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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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did it take. what's an artsy live from moscow our top stories atrocity on punish polish soldiers are cleared over the killing of innocent civilians including children in afghanistan four years ago due to lack of evidence. the un accuses libyan political forces on both sides of the fence of committing war crimes amid nato decision to prolong its military action there for another three months. and prosecutors in moscow have filed official charges against the prime suspect in the
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case of murder of russian journalist on the concourse they say they have enough evidence for a conviction for. their cause and president circuit by gods will be laid to rest later today following his death last weekend but how will this passing affect the small nation archie has been speaking to its foreign minister. several days after the uprising presidents are given best to wake the country remains in mourning well contemplating its political future with me today is the cause in foreign minister maxime to be in jail mr bruce the book of the positive for the last six years during that time because she's in the band that this was recognized play several countries including russia apostles who managed to avoid conflict with georgia in two thousand and eight during the war itself the city what can you say though the efforts made by sergei but go through these revolutionary
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bands it was very smart lawrence. for such a thing. thanks to the use of force on the things to it is personal to. many of us in africa so or i foresaw the government of a possible or implements of again the right way so most of those children's true in the time of his. presidency were the chief of things for his personal them prefer some moral choice for some time because in the books were seen as a step allies in fact are doing least thirty times no he's gone are people feeling uncertain path ahead. one of the most achievements during his presidency is the he created a stable political system in the process so.
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i don't feel in them fear about the future so what comes next for a positive following the passing of a president who will continue working on those borders they were stuck to some work together with prison going to go. most of the why the world will see will continue to the. in the line of work. award we established in the past were able the policy is international status what do you want the country to be for chris limberger was very supportive to the crowd use in luxembourg thanks to his support and firms to use personal wealth for us we succeeded in the search for the summer clothes and all they could i would win this war goes because they are very pacific islands off and on to. we finish the project. which we. started together with
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criticism but. to see that he didn't see the final hole would come from the republic or from the lords of the record or the republic or causing an established diplomatic relations with. prime minister over i want one or two already expressed it's called the social way and we are going to continue working and pacific region as well as we want to start with prism got the palestinian authorities prepared to take a movement stage move to the united nations is uprising considering doing the same we consider most of the ways to achieve international political force with through those significant obstacles and was to come from us by european states and i want to know.
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all the will be competing in the woods and america and central america and pacific region in central asia everywhere we go every week before we try to achieve some agreement with those countries too. we couldn't as a zero two step was diplomatic relations there are always very strict and strong american position against governments of those countries not from britain as i was here in other words we form the wider international political and diplomatic. we can for actually georgian implores we are confronted by american diplomacy diplomacy which is very much a surprise and for me why is such
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a huge country like united states and so actively opposing the case or for a commission because the georgian president mikhail saakashvili maintains uprise it is still part of georgia how does that make you feel and people in georgian government in georgia they may say whatever they are saying that are causing these problems georgia is equal the same with georgia is through parts of russia since for sure inheritance. obligations of the former soviet union. this is a realistic way to say that are causing spoke to your everybody knows the legal historical the moral. grounds for our independence we became independent country from georgia before the collapse of soviet union so it's beginning brought up causing me to jordan in this morning is completely ridiculous
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and even more is pretty cool was that the. state can see visions supported by many hard politicians in the west the world's. greatest and the sure to retore integrity of georgia which is very much repeated like mantra in the. international force the to retore windsor which your daughter was recognized in well originally international war that's why we have is fourteen years long george how did the war itself the city in two thousand and eight influence uprising as relations with georgia our relations continuing it's very shift toward georgia and these relations and to rating every single day. for twenty years already and we haven't received any positive signal from georgia in reverse we get. a military. provocation kidnapped in the way you would have. continued
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in. blocking of all possible access for what i say are two international markets so they can say whatever they want they could claim whatever they want but the reality is different do you see any chance the georgian government will accept the prize in the prevalence in the future since when neighboring such country which is which is very much interest for reality we always can explain expect a lot of problems on the border. and know how to. respond to a challenge it was imposed by georgia but rather more how to provide a chill on. the situation in gold is for going on the border with georgia will improve enough to mr bush for functional transfer control will
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border between up housing is the problem of tourism governments who set up policies and dependent on the most importance and i want to repeat the words of president bush who say that many times the most important thing is that we recognize also as we have come from we have more legitimacy to be considered as countrymen deal with . our. i mentioned that many times as long as georgia claims are causing its offices here georgia your question its legitimacy as a country seriously join control the territory of that which they claim and. it is up to georgia to decide which human should you want to seem. are they going to continue to be a proxy with jeem in the caucasus or are they going to rather the good from neighbors around them and to start building a peaceful course with all of this for the confrontation of all soviet union
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heritage and you can a critical use what sort of relationship does applies here maintain with russia and how do you expect it to develop we have agreements with the world. besides disagreements we have personal he's storing real good relations rather relations into into cultural narratives same way haven't we georgia but are we not claiming georgian territory when you're fighting them with a russian would have better relations for from russia is important economic report before because i was in many times approached by some of the. new democratic political who told me that if i was here say that we hate russia we will get immediate international support. i consider this. absolutely i'm absolutely in perspective. our relations with russia will continue because of
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that if we had good times where we had best best times we had also dramatically reduced in the way in through regimes but we managed to continue in the course of the managed to develop it in the better way so i think we have all. supposed to deepen and improve this foolishness i made them for the benefit of future generations how has the country changed since gaining independence in two thousand and eight in most of those who didn't bring more international into the into us and more cooperation mood investment. that. person has for the country. why do we couldn't or soon will bring us more. possible possibilities to choose an international forum. so let's see
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mr green chip thank you for your time with us today. wealthy british style assignments and happen last night. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser reports on our cheek to live not only next to the border of the gaza strip and egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves.
