people have their enemies would like. to go out because next time police may be there. these guys aren't alone in rushing there and conventional methods of fighting against drugs their colleagues from the drug free city movement happily queues of torturing addicts after they'd used
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handcuffs to force him to kick their habit they've also marked drug dealers houses to shame them in the community are all good but it is our uprising against the drug dealers do you think it's better to sit at home and watch how the drug dealers will be killing you we managed to unite our forces and declare war to the drug dealers. sociologists say not just as occurs when people become dissolutions by official efforts but the public taking the law into its own hands is an unwelcome trend growth in the us and our border there are a lot of enthusiastic striving to eradicate this horrible evil by any means possible when actions don't comply with the law the law is against them for sure we can eradicate these evil but only by legal methods there are over five million drug users in morden russia vast amounts of money being blown on are getting drug demand and treating addicts persistence and just getting more and more gloomy. bess's
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house the moscow activists to try. to stop the madness in the country with waterproof di they must do as they say will have to hide from the public for at least three weeks some are skeptical about their methods all others even accuse them of really getting what the antidrug big celebrities argue their form of justice is worth it if it helps save at least one life. r.t. more. well most of the heroin used by addicts in russia is trafficked from afghanistan and pakistan archie caught up with islamabad anti drug cheap to find out what's being done to stem the flow of narcotics and the deadly lengths dealers will go to . get in the uterus. and in french. and then it was then they were killed and it was stitched
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into the stomach and credit for this whole operation from the point of abduction killing all the inference and getting was going for hours because after going for the body would start the case and that is how he was taking the people taking the he when he was clear back in french. fry three months four months. kill them and then through going into the store not straight you're going to get really a life imprisonment of all hundred of them are one for life imprisonment for fifteen years another one hundred one hundred of them. you can watch the full interview with the head of pakistan's anti-drug force in just about ten minutes time here at r.t. . now in georgia the opposition is determined to carry on with the rallies aimed at overthrowing president saakashvili thousands have been massing on the streets of tbilisi for several days urging the leader to resign or pushing for early elections
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to stop what they say is a criminal regime leading the country into disaster police attempted a clamp down of the demonstrations using rubber bullets and tear gas protesters fear that sucker should be made use only possible to stay at the top of the opposition stresses they'll continue their fight. and also director of national news in brief for you this hour and ash cloud from the eroticize logic volcano is causing further disruption to air travel as it sweeps over europe more than two hundred fifty delays and cancellations have been reported in parts of scandinavia ireland s. scotland well the threat has over services in england it follows saturday's eruption of the country's most active volcano and that's the largest in one hundred years last year as from another icelandic volcano caused one hundred thousand flights to be canceled closing the european airspace for a week. the former egyptian president and his two sons will be tried over the
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deaths of anti-government protesters possibly mubarak was ousted from power in february after mass demonstrations demanding an end to his thirty year rule well he's now being held at a hospital in the red sea resort town of sharm el sheikh barak and his wife also facing allegations of illegally wasting public funds. a d.n.a. sample of the former international monetary fund chief has reportedly been crowned of the shirt of a hotel maid were accused of sexual assault in the york hotel lobby unconfirmed reports cited sources close to the investigation well police denied the claims friends and test for of the room where the alleged attack took place or ongoing and the extra faces charges including attempted rape and sexual abuse the ex i had met with under house arrest in new york denies the allegations.
