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wealthy british science it's a. free. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars a report on r.g.p. . welcome back this is all to you live from moscow i'm real research a recap now of the top stories a major u.s. bank allegedly loses a billion dollar investment from libya as a sovereign a well funded goldman sachs is one of the banks playing for the recent economic crisis putting the financial woes of the american and libyan people in the same boat. meanwhile in libya nato helicopters have hit the first targets talking colonel gadhafi forces near the port city of praeger russia's foreign minister has
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slammed the coalition's actions saying it's a signal the ground operations in the country on moving. and a huge fire which has been raging for more than a day and it destroyed and i mean death toll in central russia has been extinguished there are still occasional explosions and the number of injured in the incident is nearing ninety. four those are the headlines for this saturday here on out so you know coming your way next our special report focuses on how the x. soviet republic of all media has developed two decades after the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . people living in this land seven thousand years ago will already making wine and shoes this world's oldest shoe was van right here in this hole in the fourth century armenia adopted christianity as its state religion i was fit for us and. in the early twentieth century armenians went through the horrors of genocide we thought of only one point five million years we
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killed groups with armenia broke free from the soviet union in september one thousand nine hundred ninety one what has independence brought to this ancient country. in two thousand and eight archeologist police just barely a man could have rivaled armenian politicians in terms of popularity news of his discovery had spread far and wide throughout the world in caves in the mountains around the village of allegheny the archaeologists had found the settlements dating back to the year five thousand b.c. the gods of this also with these vessels were among the first finds a group when we saw them it was immediately clear to us that they voted from the culture in stone age that means the people were in really living in the east coast
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seven thousand years ago civil communities my entering very close contact inhabited in areas who were touring the north caucasus and miserable time into the used margret from north to service and resells to north of the us. excavation work at the site of the ancient settlement has been going on for three years now but archaeologists are still unable to say with certainty what kind of people lived in these caves seven thousand years ago. just take a little contingency a very interesting ritual the bodies of babies under one year of age old bear intact but women between the ages of eleven and twenty five simply chalked up to full burials. the most interesting artifact was found in the caves in two thousand and eight the world's oldest shoe was dug up from a depth of just half a meter is estimated to be about six thousand years old zeus world's oldest shoe
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was very right here in this hole it took was a great deal of effort to get it with the discovery of the settlement is an event of crucial importance to the small transco occasion country armenians are proud of the long history of this land and the find reinforces their pride. in on india there are a few other handicrafts they can unite generations is not such as the making of hatch cars or tombstones. the arts has undergone little change throughout its thousand year history and i am a chisel and stone are all that's needed for the job a man and his grandson are working on this touch cut. this year i've done this i like the job. will pop it is handed down from generation to generation. the one who taught me as my grandfather. over the course of his long
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life the elderly man has made scores of hatch cars nowadays in mentors his grandson in the ways of hatch car sculpting. there are millions of hijackers here each with a different isp they different just as people do all the curving patterns are different even on some particular can still get busy to show that the world isn't perfect. each grave or monastery has its own tailor made tombstone normally it takes about a month to make one this symmetry in a village of nora those is one of the oldest in armenia the long history of this caucasian country a history packed with. drama can be traced by looking at the tombstones up until the seventh century look quite simple at that there is nothing but across the dark the first crust of.
