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joey landis or tilton ambassador to turkey who told the points bush urged him i would print certain displaying the brutal in touch with the who tell me what your future a good how would international house flood the cheese every green lorry could kill in talk of. former bosnian serb general rather than that it is in the hague to stand trial for war crimes but his defense questions the liberty of the evidence is well known to see the book that. the prime suspect in the case of murdered russian journalist anna politkovskaya has flown to moscow for questioning after being captured in chechnya. and battle on the home front millions of americans struggle to find jobs all three costly if you campaigns or see working against them like crippling the u.s. budget. set to match the global financial center that's the
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project of a couple of businessmen from here across meeting in moscow and they say the boom times are ahead more in business in ten minutes. on there and online twenty four hours a day this is our team. broadcom that it's nicknamed the butcher of bosnia has joined his former boss right around kharab church in the hague a sixty nine year old army commander now awaits prosecution for genocide but it's expected to be months before his trial begins any question the legitimacy of the evidence the trial was using to base its case on his country and experience. sixteen years on the run six days in serbian court and the rest of his life in the
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hague. official belgrade was more than ready to extradite former bosnian serb army chief. in a matter of hours but the i.c.t. why is not as ready to prosecute what it is accused of ordering the mass murder of muslim men and boys in the village of slitting meets a in one thousand nine hundred five. the hague tribunal does have a lot of evidence regarding the massacre but is all of it valid the forensic. certainly does not support the extravagant charges of eight thousand victims and. much of the evidence of political combat that's occurred during that period is studiously ignored by the hague tribunal and by the press because they have to do it if they have to bolster the number of. casualties to come somewhat closer to the target figure afraid. there are
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questions about the way the evidence has been interpreted for instance with the autopsy reports the i.c.t. why presents three thousand five hundred sixty eight reports as corresponding to three thousand five hundred sixty eight bodies but many researchers who went through the files say most of them are body parts which means all lot less people but even if the hague tribunal moves forward without gathering for other evidence it will still be many months before the trial can begin the hague always has kind of done things as they go along i mean it's it's been an improvisation they've trades indictments on people they've written indictments on people who've actually been banned already exported to the hague meaning first you get arrested and then you get an indictment against so best way the hague works so it will be a surprise if they just do the right thing by
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a few more times they did it with the loss of h. they did it with others they've done it. so it's just standard procedure for a criminal in the case of former president slobodan milosevic it took over a year for proceedings to start because no loss of a child to familiarize himself with over a million of pages of case files. and time is precisely what. doesn't have. you don't need to be an expert to understand that my father is in a very poor condition he can even read he has to go through thousands of pages to be able to testify in court but he simply unable to do that he has difficulties with speech to how will he consult with his lawyers it's impossible with barneys got problems with his memory he may remember things that happened long ago the same time he can remember what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday how can a person with these health problems appear in court or through the last four years so their i.c.t. why may well find itself in
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a tight spot again more and more people are criticizing their lack of objectivity and they've yet to complete a high profile case and that is a worry for belgrade which wants to complete this particular episode to history official belgrade extradited out of a lot of china matter of hours hoping to close this chapter of their history as quickly and painlessly as possible but the mere guarantee that his trial in the hague will take at least a few years means that for serbia this chapter will remain open for just as long. as i see the serbian capital belgrade. story told r.t. have another child not an effort to bring justice to justify intervention in the. ninety five. we wanted just more of the care sex both political and policing each leaders get d.h. if you like this run trying we can demonstrate that everything that happened in
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what. was a can answer be spears so you're not really putting watching trotwood putting all shirt and all should be entry. to. give us your only perpetrator for crimes you justified. it. for me you community in ninety nine to one you'd recognize the breakaway republics of parisian seniors and states the problem is when you need intervene in ninety five and go to get something for the civil war in bosnia and we can build the whole sheet or all of those things build up as justification we can use food and great interest because these are evil people and well in order to paint them as equal people you have to put them on trial run. and it's a theory black and white philosophy back to one task like chance in your question see you have to have it and even to be yourself. welcome to store in the us about
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it sharing his thoughts on the upcoming trial the outcome that. well still to come on the program this hour edition of political leverage that's on the rocks. that is up to actually used to be light so sweet so as. i talked. about how bad decisions that company costs are really going to take coalition governments into disarray. the man suspected of killing a russian journalist anna politkovskaya has been brought to moscow for interrogation. was detained in chechnya after almost five years on the ground was artie's all over has been carried out it's still unclear whether the arrests will reveal the masterminds of. prosecutors are convents that they're close to solving the murder of anna politkovskaya one of the most high profile slayings in recent russian memory and will stand mahmood of is accused of having fired the
