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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we haven't got the safety for the safe get ready because of freedom. hey guys welcome to showers hell on wheels on a shelf we've heard are just such a sound topics now i want to hear our audience is going to you feel to video response our to twitter for thought of the questions that we post on your field every monday and on thursday the show gone responses please let your voice be heard .
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you know sometimes just a story in the scene so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's the part of it and realize that everything you say you don't. charge the. artist time for tonight's tool time award and it goes to disney the mouse empire is in retreat mode you probably remember that two days after the navy seal team killed
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osama bin ladin i don't dramatic raid in pakistan is me apply for a trademark of the name of the old team six outposts over disney said they were planning a t.v. show and would focus on the elite military units and the trademark application would also cover other items including snow globes christmas tree ornaments and other usual disney items but it appears the public backlash has caused this new execs at the magic kingdom kingdom to change their minds this the spokes person set out of deference to the navy's application for these trademarks we have withdrawn hours late last week the us navy filed to trademark applications for the names and navy seals and he'll team with the u.s. patent and trademark office and the navy said that they are protecting the image and we're considering other legal options against this make so that's why the miles is here is that down the throat of a lawsuit last they had to be tired of being trashed by late night comedians. the walt disney company has officially bought a trademark to the name seal team six the name of the unit that killed osama bin
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laden so get ready for a very disturbing sequel to. put a train going on so it seems like it's like trying to copyright the guys who stormed the beaches of normandy or the statue of liberty or putting a patent on patent it belongs to all of us not to mention doesn't buy this plane only two days after the story was released. now for their part disney says that they're still planning a t.v. show about seal team six but will pass on the trademark i would like to hope there is the realisation that snow globes their t.v. show based around elite military members that travel around the world killing people wasn't really appropriate that's what caused this it withdraw their application but no turns out it was just the threat of a lawsuit and for that disney is tonight's told time where. now the clock was ticking down to midnight for the deadline to extend three provisions of the patriot act and it seems as if kentucky senator rand paul might be able to stall the bill
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but despite his best efforts the senate overwhelmingly passed a four year extension of key provisions just minutes ago now by using a procedural tactic even though the senate voted to end debate on the measure paul was trying to call for a full thirty hours of debate which would have put it in time senators pushing other amendments they caved quick most importantly and then brought up by ron wyden he says of the business records provision which allows the f.b.i. to get businesses medical offices banks and other organizations to turn over any tangible things that seems relevant to investigation isn't being used how most americans believe in fact he claims the obama administration has their own secret interpretation so what do we know about it or discuss this with me is julian sanchez a research fellow at the cato institute joining thanks so much for joining us tonight so we just found out minutes ago that in fact it did pass the senate despite all of rand paul's efforts he really did become the lone man here at the end of the day but we'll get back to some of the wrangling amongst the politicians first let's talk about this this provision that apparently the government is
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secretly applying their own their own use to it the only one of the more disturbing things about the free market size and one of the reasons oversight and limits are so important because unlike most other forms of law all the decisions of the flies accord or for the most part classified the opinions of the office of legal counsel on how the justice department allowed to apply these. provisions of the patriot act are secret or classified and the result of that is that you know in reality we think of the law as the statute on the page but you know if you think about how we interpret the concept you know it's what courts rule it's what courts decide and how they interpret the law and in a way it is as much the law as the text on the page is the original statute so in a lot of ways you know having secret court decisions is like having having secret laws because it means that you know the statute may say one thing but you have no idea how in practice the courts decided that should be interpreted how it was that decided in effect really means and so now we have senators being asked to vote on
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something and even they and certainly the general public don't really understand it if you think the senators don't really know because wyden also said i can't talk any further i can't say anything else because the information is classified are they pretty to some of this classified information is that way they'd want to have any debate about it either yeah well you know a lot of the folks who have raised concerns about this and there are four senators now with different times of raised concerns about this in particular about specially section fifty in this business records or tangible things provision or have links to the intelligence committee or judiciary committee who are often privy to the stuff three different members of that you know the members of the house or senate in general you know at most they might get a ten or fifteen minute briefing you know with no notes and no staff the idea that they meaningfully understand what is being done really much better than the rest of us is actually i think wishful thinking we speculate at all as to what it is secretly. loving regulating yeah you know i mean so this is of course
