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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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well the young generation transit in their ancestors. where the mysterious city of a deadlock welcome good republic. russia. has just joined us a very warm welcome this is r.t. comes to live from the russian capital with twenty four hours a day talking about update you on the week's top stories on our t.v. former general right come about it's denies the charges of genocide in front of the hague tribunal claiming he was just defending his people he was handing him over has done little to speed up the e.u. membership it is hopeful. that nato has extended its military campaign in libya and deployed attack helicopters there for the first time this is about concerns of the advance of a ground operation in the country. plus the spread of a deadly e.
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coli outbreak in europe and of hysteria it's already claimed twenty three lives mostly in germany and crippled european food markets false accusations that spain was the original source of the contamination of its fruits and vegetables and part of the pressure on its already struggling economy. and the man suspected of shooting journalist anna politkovskaya has officially charged let's get his claim they have enough evidence to prove the chechen fugitive pulled the trigger. well i'll be back with more news for you in less than thirty minutes from now here not in the meantime we bring you the first part of a report from the underground lifeline for desperate palestinians on gaza's border with egypt.
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well look at before i was a worker in a tunnel. then i dug my own tunnel. i took my tunnel at the start of a blockade when the embargo was imposed on gasoline at the moment when the had my seized power. it's very dangerous work but we have to take the risk. either we live. it all we die he was there i make money when so much more i lose everything he that's the game.
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and the tunnels closed during the embargo so. impossible just. puts pressure on israel. neither egypt nor israel can close the chinese. and their underground passages they can't close the mall there are too many. and almost tunnels there are so many beneath the border. other than they get fed up they destroy one. does it go out and another one appears.
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when was your house bombarded on wednesday january seventh some on.
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for. what happened. my house was destroyed the loop where you warned saw me she run low on no nothing from the we had escaped when we learned they were going to bombard the border issue and fuse up to the war in the whole neighborhoods yes everyone. left everything the furniture our money. the russians and the main thing is that your life is going to your rights of. the sun and the israelis go in the neighborhood houses anyhow under the pretext that there are tunnels there's nothing on it but they are at the border down on.
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the. other moves of.
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audio. all right but. yeah let me go guys. if.
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you like just mute prepare a plain claim or keep it close enough for you. healy nine years for all kinds of again as a gift. from the prisoner with some ear past the blank. look aberg as a. measure of how they are in the role the death of their. but it comes from the ball. is in the door. was a little plank ready. for you. so limited gently does it
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in the middle. as if this sand is toxic. but between. the lines this is where the rockefeller i stand by scientists we have to get it out quick and we can't leave it here it's white phosphorus. this. comes from the ball. so if you take the full barrels. and bring back the empty barrels.
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those are going to hear. ok very well. you got everything you need. but again he did you see i will tell you. they destroyed the house. my total pass was blowing a bomb exploded inside. here sixteen's came back. and they bolted again. is destroyed my tunnel a second time over how many meters seven meters with two bombs it could be
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destroyed over twelve meters. debris. look they are bringing it out now is it everywhere yes the pipes and the planks are broken. you know. i know a guy who's tunnel was. all that. it was compensated and this tunnel was destroyed when they bombed the house close by. about a journalist we told them our total had been bombarded. they said we don't give compensate. infor tell us there was a horse destroyed here lebron said it was established. that. they're going to compensate him. i swear. everyone says it was his. grandfather. wasn't it your grandfather's house. yes but a long time ago israel needs f. sixteen s to make firewood. play think it'll scare us. no we'll replace
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the broken planks we'll break free in fargo i mention this they don't like it they can go and take a jump in the sea. but how can you in this battle eunice in jackson rafa they can take a jump in the sea. but their blockade won't last. the passion to sixteen's to make fireworks. when you. guys love them which is lacking when we need to finish the job. of my head spinning the good book on. goal a guy's. head spinning we need to finish. are you going to die cuomo. i'm going to get mad did.