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shots that killed her and after years on the run in belgium he was arrested in his home village in chechnya. although it's possible to stomach would of the rest was carried out with the help of belgian police or he had been hiding for several years we've been in constant contact with them and it was this cooperation that helped us capture the suspect knowledge and police triggered the manhunt was forced to leave the country the investigators are currently questioning him in connection with the murder of anna politkovskaya mahmood of two brothers along with a former police officer who were acquitted of the murder in two thousand and nine due to lack of evidence but the russian supreme court nole bad verdict and ordered the investigation reopened. as son told me the family hopes this arrest will bring them closer to finding out who killed his mother of course it's a very important step but we have to wait and see if. it will be proved but even that is not enough we have no clue who the mastermind of the murder is nor the
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organizers it's a significant part of the journey but it's certainly not the end and internationally renowned journalist anna politkovskaya was shot dead in october two thousand and six when she returned home she was famous for her investigative work particularly reports into human rights abuses former colleagues believe they do to the close family ties of those accused of the murder there will always be some unknowns surrounding the crime as long as long as the it's hard to tell how many people are involved we have the three movement of brothers and their own he's a criminal and could easily be the mastermind of the murder of the relatives especially chechens unlikely to testify against one another. i am murder isn't the only high profile case to see a recent breakthrough journalists need or beyond of the things that this. the rest along with the conviction of the killers of freelance journalist honest. and human rights lawyer stanislav michael of chile these type of murders to get solved in
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today's russia this is definitely a landmark victory in the fights against impunity and journalist murders not destroyed but also human rights defenders lawyers. and so we see that there is a significant step forward. mood of currently in moscow where his lawyers are preparing as the flames while for the family and friends of. their long wait for justice continues. the terrorists are using blackmail to recruit people and set them against governments that support the head of russia's republic of english in a spring tour of told r.t. these interviews coming up next hour but here's a quick preview for you. young people of a certain field of atrocities attributed to the secret services because this is how they are presented to the public and terrorism must be played a lot of the details of its blackmail many get screwed up think is the end of everything where i think we will be tortured there neil stuart hands and legs twist
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and brooklyn they are disturbed by organizations and websites to promote their activities are part of the leaders and militant groups they look at these images i truly believe the government may be sore treasures and ruthlessness to kill us on people and annihilate religion as a result people get a mortgage and join the militants and. when the coalition government was formed in the u.k. the public and media were sweet talked into thinking it was a match made in heaven after a string of painful reforms and biting budget cuts the coalition seems to be splitting apart recent polls suggest more than half the population are disappointed with the government. reports from the british capital very few believe it will last its full term. wires and difference what a difference a year made it was back then it was spring smiles no bruises reception as britain emerged from a power vacuum within
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a range political marriage but the honeymoon is over and parliamentary insiders reveal you can cut the atmosphere with a knife in the courage or the power last year the on happy couple agreed on health reform three key principles freedom fairness and responsibility but doctors and nurses find that it's too bitter pill to swallow i could see it was a frontline knows what cameron story loosely still isn't this is not a good thing to take care is clearly to preclude the n.h.s. becoming a market if it doesn't sync with good health care for the country it's going to fridays this which is just on its own at least speak then think it's ok and she has a she's going to have to defend this is the embattled leader of the junior coalition party nick clegg says he's prepared to overrule and undermine the pail well that's
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a lot of tensions he can bring our class because kleck feels he's not strong this expose our bikes or it's a jury be aisy to say all the facts were for arm so there is little to actually use the lights the truth is that it's quite hard leading liberal democrats insist it's business as usual in a low clear cracks are showing they're adamant they'll keep the coalition soldiering on for another four years oh i have no doubt it will survive four years because we haven't updated program. on almost all of which there is no controversy clegg is understandably wherry the british care passionately about their health service and politicians meddle at their peril cash needs to be cut the. clegg news first time the theming of the knowledge being out for you like when students marched on must leaving him possibly going to include chinese when he promised not
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. the speed of slashing spending isn't the government it being the people and when the lib dems buckled into past cuts it brought the coalition to breaking point i think that the politicians of the type who do you start to feel about westminster leadership is the promoter of. the party will actually be highlights that i think that will crush some of the recent referendum on local elections have put the liberal democrats on the back foot that response to that has been see come out by saying the health service reforms are now undergoing what's being called a listening exercise in then they'll be put back in the ring but with cameron and clegg barely on speaking terms at times governing looks difficult and keeping it going for another four years looks even hotter lower and its own seat. well if you want to find out more on the stories we're covering. what we have on life you are right now with around russia's most famous prisoner to leave you with
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a few rights case against one of. the course was not specific motivated. also on life. even though. billboards across russia will soon be disappearing from. the well i'm very very happy. but recreations and pieces. from around the world. yourself. on our website. if. you. three ongoing military campaigns costing the us a fortune for comfort. a minimum wage for many.
