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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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but you still. miss judith lucy in this column if you visit. welcome back you're with her it's easier is a look at the top stories thousands of pakistanis protesting against deadly u.s. drone strikes could soon be joined by three americans as washington looks to bring unmanned air superiority closer to home the government wants to increase funding for the program seven fold with a number of surveillance drones all ready for trolling u.s. skies. as it is its next war of cash to save greece from financial collapse economists warn the rescue could kick the country's problems further down the road the main sponsors of the bailout germans questioned why they have to pay for athens
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mistakes again. applying extreme force to save democracy that's how george is justifying its actions against peaceful protesters many of whom have gone missing after a bloody crackdown three weeks ago human rights activists claim to believe the strategy of keeping the whereabouts of the demonstrators a secret makes it impossible to find them. most of the top stories russian gas giant gazprom is looking to cash in on the trans to wind down nuclear energy and the wake of the fukushima disaster in japan the company is now seeking a larger share of the german attitude market after berlin ballard's to shut down all of its nuclear power plants r t caught up with a top gas from official to get his vision of the future of gas. they were joined by mr alexander medvedev now he is the deputy chairman of the
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management committee of russian oil company gas promise of all as the director general of the company's export arm i thank you very much sir for joining us today western leader now the german germany's decision to a bad the nuclear power altogether and switch to natural gas this is quite a big decision to say the least now is gas from looking to fulfill a gap in that market and how significant that participation really appreciate the decision of the german government because it's. a quite unique. european market. that's politician a system which were developing new projects. nor . do you agree. with you european countries but also
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the market. for the most important that we could deliver as much to europe as europe would need. well that's not about south stream of the presentation in brussels it considered a success celebrity in hue or energy commissioner he did say that the south stream is not their top priority he did have a lot of questions although he said it is valuable to wear the e.u. he said he was asking for example who can ship gas in a project is it only going to be gas from is it only going to be the only player now how do you think what arguments he will be making to your european consumers to make sure that this project goes along knowing the arguments they have against it we really have a straightforward product you need to diversify. their routes or delivery of russian gas. to europe you know that is a risk associated with technological. or even political.
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risks. in this respect. in your other project as appropriate approach because other projects that are essential for sources or supply. or for as a source you should find the source and to be sure that this could be a problem we could we were before the distinguish another company with. the discretion to go for the general or the mean with respect to load as a source in our guest of course. you can separate the gas produced by gas pro from the more people or gas produced by the oil companies but as independent producers so physically is there for the supply and also delivered to your job but actually i don't see your do you believe somebody
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else. mega-star a pipeline. to produce would you feel good because we. support. of the gears of the tree leaves crowding to be access to the gutters for places to sleep in the kernel more of the saluki of the still clear and with the old but you could complain that well we can't get breakfast or disproportionately still or go slow but there's only company who is carrying is of course the thoughts racial profile the realization that in the racial and expansion of this system is best for him so the. monopoly position in the sport is justified from your perspective is justifiable from their perspective it's like putting their eggs in one basket or depending to much on russia how would you address this is the reason why they keep looking for diversification separating as you say transportation from the source what's your take on their position but actually we.
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depend on. this because we really do print the. real. hard currency revenue stream for world but this is very dependent on the us and also it's a very superficial. world the political world will use you for three in three or five or so and thirty should acceptable or on thirty three or thirty percent the original it's really my lawyer for the approach again we are in for the present group are. just working for water for three years the support of the change of the political will very. different. value from this. crisis is a real. credit percent committed to. our customers because. you
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for us to continue your business to make money and in your investment opportunity let's talk about price and is usually a point of contention for countries what are your price expect. nations given your forecast for your point about as well as a china deal which is really close at hand now we want you to. forward tendency is the price of crude oil and the respect of the oil products which are basically elements of price formulas there's a growing tendency that would mean that the gas prices in the medium and long. run will grow or will grow up. to. the new more difficult resource and should give more dream and forth to the prices we would like to. so called fair price which were or was to curb reasonably thrown away the rest of us in upstream in midstream and when you move forward the west will be upstream
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and around fifteen percent of. your the growing. course for exploration and production of haitian go to to me to meet this benchmark it's a. justifiable price but we should not forgive that. if we make. products for the already simple perimeter of horrific with you. the gears you still wonder where you will be for what they can to call environmental advantages of the guest actually the guest should be the sole the premium. and the discount but besides. the station the gas is sold with with a substantial discount which is worth. while some people would disagree with that but let's move on now about your plans for l.n.g.
