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tv   [untitled]    June 1, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tonight on r t a warsaw course acquits seven polish soldiers of killing six afghan civilians including a pregnant woman and child citing lack of evidence to support war crime charges. bosnian serb wartime commander rock of knowledge begins his way to the un prison in the hague to be tried for genocide but the evidence is in question. that nato prolongs its mission in libya for another three months to keep the pressure on colonel gadhafi but critics say it's a sign that coalition forces a bog down in the conflict.
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hello this is r.t. it's eleven pm now here in moscow is kevin owen with a top story for you and seven polish soldiers standing trial for the killing of afghan civilians in two thousand and seven have been acquitted of course in warsaw dismissed the war crimes charges over a lack of evidence the soldiers were accused of opening mortar and gun fire him afghan village that killed six people are european correspondent daniel bushell reports. on sixteenth of august two thousand and seven polish troops five twenty six mortar shell and machine gun fire on an afghan village killed reportedly a man getting ready ready for his wedding as well as the pregnant women and children other troops claim that they were ordered to do so by their commander and the firing on civilians was an accident now the judges ruled that there was not enough evidence for the fall think you should prosecutors want to twelve years in
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jail for the suspects this is the first time that polish troops have been caused accused of war crimes in the afghanistan war and in fact this is added to the calls for the nato troops to leave afghanistan of course the war here is extremely unpopular throughout the european union already we just saw the president. having cause of afghanistan saying that america was on its last chance that nato troops having killed another fourteen civilians recently really gave. afghans no choice but to declare war on the nato troops if they continue to kill civilians to kill innocent afghans he said really there was no excuse for the amount of this nato have apologized but the civilian casualties are considered continue to mount there have been hundreds of civilian deaths from the bombing and
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military experts here really see no sign of the death toll fully. ten a bushel reporting there were flipper koskie from the polish group stop the war and told me earlier that this case has given a whole new insight in the war polish soldiers do in afghanistan now the case of various really important in poland because is the fairest first case when it is seen that polish troops in afghanistan are not you know building schools and so on and how it is usually seen in the media but. to be honest is just people for an iceberg we know that what's called government is doing. officers are doing is to say sending troops programmes it's making the object if it's abilities conditions to such a tragic or crime situation to happen we really don't know if those soldiers are guilty or not but which we know now there are are other people who should be
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punished for sending troops to afghanistan prior to being there as a people from other cultures who have no idea about language about the religion of the people if you are of afghanistan so in the extreme situation it goes to simply the lack of dignity lack of respect or of going to people. from poland stop the war initially giving his view on his country's mission in afghanistan to me bitterly. for bosnian serb army chief is set for his first appearance before the hague war crimes tribunal on friday the sixty nine year old will be asked to enter a plea on charges of genocide he's accused of ordering the killing of some eight thousand muslim men and boys attributed nine hundred ninety five result catarina sarver found out when you're questioning the legitimacy of the evidence. sixteen years on the run six days in serbian court and the rest of his life in the hague.
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official belgrade was more than ready to extradite former bosnian serb army chief. in a matter of hours but the ice and why is not as ready to prosecute more that is accused of ordering the mass murder of muslim men and boys in the village of sort of doing it so in one thousand nine hundred five. the hague tribunal does have a lot of evidence regarding the massacre but is all of it valid and if you look at the forensic evidence and. should be looked at very carefully it was not supported at all anything close to the conclusion that eight thousand people live summarily. in the southern portion. size. in any criminal case of this nature the first look at the
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forensic evidence and the forensic evidence is the flimsiest part of the case there are questions about the way the evidence has been interpreted for instance the autopsy reports the i.c.j. why presents three thousand five hundred sixty eight reports as corresponding to three thousand five hundred sixty eight bodies but many researchers who went through the files see most of them are body parts which means a lot less people but even if they hate try to support word without gathering for other evidence it will still be many months before the trial can begin. always has kind of gone things as they go along i mean it's it's been an improvisation they've changed indictments on people they've written indictments on people who've actually been done already exported to the hague meaning first you get arrested and then you get an indictment against so that's the the way. it works so it will be
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a surprise if they adjusted like me and got a few more times they did it with the law sure rich they did it with others they've done it. so it's just standard procedure for a tribunal in the case of former president slobodan milosevic it took over a year for proceedings to start and there's no loss of a child to familiarize himself with over a million pages of these files and time is precisely what i can let each doesn't have so. you don't need to be an expert to understand what for my father is in a very poor condition he can't even read so he has to go through thousands of pages to be able to testify in court that he's simply unable to do that he has difficulties with speech to make and how will he consult with his lawyers it's impossible with barneys no problems with his memory he may remember things that happened long ago as the same time he can remember what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday how can a person with these health problems appear in court are probably the best for us so
