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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. the future. former general recommended it your peers of the hague tribunal saying the charges against him of noxious some experts are just another killed in these five and it's a massacre was fabricated. a far it's an ammunition dump in central russia has triggered explosions which of injured dozens and forced thirty thousand from their homes. also accusations of flying as his theory around the new dog that's crippled the european vegetable market gathers pace.
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international news in comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is the recommended it has made his first appearance in front of the hague tribunal he didn't enter a plea but called the charges against him monstrous and noxious is please take place in a month from now the former bosnian serb army general is indicted on eleven counts of war crimes including the murder of eight thousand muslims its residents and that it had been on the run for sixteen years and was arrested last thursday his arrest and extradition was told by the e.u. was a key objective of serbia to gain membership concerns are about looks at the strength of the evidence being brought against him for sniping and shelling the village of said there needs in boston and herzegovina where we are right now featured prominently in the case against former bosnian serb army chief ahmad it's currently on trial in the hague despite claims of a thousand murdered man and boys here instead but i need so many of those who have studied those documents say that most of the reports actually concern the body
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parts the leg bones the femur bones and they've done. a basic count of those they also say that there is no discernible way to determine which of those people died as a result of the war if you have pictures of people people graves who were on the list in. previous years or there are people here again who died in previous years on the list of missing presumed killed by many people that we've spoken to believe that the hague crimes tribunal is being used as a political tool and not a legal one this is that they need to just a few miles out is the village of privates where bosnian muslim general nasser ordered a literally lights out the entire village throughout two years and that's an audit tore through the region of seven needs at this trying at least one hundred fifty
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there which is what it was cleared by the hague tribunal of all charges so these fears of the hague inability to be objective do seem to be substantiated. well we can now get more insight on this story from historian from historian specializing on the balkans it's not expect very much indeed for joining us here in r.t. will some of question the strength of the evidence will help again record an adage what's your. evidence has always been dubious showed watching war reach a point where if you can actually go to. all the hyperbole that consume converse facts and do this all cheap and i've often wondered why people have a tendency to exaggerate instinct beyond belief. just because this is known function of the war propaganda that there was in one of the first fortune these shooters fought with cameras as opposed to candidates. because you sorry to
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interrupt but you're saying aid saturation but does that mean. that actually some people have been laying that a massacre of a thousand muslims occurred to prevent one of the the death of america and what we're going to do to this way here is the evidence today how some people were actually executed syrians who do think there should be experts and forensics experts in this and researchers. turning over people were. actually white so they could you know what the evidence for actions were speaking as evidence on the screen by the looks of things that people sifting through mass graves as well do you want to see if there were people killed there were people killed in battle there were people shots there were people executed it's just that the execute i saw in its verdicts is saying well we found this many bodies we believe this will be how many bodies we find and believe in that assumption we're casting a verdict and calling it genocide this is the crux of the problem we're going to use nobody's abuse right mind here and we did people didn't die. it's just
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a question of how many people died in under what circumstances we should be to basic the basics of any cruelness to geisha why and that's sad. that it has been now being dubbed as the butcher of bosnia and his rest his arrest has been presented as the capture of evil. destiny function of reinforcing its image from the nine hundred ninety s. . where it had won the cold war and had lots of sense of purpose he's looking for a villain you can argue hero you can't you won't get unless you have a villain a black hat that finally gets. union collapsing into this straight yes and end of history feeling they get seasick on genocide and human rights is that really evil of their time and they need to go forth and vanquish and boss kings and you factored into this conflict to support a civil war and she wouldn't even be clear because the insurers who were nation needed people with more friends. if cleared the embassy should be able to clear
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them to consider the world as of course it was and you can throw out your gains or any of the other people in yugoslavia who had sponsorship were very eager to please and sponsors and begging for foreign support susan's you can situation which. really true power question was was in the city hall and the if this mythical mass media didn't. really exist and this has been perpetuated in prison there will obviously clearly knots will be made clear lots will be revealed during this impending trial now the son of rackemann abbott says that his father is too ill to stand trial do you think they're using ill health an excuse for him not to face these charges. well from what i've seen of his appearance in the courtroom he doesn't mind the one trial i mean he said i'm not afraid of myself and often with people just as i did back in the war and it was his phrase. i think he uses poor
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health you could see it on his face in the photographs that were released that he may actually die in custody. it would shoot again and you can verify it from a tribunal as as a judicious situation and it seems to be but he would not necessarily be a throwback for the propaganda machine it's you know what it is the butcher of bosnia or the people who. comes in and he marries this is through your good spirits just briefly uncannily what will this as a historian from your point of view what will this trial mean whatever the conclusion is in terms of whether he doesn't have the problem goes on and on and on but the fact that these two are now behind bars most of it of course died in custody what does this mean for the country from a historical point of view and for the future of such a thought well that this the icici war and sponsorship you will find in the countryside is you could believe that this is a triumph and you want this policy to the insists we rewrite history to preserve
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the bills and this was all the work you're going aggression agrarians fiercely to create greater syria. and i think that will be the case and you know c.t.y. is for the repairs he insulted every day of its existence and it's already your confusion is no longer as unquestioned as it was ten years ago and already significant doubts are emerging about the quality of its evidence that it will leave these proceedings and i think the attempt to rewrite history that is being conducted through walk was a poor one at that is ultimately going to fail the boy to manage historian specializing in the balkans joining us live there in washington d.c. thank you. well another man wanted in the hague is libyan leader colonel gadhafi part is financial not great comebacks keyser says the man is bored and picked him to be international because. libya is experiencing what many people in america and around the world are experiencing financial rate. later in the program we take a look at how the bank has gladly accepted billions and wasted it.
