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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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this week's top stories lotty former general recommend outage denies charges of genocide in front of the hague tribunal while serbia finds handing him over has done little to speed up e.u. membership. mater's extension of the military campaign in libya and deployment of attack helicopters spots concerns a ground operation in the country could be next. also spreading hysteria over killer cucumber cripples european vegetable markets pushing spain from the chilly queues of starving. to the brink of a bank. and the man suspected of shooting dead journalism is officially charged in this case is claimed they have enough evidence to prove the chechen fugitive
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pulled the trigger. of a look back at the main developments over the last seven days and the latest news this is the weekly edition from r.t. prosecutors in serbia want permission to question recommended it as a potential witness in their own investigation into what happened in the balkans conflict back in the ninety's the former bosnian serb general is in custody at the hague where he's accused of eleven counts of war crimes including genocide this week you made his first court appearance before the tribunal he didn't make a plea but told prosecutors the charges against him when their interests are noxious drawn to the next appearance will be in a month allotted to being on the run for sixteen years before being arrested in serbia just over a week ago he said his extradition was key to hopes of joining the union is
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capturing the server reports the e.u. dream doesn't appear any closer. still waiting for the green light services arrest an extradition of former bosnian serb army chief on law that was one of the key conditions for a chance to get one foot and the european union's door potential membership could mean billions of dollars worth of grant aid and for struggling serbia it's a lifeline what two official belgrade is a step closer to the e.u. is actually no step at all and they go secure this is a very big news this is a very courageous decision by the serbian president this is one additional step for the integration of serbia into the european union one is really i know go there so that is your. other steps remain to be taken your right to say to the rest of the political chief of croatian serbs and had d.h.
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who is still in hiding literally legislation with all engagement in regional cooperation with neighbors preserving president gore's targets there is no task too challenging to take on in the quest for new membership. in the next few weeks. this is a crystal ball from being all international obligations but while officials prepared to jump through yet another euro hoop most wonder if the list of conditions ever some e.u. officials are also talking about the fact that. serbia has to recognize de facto recognize its own problems of course will before it can really get into the e.u. as long as the chisholm and his party the list of demands will be endless still serbia hopes its corporation will be rewarded and continues to be a path to the door the officers of the e.u.
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delegation to serbia proudly display the five that all of their member states and serbia really want. to join a group with a list of conditions for possible expression seems to be neverending and for official belgrade membership is always visible and always out of reach cattery not out of our belgrade serbia. recommended says he needs more than the official thirty days to study the charges against him but his son says no matter how much time he's given he's simply not able to take part in a trial. you can't even read one has to go through thousands of pages to be able to testify cool to the belief simply unable to do that he has difficulties with speech too how will you consult with his lawyers it's impossible. you can watch the full interview with documented it's the son of former bosnian serb general breckenridge on all websites politics dot com any time. now this week nato intensified
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its bombing campaign in libya and decided it would last for at least another three months a u.n. report is accused colonel gadhafi of war crimes alleging the rebels a guilty of similar abuses meanwhile britain france of deployed low flying combat helicopters to the country the move has brought operations closer to the ground prompting concerns over an imminent lambaste offensive because russia's foreign minister to warn that pushing the boundaries of the u.n. mandate in libya may lead to future resolutions losing their credibility. and. we expressed our opinion over this escalation of the military operation we've seen what's happening is a shift towards a ground operation this would be very regretful because the violations of the security council resolution already taken place are more than enough to think about the attitudes towards unions decisions colonel gadhafi claim from the outset that opposition forces in libya western puppets peace activists crystalline and says nato is continuing bombardment gives credence to those claims. what they are
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effectively saying to gadhafi is we're going to keep bombing you keep killing civilians keep bombing libyan towns and cities until you go it's entrenched it out because he from the start was saying that the popular movement in the east of the country was was a movement that was sponsored by the west and he used that to bolster his position the war has been lengthened towards being deepened and it's actually a good half is in. a strong if not stronger position now than he was when the west first got involved. during nato as intervention in libya colonel gadhafi loyalists have been using cluster bombs these are banned weapons that dispersed many mines over a wide area with civilian casualties almost inevitable and the sort of first reports it's embarrassing for madrid because the money trail the weapons leads right back to spain. just one strike because the bomb can spread thousands of smaller explosives if
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a wide area is fired into populated areas if they were in misrata recently it always guarantees civilians that all of the many reasons more than one hundred countries can stand their production markings on the shells found in the libyan city belong to the spanish company instead there were arms that one twenty are prohibited that were purchased by gadhafi that were used against a residential area. and they were produced by a spanish company and financed by spanish banks so just how did the forces come to acquire spanish made. in two thousand and seven and still hasn't made them mazed have been lifting of sanctions against libya as the tripoli regime fell back into favor with the west spanish company won a contract to supply get out these forces with a cluster munitions. until two thousand and eight and spain signed up to the international convention banning the east. with libya now once again the enemy
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saying it is part of nato finds itself i think a regime that it itself helped to arm. and the trail goes back much further the spanish banks which provided the financial firepower to instill laws and to make their deadly weapons the people who want to spring this thing forward use this as kind of a way to illustrate what think there is between a bank and civilian conflicts without legislation means a direct connect. between civilian deaths the weapon cookie says and the plants that finance. the banks custom is bernsen looks really transparent about what they are using the c.v. sievers money for so it's not easy to find new doubts in recent report by spanish and ten revealed that as many as fourteen banks in spades unfold with funding weapons she says the v.a.
