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find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. report. we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers . the week's top stories here on r.t. down lot of calls of genocide charges against him monstrous out of noxious as he appears in the hague the first start to serbia's hopes of these arrests getting a fast track into the e.u. suffer a setback. for libyan intervention loses out of your does nato eager to reverse a stalemate rolls out heavy gun sheds the move is fears of a coalition maybe preparing for a ground invasion. health inspectors focus on
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a german restaurant to haunt the source of a killer he call i box but there's a little relief for struggling in spain after being initially blamed for the outbreak tyria has already killed nine hundred eighty four new york and infected more than two thousand. i feel like natural disasters are getting more ferocious and more frequent scientists say can be almost impossible to predict deadly tsunamis floods and wildfires a prominent oceanographer here in russia tells our team next how people can reduce their risks. mr calderon thank you very much for speaking to us an artsy today i think it almost goes state university you are working in a five million dollar project to establish that somali century muster can you please explain how this project works at the. laboratory for the not assessment of natural risk records was taken was that we use existing high level
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scientific instrumentation models to look at. what's happened to nature at the sea storm surges the waves you know invasion but the new thing is that we try to estimate how large the risk which affects the infrastructure people and that is using the existing high level. expletives and packaging into a new direction towards this through you've got the local population for instance of the question for the general society with us. at the progress has been very good we started because we didn't have so much investment at that time that i knew most of the people and so we could. do a lot of experimental computer runs on the big computers in the office and woman wasn't used but now we wait for our computer system arrived a good deal of the production runs progress has been great the opportunity to work
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in moscow in russia has been a fair living exciting and i think we're talking to my partners to my colleagues over the last ten days from the other grounds we all take on the challenge and some just think about it and like from continuous fast as possible what are the possible up locations are this project that you're working on could perhaps help in the future forecasts or even prevents natural disasters and here we look at what the russian coastal zone which ranges from the permafrost area of four hundred thousand to the more months was and p. . just work with office and winterize and this at sea and storm surges from the black sea to the caspian sea through grass or sea where you have to front. extreme events possible. and if they are they will all affect the coastline because that's where people live where the ports are where the railroads are the roads are poor
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isn't this developing and here is the direct assessment how. when will this happening how large will it be and how much will be the demolition so in planning for the governments of the authorities you can advise them how much the protection how much the preparation needs to be and what about what happened in russia last summer we witnessed a number of wildfires that took lives or dozens of people do you see that coming while the that's something we do not want to address right now but it with the evidence was that it was much for a long time much too dry the winter was not rainy and now the use of water was very slow and usually is a lot of people into a lot of fresh water and then of course you have a speed area so all the conditions were bad already after the
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late winter early spring and when that some fire started a lot of tent and that's one of the dangers which well this risk assessment comes in. how much do we need to be prepared in time for our debt not now some. five years ago. to minimize the risk to minimize the damage kenny predicts what's going to happen this summer watching that i'm not an expert but i'm very much the ministry of the good of his us the management system is a they all prepared the philosophy try to bring into the business it's not only important to react. but to act before things happen and that's something new also you would like to introduce into russia. and then minimise the damage and the reaction of people that the fire brigades if the guy excellent the
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old available but it's better not to call the fire brigade because there's no fire service that's beneath them. certainly religions can help predict forecasts differently to me and she wouldn't know i don't think you can for cross tsunamis and come not because you come to the fore costs. if that will ever happen it will be a great benefit to society i don't think anybody of us will see that because of the physical is a physical thing a phenomenon tsunamis are way long ocean waves that may be generated with quakes and then the opposite is true and it's possible to predict their arrival once we know there's it's generated which will always happens and pick your path and that's normally on the eleventh of march was a disaster which everybody thought the world for thirty years was just might be in a different region for the preparation but not enough it's
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a wonderful example of preparation must be all the assessment must be very thorough and the possibilities of error must be in conflict must be taken into account and then the preparation is early and fast enough and. so in thirteenth named of the facts that in fact the situation is getting worse and worse and many joke about sits in two thousand and twelve scenario what is your view is really getting worse this world is so beautiful there will be a madness we might damage it i think that the perception or increasing disasters in communities increasing the cuts catastrophes has to do with news coverage global news coverage and something happens that will be on all to the screens if you. for examples of earthquakes from long time you see in this highly seismic zones which are well known there's always a flicker around. and sometimes it's in the south pacific sometimes in the
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mediterranean south of the caribbean so this will happen everywhere and everywhere and people in the region know all this now the problem is that a lot of people come into this regions as to work in the tourism industry which are strange to the phenomena in the region and they're of course not excited but also shocked so the people that lived in the region for a long time the old fisherman knew about the dangers of the sea the new coal school habitants one of the flat overlooking the sea don't know anything and are shocked at least at the age how do you think the climate change is connected with natural disasters i wouldn't call it connects and climate change will effect before in our particular case is sea level of the storm you know as the storm patterns the precipitation patterns and that's one reason why we in our project in the military also look at the effects with keeping in mind
