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bringing you the latest in science and technology from. the future average. quality of also called it quits seven polish soldiers are killing six afghan civilians including a pregnant woman and a child citing a lack of evidence to support war crimes charges. also bosnian serb wartime commander ratko luggage begins his way to the un prison in the hague to be tried for genocide but the evidence is in question. are not enough not jobs for americans even low paid work runs out of the u.s. with economist mourning a ticking time bomb of unemployment threatening the nation. hello
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this is r t it's eight pm now here in moscow my name's kevin know it and our top story for you tonight seven polish soldiers standing trial for the killing of afghan civilians in two thousand and seven have been acquitted a court in warsaw dismissed the war crimes charges over a lack of evidence and soldiers were accused of opening mortar and gun fire on an afghan village that killed six people our european correspondent daniel bushell has the story. on sixteenth of august two thousand and seven polish troops fired twenty six mortar shells and machine gun fire on an afghan village killed reportedly getting ready ready for his wedding as well as the pregnant women and children other troops claim that they were ordered to do so by their commander and the firing on civilians was an accident now the judges ruled that there was not enough evidence for the full thank you should prosecutors want to twelve years in jail for
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the suspects this is the first time that polish troops have been caused accused of war crimes in the afghanistan war and in fact this is added to the calls for the nato troops to leave afghanistan of course the war here is extremely unpopular throughout the european union already we just saw president. howard cause of afghanistan saying that america was on its last chance the nato troops having killed another fourteen civilians recently really gave. have guns no choice but to declare war on the nato troops if they continue to kill civilians to kill innocent afghans he said really there was no excuse for the amount of this nato have apologized but the civilian casualties are considered continue to mount there have been hundreds of civilian deaths from nato bombing and
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military experts here really see no sign of the toll falling. so bushell reporting now let's talk to you from the polish group stop the war joining us on the line from warsaw tonight very good evening thanks for being our first off what's your reaction to this verdict. i mistral koski just want to check you can hear me. but i wouldn't say oh hi what's your reaction to a verdict. yeah in fact i can't hear a very well but. i assume you asked for a reaction in the verdict of pushcart from our opinion a movement but her think so to say we still don't know what happened. in this village. what we know is that six people were killed and including three children and sixty people including three three kids and the other three people
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were seriously wouldn't but we still don't know because we have not enough information what was the exact. situation that's for sure we know that what's polish government is doing and probably should military. officers are doing. to say sending troops to afghanistan is making it a objective possibility is conditions to such a tragic or crime situation to happen so we from our point of view we really don't know if those soldiers are guilty or not i hope in the next processes maybe we will have some more information than now but which we know now that are out other people should be punished for sending troops to afghanistan and for just being part of the creation of this country who are you talking about there the. sorry i.
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was there when you say all the people should be brought to book over this who are you talking about. another case of not going to be important in poland because it is the fairest through the first case when it is seen the troops in afghanistan are not building schools and so on and how it is usually seen in media but are doing other things and of course it is very important for published by public opinion but . to be honest it is just a click of an iceberg of really big problem of occupation of afghanistan and sending one hundred fifty thousand troops off western coalition including two thousand six hundred polish troops being there i said people from other cultures have no idea about language about religion of the people of afghanistan so extreme situation it goes to simply you know lack of dignity lack of
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respect or of going to people so this situation like it's only the most extreme. because the result of their cooperation or as some people put responsible senator troops i was a little brought in if i may i hope you can hear me i'm not taking what you say there to put it but you despite the great number of civilian casualties during this ten year long campaign afghanistan have also been some impressive achievements on nato side surely in their fight against insurgents. to be honest i haven't understood your question at all. but it was something about nato. obviously. meant you can't argue against that can you. how to argue about. philip i think there's a lot of things that i mean obviously got a problem to warsaw they have a phone survey on the program for what you need out of your questions and do appreciate it thank you for the call from the your father always
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a woman ok. the best laid plans say right now former bosnian serb army chief rocco bloodied she is set for his first appearance before the hague war crimes tribunal on friday the sixty nine year old will be asked to enter a plea on charges of genocide he's accused of ordering the killing of some eight thousand that was live men and boys that separates or in one thousand nine hundred five but his country has found out many are questioning the legitimacy of the evidence sixteen years on the run six days in serbian court and the rest of his life in the hague official belgrade was more than ready to extradite former bosnian serb army chief. in a matter of hours but the ice and why is not is ready to prosecute what this is accused of ordering the mass murder of muslim men and boys in the village of stripping it say in one thousand nine hundred five. the hague tribunal does have a lot of evidence regarding the massacre but is all of it valid and if you look at
