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expedition to the bottom of the earth. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. so you're watching r t let's have a look at the headlines from. europe's most wanted war criminal drug come that it she is battling against trial to hate the supporters in serbia say the former army chief won't get a fake hearing in the netherlands skeptics believe the record of the trial he shows itself in being used as a sort of politics rather than justice. financial problem shell investigations a spanish banks reveals that the knowledge number one cashing in on the shady business of economic. growth in soldiers who witnessed the harsh realities of war
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question of why they were deployed in the first place just now the government is not to. the rest of it the four that were to washington and islamabad over the killing of osama bin laden. the former chief of pakistan's intelligence agency. i mean to us is an american temper that's close to sparking a new world war. there are some analysis says that osama bin laden was killed a few years back i know you were not killed he died a natural death back toward my you can probationary. period in any case from mine even if you were the life we were living. because the heat had become irrelevant to be altered for the public by a. because if you were hiding in for example is letter you assume that the story is right then how effective could he be now that there has been redacted in fact they
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have shot themselves in the fort i've said so the reason is that somebody who was ineffective who would normal political and even in any case feeling from the memory he is now or he will become the legend that they wanted to kill but now that legend will ever know if we taped as i'm sure of the lead in was dead two years back now why do you think the americans finally get bin laden's killing at this time and once again he could change the world again is obvious because they don't live there they would and that because you have to understand the arrogance of a western silk apart russians are not so arrogant arrogant when they had empire of their own but this is very very arrogant americans are ours because they are a young nation still very young and too much of what has been dumped
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her in their lap so the americans do not wish to appear to have lost the war they want to create symbolic and see it will assemble print our attack with a finger although they will ignore no excuse for going to war on this account at best it was a criminal act costly criminal act whoever did that this was no it's cool to launch a world war like there that was there for the very very big war was started so this partly fixed you are not there to end the war and they want to look as if they have it clear they want to make that people american people are very innocent people they want to make them believe that look we have come out victorious we got lost because they can forget the defeated ripped up that expose them did their power and their might will explode fully but here they don't want to repeat the story of a time they want to say ok before the mission we were. one thing puzzles and now we have to live and therefore that simply this at this moment very little still going
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on in america a debate going on those people who are out of president obama's mindset that look now there is no buying in getting on because this all and i know this started already saying why should we now stay in afghanistan there is going to do but there are others who said no they didn't unfinished agenda and that is the good part so what obama has caught in the water it's of these two different will be made of competing are being well let's discuss after disappearance or subletting from the scene for instance is a tradition now people say that if you chop the head the body will die and you agree with this and do you think after after this the. day will fuel more attacks in the regions where terrorism will be doubled multiplied the execution outside al qaeda movement is concerned it had already been bypassed because of the
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arab spring about rising now actually bypasses the philosophy of alibi that their dwellings is the means to achieve goals they're looking more toward a purpose model there to how islam my vision of a country can take them through the system of election mental democracy although it is not still tested and tried i think it will be quite a while before it actually becomes an operator and an effective but the fact is that the arab you are more enamored and more impressed by the performance of protein if question so if one was from one and other organization this time of organization who are appealing to be out of view because they are now enlightened that peace uprisings can also bring good results for as as far. philosophy of oil for concern i think this for had become quite irrelevant but now
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they have started something else in libya. and they are also using the our means of egypt and other places for that these people do not meet their objectives their aspirations are not met so two things will happen number one in libya who are these people who they are supporting what the libyan rebels live that's called iraq i was against the battle and these people of the ones who are fighting in iraq now they're gone and they are fighting is to care about his government. so eric not a paradox that they are supporting al-qaeda now in in libya and we know there to help out there had already been framed guys there is an organization except for a fall guy that was known by flarm ical mother for barack the organization is becoming now more powerful they are really story that they aren't actually writing weapons they're plundering the upper middle of libya and other countries and so
