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we've heard him say for get ready because of freedom. hi guys welcome to shower and tell me about a show we've heard about our guests not to sound the topics now i want to hear an audience says go watching you tube the video response part of twitter for part of the question that we've posted on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is going to leave your voice it. so. it's. still. funny.
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you know sometimes you see the story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything is ok you don't. think. it's. all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and it goes to the man called the toughest sheriff in america joe arpaio is the sheriff in maricopa county arizona which includes the city of phoenix and if you learn from the earlier with sheriff joe he's a tough talking take no prisoners kind of man he's
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a hard line republican and a tea party favorite but is ridiculous rhetoric on immigration and human trafficking issues has made him a media star here's a clip of the attention that sheriff joe seems to crave. they do not like me stopping illegal aliens on the streets enforcing the laws they don't like that they don't like the idea that they don't like it because stopping people on the streets because they look hispanic is racial profiling that's what they say but we don't do that they would just call you a racist what's your reaction to this they can't do anything else or that's the word they used but they follow me everywhere i'm only doing my job and that is to do right share the laws to do what is of course all the laws i have a vacancy sign to tells me everybody you will always have room i don't lock the doors because we will be crowded i don't let people how early because we're
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overcrowded so maybe that's why we have a lot of people in jail where they belong and i don't come up with excuses as to why we should not put in jail. now the sheriff is also famous for making all the inmates in his jail wear pink underwear because he says of the inmates hate the color and some of his inmates also live in tent cities but it turns out that the toughest sheriff in america should probably leave some of the residents in arizona alone maybe instead investigate his own it department deputy and to jail workers were arrested this week in a crime swat sweep and guess what those three employees who work for sheriff joe are accused of human trafficking and dealing drugs and one believe it arrested is eight months pregnant with a phoenix based drug cartel members trial so that means that three workers inside his own apartment were tipping off drug dealers and people smuggling immigrants into the state about planned police activity do you see the irony here the man has made a living out of racial profiling immigrants and blasting drug dealers and you have
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three people inside his own department working to help undocumented immigrants and drugs come into arizona so i'm betting of the toughest sheriff in america has a bit of a bruised ego today how can he clean up erica county when he can't even keep criminals out of his own sheriff's department and that's why america county sheriff joe arpaio is the night school time winner. now fifty years ago a speech by president presidential have k. inspired the united states to become unified to take a giant leap together for the betterment of mankind fast forward to today where it's difficult to find any evidence of the unity that kennedy once spoke up so where is the american needs to tackle the biggest challenges artie's lauren lyster has the story. a mission accomplished for the united states that hatched from
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a plan that began. eight years earlier i believe. it was. he may go for the good. of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the year a call from a us president they came fifty years ago to this very day a speech asking congress to invest and turning fantasy into reality it came in the wake of the cold war in reaction to the soviet union success sending a cosmic not into orbit it reminded the us taking what make in one thousand and seven of the stakes in the space race it inspired nasa and increasing u.s. spending on scientific research and education and a legacy channeled by leaders in modern day half a century ago when the soviets beat us into space with the launch of the satellite called sputnik we have no idea how we would beat them to the moon and now the us is
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faced with a new enemy of economic decline marked by rampant long term high unemployment in industries drying up are being shipped overseas the country is looking for a plan to make one giant leap forward this is our generation's sputnik moment but looking at the current debate in congress over cutting spending the bipartisan bickering over the budget leaders seem to have no agreement over how to get this country back on track and more defense spending is half of the nation's discretionary spending the country's defense and its wars do not relative unity that they once did as seen back on this date. nine forty one the bombing of pearl harbor. according to then president franklin roosevelt a date that launched f.d.r.'s calls for a production of hundreds of thousands each of planes tanks and guns over a few years to fight the war factories were converted and the nation got the job
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done. and we have. a sight unseen in response to today's challenges i think that right now. the country is in a state of paralysis and we keep saying ok somebody else has got to step up and do it the people who are coming in to build things are the japanese or the germans over the decades the challenges may change but the country has always faced new ones these are extraordinary times and we an extraordinary challenge the question fifty years after kennedy said those words is if a country can still rise to meet them. lauren the stir r.t. washington d.c. . when it comes to addressing unemployment a crumbling infrastructure the need for drastic ever form of immigration the need to acknowledge the climate change exists our country does seem stuck we're
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constantly being made to believe that it's simply too polarized that washington is broken that nothing can possibly be agreed upon nothing that is except for endless war at an ever expanding surveillance state last week we told you that harry reid and john boehner come to an agreement to extend three provisions of the patriot act for four more years with quote as little debates as possible so now it's been left up to a few lonely senators like rand paul to remind us crazy. we want to government that looks at our visa bill do you want to government that looks at all of our records and is finding out what our reading habits are one of the provisions applies to library records if you really want the government to go and find out what you're reading at the library we now have a president that's wanting to know where you've contributed before you do work for the government so we really want that kind of all encompassing government that is looking at every record from top to bottom in invading our privacy. unfortunately