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some. years the golden arches that stretch across the globe from london to brussels to moscow and millions flock to mcdonald's in search of french fries in big macs but what about those in search of a career if i was in dire straits i might go to mcdonald's but the entire time i was there would be looking for something better not to offend but employee i would look for other things first that's for sure i don't know but it's yeah. i think it's just the worst about the job. meanwhile just across the atlantic they seem a roma. but a much greater sense of appreciation for spirit work and i was able to go from person to restaurant manager. the benefits ongoing benefits
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working with people and. it is a secure career in a secure in the u.s. where nearly fourteen million people are unemployed a career at mcdonald's has become appealing back in april the fast food chain launched its first ever national hiring day nearly one million people applied for a job but only six out of every one hundred applicants or higher. mcdonald's created sixty two thousand new minimum wage u.s. jobs in one day but for the past seven weeks more than four hundred thousand americans filed new claims for unemployment this as forty five million americans are reportedly already receiving food stamps khana mr and author leslie appalled says washington is ignoring a ticking time bomb we have the richest country on earth who can put its own people
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to work that's a disaster waiting to happen that's by far the biggest. in the wake of osama bin laden's assassination u.s. leaders say terrorism continues to be the biggest threat against americans there's no doubt that there will continue to pursue attacks against us against a country where some forty four million americans don't have health insurance a reported one in seven children are homeless america's double were bill tops one point two trillion and the richest four hundred americans hold more wealth and the bottom fifty percent combined to one hundred wars and tax cuts for the super rich they lost their focus they no longer have their eye on the prize which is you have to put the american people back to work back to work in what's being dubbed a make jobs u.s. recovery where a nationwide recruitment drive by a low wage employer still sends ninety four percent of applicants back to the
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golden arches q marina porton i am artsy new york. libyan government has lashed out at nato air raids claiming they've killed more than seven hundred civilians since the bombing started in march were four thousand others are certain been injured and to reiterate its role is to protect the gains from gadhafi forces question the figures provided by the libyan government the rebels are nato have refused to accept a cease fire. to step down. syria's president bashar al assad has a simple general amnesty often announce a protest against his rule little political interference or. muslim brotherhood amnesty was declared as the u.s. state hillary clinton strongly condemned the country after the port security forces to treatment killed. she also said the recent violence symbolizes the total collapse in the effort by the syrian government to work with its people.