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the forensic evidence and. it should be looked at very carefully it was not supported at all anything close to the conclusion that eight thousand people were summarily shot for the conclusion of the service so for a shot. a lawyer from one of the five. in any criminal case of this nature the first thing you look at is the forensic evidence and the forensic evidence is the flimsiest part of the case there are questions about the way the evidence has been interpreted for instance with the autopsy reports the i.c.t. why presents three thousand five hundred sixty eight reports as corresponding to three thousand five hundred sixty eight bodies but many researchers who went through the files say most of them are body parts which means a lot less people but even if the hague tribunal moves forward without gathering
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for evidence it will still be many months before the trial can begin he always says kind of done things as they go along i mean it's it's been an improvisation they've changed indictments on people hey britain indictments on people who've actually been done already exported to the hague meaning first you get arrested and then you get an indictment against so best way the hague works so you won't be a surprise if they adjusted like me and the few more times they did it with the law sure rich they did it with others they've done it chesham so it's just standard procedure for the hague tribunal in the case of former president slobodan milosevic it took over a year for proceedings to start because no loss of a child to familiarize himself with over a million pages of case files and time. is precisely what i can let each doesn't have or. you don't need to be an expert to understand that my father is in
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a very poor condition he can't even read and has to go through thousands of pages to be able to testify in court but he's simply unable to do that he has difficulties with speech to how will he consult with his lawyers it's impossible he's got problems with his memory he may remember things that happened long ago the same time he can remember what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday how can a person with these health problems appear in court or where you are so the i.c.d. wind may well find itself in a tight spot again more and more people are criticizing their lack of objectivity and they have yet to complete a high profile case and that is a worry for belgrade which wants to complete this particular episode to history official belgrade extradited that's a lot and a matter of hours hoping to close this chapter of their history as quickly and painlessly as possible but then you're guaranteed that his trial in the hague will
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take at least a few years means that for serbia this chapter will remain open for just as long. that's r.t. on the serbian capital belgrade. well for more on the possible fate of write code that ensure no to balkans political analyst me should go relive it she's joining us live from london on r.t. thanks for being with us mr grill rich why did serbia rush to extradite mother chin the way they did i mean the appeal was rejected and it was in a matter of hours. yes well they obviously want to believe the tribunal and especially the prosecution side of it and let's bear in mind too that they have been brought to power on the fifth of october in the year two thousand this is when they replace mr milosevic with considerable help from nato powers and especially in the united states so big they have to police also the people that helped them gain power i mean that that's a that's
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a very simple situation i have followed the milosevic tribunal. i should say trial very closely and time and again when the defense house. authorities provide key documents this was refused so far more important documents were provided to the prosecution so we have to bear in mind here that if you want justice then we must have been very nice and equality between prosecution and defense we haven't had it certainly not since the tribunal started operating sixteen years ago so you're saying this tribunal is impartial. well. the lead is very partial let's look at the indictment of mr blodgett she's accused of of all four for all the seven it's a massacre however that occurred in july in one thousand nine hundred to already however two and a half years earlier precisely on the sixteenth of december ninety ninety two the
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u.s. secretary of state lawrence eagleburger had already named mr outcome large as a potential war criminal and had asked for him to be tried to. crimes against humanity at the same time mr eagleburger remember this is december ninety ninety two before many of those things happened also named mr rather than courage and mr slobodan milosevic so we have a massive calendar error here that's taking place in other words something comes from washington basically and then somebody try still carried out later and find an appropriate charge there that as happened on numerous situations already with the tribunal i just want to go back and press you on the tribunal here i mean your view is that it won't be impartial here. each one should be impartial for for a number of reasons. first of all this is the position of pressure
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aleksey the people who actually try this is the judges the prosecution police officers and so on are not subject to the same rules as the accuse i mean the principle of all civilized countries legal the laws are good the accused and all those who participate in the legal process must be subject to the same laws as the accuse no one is above the law is the statement well here everybody but everybody is above the law other than the accused let's consider for example the bonding of radio television serbia in belgrade on the twenty third of april one thousand nine hundred ninety and now sixteen people died as a result of the gun being which happened by a u.s. plane virtue of you never actually indicted anyone at all with that. that's an important situation only those are being trying to so the u.s.
