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and. bosnian serb war time commander of radical milan it's begins his weight at the u.n. president in the hague to be tried for genocide but the evidence is in question. the main suspect in the killing of russian journalist on the previous courts and being interrogated in moscow when it holds you may shed light on the mind of a martyr. not enough jobs for americans even though paid work runs out in the you asked with economists warning i'd take you time bomb unemployment is threatening the next.
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you're watching r t live from moscow we start with some breaking news this hour it's seven polar soldiers standing trial for the killing of afghan civilians in two thousand and seven have been acquitted according warsong of war crimes charges for lack of evidence soldiers were accused of opening mortar and gunfire on a village in afghanistan six people were killed and three others injured one of the victims was a pregnant woman the troops claimed their commander ordered the attack after being targeted by taliban militants the prosecutors were demanding twelve years in jail it's not yet clear whether there will be an appeal some sixteen hundred polish troops are currently deployed in afghanistan as part of nato mission in the region we'll have more on this developing story as we get it here on archie. former bosnian serb army chief rocco melodic is set for his first appearance before
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the hague war crimes tribunal on friday the sixty nine year old will be asked to enter a plea on charges of genocide is accused of ordering the killing of some eight thousand muslim men and boys at stroger needs in one thousand nine hundred ninety five but as a country no zorra has found out many are questioning the legitimacy of the evidence . sixteen years on the run six days in serbian court and the rest of his life in the hague. official belgrade was more than ready to extradite former bosnian serb army chief. in a matter of hours but i see why is not his ready to prosecute law that is accused of ordering the mass murder of muslim men and boys in the villages to bring it say in one thousand nine hundred five the hague tribunal does have a lot of evidence regarding the massacre but is all of it valid the forensic evidence certainly does not support the extra charges of eight
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thousand victims and. much of the evidence of legitimate combat deaths that occurred during that period is studiously ignored by the hate crime humoral by the press because they have to do it because they are false to the number of. casualties who come somewhat closer to the target figure afraid that. their questions about the way the evidence has been interpreted for instance the autopsy reports the i c t y presents three thousand five hundred sixty eight reports as corresponding to three thousand five hundred sixty eight bodies but many researchers who went through the files see most of them are party parts which means a lot less people i think but even if the hague tribunal moves forward without gathering for their evidence it will still be many months before the trial can
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begin the hague always says kind of done things as they go along i mean it's it's been an improvisation they've changed indictments on people they've written right and some people who've actually been banned already exported to the hague meaning first you get arrested and then you get an indictment against so best way the hague works so it will be a surprise if they just do that in fact. but a few more times they did it with milosevic they did it with others they've done it sure sure so it's just standard procedure for a criminal in the case of former president slobodan milosevic it took over a year for proceedings to start because milosevic had to familiarize himself with over a million of pages of case files and time is precisely what. doesn't have. a standard. you don't need to be an expert is one of my father is in a very poor condition he can't even read so he has to go through thousands of pages
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to be able to testify in court that he's simply unable to do that he has difficulties with speech to make you know how will he consult with his lawyers it's impossible with families got problems with his memory he may remember things that happened long ago the same time he can remember what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday how can a person with these health problems if he recalls are probably well used so the i.c.t. wind may well find itself in a tight spot again and more and more people are criticizing their lack of objectivity and they've yet to complete a high profile case and now there's a worry for belgrade which wants to complete this particular episode to history official belgrade extradited out of a lot of in a matter of hours hoping to close this chapter of their history as quickly and painlessly as possible but then you're guaranteed his trial in the hague will take at least a few years means that for serbia this chapter will remain open for just as long.