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is the spanish bank this inmate's active in financing produces and controversial weapons and exactly this kind of large scale financing they contain is now trying to rein in pushing for the development of more rape us policy in children held accountable many of the banks named in the investigation and now coming to say their policies on funding and production are changed we've always now it's legislation and until that happens in the making well the moms production wall means a profitable business sarah athey. amaldi profits of war in danger civilian lives in libya in afghanistan the deaths of innocent bystanders go unpunished later the report on the commercial acquittal of polish soldiers who killed a number of civilians in the mistaken attack on an afghan village. those are still to come this hour as the mocked up missions of laws enters its second year we look at challenges faced part of participants in the longest space flight simulation.
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israeli security forces of open forum pro palestinian protesters who were marching on the syrian border reportedly killing twenty people and injuring hundreds syrian t.v. has also reported the thousands of protesters a staying in the border area for an open ended sit in a slit has the latest developments now from. hundreds of palestinians have gathered on the syrian side of the israeli syrian border and every long day today a group of about one hundred and fifty of them maybe right to the border fence we're being told that they were actually trying to cut that and other frames when israeli soldiers fired warning shots in the air while those one shots seem only to have inflamed the crowds because israeli soldiers recently thought about that actually taking aim at some of the protesters certainly this is a day that they have been preparing for several days now the country is in the stage of high alert and has been ever since the call went out for palestinians from
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lebanon syria the west bank and gaza to make their way to the borders with israel and will today to try and close those borders today is the fourth anniversary of the nine hundred sixty seven six day war now that was a war that is well done but it is a war that palestinians referred to as the arab forward but of course human rights activists are criticizing israeli army we've been very quick to fire at demonstrators. as israel's relationship with its neighbors becomes ever more tense ulti looks at the plight of communities on the egypt gaza border due to israel's decade long blockade the civilian population has resorted to underground smuggling to stay alive a special report in full is coming your way in about twenty minutes from now is a pretty. early next to the border of the gaza strip and egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones. they are ready to take any risks.
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to jump on the streets and marcie. greece may receive the next installment of its one hundred ten billion euro zone in july athens as promised to implement strict austerity measures to stabilize its economy and go it's failed to reach so far public anger is mounting over the cuts tens of thousands of greeks are protesting outside the parliament as are political science here told me earlier on r.t. that he thinks that bailing out countries is a dead end. europe and the i.m.f. want greece to tighten its belt more and more are so there's no no way greece by itself can get out of a crisis is if you tighten your belt more and more you create
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a recession and if you create a recession this situation get worse and worse and it's harder and harder for you to pay back your debts i don't see how this money can restart the economy if people stand less and less i think the remedy suggested now goes on there's a real danger that greece will have to back out of the euro in order to be able to do that you its currency to have more tourists to sell more products and stop originally when you the euro was created the left in europe was there much against it because you had a strong economy used a strong currency the dean mark germany forming a monetary union with weaker economies and that is a recipe for trouble. and spain may be a step closer to an e.u. bailout after germany wrongly said the country's cue cumbers had called europe's deadly e. coli outbreak in the claims of destroyed the country's fruit and vegetable exports meanwhile the think it is now being pointed at germany and it's been sprouts as a possible source of the contamination which is claimed twenty two lives well for
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more on this i cannot cross to agents of which he's a writer research and financial analyst joining us on his web cam there in what is or is thanks very much indeed for joining us now it does seem that germany is to blame for this outbreak but why were they so quick to blame spain instead of searching for the source at home from the very beginning. well i think that's understandable when something goes wrong when it is only human nature to try and put the blame on somebody else in germany the very powerful you are accusing the poor innocent spanish cucumbers of being the cause of the e-coli outbreak now nevertheless i think that there's probably a more subtle agenda beehive all of this that is closely related to the fact that there are increasing centrifugal forces within the european union that already make a lot of people talk about partial fractures partial break ups we just heard in the previous notes that if greece doesn't find its way around it's all its financial crisis going on in my pull out of the european monetary mechanism the euro very
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often one could even imagine that germany or many germans or many powerful people in germany are probably wondering why the ever got themselves into europe to begin with so i think that it's not it's it's not good to just jump to the first obvious conclusion of a piece of news that we read in the papers we must try and find other layers of truth and reasoning that you are in effect you are alluding to some sort of conspiracy talk about some sort of forces within the e.u. who would they be well first of all i don't think that conspiracy is the right word i think there will be kept on the surface of the mainstream western media nowadays give us i want information but there are quite explain how things happen so we just focus on little bits little slices of information day by day i think we have to understand that when things like easy arise there are powerful use and speaking high in what's happening i can just give you one small example the daily telegraph a lot of them don't telegraph yesterday published that because of what was is