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government actually is targeting this was something briefly put you as well this of course is happening with the backdrop of a possible e.u. membership i mean i wanted to ask you is the do you think playing with serbia is bashir pope's me now with france's foreign minister says serbia can't become a part of the european union said another alleged war crimes fugitives captured this time former so politician got on had it only is he playing with serbia snobbish it hopes they're finding excuses not to look sceptic. well it's a model of me playing with it it has been doing that for the last ten years i mean the us being used as an action it was excuse not in terms of the tribunal to be people who had previously run straight and who is this. he is a very important point but out. on top of the many laws have been passed the privatizing
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state property so that. it could join me but that is in most cases resulted in simply some buying. state property so be on property up knock down prices internationally we would have to do far more for the. balkans political analyst thanks for being on the program thank you. still ahead the british political marriage that's on the rocks we find out how the split of the coalition is and how big the public discontent is after the government's controversial decision to painful reforms a report coming up tonight also. nato is extending its operation in libya by another three months the alliance chief says the decisions meant to signal colonel gadhafi that the coalition is determined to fulfill the u.n. mandate to protect the libyans but it depends journalist james corbett says nato is not telling the truth about its campaign. might be surprising on one end that
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gadhafi has held out this long especially given the extent of the onslaught against him and the attempts to assassinate him indeed the killing of his son and grandchildren and i think that was perhaps not foreseen in the original action that was a proved by nato the idea of protecting civilians by bombing civilian populations is on its face ridiculous and in itself exposes that this is not about humanitarian intervention and that lie has been has been it fairly exposed i think by the fact that the no fly zone turned pretty much overnight into a bombing campaign which turned into a campaign which we were promised was not to overthrow the regime and to get gadhafi out of there so i think it's just a lie after lie and i think that pretty adequately exposes the fact that this is not ultimately about humanitarian intervention and nato powers will not stop until gadhafi has been. seated from not and from power the inevitable end here is regime change and i don't think anything's going to stop until that happens. but sort of
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advantage in a sense colbert sharing his thoughts about nato as decision to expand its military campaign in libya. forty million americans are employed member this rising relentlessly i was so many people on the breadline economist say forget the war on terror the lack of jobs is the biggest threat facing the world's wealthiest nation records here the golden arches that stretch across the globe from london to brussels to moscow millions flock to mcdonald's in search of french fries in big macs but what about those in search of a career if i was in dire straits i might go to mcdonald's but the entire time i was there would be looking for something better not to offend with donald's employee i would look for other things first that's for sure i don't know but it's yeah. i think it's just the worst the about the job.
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meanwhile just across the atlantic they seem a roma. but a much greater sense of appreciation and spirit work and i was able to go from a grown person to restaurant manager. the benefits ongoing benefits of working with people. like it is to secure a career in a secure in the us we're nearly fourteen million people are unemployed a career at mcdonald's has become appealing back in april the fast food chain launched its first ever national hiring day nearly one million people applied for jobs but only six out of every one hundred applicants were hired mcdonald's created sixty two thousand new minimum wage u.s. jobs in one day but for the past seven weeks more than four hundred thousand
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americans filed new claims for unemployment. this as forty five million americans are reportedly already receiving food stamps qana missed an authoress leopold says washington is ignoring a ticking time bomb we have the richest country on earth who can put its own people to work that's a disaster waiting to happen that's that by far the biggest threat to american people in the wake of osama bin laden's assassination u.s. leaders say terrorism continues to be the biggest threat against americans there is no doubt that tiger will continue to pursue attacks against us against a country where some forty four million americans don't have health insurance a reported one in seven children are homeless america's double war bill tops one point two trillion and the richest four hundred americans hold more wealth than the bottom fifty percent combined two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the super rich
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they've lost their focus they no longer have their eye on the prize which is you have to put the american people back to work back to work in what's being dubbed the jobs u.s. recovery where a nationwide recruitment drive by a low wage employer still sends ninety four percent of applicants back to the golden arches q arena porton i am artsy new york. it was not more news than the great videos he is well on our website r.t. dot com let's take a look at what's just a click away for you at the moment the craziest city has banned dogs and other domestic animals from barking meowing or grabbing thing at night. i want cash from anyone who's pets break the law that's going to be a money i know more about online tonight plus. about you not at the same dinner as this russian real estate mogul find out why publicly munched on his tie is not thinking about health because we were assured it was simply water sounds delicious
