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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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young generation dreads it in their ancestors. where the mysterious city of a good long while come the republic of. russia. thousands of pakistanis protesting against deadly u.s. drone strikes would soon be joined by angry americans as washington wants to bring a man air superiority closer to home. as the e.u. already has a new water of cash to save greece from financial collapse frustration mounts among those who are to pay for athens the states. apply extreme force to save democracy that's how georgia justify its actions against peaceful protesters many of whom remain missing after a bloody crackdown two weeks ago. but
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you can see coming here live from moscow i am here on marina joshua welcome and other u.s. drone attack has reportedly killed seven people in pakistan washington has kept up the airstrikes despite a recent a corporation from the pakistani parliament calling for there and what will the u.s. government eyeing a heavy investment in drone technology americans fear they could soon find themselves beneath a steel sky artie's gun issue can reports. this so that when a u.s. drone hit the house of this young man in pakistan he lost than i both legs and three family members. these people are demanding the cia be held responsible for the deaths of their loved ones but to no avail with the use of drones comes a lack of accountability those are being operated by somebody at a command center in langley virginia they're watching it on video on
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a video screen they're pressing a button they're deciding who lives and who dies and then they go off for a weekend where they have barbecues in their suburban virginia in suburban maryland homes and who pays the price the people who are the victims of the attack is there accountability none whatsoever drones have become the symbol of america's undeclared wars wars that seem to have no state all legal boundaries we've opened up a new realm of warfare a new room of. international and domestic law. used in pakistan yemen and elsewhere they have killed scores of civilians the former chief counterinsurgency strategist for the u.s. state department has estimated the drone attacks kill fifty non targeted persons for each intended target and one of the things the united states kind of crittenden's is that we are morally superior we are better judge able to judge what is good for other people and therefore we are entitled to inflict our judgement on
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them and that we presume they will be grateful to us for it but that is not what happens ever and that's not what's happening in yemen it's not what's happening in pakistan they are furiously enraged with us washington is looking to increase the funding for drone development by seven times over the next ten years a large part of that will go towards unarmed surveillance drones the u.s. has for years been using them in another of its undeclared wars against drug traffickers in mexico the mexican government allows you. u.s. spy planes despite public discontent there's a lot of concern that because jones by the us government has more to do with u.s. control over mexican territory actually going out to the drug lords and winning the drug war while issues of international law and sovereignty trigger little interest among americans the prospect of having surveillance drones spying all across the us itself surely does us police agencies are asking for drones for domestic
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surveillance raising the alarm among those who think that could be the end of american freedoms especially when you look at constitutional activities like free speech activities are going to be hovering over crowds that are merely maybe protesting the war or protesting some are governmental action they'll be chilling free speech should roll be equipped with some sort of weapon so some people are saying lasers will be able to punish the students who are advocating against the government they've already been used in some instances in the united states and in two thousand and seven protesters in washington d.c. noticed small objects floating over here that look like rag and turned out they were robo flies to guatemala to their surveillance devices as america continues developing this play station mentality killing at intelligence gathering in pakistan people leave in fear that it may be time they could become a target is the most deadly video game i mean here in the last year that with their rapid expansion of spy drones of their own territory they could one day wake up you
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know to my police state i'm going to check our reporting from our our team. so i had the program here on our t.v. where abouts now we will get how dozens of anti-government protesters are still missing in georgia almost two weeks after a bloody police crackdown stay with us. and we move to greece now where public anger is mounting over stricter a standing measures the government's promise to implement so it can get its hands on more a european leaders have approved the next payment in its bailout for athens begging to save the country and euro from a default but as artie's daniel bushell has been finding out that was hard to pay the price of a new a package could soon take to the streets. the euros did long leave germany says top lawyer marcus kerber he's suing the german government to stop its be lineal to bankrupt neighbors you cannot say that you would. tell the country