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harry reid has enough maneuvers the ram paul's rants won't matter when it comes down to vote for the biggest question here is that when we're protecting the fourth amendment become a fringe idea but only a lonely few here to discuss this with me is not welch editor in chief of reason magazine matt thanks so much for being here tonight now are you with me here when did this suddenly become a free movement that only the crazy tea party said of there is like rand paul or maybe one lonely democrat are actually standing up for this i think in the seventy's and eighty's basically it's part of the war on crime and specifically the drug war which has been really with us around one hundred seventy scree backlash where you know we're going to be against these unelected judges and we're going to be tough on crime it was a bipartisan thing democrats bill clinton most famously realize this is a great way to convince republicans and moderates and independents that we're tough too so it's been a bipartisan assaults just
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a unprecedented assault on the fourth amendment since then and now we've got to this day that we have a war on terror that just added on to the right war on crime as i'm sure you've reported here before you know the patriot act wasn't created on september twelfth i've been working on provisions for that for a long time there's a lot of wish lists in there and this is been a gradual process that's been happening a lot of civil libertarians anthony lewis hunter s. thompson identified bill clinton as being the absolute worst president at least until the ones that followed him on. infringement on the fourth amendment and so we live in a time now were people like rand paul are treated literally as lunatics that's a quote from matthew yglesias of mainstream lefty blogger and also on the right as a guy who's basically analogous to lyndon la rouche david frum called him mad and all he was doing was talking literally about the fourth amendment and privacy in ways that should be familiar to every american's ears not just on the right over the up well first thing is to you know you mentioned that this is
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a bipartisan push but i remember during the bush administration there are a lot of angry democrats about this that would say that this is a this is a complete you know this is a tyrant that's running our country and he thinks that we need provisions within the patriot act we need the patriot act as a whole and then suddenly now they're all on board secondly harry reid doesn't even want any did takes over this how kind of democracy is that when you just say hey start the debate is too much and the at that's what happens when you allow people who have strongly held beliefs they allow themselves to be folded within the democratic party the great mistake practically of the anti-war left and the civil libertarian left was to allow themselves to be co-opted howard dean literally co-opted as the chairman of the democratic party and since then they all got funneled through both on and be part of that election and now where they go they're not the ones out in the streets mentioning that by the way the war in libya right now is technically and literally illegal there's no there there anymore so it's only
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a small core of people who glenn greenwald's of the world who actually do care about civil liberties to a degree that doesn't really depend on partisan politics and it's depressing i'm going to cost you the world you come on apparently and there. you actually deserve some credit on this i mean there is a great marginalization process that happens in this country the bipartisan consensus which does all kinds of horrible stuff to all of us constantly forever wants to to to call be to call rand paul anyone who's out there and one predicts. well anyway they want to call the fringe of conspiracy are marginal in some ways and which is the reason why we need to always invite marginalize if what he says on through debates because many times they're the ones who are actually caring about principle as opposed to partisan tactical and also then if we're saying that these people aren't invited on to the debates the average americans don't even know this is happening then who else is to blame you could say that it is the mainstream media and is that because talking about the patriot act in the lone wolf provisions
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and roving wiretaps is that just as a not sexy is it too complicated to get into all the time part of this is what too would we like to call the existence of bias right whatever exists right now we think is normal by default and so whenever you talk about changing it changing the drug war legalizing marijuana all my god people who have smoked marijuana their whole lives and always known people who smoke marijuana their whole lives will suddenly say that it's fundamentally and serious position to be in because they know the status quo they are comfortable with politicians they have dinner and breakfast and discussions about serious issues with these people and so once you're part of that kind of establishment any thing that's on the outside seems fundamentally on serious even though even if it completely tracks with your logic and your human experience. by her americans making it so easy for politicians i mean you know you think about the things that could get you kicked out of your seat if you say the wrong thing about gay marriage you say the wrong thing about abortion you say the wrong thing about israel and there goes your office but please
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take my civil liberties away i just don't understand it's an easy it's an easy to demagogue demagogue issue right it's the flight or fight or flight risk when you think that some bad guys going to kill you or kill your loved ones you are are going to be willing to be demagogued in that moment is why it's always been us by sheriff joe arpaio who's much more of a fringe and despicable character than anyone i think the tea party is going to talk about he's not originally from that world that's why they are able to get elected and be perpetuated however there is a silver lining here which is that when people gather around. they swarm around the issue and we see this with medical marijuana that is a citizen driven issue i mean they had to basically vote itself in in fourteen fifteen states now despite incredible pressure from the fans are already something in this is something that's already in of the constitution which is why i just can't understand that we don't see more citizens gathering around it i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight. also come on tonight's show american express says that they're suspending its payments to medical marijuana facilities
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in ask of an american lifesaving forced into this decision by the facts of war not a moment and then stick around for happy hour a left wing radio host called a right wing talker a slut and a texas lawmakers want to stop the t.s.a. groping at the airport the federal government plans to ban all flights into the states if that fails task has got a lot of coverage just. let's not forget that we are in a park right. i think. even on the well. we haven't got the live shows here to keep them safe get ready because of the freedom.