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the hash code is in the symmetry don't feature carvings although the graveyard of the small town of spit tag is much larger. than before the quake it was a small symmetry but as you can see now it's quite big. which are some of it too soon for today's to bury quake victims our thoughts such as c.n.n. comes to the symmetry quite often he always follows the same groups in this more full place as he moves from one grave to another on the sim of the seventh one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he lost nearly all of his family. it was ten forty am when the first tremor with a magnitude of seven on the ridge the scale shook spit out thirty seconds later the
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tiny town was no more just a pile of rubble. more than the one of the main street in a center of the town was c. and. one quake struck there were people in every apartment out of five story houses over phillis's here and both sides of the road you practically all of them fell advance a few years earlier roos lying on the was filled could be seen after the quake of one. there is a church where our tours house once was more than twenty years on there are few reminders of that devastating earthquake. but in a cold month of december one thousand nine hundred eighty eight people around the world came to know the name of this small town in armenia aid began pouring in. from across the soviet union at that time armenia was part of it. the powerful earthquake effectively all of armenians northern areas as well as. the scale of the disaster only became apparent after several days just
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a handful of people had survived under the rubble the earthquake had claimed twenty five thousand lives. such as the each the door when the smoke cleared away three or four hours after the earthquake became clear the town had been razed to the ground they'd begin arriving towards leaving because there were no rooms for. some of the aid came from numerous diasporas in foreign countries. this footage shows charles as an avoider a french singer of armenian origin after a visit to devastated spitz attack he vowed to do his best to help armenia. i was really shocked by what i saw and spit out. i could never imagine their polling scale of that disaster. because so many people were killed here look at.
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the french cinema set up a fund for the earthquake struck country the money was used to restore dozens of houses in state tacon goalless armenia's second largest town it too had been affected by the disaster the town's residents unveiled the monument to as know for as a token of gratitude to him here for a memory on build a monument on the twenty second of september two thousand our journey was not what people from all over our new came here were also visitors from france. after the break up of the soviet union in one nine hundred ninety one reconstruction work in armenian town slowed down the new houses built in the three years after the disaster made up only one fifth of those destroyed by. the earthquake. we came here on december second we were given a room on the ground floor and we still lived here most of the canons here are refugees. and his family also lost their home in december one thousand
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nine hundred eighty eight they became refugees but not as a result of the earthquake it was a bloody interethnic conflict that forced them to flee. armenia is a republic situated in the trans caucuses enjoin the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred twenty two when the republic won independence in september one thousand nine hundred ninety one this was the most troubled region in the post soviet space the country was a war with neighboring azerbaijan over nagorno-karabakh.
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that shocked the world for the winter. this issue and this is our home. these are my grandchildren doing their homework. because it is our stove it and we made it ourselves because there is no other source of leading india out of the shoe and his house in azerbaijan's capital of baquba was larger and more comfortable they had to leave their native city in a hurry already there was gunfire in the garden he cared about as and by johnny's fleeing that area meanwhile the situation for armenians living in. azerbaijan was becoming increasingly dangerous. and i went through quite a good deal for instance my husband had an aunt with a dark complexion it was easy to see that she was a median she was attacked several times under natural. the conflicts root cause
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stems from the one nine hundred twenty s. when azerbaijan and armenia joined the soviet union the golden age care about a territory where armenians had been a predominant population from time immemorial was placed on the other by john's control it didn't matter much you controlled nagorno-karabakh back then the soviet republics were part of an integrated country at a time bomb eventually went off and violence erupted between the two in the late one nine hundred eighty s. . the soviet government showed signs of weakness but the start of perestroika when people were told they could speak up without running the risk of being imprisoned or executed of people across the soviet union again talking about their concerns i mean eons in a golden color buck started dozen questions they wanted to know why the old part of azerbaijan even though armenia was next door to a country populated by people of the same nationality and culture or you would you
