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tv   [untitled]    May 25, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. as president obama pledges with his british counterpart to increase pressure on the libyan leader as throwing opinion of the fans of tandem has changed offensive by only increasing the conflict zones. thousands of georgian protesters pressed carter for president's office really to resign as many in the country struggled with jacques poverty and corruption. the war in the middle east moves from the front line to online as palestinians and israelis clash oh we're fatsos with a p.d.f. . and the effects of europe's debt crisis as shown here in russia opening bell so both russian markets opening in the red after tuesday's rally join me for this
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story and more on business and around twenty minutes time. what margi coming here live from moscow eleven am here on marina joshua welcome to the program warm greetings and a royal banquet in the opulent surroundings of buckingham palace brayden house well and truly rolled out the red carpet for barack obama designed to affirm the so-called special relationship between the two nations all eyes remain on london for the second day of the u.s. president's state visit which will see talks on middle east violence that's amid increasing calls for obama and british pm david cameron to overcome their addiction to war games. all smiles and handshakes as the u.k. and the u.s. take their special relationship to the next level washington's preparing to open up
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its highly secretive national security council to london as the two countries pledged to deal jointly with perceived security and foreign policy challenges but what cost to the rest of the world i don't think it will change foreign policy in any dramatic way i remember that britain already shares a huge amount of intelligence with the united states in fact britain's nuclear deterrent can't actually launch a nuclear missile on its own so in fact what is happening today is largely symbolic the special relationship phrase was a deeply contested one when blair was in power and his relationship with bush was seen in britain to be much more one of approval rather than a partner and yes in a sense it will disguise and. not everyone welcomes president obama's presence in the u.k. a range of groups are using it as an opportunity to demonstrate against what they
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see as the anglo-saxon machine and islamist fringe organizations linked aggressive foreign policy led by the us in the u.k. supported variously by france and other nato allies with terrorist attacks there's a war taking place against some of the sims adolescent until the elite was alive supporting the dictators it was in countries that's not torturing us so the parts that was rolled. by those you know. the u.s. and u.k. have been involved in two major wars in the last ten years in both iraq and afghanistan america persuaded person to come in with the reinforcing britain's reputation as the u.s. is lap dog. but this time it's different in libya it's pretty and taking the lead in nato with the us keen to keep its role to a minimum the deepening of cooperation between the two is something this group of demonstrators of a imminently objects to these are the cars floating in the. starting if you can
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cheat a little guy three major wars in ten years those got three packages for those of us who want peace in the world to see those two cars corporate involved closely true affairs outside buckingham palace where obama is staying these protesters are trying to persuade him and british prime minister cameron to stop waging war in foreign lands so far it hasn't worked on cheese day obama and cameron were united in their intention to increase pressure on colonel gadhafi in libya. and big demonstration as nato escalates its involvement in the war in libya france's that it will deploy helicopters bringing fighting closer to the grounds the global war machine rumbles on with the alliance of london and washington in the engine room and this new agreement to cool information and resources may only add fuel to the fire your average r.t.
