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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a major u.s. bank allegedly loses a billion dollar investment by libya putting the financial woes of the american and the libyan people in the same boat. a huge fire which has been raging for more than a day blew up and i mean isn't that know when central russia has been extinguished . and the smart phones on to secure phones as a moscow tech claims it can retrieve a personal data from any device for such. a
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very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow and the reception for libya could be another name on the list of alleged victims of the giant u.s. investment bank goldman sachs bank is currently being investigated by the american government for its part in the two thousand and eight financial crisis it's supposedly lost a one billion dollar investment made by tripoli three years ago but as a marine airport now reports from new york the bank is hardly concern. long before the u.s. led airstrikes against libya's moammar gadhafi the dictator and one of america's most profitable banks were financial friends in two thousand and eight according to the wall street journal goldman sachs offered khadafi the chance of becoming a huge shareholder only after losing ninety eight percent of libya's one point three billion dollars sovereign wealth fund in just a few months they have lost
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a staggering percentage i don't know how you'll lose ninety percent of something it was at that on options on the european banks and energy companies whose stocks plunged shortly thereafter but in any case clearly they saw a goldmine in khadafi when the fund controlled by colonel qadhafi nearly empty goldman only offers to recruit losses of wording to the journal libya would get five billion dollars worth of gold and shares in return for making a point seven billion dollar investment in the securities firm libya agreed to buy the banks debt with the promise of a lucrative annual six percent return for twenty years gave me knew it was about him and he knows that and there they were selling them selling these libyans a piece of junk which was themselves libyan sovereign wealth fund officials are reportedly accusing goldman of misrepresenting investment deals and making trades
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without proper authorization but others proudly admit playing fast and loose with kentucky's money american real estate and reality show tycoon donald trump boasts that he lied to n.b.c. and libyan leader in the past i reckon from a piece of land he paid me well paraffin you are naive to believe where groups at all here after two years i don't get a lot of news the way and why we should be doing more sent over new jersey want to use the word scrap or a screw out of now. critics say the libyan people stand to get screwed by wall street trump's comments were very interesting in terms of the attitude that american executives and american officials have too as other countries did their to be screwed and he said it publicly and he advocated it as a policy and he did it personally due to frozen assets and financial sanctions imposed by the us europe and the united nations can really be a sovereign wealth fund arguably you forgot about unless one of the world's top
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financial firms is held accountable so americans have been demanding that for years without any success dasi achieve what the american people and the american government can't or won't achieve i don't think so i think that they're going to get away with this you know big billion dollar boondoggle with libya just as they've done it with america goldman sachs is currently being investigated for playing a major role in the two thousand eight hundred four crisis a crisis that cost americans millions of their jobs homes and life savings while a military conflict currently divides the u.s. and libya uniting citizens of both countries is the financial game wall street has made at their expense or in upper nile artsy new york. and meantime a florida based investment banker bernie goldman says the buying separations with libya could be part of
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a wider cong. if we are two percent of the world oil supply you became a target the sovereign nation turns their back on the primary target of some of the biggest investment banks worldwide but the obama administration has created a criminal investigation and it is now getting information our sources tell us they have good evidence that the bakers were told the materials they were selling in the sovereign nation firms were truly bad assets they knew they were bad assets and they were moving them or near or in putting them on the accounts of libya norway and iceland and that's a crime. as the list of u.s. banks troubles get even bigger countries that has the possibility of a debt ceiling being raised it becomes more of a reality experts say the move could only mean more economic pain for the country party reports senate just a few minutes. nato helicopters have hit their first targets in libya russian
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foreign ministry sort of a laugh it off there has denounced the deployment as a step towards a ground operation. we expressed our opinion of at least escalation of the military operation we think what's happening is a shift stall it's a ground operation this will be very regretfully because the violations of the security council resolution already taken place and more than enough to think about the attitude towards the guns decisions. for protection and the french has attacked his forces near the port city of brega they were deployed just days after nato extended its intervention for another three months recent weeks are seen intensified allied airstrikes on the nepean army. there are indications that the low can start which will produce a genuine libyan political process if you simply keep dictating things from the outside by supporting the rebels by saying that this person has to go this person
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has been state bringing somebody in announcing that some particular individual is legitimate the other is more legitimate then you have to the country just go ahead and adopt the country do not the rock in libya we don't believe that as a i was trying to say that is foreign capitals can determine who is going to leave the country and what has happened going to happen there there has to be a political process so our idea is that there must be a ceasefire as quickly as possible because it can produce a situation where civilians are not going to suffer any longer and political. party that nato is stepping up its attacks on libya is more proof that the mission cannot be called humanitarian and there just thinking. you know who plays them by the government that's a symbol is no they're not at the. time. the russian government will say that look the americans are the thinking.