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a gas but there's a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that what they're doing is something we actually just around is already done with very similar authorities in terms of criminal investigations which is probably they have decided that they can use these business record. were changeable thing workers and combine them with something else with a pen register and basically turn them into. not in order for you know files from a cabinet but in order that allows them to conduct. mass scale geolocation cracking basically turning cell phones maybe for individual suspects but possibly for broader data mining purposes where you know large populations are sucked in so i see it as could be just a terrorism investigation it could be everybody that might know or somehow be in contact maybe maybe in a lot of people in that attempt to identify someone with out of suspicious behavior patterns or some with a pattern that matches someone who they knew they were following previously don't
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want to start tracking every little thing that they do right i really quickly i want to play a clip. basically of the nonsense that was going on over the last couple days let's take a look. to some of the refused to rely on the government unable to sleep or some of these leaks. that would increase the risk of a retaliatory of some kind of strike against the home and hamper our ability to deal to least a little blog called time iraq was in response to a scurrilous accusation i've been accused of wanting to allow terrorists to have weapons to attack america can we not have a debate on a higher plane and a debate over whether or not there should be some constitutional protections so my god rand paul is right i mean in philly just because there's somebody to decide to stand up for the fourth amendment wants congress to do what they're supposed to do which is to debate an issue now you're a you're a terrorist lover you want america to be attacked this is ludicrous you think
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that's what finally got it to be passed or that it was going to get it through the house as well to you it's funny the having this idea that if it it expired for even five minutes or a day it would mean forgetting that all these things are grandfathered for existing investigations that in fact for quite a while nothing would effectively change but it's going to be as catastrophe but the only thing really that was preventing a vote was harry reid's own determination to at all costs prevent any debate remend minutes. which if he to loud was recently finally allowed to amendments they were able to go through so it shows i guess if you really think that this is a national security risk harry reid is more afraid of a debate than of terrorism that's democracy korea kelly thank you so much for joining us tonight. now this year we've seen rising food prices help spark political revolutions. thank you.
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but all of that only the beginning are rising prices and food shortages are once temporary driven by perhaps unusual weather fakes by countries like the u.s. and get served by global blockbusters the problem may now become unstoppable population growth rising consumption increasing water supplies deteriorating soil are all part of the geopolitics of food so what we do to avoid at mass conflict and inequality or is it too late join me to discuss this is lester brown president of the earth policy institute author of the book world on the edge how to prevent environmental and economic collapse he also has the cover story in foreign policy magazine out for may and june the new geopolitics of food lesser thank you so much for being here tonight i suppose or let's talk about how rising food prices and the shortages that we're seeing today how they might become a permanent staples not just something that goes around but we're seeing record growth in demand as you mentioned population growth people moving up the food chain
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probably three billion of them more and more grain going to ethanol to stories who's fuel for cars and water shortages climate change on the on the supply side of the equation farmer search growing now this was to be a year of stock rebuilding because last year we had the russian heat wave that huge loss their stocks dropped worldwide about the chameleon tons which is very substantial and now we have this year with great prices that i think time but for one reason or another we're probably going to see not not only not a rebuilding of stocks but a further decline of stock so then we'll be trying to make it to next year's harkless. again with the looming on the edge it's getting a little. dicey out there breaking point these. these. tipping points or breaking points are difficult to anticipate we know that rising food prices have played some role in north africa middle east in the in the
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political unrest there it's not always easy to tell exactly how much but we also know that rising from prices create political instability and eventually they have the states and that's one of the one of my concerns is that the number of failing states gets longer and longer we know the number from greek people in the world is increasing it was going down for decades but in the last several years it's been going up and there's nothing in place to stop that rise and if we want to move that certain countries are making is that also give us a signal that they're aware that this might start some kind of conflict if this is something they can start preparing or you can look at china you can look at saudi arabia south korea they're starting to buy up pieces of land in other countries so they can produce their own grain of this land grabbing is a huge thing all these all these land acquisitions that which is what the diplomats call the land grabs which is what the n.g.o.s call them who are opposing them but huge areas now worldwide the world bank capitalization indicates that the area of land acquisitions in other countries now exceeds the area and we combine that in
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united states so it's not trivial what happens to those local populations a lot of them get pissed when east their government is just so huge chunks of land i mean it's not as though there are villages there but but in court there we just don't have title they've been living there for generations on the same you know farming the same plots of land they don't have a document they can take to a court and say this is mine and so a lot of governments are accepting the money from foreign investors and just pushing them aside and one thing i thought was really interesting and a piece in foreign policy that you wrote is that simulation civilization can still survive without oil but we can't go on without our soil can you go further into that well we're losing a lot of topsoil worldwide because of we're plowing land that's hardly a roadblock. winter roshan we see this in china huge dust bowl forming there we see it in central africa and latin america both these dust poles are far larger than the us the us but when they can thirty's but another big problem is water shortages