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. since the start of the campaign in libya the u.s. has taken a step back from the military action leaving its allies particularly came meyer there and williams of the new york based foreign policy in focus. america chose britain as the best servant in its war so bomber can prepare for the next presidential elections it seems to be a puppet of britain acting as the sort of the mercenaries for the united states i mean the u.s. is pulling out not because it's opposed to what nato is doing there it's to limit the domestic fallout for the obama presidency that's why it's it's pulling its forces out on all. so because i think wisely it realizes that it's time to get in the middle east is broad and can only get worse with this continuing. it is one of the changing signs that as america gets weaker commercially and military relatively speaking europe could exert itself
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a little more if it ever got its act together and one of the reasons it can't get its act together is because of the sluggish relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. in libya nato is keeping out its been bargain of the capital tripoli launching its heaviest attack there since the start of the military intervention stay stevie says the multiple airstrikes including violent girl could out his compound killed nineteen people were injured one hundred fifty others meanwhile the u.s. as invited the rebels transitional council to open a washington office marking a new step towards recognizing them as a conference official representatives more stories to come for you this hour on r.t. at about ten minutes time we travel to russia's republic of dagestan where point. this county needs to mantle how to walk through three same trees while standing his biography and it is possible terms of the development of the country's history
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people come to visit and talk to him and today madame it has agreed to share some of his secrets to a long life with us too. in georgia thousands of opposition supporters have protested against the government for four days straight they are demanding an end to state sanctioned corruption and the resignation of president bush really who they accuse of abusing his position to maintain power r.t. sarah ferguson has the details from tbilisi. ansi government paid this continuing that the station's cooling the burden is back if you really insist that down you can be the president. listening to talk this is being held by. the democrats in the united ga. the people's assembly now we saw at the beginning of the page that's maybe we can with thousands of devastated turning out some people calling it the silver revolution those an older generation of people he felt that
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they were really struggling it was in the right and labor tensions and the opposition parties. they call it on the other classic authoritarian system we saw come together and now look they said you said they were planning when they said big day of rage but they vowed out president saakashvili that now what we see with the demonstrations this undercurrents of disorganization is when the opposition parties certainly expected to turn out and it's not knowing yet whether the parties i am going to come together what we do know is the protesters have certainly stings the guts of being killed by the message that they sent in as he said that things have a back to the turned out. to new ink ahead of the day of independence let's say that helping to run the military parade that will be taking place on freedoms. so first reporting there and on our web site at forty dot com we've got more on the
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developing situation in georgia. the opposition protests they are building for president saakashvili we've got pictures on how georgian authorities answer the street damage and of course the other way to something to follow us on our twitter page that's our team as a score card. in . speaking before the u.s. congress the israeli pm benjamin netanyahu announced peace with palestine wasn't an option unless israel keeps the occupied territories the address cause for among palestinians who decried the speech as propaganda riddled with lies and as our
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reports and certain to add tension to yet another battleground between the two sides. the israeli palestinian conflict has reached and i mean likely a new field of battle where they no borders and no generals calling the shots there isn't all thet it's. a fact checking or a committee or something like that there is no chief editor or anything like that which is why we can pedia an online encyclopedia as one of the world's most popular websites with sixteen million entries open for anyone to edit rewrite or even raise the most popular of those pages and middle east there is an article i think probably about in the village a palestinian village that was destroyed during the forty eight war is really the independence war and there are i think articles about any military operation that
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any side launched during the history of the conflict but both israelis and palestinians complain their side of the story is not properly covered propaganda is putting a label on israel and calling us apartheid state we fight by bringing the actual facts where israel is the most progressive democracy in the middle east and for that matter the only democracy in the middle east and that's why not please you should cancel that represents the israeli settler movement has been organizing workshops to teach people how to post revise and even rewrite some of the most disputed pages on line this disagreement on terminology such as the word occupation the history of what happened in certain conflicts even the names of certain cities and towns what we do is we monitor our various media outlets and when we see for example that a certain media calls israel an apartheid then we send our people to engage in discussion and to give the facts but the palestinians have less people to send in
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which is why the battlefield is not equal according to our good i'll not so who heads the association of palestinian journalists he says he wishes he had the kind of cash the israelis have trained. listing is to brush up on their knowledge of wikipedia. i think people should stick to the truth and not try to learn how to put their point of view in a wiki pedia article i mean if you have sources just show them. but these were computer experts say it has nothing to do with training and everything to do with the truth i think people should stick to the truth and not try to learn how to put their point of view you know working in article i mean if you have sources just bring them on but in this war every push of ammunition counts it's no secret that the revolutions sweeping the arab world found their support online hundreds of thousands of people signed up on a facebook page corning quest so to palestinian uprising or into farther that page or something close down things fighting violence but the fight online continues
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coarsely r.t. the mother. described washington's intensified after it's to bring the palestinians and israelis to the negotiating table to sides find themselves they're closer to resolution are just pure all values guess discuss what it might take to achieve the long awaited an elusive peace is coming your way in about twenty minutes time. you have to understand palestinians see all of israel also as part of their patrimony your homeland and in one nine hundred forty seven forty eight when israel was created palestinians were at least three quarters majority now when they recognize israel in its sixty seven borders they gave up seventy eight percent of what they regard as their country it is the mother of all compromisers and i think to ignore that and to look at the occupied territories in isolation from the rest of mandatory problems so on and so poor israel's being asked to give up this very important territory ignores what palestinians already agreed to.