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a climate change to naru us what will be this climate of twenty or thirty years and one what then will change in the extreme events but the relation is there will always be extreme events the extreme events and pattern where and when and how much will change since it's important to move which we try to understand and that is changing under climate change conditions the other effect of climate change of the impact of climate changes will cause the number of people or the growth of the population the spend on livelihoods and the calls to the world which might be changing over twenty thirty years because of the for the reasons how your project is going to you are contributing their artistic expression we are very much for coast. see the. doctor for scientific reasons because in permafrost reason region region which is changing and the climate change and models have to be making special efforts to understand what's happening now
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what happened in the past and then using computer models what will be the likelihood of extreme events in the near future and on the climate changes and others so there is a direct effect but we will still have to connect with industry connect with the ministries to offer first results how do you present the results of the research as to their thirty's and what response to get from their very much aware of the general problems and off the impact changes in the natural systems might have on their plans on their political conditions the communication needs to be strengthened because we at the moment for different languages i cannot talk with a politician with numbers in thirty years time because it's far away for him and we have to learn to understand what the real concern of the agencies all the
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politicians all the ministers are so we can. communicate effectively and easily what is your message to the russian president and that is that you are looking at that you are searching it is a great opportunity first it was a great opportunity to say thank you. to having picked this by the russian government of the russian federation having picked this venue off. outside as bringing their expertise and a lot of. experience into this scheme in the form of orators then trying to connect with the international community to raise the scientific standards of competitiveness of russian science and then of course it's going to be proved. into the present. what it's all what all the visions and also mentioned what all problems are because it is very good and now definitely problems no you cannot hide in
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a transition this frost from lost so much of this. in the universe in the ministers at every level there are people that need to be convinced to move russia has the same problems all the countries are also there because the big part of the russian problem is that the russians so huge through face problems on the coasts for the face problems in the cold you pretty face problems in the warm black sea and you face problems and. not places know everything so you have a little bit of everything everywhere and then the communication and then i think also very important is pettiness for disasters is regional ownership so if something happens in the far east or saudi arabia i have sometimes the impression is very far away from moscow and that sense it's part of all it you creational charge to make sure that these things happen in the region but affect
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a large community in the law much larger extent and do not know bordeaux's which is in the case enough in our case to get data from other countries in the case of a response to. participate in it and the other countries help was russia did in japan help so this is things that need to do and i think i'm quite sure the well take a take on board thanks very much for your time. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of
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corruption. san antonio and. brown you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable out what you tell me that that sounds like a mockery of the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues the marching hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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we start stories here in our three former general knowledge calls for genocide charges against him monstrous and noxious as he appears at the hague for the first time but service hopes of his arrest getting a fast draft into the e.u. suffer a setback. the libyan intervention loses out of you does nato eager to reverse the stalemate rolls out heavy gun ships the movers freak knotting fears of the coalition may be preparing for a ground invasion. health inspectors focus on a german restaurant to hunt the source of a killer paul a blog there is little relief for struggling spain after being initially blamed for the materia has already killed nineteen people in europe and in fact of more than
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two thousand. those who are the top stories of the week here in our next we take a look what's happening in sports and joins us in the studio after there's a relief for russian football fans when last rush of using armenia last night for the third street tree of the year and could be a crucial one soon as they bid to qualify for next summer's european championships of the details in a moment. hello there thanks for joining me and these are the headlines the truth here i remember having to change our schools all of russia's goals in their three one win over i mean yet in the euro qualify. while the england come from two goals down to scrape a point against switzerland. becomes the first asian
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player to win a grand slam after a straight sets win over francesca schiavone and the french i thought. we will start though with football qualified to change a hat trick so russia come from behind to beat armenia three one and some good victory ending a five month when the streak the man on put some level on points with ireland and slid back here at the top of his orbit but down yet. this was the fifth time petrofsky stadium had played host for the russian nation a team on four of those occasions the advocate's men had proved to be the better side and they had every intention of continuing their winning streak in the european qualifier against armenia. however the visitors promptly showed it wouldn't be in this it's ask just a few minutes in europe elegantly dribble through the home side of the fence but failed to find the net. despite
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a passionate supporter of the twenty two thousand home crowd he took the house a while to wake up and create their first goal scoring opportunities although those chances always sit. in it was a media opens up to twenty five minutes marcus but still in it in here the first bill russia had ever considered on the petrovsky peach. however the visitors lead a loss of less than sixty seconds a month of a chunk of finishing his teammates efforts in style to make it one one however this wouldn't be enough to satisfy the hosts desperately needed a first win of the year and were keen to finish the job in the second half and it was the unmarked old ham striker who gave russia the lead turning a go to some shots elegant lope into goal two one even reaching the highlanders refused to give up but the vision the was destined to become the hero of the day