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it's not. just. this once a week maybe and later say that another. day in. the world and say different solution to this what. was once there are only safe. consumption is missing what it is very normal than a concession because the americans are necessarily irregular we have one side in a. region. and a concession because if you never. now the u.s. congress has slammed president obama for launching the operation in libya without its consent but will this change anything. we can predict that it's really going to have very little effect we talked to ramsey by ruta editor of palestine chronicle
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dot com you can check out our web site r t v dot com for that full interview. now with the russian military says a massive fire at an i mean that's been raging for over twenty four hours has been extinguished and the number of those injured in the accident continues to rise currently stands at seventy eight now dozens of buildings have been destroyed almost thirty thousand people were forced to leave their homes peter oliver is in the region and brings us the latest. we're actually at the moment on the edge of the security perimeter that's been set up around this munitions holding facility we've seen helicopters and airplanes dousing the smoldering area around it there are no flames there we can see just now firefighters said they had the situation localized contained now from what we've seen we've been here this morning that is exactly the case they are few areas of the forest around with the storage facility is that are still smoldering but this they are not on fire now being doused on the
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sky there are however explosions still going off about three or four an hour now these on to the same type of explosions we saw from the fire that started over twenty four hours ago these are controlled explosions being carried out by special forces bomb disposal experts they've been working round the clock to make sure that any ordinance that was damaged by fire can be safely put out of harm's way and we've been hearing some horrific tales from the villages about the evening when when this fire took place. where we were right now inside some of us were still wearing our sleepers and my guns. i was putting on my jacket when i heard a shell rammed into the wall and plaster began falling off i grew up whatever i couldn't started running. when we arrived we saw huge flames as the massive explosions. now the pictures that we've seen from this displays when it was at its
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height we say the shells exploding all around some horrific scenes because many people were injured some of those have been released from hospital some are still receiving treatment in this village is home to a lot of elderly people when this fire started they they sought shelter in a basement that had to be rescued. and mainly elders who had embrace them and some were evacuated by rescue teams we then took over and moved through to hospitals in evacuation sentences and no one understood what was going on so everybody took out . as best as they could just last week there was a fire in cheery and a similar type of facility to this one where i am now president to meet him a bit of his being scathing in his comments suggesting that two fires in two weeks is too many to be allowed to take he saw a trend was beginning to appear now he's promised a full investigation into how this was allowed to happen and has promised that heads will roll if you finds out this any people in power flaunting the safety
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procedures as president has said that if any senior military personnel are found to be to be negligent they will be removed from their positions. peter all of our reporting right now you can follow the situation in russia's republic all for all the more to you as well as watch the spectacular videos the file online just log onto our to see free video that's a free video section to check out unique footage of the fire taken by man the drones the state of the art planes are used by the emergency services to monitor the situation you can view and even download the high def video it free of video arts he thought can. pretty free. free. free. free. free. mediocre for your media. free media john darche drugs.