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they will slowly gradually come to a powerful entity what they do is a different matter. but on the other hand this about arabs cleaning the offender in from the escalation if they're frustrated they will they will what philosophy will they adopt then. right now they have been promised will your liberty will you in the market here a dictator will be removed what incentive would be katulis now the army's tried to call forth from behind the first patient will still be men and it will not be long before they start turning against the word of a lot of yellow powder so it struck osama it is osama is now a symbol of resistance i don't think he did much i don't think he carried out nine eleven but the find is that he became a symbol of resistance that symbol had died out not a left it had faded into history but they have themselves a rocket alive and eventually i think they may be of
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a medical don't go away when really you know their battles they're much election for them in chaebol the oil wealth and the control of the middle east as well as protection to israel unless now american seen their side and give general democracy but then they fear that if we give general democracies then from morocco to mindanao south of philippines all our democracies will be i'd be america let's hear this arab spring is frustrated because they are not given the general democracy. what next that is where i didn't tell you guys i will become relevant once again although they said al qaeda is in your monologue somalia. in the mouth and they are spreading out into africa so i'll try and i basically had gone out of this area but they're going in synch ablest pakistani taliban may still be operated which will bring suffering to pakistan there is talk that international troops are preparing
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are packing up and leaving afghanistan. in your opinion if the what will be the options after the departure and you think that would. a civil war like situations with iraq in afghanistan i don't think so that time of the soviets left and then they were. in packs of the left on their own they would have been virtually where bugs are multiple and they were penned in by america willy nilly they just walked away from the scene but this time taliban are the only symbols of existence and there were seven or eight one training in iran israel others will also resist and part of resistance but this time it's a different story and it is only one entity i mean symbolically although there are lots of groups the claim. the our people are ready for the big one they are is not in the fight itself much many of his people are sitting and they are part of the
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government in kabul for all this time there is only one power and this is fortunate sort of understand because whatever transpires then it will be. it will not be power struggle between various factions which can start a civil war but surely parliament must have learnt their lesson. and those with the idea what with them because it has to be decided now the issue of who governs the planet plannin what person because this is a the state of war but after the state of war we'll be able to live in peace better big question because winning the war is one thing and willing to use it even more difficult so i think they do realize and it has to be able mean the solution i mean our foreign military. national national solution it has to be a national solution i hope there will be an us vs them and i'm sure there is an up
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with them because at least one thing i can say and admiral omar who is the head of the movement of resistance movement because the nationalistic movement now it is the whole nation is inordinate he is not in ambitious man he doesn't want power for its own sake if he is not that kind of a man otherwise he would not have abandoned he had the problem the americans were offering him millions of dollars but he rejected that so he is not in there to them he is still retaining and he had other invasion and wish and with regard to the enforcement of syria that is where the kurds will come because the americans and the west for not want the chillier as an alternative for sure wanted to resist them because this is what they're fighting live in afghanistan that a new system must mark emerge a new fiscal system a new monetary system a new system of equality which is slum espalier that they are basically fighting the system really speaking itself and solution is to be found you have to engage in
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the low work and his colleagues that mean taliban those who are resisting because one sided by the conflict one side with america and its allies the other side is part of man and the other factions who were fighting under their banners. now this has to lead settled we've been through this what i have always said there to all these must connect could get pretty big one always obama and the other is almost these two walls must connect to find the solution to a common problem if you think ventilating do the job that is not possible there are two clear choices today for america historically speaking either to expand the war and come into god's plan or put another front is not going to be a job it can trigger the whole world war and i'm warning you and warning everyone that it can trigger pearl world war i want don't want to go into details of it but
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pakistan can do things in desperation we did can't even imagine. checking that they decide to go out and i think my own assessment is they will decide the world and in that case they will need pakistan and before long because pakistan watch them towards this eleventh now overall number one objective the american must go out and if the objective is also the same that they have to work out then we must give them a graceful exit precisely as we gave graceful exit before which union when they decided to pull out thank you very much for being with us. live not only next to the border of the guns of the egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their
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loved ones because. they are ready to take any risk. streets on r g. twenty years ago the largest country in the. sorts of places. which have been trying. to teach began a journey. where did it take the. wealthy british scientists on. down to.