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devastating tornado that hit the u.s. city of joplin on sunday has left one hundred seventeen people dead and more than four hundred injured thousands of homes schools churches and businesses and a town and a state of missouri were destroyed forecasts say severe weather could have probably persist and may even reach the east coast by the end of the week almost five hundred people have died in u.s. storms and tornadoes this year alone. now in japan to be a company running the fukushima nuclear plant admitted three of six reactors that measured by the tsunami actually suffered a meltdown within days all the shocking revelation has left many wondering why the information wasn't made public sooner or the disaster wrecked the facility two months ago raising fears of a radiation leak the area of thirty kilometers around the plant was evacuated nine point zero by the to the earthquake the trigger the massive tsunami killed as many as twenty five thousand people russia's emergencies minister sergey scheuer who
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believes the japanese government should have released the information about the hit area so that the world could assess the real skill of the catastrophe. when we started getting the first reports about the devastating tsunami it was of course a tragedy for japan but i think your thought he should immediately given the information about what else was located on his territory because fukushima is a big red dog today and everyone's watching the radioactive activity there but what happened to all the disposal facilities factories and plants are three is should have told the world about it so that we could assess the damage because it was all washed into the ocean the tsunami submerge the land and then the waters receded taking it all back and after the tsunami there were so many aftershocks which were super bowl filled no one can remember anything like that before if the area here wasn't so densely populated the consequences would have been so disastrous
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realising from the tsunami in thailand in two thousand and four leave. the warning system not far east also there's a ban on building potentially dangerous facilities areas the main lesson really should learn from this catastrophe is that we need to weigh all the risks and decide which structures can be built in a potentially dangerous area and we cannot. all be back with a recap of our main stories in just a few minutes but first it's time for the business news with your ear. hello that's right time to get the latest from the world of business one of the most highly anticipated i.p.o. this year is off and running shares and russia's most popular so that's forty percent on their master debut and many call it the google of russia priced its stock initially at twenty five dollars per share seventeen times those of scribes the company's stock raised one point three billion dollars that's about and this as
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makes it the biggest internet i.p.o. since google back in two thousand and thought well the timing could hardly be better there's growing interest through internet stocks as demonstrated by successful share thoughts by linked in the russian mail dot are you earlier this year c.e.o. of ganda it's explains what the company will spend the money on. we not so much worry to the company and two thirds of that was just untrue all use of the use of those who. knows you wish we. knew people you know and. you edition and there is. a quick check on the markets oil futures are still fluctuating of light sweet more than ninety nine dollars a barrel but they have bounced back from someone very close losses health why china's energy demand stage up again in the u.s.
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dollar is limiting the rebound. and the u.s. markets are interbred this although with just marginally as we see european shares continue their gains on tuesday with. metals prices supporting minus could see ok here we go the pulitzer is wrong point four percent in the black ducks saw the same gains at the close however investor sentiment remained jones persistent concerns about the hero's own sovereign debt crisis. and i'm new here in moscow the markets have closed in the black as you can see with the r.g.s. up nearly two percent and the minus six more than one and a half percent let's take a look at some of the individual show moves and if you may just for among the main pain is supported by strong commodity prices from was off around three percent and brosnan gained two and a half percent banking stocks were also on the rise with that country's main
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lenders burbank around two percent. the role of natural very capital says it's too early to celebrate despised today. again so far this year i think that now we can really start going back to. the russian markets should be able to have with the with the oil price. still above one hundred bucks however it really doesn't really depend on russia or depends on what's happening in europe and i'm afraid they've got a lot of structural issues to deal with and i don't think. so i'm afraid. and russia still production course six point six percent here on here those first quarter to almost twenty three million tons report from roasting young suggests production should pre-crisis levels by the manufacturing and energy sectors michael batalla outlines the weaknesses and strengths of the question still make us proud
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if you think of the the raw material so self-sustained you know i've got all that i know material i can call being an important element in the production of steel also self-sufficient i think on the flip side and probably the disadvantage would be a lot of the plants also body some investment needs to go into that and also the remoteness of the question so you know that all the infrastructure is there to make as efficient a competitive compared to other countries yet again the saving of these labor legs still relatively cheap compared to some of the other reasons in the world. and that perhaps the business portion you can get more stores more website arche dot com slash business i'm joining the last time for more business stories here on r.t. .
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wealthy british science. sometimes it's. like that. market dynamics can and. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser run no holds barred look of the global financial headlines tune into kinds aretha.


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