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as r.t. on the serbian capital belgrade. nato is extending its operation in libya by another three months the alliance chief says the decision is meant to signal to colonel gadhafi that the coalition is determined to fulfill the u.n. mandate to protect the libyans but independent journalist james corbett says nato is not telling the truth about its campaign. might be surprising one on one end that gadhafi has held up as long as specially given the extent of the onslaught against him and the attempts to assassinate him indeed the killing of his son and grandchildren and i think that was perhaps not foreseen in the original action that was a proved by nato the idea of protecting civilians by bombing civilian populations is on its face ridiculous and in itself exposes that this is not about humanitarian intervention and that lie has been has been it thoroughly exposed i think by the fact that the or no fly zone turned pretty much overnight into
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a bombing campaign which turned into a campaign which we were promised was not to overthrow the regime and to get gadhafi out of there so i think it's just a lie after lie and i think that pretty adequately exposes the fact that this is not alternately about humanitarian intervention the nato cowards will not stop until gadhafi has been. unseated from power the inevitable end here is regime change and i don't think anything is going to stop until that happens. but there from independent journalist james corden. the man suspected of gunning down prominent russian journalist anna politkovskaya as being interrogated in moscow. was snapped by security forces at his parents' house in chechnya on tuesday after four year manhunt the main question now is whether they arrest for satellite on who ordered the murder peter oliver reports. prosecutors a convience that they're close to solving the murder of an employee or one of the
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most high profile slayings in recent russian memory. model is accused of having fired the shots that killed her and after years on the run in belgium he was arrested in his home village in chechnya. all. of the rest was carried out with the help of belgian police where he had been hiding for several years we've been in constant contact with them and it was this cooperation that helped us capture the suspect belgian police triggered the manhunt and mark yudof was forced to leave the country investigators are currently questioning him in connection with the murder of anna politkovskaya mahmood of two brothers along with a former police officer who were acquitted of the murder in two thousand and nine due to lack of evidence but the russian supreme court no verdict and ordered the investigation reopened or of course because son told me the family hopes this arrest will bring them closer to finding out who killed his mother of course it's a very important step but we have to wait and see if guilt will be proved but even
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that is not enough we have no clue who the mastermind of the murder is nor about the organizers it's a significant part of the journey but it's certainly not the end and internationally renowned journalist anna politkovskaya was shot dead in october two thousand and six when she returned home choose famous for her investigative work particularly reports into human rights abuses former colleagues believe the duty of the close family ties of those accused of the murder it will always be some unknowns. surrounding the crime on this was to point out it's hard to tell how many people are involved we have the three most brothers and their own called he's a criminal and could easily be the most moving to the murder of good riddance especially church and it's unlikely to testify against one of. the political isn't the only high profile case to see recent breakthrough journalists need or gone of the things that this arrest along with the conviction of the killers of freelance journalist understand seal the border and human rights lawyer stanislav mark
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a lot of children these type of murders do get solved in today's russia this is definitely a landmark victory in the fight against impunity in russian journalist murders not just journalists but also for the rights defenders lawyers. and we see that as a very significant step forward. mood of currently in moscow where his lawyers are preparing his the birds while for the family and friends about a quarter of their long wait for justice continues this role of r.t. moscow. still ahead here on our t.v. a british political marriage that's on the rocks to find out how deep the split in the u.k. the coalition is and how big the public's discontent after the government's controversial decisions and painful reforms also. shaping the future of thousands of russian kids diagnosed with cancer are given new hope with
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a new state of the art hospital bill to help fight the disease. but first fourteen million americans are unemployed and it's a number rising relentlessly and with so many people on the breadline economists say forget the war on terror the lack of jobs is the biggest threat facing the world's wealthiest nation report has more here the golden arches that stretched across the globe from london to brussels to moscow millions flock to mcdonald's and . search of french fries and big macs but what about those in search of a career if i was in dire straits i might go to mcdonald's but the entire time i was there i'd be looking for something better not to offend but donald's employee says i would look for other things first that's for sure i don't know but it's yeah . make them. pay it's just the worst to say about the job ever.
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meanwhile just across the atlantic the same a romantic comedy but a much greater sense of appreciation for straight work and i was able to go from a real person to restaurant manager. for benefits on going benefits working with people. it is a security career and this is the character in the u.s. where nearly fourteen million people are unemployed a career at mcdonald's has become appealing back in april the fast food chain launched its first ever national hiring day nearly one million people applied for jobs but only six out of every one hundred applicants were hired. mcdonald's created sixty two thousand new minimum wage u.s. jobs in one day but for the past seven weeks more than four hundred thousand americans filed new claims for unemployment this as forty five million americans