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you have to get rid of greece is no longer worth a candidate all of the number of the european union the nations labeled in the region by some as the pigs of europe portugal ireland greece and spain must drop the currency now before they drag down other members once kerber although athens last year raised the pension age to sixty five and could early retirement other countries believe that greek workers work less will bail you out a second time says chancellor merkel but if you want cash in future you must work longer. we can't have a common currency us some get lots of vacation time and others very less so that won't work in the long term. the statements caused greece but they're not happy in the e.u.'s cash capital frankfurt either believing the greeks have had it too easy
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cause if we are going to chill sixty seven it's not possible to do it clear why other people should go with sixty fifty nine which are certainly not responsible for the debts and the deficits run in portugal greece and the big states raise the age when when the greek people retire. sorry all the people well we have to work along as well germans or wrote boiling point anger which could spill out onto the streets say some experts if the problems with the euro become. bigger bigger higher and higher and it has also not excluded the german people go on the street because they're say ok we don't want to pay any more but powerful greens n l suing merkel's government claiming it hid facts about bailouts from the public people in germany i ask you do we have to pay these so we have to give answers and the answers we don't get from our government even the ruling party's
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revolting close pizza will she's fighting all rescues since your views leaving the eurozone is in the interests of the struggling countries to take the chance to say ok we get out we. solve our problems for our structures. for money for high interest rate with some of their money and then they can qualify again for the euro maybe africain fifteen years greece protests the euro's a straight jacket which blocks traditional ways to boost your economy like devaluing the currency or adjusting interest rates. even greece's european commissioner says that the country's membership of the common currency is at risk on this athens takes the painful cost cutting medicine destroyed by the e.u. and the i.m.f. greeks no agree with germans who gets out of control the question is will we states
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quit the euro and reorganize. and bring the single cause it down with a new bushel. professor of political science p.r. girl and told r.t. the bailout won't revive the greek economy but push it further into the corner of europe and the i.m.f. on greece to tighten its belt and war and war so there's no no way greece by itself can get out of the crisis is if you tighten your belt more and more you create a recession and if you create a recession this situation get worse and worse and it's harder and harder for you to be back in debt i don't see how this money can restart the economy if people spend less and less i think suggests it now goes on there's a real danger the priests will have to back out of the euro in order to be able to do their new its currency to have more tourists to sell more products and regionally when you the euro was created they left in europe was there much against
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it because you had a strong economy used a strong currency the dean martin germany forming a monetary union with weaker economies and that is a recipe for trouble spain is another european country on the brink of a bailout but of a different kind of through unpalatable export happened why cowed after germany wrongly blamed spanish cucumbers for europe's deadly e. coli outbreak financial analyst ed again saluki believes it could be part of a plan to split the e.u. apart. when something goes wrong it is only human nature to try and put the blame on somebody else germany at the very powerfully accusing poor innocent spanish cucumbers of being the cause of the e-coli outbreak now nevertheless i think that is probably a more subtle agenda behind all of these that is closely related to the fact that there are increasing centrifugal forces within the european union that already made
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a lot of people's talk about fractures fourfold break ups we just heard in the previous notice that if greece doesn't find its way around the school its financial crisis there might be might put a lot of the european monetary mechanism we're all very well for one can even imagine the german leader many germans or many powerful people in germany are probably wondering why they haven't got themselves into europe to begin with so i think that it's not it's a struggle to just a joke to the first obvious conclusion of a piece of news or wheel of papers we must try and find all the layers of truth and reasoning that much blood it. and you're watching r.t.m. we've got plenty more stories for you just ahead including preparing for a blast they start counting down to by going to a hospital or a large pad where the next mission to the international space station is getting ready to go into orbit. the close up team has been to the ground reach thank you for the turning point ok
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bring more to. this time party goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transit their ancestors. and where the mysterious of the dead drop will come from the republic of north of russia. it sure would be soo much brighter if you moved on from finance to aggression. start totty dot com.