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the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our. europe's most wanted war criminal right claim that it is battling against trial at the hague supporters in serbia say the former chief won't get a fair hearing and the netherlands skeptics believe the record of the tribunals shows it's often being used as a tool of politics rather than justice. for that so called self investigate. the spanish banks reveals that a large number of russian in on the shady business of illegal weapons some of the country's financial giants are accused of abusing the. warring states libya being the latest example of. american soldiers who witnessed the harsh realities of war
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questions of why they were deployed in the first place just what the government is up to. let's check our main sports hall at this hour with a touch. you're watching live sports news in archie thanks for joining us and here is what's coming up with just a day before before the presidential vote the only candidates a lot of these organization is not in crisis despite the bribery scandal. body shop of the gains momentum the seven seeded russian is into the last state of the law girls' school aged between our national rugby. and in russia the beloved car leave the premier league relegation zone thanks to and their own we know where you boys volga. world football's governing body fison state of crisis
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today has a set rule after an email stating in essence that qatar bought the rights to the twenty twenty two world cup surfaced on monday however president a lot of those corruption allegations mia difficult is the people bosses on the verge of a fourth term as president with just one day remaining before the elections bloc that is the sole candidate following the withdrawal of mohamed bin hold on i mean bribery claims being hauled on the president of the asian food to call for a sham have been suspended by for you say along with vice president jack warner but despite its edge pizza and fighting block that insists his organization is under control. if somebody if you would describe to me vote that it's a crisis and i would answer football is not in a crisis when you have seen the march the final march of two champions three then you miss approach and you see what the game is what is fair play you in the game
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just good control of the game we are not in a crisis we're only in some difficulties and visited kilties will be solved will be solved inside our family. in the meantime preparations continue ad of the euro twenty while championships in ukraine who will co-host the band with poland's u.a. for pressures visit the reconstruction of ailing peacekeeping national sports complex in kiev and that members of the local organizing committee along the venue will stage the year zero one zero on the first of july next year with the capacity of the stadium having been increased in nearly seventy thousand but according to the inspectors there's a lot of room for improvement. there's a lot of work still to be done we really do need we continue to support the government in particular. could be. improvements to the facility. but it's always a problem why did they were not too good to go. because. all they do is
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a lot worse than going to be here. to on field map as we go wear on car have climbed out of the relegation zone in the russian premier league after seeing all fellow strugglers vol don't usually in monday's sold fixture well gary and grigori be settling the contest half a dozen minutes after the break with his powerful shot from outside the box it's only on cars they're going since the season began in march at the other end of the tables a neat says guards nama and on shield topped the charts with nineteen points each that do hold a game in hand. and over to english football now manchester united may be unable to celebrate consonantal glory after losing to barcelona in the champions league final but the team's record nineteenth premier league title still saw their parents take to the streets on monday tens of thousands of red devils braving the rainy conditions but receiver are great being this over website after real madrid and says come all school players recently broke their spanish and russian cups
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respectively liverpool were previously tied with united at eighteen titles apiece. ten is now ready to start over continues a run of the french open the only ground slam event she has never won the russian made it into the last eight or big tournaments on monday with a hard fought win against poland's a national advance for sharapova trailed four one in the first serve the level it and then held on to win seven four in a tie break this was the match point one of the longest rallies of the whole clash with both players producing some great trailways their shock over eventually forced rather ask her to make an error with a tricky back and seven six seven five to the seven seeds short of an hour prepares to take on germany's andrea petkovic she must. be beginning ahead of quote a slow start today and. one for thirteen forty so.