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take. the international monetary fund this currently searching for a new managing director following last week's resignation of dominic strauss kahn over sex scandal france's finance minister christine lagarde tops the list of contenders however the fastest growing economies in the world also known as the brics countries are calling for a non european and critics say their demand certainly has grounds and this is an important first step we may not see it through this round we don't we're going to see these countries really organizing the successful coalition to block the western europe in eighty eight in this round but going forward this could be a sign of things to come not just in terms of who normally leave these institutions
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after all the real decisions are often being elsewhere not by but in the g seven finance ministers. in the actual post russia and brazil are countries there suffered tremendously under i.m.f. pasties children one thousand nine hundred ninety when they went through crises much like the crises they do greece is going through today and they eventually pulled out of the i.m.f. framework temporarily suffer tremendously but then both countries had restoration of growth so these are countries that have actually repudiated the advice of the international monetary fund and still their natural leaders for a movement against us. three years from the u.s. financial meltdown nobody of establishment or banking industry has to trial or even
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the winds are spoke to an investigative journalist to find out if this leaves the door open to a new crisis or watch the whole interview later this hour. if you can literally describe the relationship between wall street and washington in one sentence really what would its completely commingled it's. it's a revolving door of interests where people on wall street are either directly or for sponsoring the politicians in washington with campaign contributions and soft money and that sort of thing or else they are actually politicians wall street heavily sponsors both the republican and democratic parties so automatically no matter who becomes the front running candidate for the presidency is going to be a creature of wall street look at barack obama personally admired or on during his campaign of two thousand and eight but if you look at his his record goldman sachs was his number one private contributor.
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you can watch this interview next hour here on r.t. to other stories now when he was born the world was a different place and that's not surprising when you consider it was three centuries ago art is what you know of course no one to be the man who's staking a claim to be the oldest person on the planet the october revolution and the russian civil war the birth of the soviet union even two world wars this man has seen them all because he claims to be one hundred twenty one years old. son of says he's the oldest person living in russia and perhaps across the globe people come to visit and talk to him and today madame it has agreed to share some of his secrets to a long life with us too. this plight only humble surroundings as his neighborhood has provided him with
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a lax air of life. by eat only what i raise myself i drink milk products from my garden all my life i was a former i worked a lot with buffaloes and horses hard work is good for you. while his body may not be outnumbered as it once was his soul remains strong and determined all his life he is strictly followed all religious traditions he prays five times a day and does all the preparations himself. the official information that we could find about my grammy of dates back to the nine hundred sixty s. when he moved to biggest town in these documents it is that he was born in eighty ninety and there's also a database about him past his family however the rust of the archive to prove his path in life was destroyed in a fire in the nine hundred thirty s.
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in change now where he was born recently the title of the oldest living person was awarded by the guinness book of records through a brazilian woman might go mr lane tim who is one hundred fourteen years old but mohammed's family remains undeterred and wants to see him crowned with the title this is of course we have a certain application to get as records we all are in the family. record with ninety nine percent of claims about people being one hundred fifteen or over are said to be on documentable the guinness book of track or its applicants must have original proof of birth issued within twenty years of that birth and prove that the person alive today is the same person in their original certificate when the nazi average gets official recognition when it comes to tracing your roots name will always stand proud of his family tree. r t.
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now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world at least five people have been killed and thirty others injured after a car bomb tore through a police station in pakistan's northern city of peshawar many people are believed to be buried in the ruins incident to place just half a mile away from the u.s. consulate were a week earlier taliban militants detonated another car bomb targeting a u.s. convoy this is the latest attack in pakistan since the group about to avenge the killing over some of the. giant ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in iceland is continuing to disrupt air travel as it moves towards europe more than five hundred delays and cancellations have been reported in northern europe following saturday's eruption last year ash from another icelandic volcano left millions stranded after european air space was closed for a week. rescue teams are continuing to pick through the rubble in the u.s.