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and that i think is going to have a major effect on on efforts to expand food production and we see saudi arabia we production in free fall now because they've paid to play to their aquifer underground source of water so i think we were moving into. i mean most of the last half century has been. abundance and and even surpluses now i think we're moving into the nearest scarcity and i don't think we'd be quite grasp the meaning of war and it's not undoubtedly going to cause more and more on the rest are we going to see the arab spring continue to spread i mean could we ever see protests like this happen in the united states you could say that we really haven't felt the effect of high food prices yet there are just more of knowing it's an inconvenience for us it's not a life or death situation or will countries like the united states the developed nations that have their own grain supplies are they going to be the ones that are ok let's start cutting off that supply to the rest of the world the problem is we
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have one world food economy now and if we have high prices in the world market everyone is affected by it it's not as that we could isolate ourselves certainly the tricky thing for us is the chinese are probably going to be coming into the u.s. market for potentially massive quantities of grain in the not too distant future and the idea that american consumers we can be competing with one point four billion chinese consumers where the rapidly rising incomes for our grain harvest driving up our food prices is something i don't think most americans are quite prepared for. doesn't sound like it at that it's a bit of a scary thought actually to think about alaska i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight thank you want to thank. you got our thursday edition of half the hour coming up next he called a fellow a talk radio host a thought now i had felt fine to sell. suspended from s. and the state advised us sending a spacecraft from an asteroid the planning for armageddon to migrate from reason magazine and reason dot com as well as argue for his release the captain off join
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me for some fun interest and also. let's not forget that we sat in a park right. on the well. we never got the shows there to keep you safe. because of the freedom. they charge in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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new website which twenty four seven live streaming news tells us what to do about the ongoing financial crisis unlimited high quality videos for download. stories never mainstream news. media so. the political. parties are touched. by guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show. we parted our guests up to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience just go on to you tube to video response or to twitter the first part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday
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and on thursday the show long response if we let your voice be heard. it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we told you about new york city's new smoking ban which keeps to go from lighting up in public parks boardwalks and beaches while the city says that it's a public health issue but people out there are complaining and this is nothing more than evidence of the nanny state so we wanted to know what you thought of the new smoking ban let's go to producer patrice and essentially to find out what she had to say. new york city expanded a no smoking ban to include over one thousand seven hundred parks fourteen miles of beaches boardwalks marinas and other outside areas like times square is this an infringement on your personal freedom or an action to protect public health that's going too far side boy on you tube told us the smoking ban is good i'm sick of walking through cancer cause on sidewalks is some scumbag who had nothing to do is
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puffing away well that's a little harsh considering even the president has been known to puff away on occasion barrett said on facebook it has nothing to do with secondhand smoke and all to do with revenue collection mike well he disagrees it's partially about revenue but he said that once people stop smoking in these areas the revenue will stop so to say it has nothing to do with health is overly cynical my take this is a case where the government has definitely overstepped its bounds there has to be a way to protect our personal freedom while protecting our house for all of those who enjoy smoking you get to feel like a kid who has to sneak off for a cigarette somewhere where your parents can't find you except now you have to hide from the government. as always thank you for your responses and here is our next topic for you earlier in the program we spoke with daniel ellsberg a man famous for leaking the pentagon papers at the time he was called a traitor by president nixon he's now considered a national hero so what will gradually manning space tell us what you think twenty
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years from now do you think bradley manning will be looked at as an american hero hero you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air. all right it's time for happy hour this thursday and joining me tonight is mike soci editor at reason magazine and reason dot com and are pretty certain lindsay coughing up thanks are going to guys cheers you know yesterday we all got to laugh and schulte because he decided to call or in a slight i just like saying that i think typical radio host t.v. host of fashion he later had to apologize and it was it was pretty funny take a look president obama is going to be visiting joplin missouri on sunday but you don't want to talk about like this right what's your name. yes she's
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a talk slut on my radio show yesterday i used vile and inappropriate language when talking about talk show host laura ingram i am deeply sorry and i apologize it was wrong uncalled for and i recognize this is verity of what i said i apologize to you laura but as for your forgiveness. guys you just gotta love america is go out of their economy a flat calm whore the next day be like all the guys from my vile and inappropriate language and also forgiven i mean the thing is the actual did get suspended temporarily maybe from his show as i guess is typical fashion but he think that's fair and we have people like glenn that going on calling people racist and not the socialist every single day and i was content to let that that. oh i don't know i mean i was going to say no you're dollars. every day first thing in the morning i