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a charmer over here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial hard unlimited hypo-t. videos for download. and stories you never saw on mainstream news.
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aren't. you guys welcome michel and tell me alone a show we've heard about our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear from our audience just go on to you tube to video on our twitter for part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is. global. but of marijuana users better pay attention because one credit card company is no longer going to help with your purchases it turns out that american express sends out notices to their customers that starting at the end of april the company would decline any medical marijuana purchases made with their credit card and why well chalk it up to the obvious reason but it's still that early illegal a spokesperson for the credit card company says that it's their policy to follow
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federal laws they're the first and as of now the only company to make a move like this turning their back on an industry that's currently worth two billion dollars a year not to mention this interesting industry is legal in fifteen states across the u.s. and it's been legal for the past fifteen years and some of those states the only other reason that some people are speculating here is to blame for amex bowing out is the high number of fraudulent charges for pot from stolen credit cards but then again fraudulent charges can be made for any number of items so why is the company suddenly all about following federal laws now let's take a moment to remind you about another incident where credit card companies stopped accepting payments when the wiki leaks scandal first took off we saw the company's visa master card even pay pal suspend all payments and donations to the whistle blowing web site and in this case they were asked to do so by the u.s. government after an embarrassing release of diplomatic cables and enjoy a song that made us. statement i think speaks volumes he said we now know that visa
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master card pay pal and others are instruments of u.s. foreign policy as something something we did not know before now sergeant comment pointed out the fact that private corporations were asked to do the government's big stepping in on behalf of the government to seize any financial support for an organization that isn't popular so dare we compare the wiki leaks credit card suspension to american express ceasing all medical marijuana payments be sure they haven't come out and specifically said they're doing this with the urge of the government but i think we all know that the feds have engaged in a battle with the states that have legalized wheat i don't rise why would they be siding with the feds even though medicinal marijuana is illegal since one thousand nine hundred six and california when they passed the compassionate use act you know wouldn't be far fetched to assume that this is yet another example of the feds calling on corporations to help them do their bidding like i said we don't know all of the details but something tells me we're going to be right on this one.
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ok time for happy hour on a wednesday and joining me tonight is r t producer jenny churchill and that wealth stuck around editor in chief of reason magazine thanks for joining me i'm so sick of talking about dominic strauss kahn. just more and more ridiculous stuff starts coming up and this actually caused quite a ruckus in our editorial meeting in our tea this morning of the moral debates over the fact that he still gets to keep his pension want to know how let's take a look at this quick. let me walk you through what they are now saying will get they're saying that he will get a one time payout for his severance of slightly more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars he'll also be eligible for the annual staff pension that's the pension that everybody gets and on top of that they say he will not be eligible for
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sixty to seventy percent of his annual salary on an ongoing basis in future years. and what do you think i mean business is business right so perhaps what you do in your personal life shouldn't affect whatever was in your contract and it's understandable that he still hasn't been convicted of anything this is all still alleged but at the same time if you're the chief and i have that and you you know how a little problem with wanting to feel up and try to sexually assault women should you still get the payout and all of that especially when you have europe like teetering on the brink of the edge i just feel like we're all a little trigger happy here i don't know why we're having this discussion he has not been you know a child well he hasn't been convicted of raping anyone yet you know he's not guilty yet so why are mean making judgments oh you're going to pay this rapist this much money we don't know that he's a waitress yet oh that's that that's what people do that so i don't regret asking raincy which is a different governor oh ok. or no i mean the question is more of just why are we
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paying out as much in pensions anyway so actually i have a boss who one who gets who gets to do what i am now is my so many scouts i mean this is just a bonus for a god who made a dime from the world bank it's decide how much. they're right i think that's a good one no but if you were clearly on the hook for so much in terms of pensions in this country and at every level of governments and lord knows what it's like i mean the typical thing as we saw in the report is that you get sixty to seventy percent of your salary every year forever if you are in opposition how many tens of millions of dollars will be paying out to pensions for people who do but i think the real issue here isn't just the pension it's that we're paying these people that much money at all they're getting a percentage of their salary which is out of control well that's a bar that we really need to analyze it's not government workers are really ripping everyone off because they have such that fat pensions it's people like dominick strauss kahn of that happen to be at the very top that have these drag and take