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if you are from moscow the fate of many opposition supporters remains unknown in georgia nearly two weeks since a brutal police crackdown on protesters in the capital tbilisi while president saakashvili claims to be a champion of democracy in the country human rights groups say finding out what's happened to the missing people is practically impossible and as r.t. sarah further towards some families fear they will never see their loved ones again when the riots were dispersed and the good in capital a to believe think it's a few weeks ago that shock waves around the end for national community present but it's really speaks a great deal with the felt and what course the georgia but the fear of the witness with the years of experience both by his police operation against largely peaceful protests the lead them over there we've been finding out that in the aftermath have been tales of aggression behind bars of people going with a cool thing deep concerns among their friends and their relatives. who is
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a member of an opposition great he was arrested as part of the crackdown on opposition three days this fool and praise has take place she hasn't seen or heard from him since and has no idea where he is now. i was still to he was in one police station so when there but they said he had been moved to a police station another region i went to that one they said he wasn't there either so now he's missing i don't know why but she's not the only one with questions in the days leading up to the protest cheering. after many people have been arrested and finding all these people it's proving extremely difficult in southeastern us we hope problems because these people are moved from one potential center to another without providing us information on where those people are going so we have talked . to all the detention places they find police people which is absolutely. almost impossible for us in consistencies in official information are even more
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troubling when it comes to some of the deaths surrounding the protests these are the demonstration eat cakes in drugs these body was found in a wreath near the protest area was last seen photographed amongst those being detained the circumstances of his death remain extremely unclear there are lots of questions about these bodies because there were receiving a lot of information inside when people were just leaving leaves b. to people there was drugs there some people have been beaten so terribly. there were even cases of this with official information printing inconsistent and chaotic attempts to establish exactly what happened to those who dies and those still missing it's extremely hard to later as the police minister in korea they'd be going to give us his point where these people were sold. information who was
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detained where that person was and so also it was a huge mess then you'll get i say sions and now working on establishing just what has been happening recently in georgia the images of violence from the protest will stick in people's minds for a long while to come but this was a struggle started long before that night except to continue for some time after sara fair r.t. tbilisi. and more international news we're covering for you this hour at least twenty people reportedly been killed and more than three hundred injured after israeli security forces opened fire on protesters on the syrian border thousands of marched to the frontier to mark the anniversary of the nine hundred sixty seven middle east war when israel sees the golan heights from syria israeli officials claim president bashar last gave the green light for the protests to divert international attention from these bloody quashing of a revolt against his rule. thousands of people in yemen have been celebrating the
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news the president has left the country ali abdullah saleh has traveled to saudi arabia for treatment to injuries received in an attack on his presidential compound on friday it's unclear where he plans to return home protests against his rule have been raging since january killing hundreds of people. to portugal the opposition social democrats have won the general election and they are expected to form a majority government with the conservatives next prime minister and socialist party leader joseph secretary stepped down from running the country in march that's after he failed to win parliamentary support for steering measures in a move that led portugal into a political crisis the new government must implemented manic program of cuts as a condition for an e.u. bailout. the former i.m.f. chief is due to appear in new york supreme court to plead not guilty over charges of sexual assault dominic strauss kahn was arrested three weeks ago and faces seven
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different counts including the attempted rape of a hotel maid the thirty two year old implode he claims cart attacked her when she was cleaning his room the french politician insists he will clear his name if convicted however he could face up to twenty five years in prison. the global war on drugs has failed and it's high time for certain substances to be legalized that's according to an international group of experts which has been slammed the world over for its recent report artie's military contributor thinks the group is actually lobbying the interest of the drug lords. global commission drug policy report stirred big time control over city but in fact it makes perfect sense this self-appointed global commission does not represent the drug busters and counter narcotics community on the contrary it is a collective y.d.