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you with us here live from moscow now. charles a month before you have to enter a plea to charges of genocide during his first appearance at the hague tribunal the former bosnian serb general called the accusations monstrous and up not just the former army chief has been charged with eleven counts of war crimes including his part in the massacre of eight thousand muslims at seventy. five live it was arrested at last thursday after sixteen years in hiding and handing over to the court was seen as a key condition before serbia could join the e.u. still there are many steps to be taken before membership some experts say it's not always this complicated to join the group. those conditions don't need to be met if the e.u. likes you. and romania who admitted for very obvious strategic reasons and didn't
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meet any particular conditions at all in so doing the real reason that serbia is outside the e.u. club as it were is that the serbian succession is problems of course will. not be resolved that's the situation it's the least to be resolved and the e.u. prefers serbia to negotiate regarding that situation while on its knees which is a position that mr pettitte is very familiar with those original figure eight thousand came out there about from these are bigger which islam is side they were prepared in advance. thousands of people were hidden soldiers and drafted back into the. list forces without their families even being informed so there is certainly a great deal of exaggeration in the figure tribunal is socially justifying his existence it was set up by madeleine albright's to point an accusing finger at the serbs and to hide the existence of the joint criminal conspiracy to destroy the state the forms the state of yugoslavia over half the heart of the adult population
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of serbia died to form get out male population so we died to former yugoslavia which was destroyed by the west of ours and their hatred of you is there's a plane an entirely different picture it's the one tunnel most of europe where people are held for years without trial waiting for trial when they're when the revert is known in advance in fact is even worse than the grandson of a bear of europe because at least there in the guantanamo bay the judges know what the rules are at the hague tribunal is kangaroo court the rules are worked out as they go along and always at the expense of the serbs meantime iraq at lyons the deputy editor of the online magazine spike lee says what's going on in the hague now is a show trial and the outcome already set in stone. i don't think there's anything. fair about this trial it's all about the whole process. i think what's what's happening it is that the kind of the outcome is kind of been it's been set already it's a bit of a show trial i think. as
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a result i think it's very much about bolstering the west's position and making the west look like it's free it's a friend of justice and the largest has already been set up for the bad guy in this i'm not for all of remote thinking that she's our wonderful human being but there were crimes on all sides in that war and to pick out one side was worse than the other is a bit peculiar of the situation with what you murkier there were opportunists nationalists politicians on all sides and some fairly brutal people behind them as well. contributors to the arts he forum are saying that the hague tribunal should be dissolved in a very few it has no legal grounds to exist and if you go to our web site you can have your say on whether general ratko militants will get a fair trial at the u.n. of war crimes court r t v dot com is the address where you can express your opinion . well a huge source of personal data in the palm of your head that's what
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a smart phone has become is that all that private information kept on your high tech device can easily become public knowledge. has discovered how. what does your i phone four know about you and who can access this information. even when i'm not making a phone call and just walking around with every step this tracked my dear graphical location if i don't decide to connect at a. nearby cafe my phone records as well if i then decide to send an e-mail perhaps some private passwords all of that information is stored on a device itself in fact this is a treasure trove of private data that's kept there for months and sometimes even years until now it could at least protect itself with paul's words that were hard to crack but now companies so this is hack the defenses of the i phone four for several thousand dollars they will hand over all the data on any protected device.
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sammy we are a force for good we don't just give the data to anyone we require people to fill in a twenty page form to say that they need it. despite these reassurances many see to development as a cause for concern. for them to do this is a bad idea whatever their intentions are now they have created more opportunities for law greatest access to private data. the moscow based company which specializes in breaking down security systems so far clients have been police security services and relatives of people who died. as for privacy concerns the crickets say if it was an them it would be somebody else but. we can forget about the idea of privacy altogether whenever you go on the internet if you are already revealing everything about your so much as it is becoming that way with using your phone levine at their
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love has just one piece of advice if you do a small phone and make sure you don't let anyone else get hold of it either there are no artsy moscow. you can always find more on all the stories we're covering of course on our website dot com also there for you today hard labor instead of life imprisonment russian lawmakers have come up with a punishment for serious crimes to replace the death penalty you can find out how the initiative is being received. plus george w. bush alongside. discover who else made it to the list of the worst people of all time published in an american school yearbook.