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still to come but first a major foreign ammunition storage depot in central russia has been raging for twenty four hours now and it's triggered a series of explosions it's forced tens of thousands out of their homes and left over sixty people injured two elderly people have died from heart attacks said to have been brought on by the incident. that has more for us now. well the situation has it's likely improved at the size of the fire but it is still described as being very serious indeed of course how they spread across the central russian region all that moved here late last night when a fire broke out military depo at around eleven fifty pm most a time on thursday and now five unsponsored multiple explosions at the depot which houses amalia's solitary maurine rocket shells east of the crowds multiple rocket launching it systems thousands were evacuated from the surrounding area we do understand that some people all beginning to trickle back into the region and
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returned to their homes we proceed to pull the dozens of people have been hospitalized and all of the medical assistance and also very soundly beaten hundred pools that some elderly people have suffered fatal heart attacks as a result of the stress schools on by xplosion what a huge effort is being undertaken by emergency officials here to try and bring the blaze under control over five hundred five colleges have been battling the blaze since it took hold just the scale of what's happening there that is expected to rage on full at least another day a mobile firefighting machinery have also now been sent to the sides alongside five fighting aircraft at the coolest isn't this blaze a still unknown it was initially filled with a cigarette might have sons of the blaze this officials now dismissed that saying that said that could not have been the sole trick of the sancerre blaze but sadly this is not put the such place to happen at an altitude redeco in central russia
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only last week a similar plays at zouk place in the neighboring republic of bashkirs and to achieve years ago in november two thousand and nine another blaze happened as a decade in the city all through the neither of those two places were as serious as this current one that says sadly this is not the first time this or. says the central areas have been faced with such a blaze. prism admitted says despite the authorities claiming the far has been contained evacuees shouldn't return to their homes until it is put out addressing the defense minister those responsible for the accident must be punished. the world owes it. to people for i recently spent over two weeks. using merging defense minister must report i will answer for that and harmless since certain people feel to draw conclusions we'll have to strip them of their shoulder straps. by the way to keep up to date on this story you can check us out on
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facebook where we've got a full length amateur video of the inferno and instant updates on the story there plus right from the center of the disaster unique pictures brought to you by unmanned drones or you can just log on to facebook slash our team used to follow this story and tell you about in some detail. if. the. international bankers have reportedly wasted billions of dollars invested by libyan leader colonel gadhafi the financial times says giants like goldman sachs were
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dealing with the dictator's investments when it needed to play the whole journey economic crisis i said the money has been lost but with what's going on in libya any repayments likely daniel bushell has more from berlin submerge that western banks have been happy to invest or work with libyan dictator while we get our feet and picking up huge sums in the process as you say francis so it's a general was. to make a billion dollar bets on its own shares it told me that it's a make a billion dollar bets all its own shares which then lost practically all their value by last year. pocketed huge sums huge fees in the process american linda goldman sachs made a billion dollar investment for libya which then lost over ninety eight percent of its value and many of the western. may dissolve investments for libya's national investment fund now the interesting thing is that these brains are
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claiming they would have to pay any of that money back because the west's current war with libya means that gadhafi is an illegitimate ruler. financial next college i think it's another case when markets have been used as a weapon. but i'm hearing is that frederick today they see society general lloyd blankfein c.e.o. goldman sachs and tony blair have all been marked for death by liberty and assassins as a campaign to rectify what libya perceives as a blatant disregard for their sovereign wealth fund and libya is experiencing what many people in america and around the world are experiencing financial rape by bankers whether it's down an extra hour at the i.m.f. or whether it's lloyd blankfein or whether it's frederic who did everyone's getting financially raped by these bankers and we can only guess as to what the outcome
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might be of course this all goes back to two thousand and four when tony blair was in libya and doing deals with moammar gadhafi even at that time my understanding is that he was setting banks up in the west to swoop in and start to pick apart the sovereign wealth fund and of course when tony blair left number ten downing street it's like a position with j.p. morgan he went right to j.p. morgan and he started setting the libyan for these deals immediately and they just was throwing blood to the sharks of goldman sachs within society generale swooped in and now they've all been marked for death because they use weapons of mass financial destruction so they use the markets as a weapon and this is what they're telling people to america right now give us more debt so they can finance more spend to the pats we can go into more foreign countries we can load up more countries in debt and of course that'll force those countries to put their folks into austerity like we're seeing in grace again lloyd blankfein c.e.o. of goldman sachs and john paulson hedge fund manager were in greece two years