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are reportedly already receiving food stamps khana missed an author less leopold says washington is ignoring a ticking time bomb we have the richest country on earth and can put its own people to work that's a disaster waiting to happen that's that by far the biggest. in the wake of osama bin laden's assassination u.s. leaders say terrorism continues to be the biggest threat against americans there is no doubt that it will continue to pursue attacks against us against a country where some forty four million americans don't have health insurance a reported one in seven children are homeless america's double war bill tops one point two trillion and the richest four hundred americans hold more wealth than the bottom fifty percent combined two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the super rich they are. lost their focus they no longer have their eye on the prize which is you
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have to put the american people back to work back to work in what's been dubbed a make jobs us recovery we're a nation wide recruitment drive by a low wage employer still sends ninety four percent of applicants back to the golden arches q we're in a port now r.t. new york. u.k. is not used to coalition governments but when the current one was formed all involved insisted it would be a match made in heaven but after a string of painful reforms biting budget cuts and political stepping the cracks are showing and many now doubt the government will last its full term as are two years more and. what difference what a difference a year makes back then it was spring smiles and a bruising reception as britain emerged from a power vacuum within a range political marriage but the honeymoon is over and parliamentary insiders
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reveal you can cut the atmosphere with a knife in the courage or the power last year the unhappy couple agreed on health reform three key principles freedom fairness and responsibility but doctors and nurses find that it's too bitter pill to swallow hard to see you as a frontline knows what cameron stirrin lansley still this is not a good thing to take care is going to lead to people the n.h.s. becoming a market is it doesn't sync with good health care for the country it's going to provide days of this which is just ends up being at least it's been found to think it's you know thankfully that there's a she's going to give you some this is the embattled leader of the junior coalition party nick clegg says he's prepared to overrule and undermine the bill well there's a lot of tensions to cover our plan because clegg feels it is
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a lot stronger this exposed by tories hearts of the jury the baby to dissipate the facts were full and so those of which are you speak like the truth this is now quite how the leading liberal democrats insist it's business as usual and although clear cracks are showing they're adamant they'll keep the coalition soldiering on. for another four years oh i have no doubt it will survive four years because we are going to preprogram. on almost all of which there is no controversy clegg is understandably wary of british care passionately about their health service and politicians meddle at their peril cash needs to be cut but clegg knows first hand the feeling of the knowledge being out for you like when students marched on mass believing him personally for increasing college fees when he promised not to the speed of slashing spending pitting the government against the people and when the
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dems buckled into pasta cuts it brought the coalition to breaking point i think that the politicians of the type who determine start to be what the westminster leaders should speak the local. the party will watch the night lights then i think that will decide it's crushed by the recent referendum and local elections of the liberal democrats on the back foot their response today has been to come out by saying the health service reforms are now undergoing what's being called a listening exercise and then they'll be put back in the ring but with cameron and clegg barely on speaking terms at times governing the it's difficult and keeping it going for another four years looks even harder you'll read it out see. there's always more news and eye catching videos for you at our t.v. dot com so it's on your computer and here's what you'll find online right now a u.s. congressman faces sweeping criticism after calling for every arab looking person to
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be searched before boarding a flight he says political correctness is what most so-called real terrorists go unchecked. and moscow is waging a battle to save the city's good looks with a huge found in a van rather are huge billboards for its cover many buildings around the metropolis for more on the assault on our go to our dot com. look now at some world news in brief for you this hour at least forty one people have been killed in overnight clashes in the yemeni capital but violence started after a cease fire broke down between security forces and rival true tribal groups militants have taken over several government buildings in sanaa including the headquarters of the ruling party and these three hundred twenty people have been killed since protests against the president president saleh a rather began three months ago. here in inspectors say japan underestimated the risk of a tsunami hitting the fukushima nuclear power plant they're calling for experts
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worldwide to learn from the crisis to avoid a repeat of the disaster however japan's response to the worst nuclear catastrophe since your noble was described as exemplary experts say the health of workers and the public still needs to be monitored closely. runners farmers are demanding compensation after it was proved they were not responsible for producing cucumber is contaminated with a lethal strain of e. coli germany which has been worse hit is still trying to find the source of the outbreak which continues to in fact people over three hundred fifty new cases have been reported by german officials here the one hundred are suffering severe symptoms sixteen people have already died after the french. and syria's opposition has rejected president bashar al assad's general amnesty after months of protests against his rule they said it was a blatant attempt to win international favor it follows condemnation from the u.s.