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nation's free cretaceous free in-store charges free the arrangement free is free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free medio dog to our teeth dot com. the closer the team has been to the older grand richard thank you the turning point more to. this time of our kid goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transit in their ancestors. and where the mysterious city of the deadlock will come the republic of north. russia
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keep. looking back you without seeing life are moscow now moody's a ratings agency has warned the u.s. it may downgrade its credit rating if washington doesn't make progress on dealing with its death has increased speculation the u.s. will have to raise its debt ceiling which was already reached in mid may but economist peter schiff believes that will only make a bad situation worse but we have to do is stop borrowing all this money you mentioned earlier that one of the problems is that we have to raise the debt ceiling that's one of the only good things out there that feel it is still there unfortunately they're going to raise it we're going to go deeper into debt which means bigger problems and this is not you know the economists are describing this is the stock that it's not it's quicksand and economists who think this is a soft patch these are the same people who want to. two thousand and seven said the u.s. economy had never been in better shape they didn't see this crisis coming right never
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understood the problem with the u.s. economy and they still don't understand of they think that government stimulus me problems better it it allowed the problems to get worse. and the number of people finding a new job in america is at its lowest level in eight months very own new york resident has hit the streets this time finding out who is worth paying for an education and when there are no jobs at the end of the line. with today's tough job market is it worth spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for college education this week let's talk about that how much does college cost in poland college for free. any the state it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars so probably it's a problem if i get caught on and young people from all over the world are bought off on it and it needs to stop now i'm not going to say that the government
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needs to pay for it but i think young people need to wake up and look around them and say you know it's not an accident that bill gates was self-taught maybe if kids took two or three years before they went to school and had a little life experience and then had some purpose to their study might make more sense what is the be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars even at that point i don't think so i live on one year of accounting i took undergraduate. i wrote millions of dollars on that one course which i only paid two hundred dollars for i own a business i hire the best people i can get if you're not if you have a college if you don't have a college education don't even come to my office and apply to what you where did you go to college i went to college in texas and you use what you learned every day absolutely do you think it depends on what field you're and possibly but let me tell you this without an education you just have a whole lot tougher time in life but we're also told that we all have to go otherwise we won't succeed. faster than i was so it's been offered
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a choice not to go to uni as you call it. around if i certainly need to go i mean is known to be way out of range and if you go to the top schools and you the rich people can afford it why is that don't do you think that would set us back over the long run in terms of what we can pay. hughes really is i think if you look around your economy and the rich are getting rich and the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is falling away people are seeing real estate in the new economy i think the american people are suffering the bottom line is that most employers still think a college education is important and ultimately it's their opinion right or wrong. you without so you know i search out some other headlines from around the world at this hour dozens of killed by security forces opened fire on protesters in the
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syrian city of hama a hundred thousand people poured into the streets in the largest demonstration since the uprising began in march witnesses say cyclists were shooting from the rooftops while police were firing tear gas and live ammunition internet services have been cut to prevent demonstrators from posting videos of the crackdown by. high levels of radiation have been observed in the crippled fukushima plant in japan the operator says it is the most elevated radiation level ever detected in the air inside the number one reactor steam has also been coming from that part of the plant the high levels were detected by a remote controlled robot. but today's a stressful life in the big city demands that people look after their health more closely than ever that most go out visits the russian capital the best places to recharge one's batteries. the. city the
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nation in some the first few inches of snow. in winter broaches the dry and the most and in. this in the this is the city joke it's. actually is. mental. up to school to sleet freezing. moscow is coming your way next hour here on the hot seat now a coming away shortly a special program the focus is on the fate of form of republics of the u.s. i saw twenty years after its collapse but first the headlines are coming your way after a short break. that
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are killing us here was a base of course and that's never answered. mom a song the most cost for me i think garbage every day. i steal the flyers fired
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from the memories. so much so a long time the series from. i was afraid. i was ashamed that i did i was ashamed to. go. oh i don't know. about believe what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but you know most older on the other side and i think i'm just. hungry for the full story we've got to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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