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before the recent austerity measures plotting the takedown of greece and the car both of those assets again who in the world has the balls to take these bankers down to the chopping block and three can get rid of all like they did back two hundred years ago that's the only solution. talk a little earlier here on the mall meanwhile as the operation in libya continues and u.s. senate has rebuked president obama for the u.s. involvement without legislative approval to discuss the developments in libya i'm joined live from seattle by ramsey prove he's editor of palestine chronicle dot com thanks for joining us here on r.t. effect will congress putting into question u.s. military involvement have ongoing action in libya do you think. from his circle experiences specially the recent ones in iraq and afghanistan we can predict that it's really going to have very little effect to washington is much more jittery when it comes to war these days thanks to their experiences in the middle east but
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also seemed to in the past the congress have. taken on such initiatives and questioned the wisdom of. previous presidents did very little really start what is taking place and i don't think libya is going to be the exception i mean you were there in the usa i was talking to a commentator in the u.s. not long ago and he was saying about a could be impeach this is that really likely. no not truly i mean we've seen worse things happening you know iraq is the prime example i mean the fact the whole war was under the rug of of weapons of mass destructions and all of that and we discovered that it was a ploy it was largely an intelligence glory and it was done for political reasons and for a really pre-decided military edge and then political agenda and the president
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wasn't beached and in fact one of the very early promises that barack obama has made is that he would not go after bush once he is no longer the president so we can't imagine a scenario in which obama would very. it's all involvement really in libya if you compare this to the leading role that the u.s. has played in iraq and afghanistan would be impeached over something like this if you're a journalist why is there more media attention on libya than let's say yemen at the moment. because we have we have a lot of interest in libya while we were interest in yemen it really is more or less with on the side of ali abdullah saleh we have a great deal of military infrastructure in yemen a so-called war on terror underway and. has played. very. very three of robel rule as far as u.s. interests in yemen are and so i you know it wouldn't make
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a lot of sense for the u.s. to come out you know gun blazing against the less they would like to see a scenario in which maybe is not there but not a fundamental change. also happening in yemen in libya is different it's more of a distance battle is needed not war or it's more of a european battle than an american doctor and i think it allows the u.s. to get involved in the so-called arab spring by playing a major war in iraq in the future of this spring without exacted and very heavy military and political rights in other words letting the likes of the u.k. to do the military aspect while it pulls the strings behind the scenes. that's precisely what is happening and this is something that we are we are we predicted really considering the. turmoil that took place and previous military adventures i don't think neither obama nor any other american president is scheme will pull it
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off yet another major battlefield in libya or elsewhere and therefore they came up with this scenario in which the u.s. is involved but not really france and britain are playing the major role but the u.s. is also been a fitting from whatever. triumph that will come out of the situation in libya really interesting here we have to say ramzi group thank you time editor of palestine chronicle dot com joining me live there in seattle on his webcam thank you. well the legality of u.s. intervention in libya has also been discussed in the latest edition of crosstalk don't miss that that's coming your way in about ten minutes from now here on r.t. . well time now to look at headlines that are appearing across the world at this stage of the day other world news in brief while the. opposition forces of shelled a presidential residence in the capital reportedly wounding the embattled leader
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there the country's president ali abdullah saleh has allegedly been slightly injured and is now undergoing treatment and government denies he's been hurt even has been in a state of virtual civil war the president refused to step down three months ago. to greece now and the country's agreed in principle on the second bailout package from the european union and the international monetary fund it comes as the government of the debt ridden country wrapped up negotiations over new austerity measures tough rescue initiatives a spot nationwide protest with hundreds taking to the streets and another rally is expected in athens tomorrow. the european commission has criticized russia's decision to ban imported but stickles from europe in the wake of the outbreak of prime minister putin says people's lives are more important. are you going to ensure good at. explaining the european commission say russia's decision goes against the spirit of the w t o frankly i don't know about that but the cucumbers the people of the a.b.m. that's not the kind of thing that raises your spirit we are waiting for our