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the i.c.t. wind may well find itself in a tight spot again more and more people are criticizing their lack of objectivity and they have yet to complete a high profile case and now is a worry for belgrade which wants to complete this particular episode to history official belgrade extradited out of logic and a matter of hours hoping to close this chapter of their history as quickly and painlessly as possible but then you're guaranteed his trial in the hague will take at least a few years means that for serbia this chapter will remain open for just as long. as artsy on the serbian capital belgrade. and still ahead in the program jobs for americans even low for a world runs out now in the u.s. for the congress will be a ticking time bomb on employment is threatening the nation got a report coming up early. nato is extending its own. operation in libya well over three months the alliance chief says the decisions meant to signal to colonel
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gadhafi that the coalition is determined to fulfill the u.n. the u.n. mandate to protect the libyan this group more about that than from author joining us from brussels. or even from moscow thanks be with us is this expansion of nato campaign in libya a solution to the crisis is a good way forward do you think. i don't i don't know or way that would be a solution to the cases you see the point is that when they wanted went into war with libya they never expected to have it last so long and now this is going to be another three months of it how do they know it all depends on the resistance in libya i don't know if you think in this so do you think it could go on and on even past the date. well you have get this thing has been going on for ten years now the reason they killed civilians of your boat you don't. you know. karzai government is asking them not to in civilians and is that an end to the crazies i
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don't know there i mean i don't think there is nothing so are the nato saying that they need another few months and they already speak of you know cooperating with the future libyan government to train its forces to bring it into corporation that they need to it's a credit i mean it does leave a bit it does appear does midnighters only what he told me in libya to get gadhafi out the way to get gadhafi in fact actually when he appears here though do you think now as all these times call for just a lot of circum it boots to the ground to get it done quickly if they want to get it just go get him is that the way forward if they knew it's not bin laden if they knew where he was they would probably bump into that so they probably don't know where he is and then sending boots on the ground they need to casualties and don't forget that these wars are hugely unpopular in the west among the population because the population is not only in the eyes on anti-war movements etc because they don't exist anymore they've been wiped out by the ideology of the high to
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intervene for humanitarian reasons so there is no gain is asian but the people are unhappy they have steam economic hardship as you can see and so they don't want to spend billions and billions in a world with libya for which they have no interest whatsoever while we're here there were times you know that you see this in groups on the ground it might have casualties even a few casualties and might that might turn the opinion squarely against the war that's number one and number of nothing in terms of the killing guffey would solve anything not more than killing bin laden's old anything who tells you that they want to have a billion from the kinds of a tribal war in the i mean they killed saddam and didn't solve the problems in iraq and can tell if you don't know what it's going to thin if he does he does stay and where is this going to go. well i don't think he's going to stay in power the only question is how much analogy and money and so on and we did take to get rid of him that's enough and what will happen when he disappears from power that's really the question i don't think i mean i don't think nato can be defeated to the point of
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having leaving him in power but you see with your argument against that i just don't understand why people are so confident that they're going to solve the problem of libya when they're filled with all those other counties where they have deep they didn't build those distinguishing that they want to move moscow wants to mediate surging nato not to hamper exams to organize talks between the libyan government of the opposition do you think a compromise can be found. well i think if everyone wanted a compromise a compromise could be found but of course as long as they do acting there and then with this acting on the other side and the habits of nature on their side they have no interest in trying to find a compromise that nascar is by no means alone latin america is on that mind your communities and india is on that line china is probably on that line even more friendly so i mean most of the world with this for a negotiated settlement because they don't want to be out of this and they just don't want that and even there's no he's on to look forward to definitely the the
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west the whole nato is going to study those libya after the killing of the departure of gadhafi a negotiated settlement would be far preferable in my view the dismayed imposing bowed by the commitment of nato on the side of the others not just to protect civilians we're taking the side of the rebels are close then the rebels there they are strong and they have no interest in a compromise just like these very these very this is the one compromise with the palestinians because they think the u.s. is on their i mean you know that's that's of course purifications you before so it's not a question of will from home is possible in principle ok all social program talk to us from brussels thanks for your thoughts on the program tonight. but as nato bombs continue to rain down on libya as comes to light the one alliance member may have been helping supply the enemy several large spanish banks are reported to finance the manufacturers of plus the bomb as a weapon it's been since two thousand and eight the sort of first got the story. just one strike because the problem can spread thousands are smaller its place is