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japan underestimated the risk of a tsunami or a nuclear power plant and much continue in safety inspectors the country fail to plan for a wave that would overrun the great water plant despite multiple food costs such a risk was like a nuclear experts visiting the country to highlight weaknesses contributed to the worst disaster since john noble japan there's also been a rise to closely monitor the health of workers and the public. five men accused of plotting the nine eleven attacks are facing fresh conspiracy and murder charges. he was the self-proclaimed mastermind of the trustees. five has previously been charged at the guantanamo bay detention center they were set aside one person to bomb unsuccessfully try to move the case to civilian court
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prosecutors say they will face the death penalty if convicted. it was one russian child. dying wish to a president to see a new hospital built for kids to ease the pain youngsters like him have to go through sadly the cancer sufferer never lived to see his dream become reality for those of the senator they're about to officially open his memory permit for tales of sunnybrook or reports. it was supposed to be a happy ending six years ago. was successfully recovering from leukemia he was already strong enough to give them president vladimir putin a tour around these overcrowded cancer wards and insightful enough to ask when the country would build a new more spacious hospital how much would it be it's very expensive out of five thousand russian kids who are diagnosed with cancer every year less than half managed to get specialized medical how he was born in a small town of kalugin in central russia was sent to moscow for treatment and
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opportunity that cancer patients in russia don't often get. them and hasn't left this world for six months for fear of contracting an infection the little girl shows symptoms of kenya but so far hasn't responded well to treatment but has already suffered and number of infections despite being goes to antibiotics and her primary diagnosis is still unclear who was recently dr savoy so many theories of what's wrong with us but nobody can come up with a diagnosis my only hope is going to moscow to have better oratory is there the doctors are more experienced but bottles doctors here include good bye to an hour to routine diagnosis from moscow doctors. this is where you learn their hopes her daughter will be sent to a top notch child cancer hospital but want to full capacity will be able to
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accommodate five hundred children at a time the facility has its own airport a vacation system will nineteen hygene without commuting parents two months on their hospital confinement and without subjecting children to loads of antiviral drugs it looks like something from the future but it's ready to accept patients right now. we will be able to. everybody about thirty percent of children who are doing this with cancer can't be cured because we don't yet fully understand the cancer mechanisms will the drugs has not yet been to just yet will still be able to help thousands of children who recently had only two options for treatment. two years after asking the president for the new century chemo died of a lung hemorrhage he didn't live to see the new hospital that now bears his name
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offering something many kids because diagnosis don't have. it is non-tangible as the only hospital of its kind in russia and possibly all of europe because every little thing here is designed with cancer in mind it has been back in apply some of the brides as doctors. over its uniqueness most parents would do everything in that power for their kids to never go need this hospital while others with give up everything they have for their children to hear it's not going artsy. type of business news let's cross over to you that way all the details. how that's right time to have a look at the latest in the world of business and moscow such as a new global financial center but it's the verdict of a clever european businessman reaching in the capital who believe boom times are
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ahead very across our ports. leading business companies and analysts here say that russia is well on this way to establish a moscow as the next global financial center and boosting foreign investment they say that they see the potential but they want the government to take action and not just give them promises they say that volatility in the exchange rate in terms of trade and the volatile g.d.p. is scaring foreigners away they want russia to reduce its risk to them and get the international community more involved investors want to see a better regulated financial sector a better migration steve for highly trained workers at a more modernize the economy though they think that the w t o membership will help change things around and become a security blanket for investors in the past year russia got three hundred billion dollars in foreign investment and that's a twelve percent increase from the year before now everyone here is really optimistic about russia's business potential and if this works once eleven as they
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do of transition which will eventually lead to a boom during a call service business artsy. well despite rosy economic prospects russia seems unable to stem increasing capital outflow from the central bank and suspects a total of thirty to thirty five billion dollars to leave the country this year alone about thirty billion dollars have already fled be quantum in the past four months of the year but capital flight is likely to keep a spot forthcoming i.p.o.'s and foreign investments could make up for the difference. russia second biggest bank will be much more international in three years time the newly appointed c.e.o. of breach of big capital it say peter scott says the bank's expansion plans with business are. bhupen to be able to open offices in both the local and the united states which will be able to assure initially all international locations are means distribution hubs still in. equity and fixed income is from an across the right
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fuel for the future and the money measures across the train on the m.m.u. it says we are entering the new stage. international development we recently made a number of stages cars including new fuel for a london operation which is that the center in the international expansion and we are going to be a much more international forum for years from now that's the. time for a quick check on the markets oil prices have stabilized signals that the european union will provide financial aid for greece without pausing in jeopardy for sparking speculation will increase likes we just trading at around one hundred three dollars per barrel and brand is that wrong one hundred seventeen dollars. and across asia markets some mates who own stocks fell as economic reports from the u.s. and china raised concerns the global economic growth may slow the nikkei is flat
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just sentiment is hurt by weak u.s. data on tuesday and political woes in the country japan's prime minister is expected to face his second vote of no confidence in less than a year after the opposition lawmakers demanded resignation over poor handling of the new quite crisis. finally here in moscow the archie has a noise it's on the wires live now have a look at some of the individual moves on the mind six on tuesday major luke or liz among the top losers on the might six artery jumps five cents in the last minutes of thursday's trading session she was losing more than two and a heart the central lowered ghost voices power generation stocks on the rise with a fourth edging around two percent. as a business news for knowledge joined in less than one last time for more business stories here on archly.
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culture is that so much of an oldish musician finding the market is the chaos me played out in yemen turning the country into a failed state how should the international community be reacting to events there and movie. is.


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