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but also for their loved ones. they are ready to take any risk. to. the streets. emissions free accreditation free in-store charges free maintenance free risk free studio types free. old free blank canvas clothing video for your media projects a free meal don carty dot com. twenty years ago the largest country in the book to certain places to.
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see. what had been a tremendous speech an adjournment. where did it take them. they faced it this is not a provocation but warning that. the forces should step before you showed us a pretty picture it speaks of they had no idea about the hardships the face. plate wanted to says it all took two minutes and for any army to life level you say that is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live at home real life stories from world war two mercs. victory nineteen forty five gulf r.t. talk come. we'll.
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bring you the latest on science and technology from the realms. we've got the future covered. for the fleet we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. party's top stories atrocity on punished the soldiers are cleared over the killing of innocent civilians including children in afghanistan four years ago to tell them about the. un accuses libyans political forces on both sides of the fence of committing war crimes nato's decision to prolong its military action there for another three months. and prosecutors in moscow have filed official charges against the prime suspect in the case of murdered russian journalist on the political scale they say they have enough evidence for a conviction. so many of us here next for you with the sports.
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you're watching the sports of dayton are to you thanks for joining us out of stories. glad to wince and i suppose the fall presidential race in the midst of a corruption scandal. by a shut up about progress is in the last for its allies are also and will battle not leave for a place in the ladies' singles final. and shaquille o'neal says goodbye to basketball after nineteen years for n.b.a. titles and olympic gold and a world cup gold medal. was the was an action by day a fever had quarters culminating in sept lot of being reelected president and seventy five year old was the only candidate after mohamed bin hammam withdrew from
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the running on sunday it's already been hmong was subsequently suspended on corruption charges the english and scottish football associations have tried to postpone the election over allegations qatar had bought the rights to its why in twenty two world cup but in the end more than eighty percent voted against it love the now takes charge of world the bulls governing body until twenty fifteen. now going into a new period of the. transparency and the controlling system and i think the message was clear. and because zero tolerance is not the only and the repeat pulled my neighbor or the man who plays there it's for everybody and it's for all the members. in the meantime people's major sponsors are worried and upset with the controversy coca-cola and didas publicly expressed their concerns over those
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corruption allegations now complete unity within feet by itself either with quite a number of nations clearly unsatisfied with the way the elections happened. there's always in these problems there are things to do some just nothing personal about this it's just people's opinions we all have different opinions but it finishes of what is most important is to look to the future we have to realize it's not to forget so we can correct things and if things don't we correct well that only correcting as all that happened not be the absolute truth. and among other issues the fifo congressman voted for world cup host countries to be chosen by all members opposed to the twenty four man executive board which previously made such decisions. law going to do more in the future the organization of the world cup will be decided by fifi's congress the executive committee will provide it surely
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it will make no recommendations only a list and the congress will decide on the venue who command that she will. now in turn is might as well out of the remains on course to live the only grand slam title that's eluded her to date the russian into the semifinals at longer also out of germany to andrea petkovic from start to finish so his four year old could not have asked for a better starter she said taking him by six games to love german brockovich do it for a little better in the second half not nearly enough to challenge the shut up of all both line match winning streaks before then but it was quite clear she was wrong a victory as was put down and six love story by scoring this was. there a few games in the beginning went to juice and then a night out and. even the first three zero played it for quite a bit of time because of those long games in just did really well in those this
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important points in the first i think now is the difference and in the beginning and. that of up and down in the second. and there will be no top seeds in the semi's for the first time going to take it because now i leave therefore save victoria the belorussian never finding a proper even against the chinese player seventy five. after winning matches. why i can play the semi. girls i mean and everything about their future for a national summit if you would thing. i think they should change and. now compare that to the men's side of the door where the top four in the world will do battle in the same models rafael nadal and ending all rejoining over talk of each and all the federal there are produced a clinical display exhibit twice finalists of insulting six for six.