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even why the area is fighting to populated areas you think is relatively simply the only scaring t. civilian that many reasons more than one hundred countries and their. markings on the shelf found in the libyan fifty palosi scottish company in. there were. prohibited that were perched. by the last year there were used against a residential area. and they were produced by a spanish company and financed. it is how did this get out the forces come to acquire spanish made arms in two thousand and seven and still hasn't made the most of the lifting of sanctions against libya as the tripoli machine fell back into favor with the west spanish company won a contract to supply get out these forces with their class. until two thousand and eight when spain signed up to the international convention banning the use. we're
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living in now once again the enemy spain is part of nato alliance itself i see regime that it itself helps to arm. the trail goes back much further the spanish banks which provided the financial firepower to instill laws and to make their deadly weapons a pool if you want to bring this thing forward use this as kind of a way to illustrate what think there is between a bank and civilians conflicts to see me missions may now be very and in many countries the banks continue to invest in companies which make other controversial weapons without legislation there remains a direct connection between civilian deaths the weapon produces and the banks that finance them and therefore to the banks customers ransom notes are really transparent about what they are using the sea savers money for so it's not that
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easy to find without a recent report by spanish and ten revealed that as many as fourteen banks since they don't fold with funding weapons produces the b.v.a. is the spanish bank that's been most active in financing for the controversial weapons and it's exactly this kind of large scale financing they contain is now trying to rein in pushing for the development of all right first policies. the bank held accountable many of the banks named in the investigation in now running say that policies on funding. change without slipping. can fill that happens and then make you go the speed that shame will means a profitable business. making eight in syria human rights official say hundreds of political prisoners have been freed including those arrested during anti government demonstrations this comes after president bashar al assad announced a general amnesty following months of protests against his rule could effect of ten
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thousand people of his brodbeck at least nothing short of regime change is going to satisfy western forces the assad government is seeking to find a resolution to the political crisis inside of syria and i think that this upside of some of the clans by those who seek to be stabilize a syria even further who seek to carry out regime change in syria from the point of view of the united states the argument will be made in congress and within the state department at the white house that the economic sanctions the pressure imposed by the west and by the united states in particular are causing the assad government to bend and so the conclusion the summary that will be drawn from it is instead of releasing pressure on syria but the concession by syria to
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try to reach out to the opposition will be considered to be a step that was a response to pressure so that there should be more pressure not less pressure so i don't think syria can really do anything under these circumstances to satisfy of united states the united states wants to put economic sanctions and use leverage i get syria for its own purposes. it was antiwar activist back with his assessment of what lies ahead for syria. fourteen million americans are all employed and it's a number that is rising relentlessly and with so many people on the breadline economists say forget the war on terror the lack of jobs the biggest threat facing the world's wealthiest nation right now when important for our t. has more. there is the golden arches that stretch across the globe from london to brussels to moscow and millions flock to mcdonald's in search of french fries in big macs but what about those in search of a career if i was in dire straits i might go to mcdonald's but the entire time i
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was there would be looking for something better not to offend its employees i would look for other things first that's for sure i don't know but it's yeah. i think a just the worst up as you would say about the job ever. meanwhile just across the atlantic the same a romantic comedy but a much greater sense of appreciation for screen work and i was able to go from a real person to the restaurant manager. the benefits ongoing benefits of working with people they think it is to secure a career in a secure in the u.s. where nearly fourteen million people are unemployed a career at mcdonald's has become appealing back in april the fast food chain
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launched its first ever national hiring day nearly one million people applied for a job but only six out of every one hundred applicants were hired. mcdonald's created sixty two thousand new minimum wage u.s. jobs in one day but for the past seven weeks more than four hundred thousand americans filed new claims for unemployment this as forty five million americans are reportedly already receiving food stamps a con a missed and often less leopold says washington is ignoring a ticking time bomb we have the richest country on earth. to work that's a disaster waiting to happen that's the. people in the wake of those. some of bin laden's assassination us leaders say terrorism continues to be the biggest threat against americans there is no doubt that al qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us against a country where some forty four million americans don't have health insurance
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a reported one in seven children are homeless america's double war bill cuts one point two trillion and the richest four hundred americans hold more wealth in the bottom fifty percent combined to unfunded wars and tax cuts for the super rich they've lost their focus they no longer have their eye on the prize which is you have to put the american people back to work back to work in what's being dubbed a make jobs u.s. recovery where a nationwide recruitment drive by a low wage employer still sends ninety four percent of applicants back to the golden or. artsy new york stories online these are to the just a click away so you don't call the story of ukrainian city these dogs and other domestic animals you get me right from barking. how do they go.