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after seventy two minutes chelsea winger usual cough was over in the visitors books and polygenic a clinical wrapped up his head trick from the penalty spot and three one was the final score. morning more the media have many young physically strong players but we desperately needed this when we're talking the group and we just had to earn these points. rush is a strong side they are on top of the group and still favorites to qualify from first spots they want today which means they were better in his ability and didn't expect them to underscore be able to some team counterattack i think it was for the better for us as we pulled back three boys all points russia one zero heading to austria just themselves in a friendly against cameroon. covered r t c in his book well spot when it is the republic of oil and the green party that say you know when
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a macedonia then is russia followed by slovak you beat and there were one mil so this is the table at the moment with all games left the islands at the summit that scored ahead of russia and survive but they all have thirteen points then it is armenia followed by last attorney have an authority i've yet to get any points and even so saying from each group is guaranteed a place at the finals second place teams will answer apply. meanwhile england came from two goals down to snatch a two two draw with switzerland wembley goalkeeper joe hart was caught napping on a free kick from front matter of balancing the corner of the net switch in the head after thirty minutes in the same player then scored again at the near post soon after. however england got themselves back in eight minutes later jack wilshere was found in the polls by arson teammate your hundred and frank lampard scored from the spot and then after the break england got the equaliser leighton baines
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a set of actually young finds the bottom corner it was a lackluster performance from england but they could have bagged all three points right at the death somehow though darren bent missed an open ashley young strong run so. this time it finished. means england top their group but only on goal difference in montenegro today drew. with gary. mcallister they are these great top group three one win over there a point about croatia who twelve points along with israel they beat latvia two one . and there's a three way tie at the top of group h. portugal norway one nil both teams bond ten points along with mark one so you know in iceland take my word for it that. meanwhile three for as launched a match fixing investigation into argentina's reached an all under feat in nigeria
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and lagos is the highest profile match yet in a wave of recent suspicious international friendly results wednesday's game attracted unusual betting patterns and to penalties were awarded by referee in charge of nigeria the first was to see nigeria go to know a lot of the second is given to argentina in the eighth minute of stoppage time handball even though video replays clearly show no offense was committed by the match took place in the same day feeds the president sepp blatter wants to zero tolerance campaign against corruption well former argentine marathon is hit back in the first saying corruption will linger in world football governing body as long as it is run by dinosaurs the fifteen year old also blasted last week's reelection blatter as president america owner says he's never take the football a scathing criticism comes as marathoner arrived indian guy to sign a reported two year deal with the local club was all while loving his new saying
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the football legend was far less optimistic about the game's prospects under the current construction. ruthlessly he will stay until the one hundred five or one hundred two years old i hope he will resign but don't be under any illusions that there will be many people who agree with me i'm not clear and for good these days and it's not something people who watch football deserve the situation will be to say well fred was wrong but people who do not understand football when you have so much power you can do so many stupid things and it's happened. well let's go to tennis gnarly has become the first asian to lift the trophy at a grand slam event after the chinese player but last year's winner francesca schiavone and the women's final of the french open there lay held her to take a comfortable six all thought silly in just over an hour but schiavone battled her way back into the match yesterday it's how you took the next three games. into a second set lead however the set went. after that and you
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crumbled in the tie break conceding it to love and so the match largely fell flat on her back to celebrate their story victory and her new status of national heroine after going one better than a defeat to kim clijsters in the strain open final few was only gnarly fifth title and the first on clay on the sea the twenty nine year old climbed to career high ranking of the world number four on monday. i mean of course the. first chinese player go in the grandstand i mean. i also. think maybe china now likes within there are many top one player going up but i still believe china. and should play a really high level. for. clue one she was playing
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really good. and then. i tried to push more to risk more. she sure there are with a level but it's not my turn this is these. i think the we were really close. the. for me that said all for her. she deserved she deserved this. law. played. well today's men's final receive roger federer take on defending champion rafa nadal who's going to record equalling six french open title now let's switch to vancouver have beaten boston three two to take it to new series lead in the stanley cup finals alexander burrows the man of the moment story twice for the candidates and getting an assist in their overtime win on home ice game three takes place in boston on monday that. now engulfs sweden's alexander noren still leads the wales
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open by a single shot after high winds helped produce a dramatic day of third round action it's celtic manor defending champion graeme mcdowell had the biggest haul double bogeys in his eighty one saw him drop into a share of thirty place eleven strokes off the lee and equally in his worst ever round on the european tour but scandinavian golfers lead the way sweden is better hansen is joint second after recovering from two. under sixty nine he is tied at seven under damages and is sixty six was the best friend of the day almost hitting an albatross at the eighty three under par while overnight lead in or rallied from three four birdies on the back nine to go back to stop to the top with a level par seventy one and a one stroke lead going into the final round and lastly moto g.p. this is a prize leader as a prize rider for pole position for sunday's catalan grand prix and battled marco
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simoncelli claimed the front position for the first time a former champion peyton stoner had dominated the free practices but had to settle for second place on the grid while reigning world champion you will be renzo rounded off the front row a local favorite danny isn't taking part the spaniard is still recovering from surgery. after frank threw his right shoulder at the french ground the last month pole sitter some of charlie was involved in a controversial crash which prompted a spate of death threats from spanish friends however the italian says he is say. so to say that is. a bit nicer.
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