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and was very positive to win. it off moment. like to be losing the first born with fantastic mike and then the line of robin. i think i did a lot of things very good so. the same time was supposed to have a close and the much because you have these feelings you feel that pressure and that a lot for for them as much so dull lending himself into a clash with andy murray the fourth ranked spot lost to progress after seeing off watching time better and want to challenge also in straight sets seven five seven five six to morrow he will need to improve significantly they'll as well has to start the plate on his way to a record equalling sixth braintree title. i was moving a lot better forward to move forward so it was.
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future nothing nothing major just. screw up with you all right. treatment not a voice. so it's a final climb and the ladies draw with both much as to expect plate later to say shut up of on not only will this last nonsense of cool bots only you will go up against a climbing champion skier of all that the highly anticipated man semi's on friday. now shaquille o'neal is saying goodbye to the sport after nearly two decades in the business and thirty nine year old analysing his decision but it's with all meals started his amazing career back in one thousand nine hundred two with the orlando magic moving to the l.a. lakers after four years he also played for miami phoenix cleveland and boston big shaq was the n.b.a. championships four times including a hat trick of consecutive titles with the lakers starting from two thousand that
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he also the most valuable player award that same year fifteen times all-star averaged twenty three point seven points a game over his north korea. saying in america where the stanley cup final has stayed close if and when cooper with the hosts going one meal ahead of the in the series after boston in the opening game or off the tourists and that's a group with nothing less than a minute left before the overtime to give they can extend their own victory built around the events of the world held on to record his consecutive shutouts game two is in vancouver on south st. and finally russia's republic of biggest stunt has been the jewel of the country's martial arts scene for years now the area has produced numerous olympic champions boding well ahead of next year's london games and among course are reports. wrestlers from the just done had always been some of the top producers of silverware for russia over the years locals have provided
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dozens of olympic medalists including hundreds of world and european championships trophy winners but first a few words about this tiny republican russia's north caucasus that you study is the country's sather most region on the coast of the caspian sea bordering i said by john in georgia it's also the country's most multi-ethnic area where fourteen languages are considered native with the russian one uniting over thirty different cultures and nationalities a local legend has it that when alice messager was handing out languages there was a severe snowstorm in dagestan causing him to dump all he had left when the weather sets old people came out of their homes and each settlement spoke a different song because douglas town is wonderful and unique and we are proud of our country our history and our culture we are a multi-ethnic republic with more than thirty peoples living together at a comparatively small territory we have a glorious history and we are looking into the future however it's not just legends and beauty that make this region stands out in russia combat sports especially
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freestyle wrestling seems to be the republic's forte and the locals themselves will probably tell you that it's in their blood you know what it is to people live and breathe wrestling indicted stuff it's a way of life and sometimes even the many of its darkest time has always helped russia step up from seventeenth or eighteenth place to second or third just take a look at the olympic games to distance russia and i could start in particular is that true world center for developing a freestyle wrestling over the years this region has produced forty waterworld and olympic champion so the holding of the world cup here in the very first time is a true recognition all the major d'agostini contribution to the sport and advancement of wrestling in dagestan and russia as a whole doesn't simply rest on the local sheer enthusiasm an international program . old fights and win has been launched in russia with the sports global promotion being just one of the objectives that i'm about is about is that the fight and win
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program has been a key plan of action of the wrestling federation of russia since two thousand and six it was initiated by sen suleyman karimov who chairs the federations board of trustees we have presented a plan of action up to the year two thousand and twenty to vladimir putin arrestor said immediately a training session with them and highly evaluated the results of the program then use that risk and events in dagestan are usually back to the rafters there are always people sitting even in the aisles and plenty more outside begging to get in and that's because people of that just on know they're risking and it doesn't matter whether the athletes from russia cuba iran or hungary a good performance will always be cheered this fact alone makes this small republic a perfect candidate for future grand wrestling events from on call through artsy russia's republic of dagestan. so all those stories you can find in our you tube channel which is our team sport news well coming up after this is the us stay with
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us. hungry for the full story we've got it from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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