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happening between germany and spain we have to be on the alert the u.k. has to be on the owner of terrorist food poisoning in the our own in the british foods of food supply chain so there are a lot of people who will use these sort of problems which are true and which exist but which are belong totally out of proportion i know it's drugs. but only forty two people have guards on account of this and a couple of thousand not in two thousand are actually will we are reports of not meaning that it isn't very likely to other people's agendas and that sort of so-called bioterrorism you're alluding to actually does highlight the fact the vulnerability of the food chain doesn't it if you do can terminate one source of food it could have an effect on a massive amount of people so it is quite a plan and point. no there weren't however you know one of the points that all sort of little loose too is growing weaknesses in the very structure of the european union because with all that glitters solution with all these controls that europe is having and actually has on its food supplies it always seems to have
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a third world. contamination crisis which one would not expect to find at all places germany and humble a little bit so in a way i insist i think that we are seeing probably different forces within the european union maybe some but on the european union it is working there are a lot of people around there who want to it always see there to european union should change some of its ways and in specific cases such as this one could help to drive the point at the same time it can help to drive spain towards a growing financial economic crisis which is already moving very close to it i would surprise you saying also that the media is quick to respond to this and also push that agenda that you're talking about but behind the scenes as you say in the european union what do you think it's just another story that the media really would want to hire part it said just another story for scaremongering and that the media is mainly to do to be responsible for this well god or i will be unfair to
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say the media are directly only responsible for this however the media do respond to specific powers whether it be the sheer all those advertisers or people who actually control the media there is a tendency to push specific stories only one for the entire planet was just watching a royal wedding bill two days later the alleged killing of osama bin laden and now everybody seems to be going hysterical over concern about the e. coli outbreak i think what we are seeing is in a way the engineering of social control so that public opinion can be drawn one way or the other way and back in forwards all the time you can even observe what the results are because what we are seeing that's my own personal opinion mostly is psychological warfare developing in front of our eyes on a daily. and very often we saw those with the avian flu scare of the thousand by the swine flu scare of two thousand and nine where all these things were move routes of creating a general a terrible problem and only just completely disappeared from the media so i often
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scratch my head with stories for we will all of the media only just completely disappear is somebody making some sort of a service that others be taking the conclusions taking the big leaving bad story or bad in going to the next quote unquote crisis will be all the terrorist or a pandemic or any other type of world political ecological agents are virtually right to research our financial analyst joining us live as our as thanks for sharing your thoughts thank you no political. party course want more and it is tracking down the latest on that situation in europe and you can check out our twitter feed in her latest tweet laura says that as the panic grows vegetables are now under suspicion as a possible source of the outbreak for our twitter feed of r t underscore com dot com i should say to sell top of that story and you can also watch a report from brussels in the next hour. when this week's or breakthrough in the investigation of anna politkovskaya assassination five years
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ago the main suspect a chechen fugitive has been officially charged with the murder of the prominent russian journalist police say they have enough evidence to prove the thirty seven year old was the one who pulled the trigger peter all of the reports now on this latest development. this is the man investigators say fired the shots which killed anna politkovskaya. mood of had been the subject of a wide ranging manhunt after spending years on the run in belgium he was arrested by police at his home village in chechnya on tuesday and later charged with a murder just. as the rest was carried out with the help of belgian police where he had been hiding for several years we've been in constant contact with them and it was this cooperation that helped us capture the suspect belgian police triggered the manhunt and mark would of was forced to leave the country investigators are currently questioning him in connection with the murder of anna politkovskaya mahmood of two brothers along with a former police officer who were acquitted of the murder in two thousand and nine
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due to lack of evidence but the russian supreme court and no doubt verdict and ordered the investigation reopened. son told me the family hopes this arrest will bring them closer to finding out who killed his mother of course it's a very important step but we have to wait and see if. it will be proved but even that is not enough we have no clue who the mastermind of the murder is nor the organizers it's a significant part of the journey but it's certainly not the end and internationally renowned journalist anna politkovskaya was shot dead in october two thousand and six when she returned home she was famous for her investigative work particularly reports into human rights abuses former colleagues believe they do to the close family ties of those accused of the murder there will always be some unknowns surrounding the crime as long as what was the point it's hard to tell how many people are involved we have the three most mood of brothers and their own call that he's a criminal boss and could easily be the end of the good riddance obsessional chechens