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if they do break a rule. says he want to cash the money over those from the pipes that break the law . see tonight what you think about what you're not having the same dinner as this russian real estate mogul find out why publicly run story is beginning with water it's not what krugman sure about si dot com. but. the international monetary fund for a loan of up to eight billion dollars the country's currently facing its most severe financial crisis and years the economic situations deteriorated so rapidly last week the government was forced to devalue the national currency ski reports from mints. despite some improvements in the economic situation and values that we've seen in the past seven days we can still feel here in the country this country is being gripped by the hard financial two or more now there are still
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empty shelves in stores around the country especially girls who are meant for the imported goods there are still people queuing up at the crude six change offices willing to buy just about any currency preferably u.s. dollars or euros now over there plus months we've seen some crazy scenes in stores around the country people who treat just buying anything afraid that some of the goods my disappear from the shelves on the shelves of the stores people literally at sacking the currency exchange offices because of the faith in the bill russell has decreased greatly ever since the country first filed but their financial formal now there are many reasons according to experts behind this financial crisis some say this is because of the. economic policies of the past decade some say this is because the current president. tried to increase the salaries of the common population during his election campaign by thirty percent when are stand up come fourteenth of july the i.m.f. will decide on this loan to belarus it is still very interesting whether minsk
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would be able to receive this loan given all the statements made by the country's president the arrests of the opposition leaders and other former presidential candidates which happened in december seriously irritated the repeat union the russian leader has been something on the warpath with the european union for the past six months or so and it is hard to say who would be able to help means to get out of from this crisis but we we clearly be seeing some developments in the situation in the course of the next ten twelve days. just within a few minutes people of all those guests debate the ongoing crisis in yemen but first let's get across the. street. hello and welcome to your business update here r.t. we start with an r.t. exclusive the government is once again turning to the gas industry to help balance the books the finance ministry says the tax burden on the sector will grow by more
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than seventeen billion dollars in the next three years the proposed increase is causing concern for gazprom as an example my dear there the deputy chairman of russia's biggest company explains. the merger the question. of the company. but. through the we. have a perfume of. the chicken. it seems the government is aware of the danger of overtaxing gazprom the gazprom deputy chairman says a compromise compromise has been found that's acceptable to both sides.
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program. promotion go to. war in the budget for the for. our investment program. you can watch the full version of that interview with gazprom deputy chairman on monday here on r.t. and of course it will also be posted on our website that's a look at the markets now gone into a speedy retreat up the poor u.s. jobs and manufacturing down undermined hopes of a tottering looking at oil first light sweet has lost well over two dollars brant following suit. wall street is also suffering the dow amnestic solid very solidly lower after a four day winning streak backstops are among the worst performers with j.p. morgan chase off the three percent and here in moscow the markets gave up the early
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going to close in the red with m i six almost zero percent down looking at some individual share moves on the my sex energy majors end of the day on the top losers who call plunge and four and a half percent after a jump five percent in the last minutes of tuesday's trading session meanwhile pollies gold advance two point six percent amid stronger precious metal prices. the united states risks defaulting on its debt in ten weeks if it can't raise more money become trees already reached its debt limit of around fourteen trillion dollars and still needs to borrow more but the house of representatives has voted down a bill to raise the debt ceiling patrick young editor of a gathering storm the book about the financial meltdown believes american politicians are suffering from a collective delusion. but we're in a very very dangerous game of chance aren't we i mean it's quite incredible that the americans are so oblivious to the real politic of their economic situation that they're even willing to breach their debt ceiling and go towards the fact that they
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could run out of money pragmatically we really must hope that they don't do so but at the same time well i'm not very confident because quite honestly the democratic party don't seem to have a sawdust understanding of the real world or indeed the real america the good news is that at least for those of us who are some way away from america we won't have to head to the hills and manage to finish our own sweaters and trade beans in order to eat or something but it's certainly going to be a very difficult situation i mean the old guard that america will come up with a culture of the eleven far and it will go forward the problem is it won't be a solution it will be a fog and it just means they're kicking the can down the road if they build lost there is obviously going to be a very very significant crisis and of a point in time we really have an issue with the business of money itself people would be advised to hold assets rather than pure catch. and that brings it out today it was business the now say were that's the headlines haven't.
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culture is that so much of an oldish musician because the market is the chaos mean played out in yemen turning a country into a failed state how should the international community be reacting to events there and will be.


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