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you know i think the one thing that really saved me in the first was a really you know character off balance. and sort of playing better you know they gave me a lot of confidence and you know i had the chance to be. three zero four zero in the second and just kind of. showed so many chances but overall i was just really tough and i played smart when i need to be smart and was patient at the right time . there's a belorussian player in the quarterfinals as well as i say. about six six three in the fourth round and i think i wasn't going to find all right of the french open and satisfied with the way she is improving with every match well number four plays nicely next. to me. and i think i came out. playing well you know very strong from. slike
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after two zero both very strong and always done. with. sort of the feel pretty good you know pretty confident for my next match a long journey. i think goes next year was the first advance to get our states a month with a story come back we're. taking a beating in the first. chapter in proceedings but the tide changed completely into a sense two six six one six three becoming the first chinese woman to name the quarterfinals at roland garros. so still plenty of russian interests at the french open but couldn't join her compadres after going down to. three cents. now rafael nadal remains on course corey six french open the reigning champion not at his best against a change but still did enough to win in for
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a sense rougher stating afterwards he is simply not playing good enough to win the paris crown this year. it was always where it was before. the money brother was there from birth the result being where the finals were three. so that's where. i think i. will be with two answers for a moment. if you will the. work of women. no dollar players too wise french open runner up rog and saul dilling next in a repeat of last year's finale this we defeated joe simpson six two six three seven six. meanwhile french involvement remains in the guise of girl non-theists was there a this one was a five center with a frenchman taking the decider by eight games to six roger federer up next to the ninth seed. one ignacio chalo was also involved in
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a marathon tussle with qualifier follow but came out of the right side of the six for just six six one six seven zero two six school line and beat andy murray victor troy was suspended after the fourth seed came back from two sides down to level matters to all. now russia's national basketball teams could be in for a much needed boost in the near future the college league which was set up in two thousand and eight is starting to bear fruit with future stars all show in the women's national final and as rich example which reports now the bounce growth could give russia a welcome your influx of tail. over the last decade college sport in russia has received plenty of government support to try and get more people to keep playing the games they love after they finish school. basketball has benefited from this immensely a new league was set up in two thousand and eight to give those who go to
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university a chance to play sports or high in competitive level in your argument that these are all our training sessions sorry need evening so our morning star free to study if we have some important matches where we have to train for two weeks at a camp our university gives us time off. something no point in trying to grab a college game in russia and comparisons its counterpart in the us a complete system has been in place in the us decades. but the country over game is only in the very very. hard. and was. a number of russia's top players like such a calmady as to pan over and spittle are also more like college basketball in the states but it's on the chilly part of a twenty four years of age and so by her own admission probably won't make it into the big leagues but says what russian players despite the improvements in their own
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college system continue to go abroad as we have thank god the chance to play broad is a great opportunity in russia we are taught one way which concentrates more on tactics and physical strength while in the states you get to learn how the skills going abroad gives you experience but find also moscow agricultural university but for the high river counterparts from a fine russia's ural mountains the most her side of injury ran out comfortable winners by seventy seven boys the fifty three with money about weed over he's only just turned eighteen looking very impressive on her head coach her former soviet possible legend and i told him wish. won two olympic bronze is with the national team of the nine hundred seventy six and nine hundred eighty games predict she and some of her teammates will have very bright futures market looking at that yet you have a lot of very talented players in our team in to have the potential to have great careers i would be very surprised if some of them don't go on to play for the top
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top sides of the national team which can believes it would be wrong for the russian college league try and copy what their counterparts in the states of the ng but nevertheless he believes there are things we can help the development of a league in this country. but here again. we have a model which we need to look up to in the us college system this will take a lot of time and will not happen overnight however we love our basketball in russia and will continue to do this even if it's not successful but hopefully in the not too distant future because even russia but become strong enough to feed the national team of talented players for generations to come richard hopefully darty moscow. was a sport i'm not sure i will stay tuned. all
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