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partners to at least named a contagion as dative cells don't know what's going on we can't expose our people for the sake of some kind of spirit which i will of course review the validity of our public health service decision but nevertheless we are waiting for updates from our european colleagues. he has so far claimed at least eighteen lives most of them in germany have been public health officials were quick to blame spanish cucumbers as the source but they've now backtracked and it is not clear where the outbreak originated spring says it may not be legal action against germany for that mistake countries vegetable exports are being crippled costing millions of euros but that's me while he's the founder and chief editor of the day you told me earlier that mainstream media has contributed to the gathering hysteria . i don't believe that we have enough information at this time to be able to determine whether or not there's going to be a real serious break here that's going to cause serious you know human casualties beyond the numbers that we've seen to date but certainly the mainstream media is
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having you know their normal run at trumpeting this to be another grand hysteric situation that needs to be dealt with quickly dealing with it in a responsible way i don't i don't believe that that's necessarily the true nature of the w.h.o. so so to talk about and dealing with in a responsible manner i think that's what the mainstream media's job is to try to do is to you know prop up the importance of these sorts of international organizations similar to how the i.a.e.a. was propped up by the mainstream media is to try to help find solutions for the japanese crisis the w.h.o. is and has proven to be in the past a spokesperson for our spokes spokes group for the various interests that are interested in developing one world type of governance and basically the mainstream media is there is there is is there and there are active propaganda machine at least the western mainstream media so i would expect him to do anything more than continue to trumpet these headlines in a way that will cause more and more hysteria and drive more and more people into believing that these organizations like the w. h. o. are actually there to do something about it. he's coming up as promised when about
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five minutes from now but before that it's the business updates with mitri. i don't warm welcome to business not see russian markets end of the week in the red following than expected jobs in the u.s. on friday this raised yet more concerns the recovery of the world's biggest economy stalling. has been compounded by generally poor dates in europe and asia coupled with a recurring debt problems around the world as chris weakens take on the problem. in fact a series of disappointing or weaker than expected economic data points in major economies from the u.s. europe and china and that's certainly undermined you know expectations and economic growth would accelerate this year so you know where we're at right now and what we see in the markets is just reflecting the fact that optimism for even faster growth
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commuter two thousand and twelve is now giving way to a more sobering reality that we're going to we're still struggling to kind of stay just above the positive like the discussion about the ending of the quantity of easing us this month and whether or not this third bout of easing may even be required to propel you can't move forward but that's the big question mark that economists and investors are looking at saying you know what is there to drive this market higher. so the stock market's now in moscow stocks took a dip after the u.s. job was a reason. we are two years in the friday one point three percent my six one percent and the majors were taking the worst beating with gazprom down three point six percent what is called was slightly better the market's down point two percent shares were being supported by speculation about an upcoming merger with the world's leading gold miner preferred shares are back just six percent on reports
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that the bank may convert ordinary shares and this could boost their record as the head of privatisation. no more spanish cucumbers or brussels sprouts russia will be on a diet free of european vegetables until the government is sure they are free of eco like not only will this make it more difficult to find your five a day in russia it could also make them more expensive if this class long enough this will create inflationary pressures there's no question about it the question is how long this will last is this just a one off or is this a bigger problem that will last a long. way and i think this. i want to really and this should be very short because if i'm actually not in anyone's interest and it's the last thing that the government wants is additional inflationary pressure and. this needs stimulated film of the local produce series but remember that if you look at the national operators national retail chains this source still
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a very small percentage locally for different reasons. but for russia to lift the burden europe warns it's against w g a rules and could hit and russia's access to the organizations. from the business there's an hour coming up that some are saying the headlights. culture is the same i understand my commanders know you will most on the back of me
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and look at you from the markers of the war powers act the president must get approval from congress within sixty days of the ordering u.s. forces into combat now the president. and nine hundred eighty two dr ralph minster at university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into an ounce. on all the main and risk issues what's next if there is a ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for the produce aside and only five percent. of the gender mean the independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if it transgenic fish escapes what
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kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population we don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states or our legislatures rather will be avoid all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what can be more important than deciding on the for them. in a genetic future of life on earth. the . man in the russian movie soon which bryson if you knew about someone from finds to trace you to some. of these for instance our teeth don't comb. wealthy british style sites it's just not on the streets guys let's go.


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