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want to feel as though the richer. who flatly rejected yet advance demands the new gold any kind of back be handed over to armenians control. meanwhile the first major interethnic conflict was gathering pace in the soviet union south it had been fuelled by events in the small town of some guy the azerbaijan's capital the soon good massacre was the point of no return people were murdered mind you people were killed not even going to care about itself but in soon going to a town situated far from the going to care about the good of the there is no war now but there is no peace either we knew there was no patient treaty to control the . no honor and i'm certainly not a target of those times here is nearly dead you i was in the army then was memories
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of those days come thick and fast and there's just buckle. there is a map of the soviet union in go night appear dns workshop as a tailor you need something colorful to rest his eyes on the map also gives food for thought he recalls the days when everybody lived in the same country a country that later bursts of the scenes. this soap is there now with us bonded in november two thousand and then why did her this editor found the girl to call it is there and is a this and and that and i am a. nobody at this to siri can say with any certainty when cognac from this barrel will be bottled but it has every chance of becoming a vintage brand adding to the distilleries rich collection. add
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stella sent to a church of three hundred bottles and brand with me each year and that's why they call it ground. the british prime minister was not alone in appreciating this brandy in soviet times and me and cognac was the main symbol of the republic. many agreed that the strong beverage produced in the trans caucuses could easily compete with french cognac manufacturers. trying to sue me going to flavor is intense you can sense a whole bouquet of flavors vs gauntleted unique beverages different rooms here i can detect the flavor of our brands the sunshine of our add value and the beauty of our landscapes and. the production. process in armenia and france is totally identical the spirits are distilled in the same way and the oak barrels look very much alike the armenians are just proud of their product as the french are of theirs gone up and i think that connie arc is one of the most important and most
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recognizable brands produced in our enemy at work but the global human see their need someone to warn me is symbols zoomable of other men a. mountain out of rats can be seen from several spots over the entire history of the armenian people is links to it but it's off limits to armenians they can't reconcile themselves with the loss. wealthy british style isn't the best but i think. the. markets why now can they.
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find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on are. the mountains height is five thousand one hundred thirty seven meters above sea level according to the bible mount our ads was the first landmark the no assault after escaping the great flood. or you know in the bible testified and it is connected with noir arc. after the two more are stopped on the people. however alamance is the main source of pain and suffering from armenians under the nine hundred twenty one agreements signed by soviet and turkish leaders the symbolic mountain was left on the other side of the border. to the territory of turkey but still continues to be seen by the people they are asked
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about their national identity they start with a mound at the back the out of that is no longer in their territory also serves as a reminder of the greatest tragedy of the country's people the armenian genocide genocide is the word used in armenian to describe the policy pursued by the ottoman empire towards ethnic armenians from the late nineteenth century through to the nineteenth twenties into the nine eighty ninety four hundred twenty two within thirty years neal italy thirty years earlier one point five million armenians we killed brutally at the same time turkey was the first country to officially recognize armenians independence in one nine hundred ninety one today turkish society is divided over the events that led to the deaths of one and a half million. armenians in the early twentieth century and killer of fuses to officially acknowledge the fact the what happened a century ago was genocide is one of the hardest. problems between two
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nations the fundamental problem fundamental problem here is that turkey in order is sort of facing its own history and try and keep trying to deny the very heart of take issue shameful page of its own history i mean in genocide rewriting history is one of the dangerous processes in every society uncle or supported as otherwise than at the height of the ethnic conflicts over negaunee kind about it closed its borders to armenians the border between armenia and azerbaijan is likewise locked up. given airport is the main gateway to armenia travelers have little choice considering year of iran's difficult relations with neighboring countries the z's way of getting to get a van is by air. you have to go by here if you want to leave your immediate was the only way because this country has been blockaded throughout the
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post so you period. for seventy years land borders with georgian around but there is a little cross border traffic theory here for gone by here is still the best option . nearly every plane is filled to capacity it's clearly demonstrated by flights going to russia which is now armenia's biggest economic partner one of the largest armenian vaster is is found in moscow and else that is mediation is the only means of transport for amenia it's obvious that there is no other way out. that's why our planes are always fools passengers. perhaps. armenia was the world's first country to turn christianity into