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pensions and i think of that we need to make that distinction there but let's move on to our next story which is you know you're saying this guy has new been convicted of anything yet but there he goes it's the perp walk it's what you see if you see them being paraded in handcuffs and speaking of that there is now a daughter of an indian diplomat that was paraded in handcuffs and she's actually suing because she had to i think she had to be in jail and she had to pee in front of a couple other people because she got. accused of cyber bullying what is cyber bullying but i think am i wrong i thought that she was cyber bullying teacher it was that it was a teacher ok it turned out that she didn't actually see any of the threatening letter that you see there do any of this what i find so remarkable about this isn't the fact that she's being poor little rich girl oh here in front of people it's that the person who was actually responsible charges were not surprised they found out it was. and they know who it is and they never pressed charges so it was
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a big enough deal to parade this girl through the school in handcuffs and arrest her for twenty eight hours but it's not going to press charges against him why are we here walking high school just some level i mean. he was written two of the worst columns in any language in the last couple of you don't even get me started on the one point that he might have if he was intelligent enough to make it and he's not is that perp walks have kind of notorious in their ways and so if he had any kind of consistency he would say yes perp walks there were eighteen year old students from not privileged backgrounds astonished. equally if not more terrible than perp walks for my super famous friends who are fighting to agreed agreed let's move on to this question is really just. you know i think you the matches and now he's calling out somebody else that is really of noxious take a look president obama is going to be visiting joplin missouri on sunday but you know what they're talking about like this right wing slut what's your name laura
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ingram. issues of talks like. there's a right wing flett lower in europe. i mean. the worst single thing about comments is that we had to think even for a second about. sex in the same sentence. as i did say until you brought it up i am going to make the action i was totally on like laura ingram flood not even at times when i was a little confused like i think it is i thought that we were in bracing the word slight as a good thing with the slight watson stuff i think he meant it as a compliment you know what i'm really ready to talk to people on the phone i'm like oh i work for this girl gone and she's a left wing slut and i mean in the best possible i think you can use thank you jerry that's good to know now i know when people come on the show. ok last one i find this just really of now actually is this texas is upset about the t.s.a. groping touching feeling robbing people and so there are legislature passed
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a bill that essentially makes that illegal to do and now the t.s.a. is trying to fight back and say find it will just declare all of texas a no fly zone essentially canceling all flights in and out of texas i think passed in the house and they backtracked and i apologize but no i mean i personally have a person who thinks that there has to be some type of security and it honestly i'm not sure that pat downs and body scanners are the best way to do it however i think that if everyone who complained all day long about them spent some time trying to find actual answers maybe we could be a little safer on our flights that's just my back well i'm you know no fly zone no fly zone and it's an out of the federal government has been doing this since ronald reagan highway system back in the one nine hundred eighty s. but the dubai ministrations been worse on if anything is pressuring states to comply with federal prosecutors with medical marijuana where they're pressuring states not to come up with things and you should be clearing
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a state and no you know you you have to. this is not just a touch this issue of people from other states traveling into texas. going through and that affects the entire country but negative you know you know rick perry is going to be locked up in his compound they're going to try to save the civilians in taxes get him out i want to know conflict i mean we would have seen it of california would pass prop nineteen because the administration is threatening to arrest anyone who complied with the newly legalized marijuana that there is going to be a conflict between the federal government in the states sometime in the next couple of years and i can't wait so long all right california exact is whoever whoever succeeds various i got to wrap it up you guys we thank you for joining me tonight that's it for tonight's show thanks for joining and make sure you come back tomorrow for the prices around the world are still skyrocketing we've already seen the effects of the middle east so what is the reality of the geopolitics of food i'll speak with lester are brown president of the earth policy institute in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of
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the night's show or any other nights you can always catch it all you tube slash the a lot of show host interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is an inverse of that. question is that so much given to each musician on the market i can't speak for cox u.s. president barack obama's most recent attempt to broker a peace settlement between israel and the palestinians called. a telemarketer broadcasting live from washington d.c.
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