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think it's just a really gross thing to see somebody it's definitely more of a sewer than it is like a criticism of some of his political beliefs so maybe that's why there's so much luck nazis and socialists and over here can call somebody a slut i mean personally i like we have this like culture of we're so overly sensitive with these kinds of terms and don't forget that number one first of all it's hypocritical hypocritical of him to call her a right wing slut because remember that chilled so well you are right right way radio talk show host in north dakota for years before about the switching sides but second of all laurie graham has said some pretty indefensible things and if you compare against you closely to a prostitute called meghan mccain fascist michelle obama look like an alien and so you know i mean it's just a bunch of blowhards calling each other bad names and really i mean can't we really maybe focus on actual real money because you have seen already a miserable human being why do you have to apologize look i like the idea ok first of all i think apology was fantastic i was like a great apology there was no i was really
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a greetings and i don't feel like i'm sorry even though you deserve. it was just like you know if you are you really have no idea for everyone else and you know when you're. young you know i don't usually when i do use definitely sorry that he is getting suspended ok but ok good we're going to let you out of the next one you know this is something that i like to call white rich people problems like when you're mark zuckerberg and you just have so much money you don't know what to do with yourself you come up with new challenges for yourself every single day or so mark zuckerberg new challenge is he's going to eat only what he kills isn't that just a first world problem like i'm going to challenge myself to have to hunt for my food and then take it to my very fancy butcher in santa cruz where they can do all the dirty work for me i'm sure the goats and sheep of silicon valley are trembling in their in their boots and he's already in sort of are we sure that he's actually hunting real animals and this isn't farmville he's going to say i just wasn't clear
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on that part of the story i like the philosophy i do agree it's like a definite golden rich person being there but like growing up in rural florida we ate what we killed and we didn't only the things we killed because that's what i'm saying we're going to do you know you're a millionaire who obviously does not need to write you that way but he's also he's also not like starting some campaign or nonprofit saying only eat things you kill you saying it's like something i'm doing like the year before i believe he wore a tie every day would you say and i would you would call cheney. well i don't know like good like you doesn't apply to do it at least he's not trying to force on everybody else because i don't want to be told that i have to eat. right he's just forcing his privacy policies and everyone else and. i'm going to the technology to kill his food. all right here's something that i don't know i just know he's very personally engaged in these stories because i think that asteroids are really scary and today we found out that in fact the u.s. is going to be sending an unmanned spacecraft to an asteroid that's. nearing earth
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and it's going to go there in twenty sixteen but do you think that armageddon might be coming you guys remember this. the final word second berg using all of his money to find a way to stop the goddamn asteroid from taking us out so i think it was actually from deep impact armageddon. because an armageddon they actually stopped asteroids right don't they i mean this is told me possible we can we can send some obviously i think this is all kind of damage problems i get and by the way oh but you really are called. the i don't i'm not really worried i'm sure i'm sure they're just going up there like look around see if they can find stuff on it we're not really trying
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to like bruce willis literally to but yeah i mean it's not time yeah for bruce willis to go this is an unmanned spacecraft who knows this we're sending stuff because i thought you know nasa was all screwed because we have to shut down that program the shuttle well don't have any of these well we were tired we want to have people to the moon anymore now it's up to you know private industry commercial because i was you know it was a new people the moon was like so beneficial to us right. yeah right no matter what this is going on in my mind for weeks now all the all the melancholy about the sorry the retuning of the u.s. space program not the end of it nasa is still there still collecting eighteen billion a year in federal funds honestly if you think that the only way we can explore outer space is through a heavily bureaucratize inefficient agency such as nasa you have no imagination that's true but i think it's more the symbolic fact that you know americans were great leaders in the space travel the space development programs and then suddenly because of financial issues and other mismanagement we had to shut it down enough
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significantly time for our i think it was more the broader trend. not being as great as we used to be as well i think we we just don't really want to go to the next frontier as much as we used to write he used to be the moon very smart and then we started colonizing now it's like well we've checked out the moon so now we're going to let some private business step in and start giving people little roller coaster rides you know through orbit so you can look down at the earth but forget about the whole exploration but it's just about fun you know what i like the idea of taking care of the frontier we have first of all i mean like you know there are many depths of the oceans we haven't explored that i'm sure equally fantastic. and you know i think my grandfather usually has a large we want to colonize planets when we treat our own so badly right we're just going to speak with one that was exactly. the really out to us to step out of like somebody you're going to drag out about it i gotta go fortunately thanks for joining me at the prototype show thanks for tuning in make you come back tomorrow we'll have what it has they've kept me on the show for the latest on the presidential race for tonight well meantime never get to become a fan of the alone a show on facebook or follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show or
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any other nights you can always catch hell if you can top com last you want to show replace the interview and the show in its entirety coming up next these athletes is the man. coming up shop first come to moscow with josh ford's digitised created an automated judged by gyroscopes propelled by our series the engines russian voters video. of the future. wealthy british.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. mission. critical three. for children.


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