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of global lobbies on behalf of the drug lords all across the world from the latin american cocaine plantations back to the killing fields of afghanistan scientifically this report only makes sense if you believe like those commissioners in a social darwinism the theory of those isn't banned eugenics in essence all those racists theories weighs on the very simple with some shit the reason master race then there is a human waste that's the logic there silently as stands behind the conclusion of this global commission on drug policy well a countdown has begun to baikonur cosmodrome where revamped version of the site spacecraft has been moved into a position ready for blastoff interest a few days it will carry three crew members to the international space station for
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a six month mission on board mankind's most remote outpost of france reports from the launch pad. the twenty eighth expedition to the international space station blast off from here at the baikonur cosmodrome so far everything is run according to plan very smooth indeed we've got three people heading out into space from here russian cosmonauts sergei volkov japanese astronaut such food and american astronaut mike fossum and with us is mike fossum son he's going to give us a little inside story as to how it's been living and preparing for a space expedition with an astronaut what is it like actually living with an astronaut day in and day out he's just a normal guy you know we were just talking a minute ago about how he sings like a nice guy and he really is the is really down earth and i feel like a lot of these guys are they're just they're just due to managed to get his job and now he's you know is going into space it's kind of cool you know what are the
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things you notice about your dad and comes back from a trip out there where you know he's kind of a macho man and so you know he likes to think that he's going to be ok when he comes back but we'll see because you know they're really weak when they come back i'll be out there for six months and his muscles will be weak is going to be weak so we'll see if he if he takes that wheelchair like so many of the other astronauts do or not thank you so much for talking with only what all right guys this rocket is being put into position to hold steady upright for the next three days until launch until then we'll be keeping a close eye on the operations seeing how everything is going to make sure that it is smooth sailing for blastoff on june eighth. well guns are key dot com to learn more on the stories we're covering but here is what we have for you there today. a video of an iranian military jet crashing right after an air show in front of ron only surfaces two years later check it out on our website r t v dot com also. the
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governments in villa responding the opposition using the newest in are now technology is popular social networking sites and. on this day we remember the birthday of one of russia's most prominent poets alexander pushkin whose stories and poems are painting the world the world. i'll be back with headlines in just a few moments but first kareen is here with the latest business update. hello and welcome to our business program here in r t thanks for joining me the world's top of the many and produce a roof sol says it's going to produce four point one million tons of other thing in this year despite the figure being roughly the same as last year the company is in
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is investing heavily in new capacities and of the capital markets of spoke exclusively to r.t. but the company's production outlook in the coming years. this year we planned to have quite the play at the level of production so we should be at four point one million dollars pretty much in line with the. bill for the medium produced last year and going forward that we definitely will increase so production mostly coming from new projects and you smell there's wood building you say beer you know you spent dressed like yesterday just called the month by ship so the whole world the price that you will be about one meal indulge in the next three four years. now let's take a look at the markets while prices are slightly lower on concerns about demands following poor job status from top consuming united states however soft
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a dollar and upheaval in the middle east are limiting the losses payson shares are trading in the red pressured by disappointing u.s. economic data and hang sang is losing more than one percent nicky's down zero point seven percent in japan financials are mostly lower also sony corp extends loss has fallen a series of. hacking incidents resulting in data research. and here in moscow the trading session was started about two hours time on friday equity markets close in the red coloring a weak u.s. jobs reports the r.t.s. and then down a point over one point three percent in the my six was one a half percent of the world. now russia's equity markets ended last week in the red after week data coming out from the u.s. market i have seen metropole predicts more positive outcome this week but investors eyeing further developments in europe and the us. this week is going to be interesting to watch because following their worse than expected numbers. labor
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market out of the united states on friday on one hand and their second bailout package for greece on the other hand the markets are going to be tempted to go either way where i think the talks can start in the market this week is that the fed could step in with a q e number three or at least in the fed could give some signals that it even in business something of that sort i think the moves the oxen is in the market and they're going to start talking about q e three now and i think there's some to distort i think there's some certainly there's some sense to this story because again the numbers are coming much softer than expected so i think this week is going to be again bulls and bears fighting hard then i think we're likely to close from flat to higher. and there's finance news online sam and artie dot com as last business and i'll be back with more in less
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than one hour so johnny. in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph greenstreet university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a mouse. drawn or the main risk issues
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which get to decide ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for the producer side and only five percent are the genuine the independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if a transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population i don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states or our legislatures rather will be avoid all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what could be more important than deciding on the permanent genetic future. of life on earth.
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while genes go mad there are people suffering. was caused some slick advantage of power that was given to the. secrets of big dirty money. on our genes. if. it is eve's if it. comes to. this comes. up. it was created to serve public interests to inform
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and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of the rush wrong. when it comes from. san antonio and probably the problem you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper the radio stations television stations the cable outlet you told me that that sells what democracy's the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on a marching in indonesia g.'s available in the grown giotto shirts a media photo the ritz carlton hotel and a little hotel hotel new millennium hotel in china you can seal a t. in censored cell mccomb broke so it's.


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