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a state's religion that was way back in the early fourth century a.d. for more than fifteen centuries armenians have regarded face and church as a substitute for the state. hierarchy and work and saving human souls and preserving the nation are the two missions preserved by the or median church today as it has been doing throughout its existence arc and we're doing our best to remedy the harm done by the genocide of armenians and eighty years godlessness under the soviet regime. fortunately the soviet campaign to stamp out the church had little impact in armenia it didn't affect the schools of ancient monasteries many of them are over a thousand years old. it's now possible to reach the top tier of ministry one of armenia's oldest by cable way. is the world's longest reversible road the
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fifteen minute journey offers a magnificent view of a deep picturesque pool it's. just not what we are in the cabin of the total cable way the world's longest it links the village of avid sword to the toto of a monastery but there's it is five thousand seven hundred fifty meters long and its highest point above ground is three hundred twenty meters you know. when the cableway was opened in october twenty ten the hope was that it would attract foreign tourists. its design is unique in many ways for instance the nearly six kilometer long cable way has only three supports european specialists help to build it. this is our main electric generator it produces five hundred thirty three kilowatts here you can see the emergency
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diesel generators if the electricity fails we will turn these on and of back you with the passengers we have a great safety system in place. most of the cable car passengers are people living in nearby villages and get. free transport influx of foreign tourists is small for the time being but the businessmen who have invested in the ambitious projects believe that in a couple of years armenia will become a popular tourist destination. hotels and campsites already being built around the monastery and the cable way. we need water of differing temperatures to treat gastrointestinal diseases destroyed is in particular if the patient is suffering from high city have destroyed is the temperature of the mineral water we give him is between fifty and fifty three degrees celsius in low is it easy cases it's from thirty to thirty five degrees above. the town of jenin maclise in the mountains during the soviet years people here already knew how to
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attract tourists a spa similar to the celebrated karlovy valley resorts has been in operation in jeddah mode but decades that it must survive the composition of our award are doing better than that of the water with karl rove of gharyan the czech republic. our water contains morons here i am certain minerals and all that said bob. local mineral water is yet another armenian brand it is true though that it's not as famous as cognac or ancient monasteries but residents of gentlemen hope that the water and spa resorts will be another incentive for people to visit armenia. a german communal water springs from the ground in those words for trees between forty five and sixty degrees or what most old sediments result from our mineral water of the. the time being only tourists from russia visit the gentleman
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explains. this huge bucket contains molten island many and it will take several hours and the production process involving a dozen phases for the island medium to be turned into super fine for oil this plant is one of amin is leading industrial enterprises like many others it was inherited from the soviet era but like most other industrial plants is said adult during the first years of independence that was a very difficult period for this nation the plans for viable began in two thousand when it became part of a row. ssion holding them up this is not the lunch was reopened after modernization . to describe the crisis it has grown stronger with each passing year with. their actions in our mediums work here together the assets are rushing to be felt. the turns that when young represents what might be called the local dentist the his
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father used to work at this plant by then my mother and father used to work here now it's time for my brother and me but i'm not a unique case and everybody here has taken the job over from their old folks from. the plant is one of the most successful in the country it should come as no surprise they have russian investment and the whole of the coaxes as their markets . would for example the color of the more taro you see a little you would get guys from herbs ago the mixture of me dies makes the road loop dark for it looks lighter if there are fewer dollars the root matter produces a very beautiful red dye no chemicals around it nothing but natural components making rugs is a family business to the subtleties of this very old armenian handicraft handed down from generation to generation. because the little square means an
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artist with a weave of row after row watching every color is here it is. like the element implants this factory has a soviet past behind it then automatic looms are brought in to make rugs quickly and in large quantities none the less ancient technologies have become popular in armenia since independence. takes a month for the weaver to complete one square metre that's a very difficult job taking a lot of effort for that reason their prices are higher than those of machine made world so. i mean such or a good home is seen as a sign of wealth. there are some ten million ethnic armenians around the world just over three million of them live in armenia the armenians at home believe that the worst of their country's history is a thing of the past in year of and they like to say the nights are their darkest just before dawn people across armenia believe that dawn has already broken over
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their country.
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