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. ukase not used to coalition governments but when the current one was for all involved insisted it would be a match made in heaven but after a string of painful reforms biting budget cuts and political sniping the cracks are starting to show and many no doubt the government will last its full term as artie's gore and it reports. what difference what a difference a year makes back then it was spring smiles a new breezy reception as britain emerged from a power vacuum within a range political marriage but the honeymoon is over and parliamentary insiders reveal you can cut the atmosphere with a night in the corridors of power last year the unhappy couple agreed on health reform three key principles freedom fairness and responsibility but doctors and nurses find it too bitter pill to swallow i could see it was
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a frontline nurse cameron story in the states of america this morning in the situation here is really typical for the n.h.s. becoming a market is just sick with good health care and she thinks it's going to wreck days this week she's just going to be in at least speaking to get the kids and i think she has a she's going to get me for. it's the embattled leader of the junior coalition party nick clegg says he's prepared to overrule and undermine the bill well there's a lot of tensions with our. plan because clegg feels he's in a large drive this exposed by towards parts of the jury be a feed back to today of electoral reform arm so there is little to actually use the lights the troops is now quite hard leading liberal democrats insist it's business as usual and although clear cracks are showing they're adamant they'll keep the
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coalition soldiering on for another four years oh i have no doubt it will survive for four years because we have an affiliate program. on almost all of which there is no controversy clegg is understandably wary of british care passionately about their health service and politicians metal at their peril cash needs to be cut but clegg knows first hand the feeling of the knowledge being out the you like when students marched on mass blaming him personally for increasing college when he promised not to the speed of slashing spending pitted the government against the people and when the lib dems buckled into faster cuts it brought the coalition to breaking point i think that the politicians are the type who would term start it with the western style of leadership stick them over. to the party will watch my legs then i think that will try to crush. the recent referendum and local
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elections have put the liberal democrats on the back foot their response to that has been to come out by saying the health service reforms are now undergoing what's being called a listening exercise and then they'll be put back in the ring but with cameron and clegg barely on speaking terms at times governing it's difficult and keeping it going for another four years looks even harder you're emmet ot. small scale cincinatti scandal of football's governing body the tuesday evening business update live from moscow with. hello welcome to your business update here on r.t. the russian government is once again turning to the gas industry to help balance the books items mr alexie gudrun says the tax burden on the six will grow by over seventeen billion dollars over the next three years the proposed increase is most likely to concern gazprom which is vehemently opposed to any new energy extraction
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tax hikes. but if the government raises the tax were extracted and the financial conditions worsen the new gas will never be produced it's simply not realistic that's why we suggest it diversified approach if the new round with gas reserves and financials allow raising the extraction tax and ok we accept the decision otherwise richfield than profitable to operate. let's take a look at the markets now and they've gone into a speedy retreat after four u.s. jobs and manufacturing data under my thoughts for a recovery but me at all first both bland and light sweet are down nearly a dollar. wall street is also suffering with the dow and nasdaq solidly lower after a four day winning streak bank stocks are among the worst performers with j.p. morgan chase off nearly three percent. here in moscow the markets gave up early again to close in the red with but my sense almost of the sit down. and look at
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some individual shares on the nice x. energy majors end of the day among the top losers local plans for one hundred percent after a jump five percent in the last minutes of tuesday's trading meanwhile hollywood's gold advance two point six percent made stronger precious metal prices. the united states risks falling on its debt in ten weeks if it can't raise more money they can't raise already reached its debt limit of around fourteen trillion dollars and still needs to borrow more about the house of representatives has voted down a bill to raise the debt ceiling patrick young editor of a gathering storm a book about the financial meltdown believes american politicians are suffering from a collective delusion. but we're in a very very dangerous game of chance aren't we i mean it's quite incredible that the americans are so oblivious to the real politic of their economic situation but they're even willing to breach the debt ceiling and go towards the fact that they could run out of money pragmatically we really must hope that they don't do so but
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at the same time well i'm not very confident because quite honestly the democratic party don't seem to have the slightest understanding of the real world or indeed the real america the good news is that at least for those of us who are some way away from america we won't have to head to the hills and manage to finish our own sweaters and trade beans in order to eat or something but it's certainly going to be a very difficult situation i mean the odds are that america will come up with a a far just the eleven far and it will go forward the problem is it won't be a solution it will be a flood and that just means they're kicking the can down the road if they go bust there is obviously going to be a very very significant crisis and a valid point in time we really have an issue with the business of money itself people would be advised to hold assets rather than pure catch. and that brings you out as a business that has out i'll be back in just under an hour's time with more stay with us the headlines next.
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it's. the. key. twenty years ago in the largest country in the disappearance of. what had been the cuban. began a journey. where did it take.


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