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did you make space behind. the scenes and i. got a headache yeah. i was going down there and we got the sound out where the bomb exploded. and yeah but it gives you a real headache when you get a headache you have to get out. of. it comes from the both those who. disagree with that the subtle effects of the
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president's job you must croak and the other isn't a fool how does the course do i think that's the tip of the bomb. if this rocket hits your body you explode into a thousand pieces and. even the scraping you off with a spur. is really just wants to show its strength because the one thing about. one of my foremost when israelis and palestinians it's like tom and jerry it's one of the. yeah israel is told. and the palestinians are ceria and it's always jerry who went. don't think she's smart and which for jerry. jerry is never forgotten the good. our history is like a cartoon. that the. good day want to made it was never. we had a fair press this and the presses that account would and after that explosive war
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could look like a rocket the bigger the pressure that bigger the explosion could be the same with the lovin if you feel. when it's israel who will suffer not us. even if one thousand two thousand of or ten thousand palestinians die that's there's one thing they haven't understood them in a palestinian woman who makes babies could be at the start of the year their births would at the end of the year their birth every year she can have two children there's my mother his mother my sister his sister. the marriage with good reason one day you'll get married or a woman will be giving birth to earth perhaps but no they produce slides but i swear lions they will liberate palestine. you're a bunch of comedians in. the
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form. and. i think. even though. the. numbers this is great. to be on the ground here you. don't buy. this. you know who's
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notebook is this and you have lines to do. i don't want you don't you have homework to do. all of us are there but what's the course if the bombs come get home quakes a while ago they bombed a neighbor's house. it was over towards the scene. i need some portrush let's go let's go. to. zero. zero zero zero. zero zero. zero hands. where shall i put it to give it to the guy who is with me.
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first the third guy. who gets them show them where to unload. it's a mess inside of it. because every time we try to get in he told us to get out. hold out for three sacks of flour. forty shekels for the four of us no fifty you've already got a lot of sacks you. come up to eleven shekels each of ten shekels each stop bugging us for one shackle forty five shekels for the four but. there's some sugar and chick piece. and we'll put them in a jar. that
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will. last night people in the brazil i'm salaam quarter good for policy to one hundred. by the pubs. in the afternoon on the bottle water tank if i heard it i wouldn't have slept. until workers were bored with the lego loads. thirty minutes before the bombing. they heard shots. who was firing me and i don't know but i was to warn them. they stopped the generators oh by the israeli drone went by and i heard people shouting towards the borders but. when the bombs fell. but twice. where you. are you talking about. even what you once. bring me the bulldozer but it was the bus
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man oh. baby back there. was the mess that cretan. no not in thirty minutes or an hour and in a hurry. but that. is what's. going to move over to live in a college and see a ball better house behind it it was bombed we think fifteen metres of the tunnel has been destroyed you know we want to check the other side to be sure. we're going to open the tunnel here. so there was a good deal i want to see how far it's collapsible look we think here and we can reach the tunnel was a couple will go in and see the extent of the damage i didn't and i did then we can repaired from here from here. and you'll connect the tunnel yes and with your toes
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good it's not very cheap five metres fifty. not twenty five meters six metres maximum i'll finish the job and come back. just how must know. there's no point right we're. good splits go screwing them up on the moon there's no law here. on. the move the signs above the planks. the shallow end on a call modeling a welcome acknowledgment i don't want to stop nobody touch anything i'll stop come on move on to the fucking home nothing good to get us out.
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to them take it easy we don't want to collapsing. you know don't touch the cable. you know well the first plank here. and of just when we need to get it security quickly before it collapses the ship of the rock slides very gently without us noticing it if you didn't know whether any pillars left the money or took them all with you the looks like a supply and can fix it if. it sticks out and it doesn't matter don't put
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a plank at the end over. there no need to raise it it's too low you've got it doesn't matter the ground slopes down this deep the hole has lowered of beds and thence to centimeters are you blind. a small. area we need to get out on us and we're done for today with an additional why don't we stay to stay where they hear hear we need to leave the border because the folks
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almost change direction when it sees us give them the phone and. said. those guys we dig we get out we go away we come back goes to the moon. we don't understand anything save. their f. sixteen. and then they come for the tunnels. and almost go off and they talk about a truce and then the woman who had ninety one would not hold a nigga where is a listers looking. you know true starts like. me know. when when when the sixteen phone the border they're supposed to
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do with. the phone. they bomb the shop or account. sure. he's not sure but he heard an explosion. well i don't know where it is i can't see anything from the window. of a still got electricity. thanks fight it. could go and get your stuff done move it to the queer old. lookouts. don't be scared to go this way keep moving we're not staying all night we're not staying all night moves but where's nyah where's your sister well enough. with mom. there was another explosion there. unless it's a fire that is
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a big. fish house burning over there. are you evacuating to the club yes but we don't know where to go even in the schools we're not safe that's why we should leave for him. you know tell him it's just for the night. so much. of the long come on don't be afraid. to get. a cup are you going to come back with. the rates but we're safe here they're bombing near the border we need to go east. move with me please both of you. it was created to serve the public interest to inform and to entertain.
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these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when she's from. san antonio ladies and drama. around you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like a microsoft public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching.
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fifty. five. times in some pieces but the tease available in grown to tell me you're a grand hotel emerald small component of a club small town so close hotel a little.


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