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secretary of state hillary clinton over recent violence she said it symbolizes the total failure of the syrian government to ensure this people. it was one russian boy's wish hospital bill for a kid suffering from cancer he died before seeing his dream finally come true but his legacy is hope for thousands of children who previously had not received. on a boycott story. it was supposed to be a happy ending six years ago the moraga child was successfully recovering from leukemia he was already strong enough to give them president vladimir putin a tour around these overcrowded cancer wards and insightful enough to ask when the country would build a new more spacious hospital how much would but it's very expensive out of five thousand russian kids who are diagnosed with cancer every year or less than have managed to get specialized medical how do you know who was born in a small town of kalugin in central russia was sent to moscow for treatment and
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opportunity that cancer patients in russia don't often get. there now hasn't got this words put six months for fear of contracting in infection a little girl shows symptoms of a rare form of leukemia but so far it hasn't responded well to treatment what it has already suffered a number of infections despite being bills with antibiotics and her primary diagnosis is still unclear who was recently doctors have many theories of what's wrong with us but nobody can come up with a diagnosis my only hope is going to moscow they have better oratory is there the doctors are more experienced what baffles doctors here in cola you go to an art of routine diagnosis from moscow doctors. this is where you learn our hopes her daughter will be sent to a top notch child cancer hospital that once at full capacity will be able to
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accommodate five hundred children at a time the facility has its own air perfect system will maintain hygiene without commuting parents to manzano and hospital confinement and without subjecting children to loads of antiviral drugs it looks like something from the future but it's ready to accept patients right now. we won't be able to cure everybody about thirty percent of children who die with cancer can't be cured because we don't yet fully understand the cancer mechanisms or the drugs have not yet been invented yet will still be able to help thousands of children who until recently had only two options search for a treatment abroad. q years after asking the president for the new center died of a lung hemorrhage he didn't live to see the new hospital that now bears his name offering something many keys to his diagnosis don't have hope it is now tangible as
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the only hospital of its kind in russia and possibly all of europe because every little thing here is designed with cancer in mind has the best equipment in a voice some of the brightest doctors. all of its uniqueness want to spare and would do everything in their power for their kids to never go need this hospital while others would give up everything they have for their children to hear. artsy. that wraps up the main news here in our in a few minutes time we'll talk to the head of russia's republican who shared here planes why he thinks it's so crucial to help former militants return to a peaceful life that's after the business update with katrina. alone a very warm welcome to the business program here on r.t. the government is once again turning to the gas industry to help balance the books
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finance minister alexy couldn't says the tax burden on the sector will grow by over seventeen billion dollars over the next three years. should order just we're looking for revenues to balance the state budget we have taken the decision to increase the tax burden for the care sector in two thousand and twelve by over one hundred fifty billion rubles in two thousand and thirteen we will increase the burden by over one hundred seventy billion rubles in two thousand and fourteen by over one hundred eighteen following really incredible odds the increase will mostly concern to gazprom. a bitch but isn't some like it hot but not so in russia or at least not when it comes to foreign investment a country does want cash from abroad if it's the right kind as that's out of the finds out that the russian the russian calling for and in london. as one of the forum speakers joked it's becoming a good for the sense of space about the russian problems long term after the for
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about an archive using the capital is not about russian problems on the contrary many talk companies and banks came here to stand up this hour to look on the face of the economy and cool for investment firms if it is cham at all from the central bank assured investors that the economy was growing quicker than the full cost of the parts it's most likely to be in surplus as inflation wouldn't go beyond seven per cent this year he even said that the massive capital outflow the brush the fool the spear could be benefits there was no use dispersal of this global liquidity it was the most money market and not always but my stick inflation performance of. it helps us to kind of also pointed out that the banks were in the root canal and ready for a man who is echoed by the battle for second largest bank b.c.b.s. the fed best known to be at pre-crisis levels we see you will be improvements in
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the in the president's performance so far the loan book and the bad loans i recently mentioned that we would like to see in some three years time that the level of some deals. throughout the south now it will be pre-crisis the message may be come to russia but it's one of the investments of russian companies off to the sort of money that believes in the contras long term prospects not the easy easy out investor searching for a quick buck. despite rosy economic prospects russia seems unable to stem increasing capital outflow the central bank expects a total of thirty to thirty five billion dollars to leave the country this year alone about thirty billion dollars has already fled the economy in the first four months of the year but capital flight is likely to keep pace forthcoming i.p.o.'s and foreign investments could make up for the difference. let's look at the markets
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now oil prices have slightly retreated from earlier games that are keeping stable signals that the european union will provide financial aid for greece without forcing a bit to fold sparking speculation fueled demand will increase lights rates trading around one hundred two dollars a barrel with brant at around one hundred sixteen dollars a barrel most european stocks are there climbing as slowly european and chinese manufacturing overshadowed speculation that greece's debt crisis is moving closer to real resolution the footsies around point two percent in the red an index point one percent is out. the footsie is inching low as some heavyweight oil shares came off of prior day's gains royal dutch shell is losing about one percent at the moment air in moscow the indices are mixed this hour my six has slipped marginally into the red but the obvious around point three percent in the black. let's have a look at some individual share moves on the my six lukoil as among the top losers
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after a jump five percent in the last minutes of jude's choose those trades session on a missile is also down amid love precious metal prices meanwhile gazprom is among the games it's up over a percent this hour. russia's second biggest mobile phone operator has seen a fifty five percent increase in net profit for the first quarter it reached almost six hundred million dollars much better than analysts expectations but company has benefited from the successful merger with egyptian ares com an italian wind. russian manufacturing growth it's. slowing down the purchasing managers' index from may drop suggest all sixty points its lowest level in the seventeen months businesses are seeing the climbing orders and sales forcing them to account for the change. that i was fine as news online any song that you don't call it forward slash business i'll update you again just on her and i'll start see that.
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twenty years ago my description. of the subject. was. began a journey. where did it take the. wealthy british style. sometimes guys on the go cart.


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