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unlikely to testify against one another. called sky and murder isn't the only high profile case to see a recent breakthrough journalist nina of the on of the things that. the rest along with the conviction of the killers and freelance journalist honest r.c.m.p. border and human rights lawyer stanislav mark a lot of these type of murders to get solved in today's russia this is definitely a landmark victory in the fight against impunity russian journalist murders not just journalists but also human rights defenders lawyers. and we see that as a very significant step forward rostam mahmood of currently in moscow where his lawyers are preparing his defense while for the family and friends have been a part of their long wait for justice continues peace for all of us r.t. moscow. to poland now where a military court has cleared seven nato soldiers killing civilians in an attack on
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an afghan village four years ago a panel ruled the evidence was not sufficient to support war crimes charges honest mistakes or faulty ammunition might have been to blame it was artie's turn a bush reports the verdict outraged many observers and fueled calls for troops to be withdrawn from afghanistan. civilians killed and nato soldiers go free the same old story in afghanistan the threats and for a moment to be different polish soldiers were put on trial for pits including a pregnant woman and a child. on the sixteenth of august two thousand and seven mortar shells that were fired by polish troops in the afghan villages. as a result six people were killed and three were severely wounded but the soldiers were cleared of all charges one of the accused told r.t. it's all been a big mistake we didn't see people. at some dance. because
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it. was. something. and it was also a problem we call a grenade mel functioned taliban target by five hundred metres claims a shared ski prosecutors alleged it was revenge for roadside bomb which killed another polish soldier earlier in the day experts say it's unlikely anything could go so catastrophic lee wrong this is not logical. nor could not make such a serious error with such a large distance the question is did they decide to open fire themselves or did they receive this command from above but there is no doubt they were shooting at the village not the nearby hills the defendant's commanders ordered the attack and they should be the one standing trial activists while the conflict continues civilian deaths from nato bombing or inevitable and will only rise and of the
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longer the war goes on their war situation is the answer is i think quite simple to withdraw troops from afghanistan beginning of any process of the opposition of this country because their troops western troops doesn't bring stuff it is a shame to. just the opposite as the death toll goes up on both saw it's support for me to me it's a majority in europe say opinion polls now think the conflicts going in the wrong direction. this was already unpopular in the e.u. there's the hundred billion euro because while services are being cut i suppose the size of our boys coming back in coffins is even worth leaving with both the civilians unpunished for the week of the case to stay in afghanistan even the afghan president's turning against nato after the latest fourteen civilians were killed him it caused delivered his strongest words yet giving
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a final warning and threatening war if it's happens again. r.t. . give us your thoughts on the stories we're covering the moment by heading to talk on news and analysis updated every minute there and here's what's there for you to discover today should you hold on right now a devastating blow to several villages in the central russian republic as an ammunitions depo disaster lights up the night sky the details on video are at r.t. dot com. also see how hundreds exercised their first amendment rights at the jefferson memorial in washington by dancing after five people arrested last week for similar flash mob looting in r.t. america presented with police actions described as aggressive and unconstitutional . a major milestone in space research and possible space travel has been reached this week now every year since the crew began a simulation of the first manned flight to mars and all without ever leaving the ground six volunteers are taking part in the seventeen month mocked up mission and
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that's how long a return trip to mars would take they're locked inside a capsule the russian and european scientists studying the psychological effects of long term isolation crews now on the return leg after a successful simulated landing dr patrick foot told us what challenges they are facing on the way. he's guys have been locked away for for a year and they've still got five months to go and it's important to remember that they haven't actually had voice conscious out of the control center for eleven months now and that's really quite intense so it must be very very difficult indeed i think they really must be at this point counting down the days and wondering what it will be like to reestablish human contact they've really had to imagine themselves into the situation they've really had to convince themselves that they're doing this for real but there's a huge amount that they're learning during this and of course the data that they collect will support scientific studies for many months at least if not years to
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come but obviously the primary aim is to understand the impact upon future long term space travel but clearly there are other implications for people in long term isolation away from contact. more space stories coming your way in the next hour as preparations for the next blast off to the international space station are in full swing and we bring you the latest from the north and the baikonur cosmodrome but we also talked to the son of one of the astronauts soon to head in to. well some of our top stories with me is on the way in just a few minutes from now thanks for staying with us this is our t. live in moscow.
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the close up team has been to the golden grand region thank you own the turning point i'm bringing more to. this time the party goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transition their ancestors stamps and where the mysterious city of a deadlock wellcome the republic of normal sacha russia follows up on our cheap. wealthy british style. that's not out.


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