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city of joplin after a series of devastating twisters pummeled it over the weekend at least one hundred forty people were killed around and five hundred others injured the storms the deadliest in the last sixty years i've also destroyed thousands of buildings causing mass damage to the city's infrastructure more tornadoes have already hit oklahoma and kansas was further storms expected hundreds of somalia served falling ill while barrels of nuclear waste are frequently found on the shores of the country but who is dumping them there and who's making money from people's deaths and watch a documentary coming your way time here in our. me
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. i want a warm welcome to our team's business. russia's economic growth is accelerating
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propped up by strong commodities prices their economic growth this year is expected to be around four point two percent that's twenty basis points higher than last year prime minister vladimir putin says the economy will recover to its pre-crisis levels by the beginning of next year. especially not supply only twenty twelve the russian economy will compensate the setback caused by the crisis we earlier stated that we build reached these levels by mid twenty twelve but now we have good reason to think that by the end of this year or in the beginning of next year the national economy will fully recover. that russia is facing persistent capital outflow despite strong oil prices eight billion dollars of left the country's economy in april compared with six billion in march presidential aide arkady dvorkovich is skeptical about the future saying cash inflows unlikely to exceed outflows this year. gets a lot of talk from russia this year or is it
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a way to the political direction year but i believe the cuties and of a different one it was but investment climate we still have russia c.p.u.'s the key there are actions of work forces fighting corruption a circle of people for. procreation in improvement from an office paid property to work as a for not to protest of the sort of people are. in all those directions and there's a four way the government right now. we hoard first of all by. the same is the world or the middle of june this year. one of the most highly anticipated i.p.o.'s of the year has kicked off with roaring success shares and russia's most popular search engine yandex has sold fifty five percent on the nasdaq debut as many call it the google of russia priced at start initially at twenty five dollars per share. seventeen times oversubscribed the company's stock
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trades one point three billion dollars that makes it the biggest internet i.p.o. since google back in two thousand and four the timing could hardly be better as there is a growing interest in internet stocks as seen by the successful share float of linked in and russian males are you earlier this year the c.e.o. of your index explains what my company will spend the money on. so much more into the. system through hoops. for the company of course we continue. to have a look at the markets food prices are edging lower as the u.s. dollar is strengthening during asian trading hours investors are closely watching the u.s. infantry report on oil and other energy products to be issued later today across
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asia japanese stocks are trading in the range some take measures are low after overnight losses on wall street but also made it makers are advancing on a weekend and on kong shares are losing ground with worries about chinese economic growth weighing on banks and resolve stocks here in russia the r.t.s. is open to raising tuesday's gains with these continuing over the european debt crisis the my six is following suit on opening sitting in a sense in the red at the moment. now let's take a look at some individual share moves on my six oil stocks are among the main losers had proved as crude prices continue to fall both rosneft and lukoil are strongly in the red this hour but the trend probably is gold is point eight percent are amid stronger precious metals. the currency crisis in belarus is turning into an economic collapse people are exiting supermarket shelves as prices. so double
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digit rises on a weekly basis to keep the economy afloat the crisis stricken country needs foreign cash russia is ready to bail out but this comes under the condition it carries out market reforms among them is privatizing nation finance minister alexey cooper and says belarus will sell assets for over seven billion dollars over the next three years analysts agree market reforms are the only way to overcome this crisis. in the only country which has the ability to be able to help is actually better as they are the ones that have to make the structural changes that they need to get their economy back on line it's not you can help solve the problem by providing funding in the short term either from the i.m.f. or more likely from russia but it's not going to this over the longer term missions in the medium term when when things actually do turn around about it was because they have to in their markets in force and change now in belarus when they do turn around there's going to be a lot of opportunity for russian companies to move into belarus use the experience of god use the connections of a have in belarus. to help rebuild the economy the
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world industrial giant siemens and high on diet are offering moscow based services to help expand the city's metro system i have an excuse the russian capital is planning to build eighty two columbus's of new lines but experts warn the city's construction capabilities my fall short i don't know says i can build fifteen kilometers of underground railway here and siemens can provide cars and electronics both companies are also offering to manage the operation of the new lines the companies are discussing the deal although an agreement has not yet been reached. in the business for now we'll have more for you in just under an hour's time stay with us now for updates.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean combs discovers foot makes on tarte tatin so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is a both and friends of. the expedition to the bottom of the earth artsy. wealthy british scientists on its present time.


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