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we've seen an increase for us especially going to japan after the crisis and we also see some of europe looking to qatar you know they they're always make on this diversification. i know what are your plans for l.n.g. to meet the demands of the market and we as a global company are hundred percent sure ellen g. is important for europe. which is already the parisian for the years playing the. company's several projects was in russia and also russia russia. stop a project we are disappearing for republicans are for the rest will be feeling voice and pipeline there were killed of the year recently bought a very powerful stop will give a. company approved technical concepts well we move in with a full sweep to the prodigal date for the final westward decision we believe.
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will take a positive decision not only to produce pipeline get the but also to make a plant but do you see any threat with a move towards shell gas nationally in the u.s. and you know but like ameri every process we should separate the really. around to the global guest market piero for the shell gas in the united states for example is a positive sign because it provides the united states more believes that in the west case they will be always in the position to produce local gas from the shale resource from other side the cost of extraction of the shell gas in the majority of the reserve places where your face should be high and it would mean that. people with locals feel good for their chief. underlies the quality
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of the resources of the shale gas in europe. also in the us big difference in the rent we just leave the. population the separation of the situation with the water supply. it will be quite clear that in europe expectations of the shale gas boom is a politically on the realistic and even these united states of canada it's a growing trend for me. but i whimper principle to relieve the bake compliment that all. we would get for it and for the development of the gas and view of the recent project in japan actually has a better cops or resource. costly and sort of there with
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a positive for influence over what of interest was a guess well let's talk about china now where you're very very close to deal you've actually agreed on a formula however prices are still not agreed upon and there's a deadline given by history or search in june tenth hopefully before the economic forum how is this negotiation going to happen with one side wanting higher prices the other lower prices who's going to be the tiebreaker and what. the. market. rules will reduce there before was a forty or forty year of. the price. the price. in different parts of the world is a little bit different but the most important was a product of the changing need. we could find
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a compromise which will or will you do so in conflict for example yourself as a construction project is more from china character was in the rush. for the price you're paying is a very quantity because that is the racial mature. justifiable use of. your condition for the market to change and let's just put it bluntly who's going to be making a bigger compromise it's like a marriage if you feel would like to. thank you for the interest. from doing well but we already made a lot of steps and direction of trainees as well as. a lot of steps and i would surely if we speak and the model for terms probably the last from the computers left. all right well thank you very much for your time thank you.
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while kings go mad their people suffer. how something could vanish your power that was given to them. secret some big good dirty money. on our cheek. the close up team has been to build a brand richard thank you harvest turning point i'm leaning more to. this time are to go to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transit in their ancestors.
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where the mysterious city of a deadlock world from the republic go to such a rush to close up on r.g.p. . thousands of pakistanis protesting against the u.s. drone strikes could soon be joined by angry americans as washington looks to bring on may and air superiority closer to home the government wants to increase funding for the program seven fold with a number of surveillance drones already been throwing the u.s. cards. as the e.u. to raise its next lot of cash to say greece from france will collapse economists warn the rescue could kick the country's problems further down the road and the main sponsors of the bailout germans question why they have to pay for has its mistakes again. applying extreme force to save democracy that's how
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georgia is justifying his actions against peaceful protesters many of whom have gone missing after a bloody crackdown two weeks ago human rights activists claim to police his strategy of keeping the whereabouts of the demonstrators a secret makes it impossible to find. those for the top stories and he's here next with the sports news. hello there you're watching the sports and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes making history rafael nadal beats roger federer to equal be on ball dress court of six french open titles are. rushing to close the gap because rejects plays pleased to be dropped from the friendly with cameroon. and on a roll placing stony claims his second straight victory on the most a key piece by winning the. first rafael nadal says his record
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equalling sixth french open title is one of his sweetest the spaniard equalled the on board record tally with the force against his arch rival roger federer nadal by only admission hadn't been playing his best in this tournament and it was federer who started the stronger racing to a five two lead but the spaniard then moved up a gear a long period producing great quality and that saw him come back to take the first set seven five. on the second set was also close also his function to. win a tournament especially when you started to withhold doing your best so. my mind was open to change the situation so that's makes the big. special even if it's possible the most crucial because when i was always. after him and in the world so. very happy for all of us we know what can happen and if.
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i could almost looked like he was going to miss the beginning of the force that i could maybe run away with. but in the fifth circuit i would have filled strong. i mean to beat him from being. heard in me and it was unfortunate i couldn't make it more competitive than before search you know but. because of. the iraq the winning of three sets to one i thought borussia coach to caprica has refused plays requests to be rested for tomorrow's friendly with cameroon saying he wants his side to bounce back from a poor performance against armenia the dutchman is not happy even though his side won that euro qualifier three one it weekend with rome and public change a hat trick saying they still have to improve ahead of their next qualifier against macedonia in september another car refused to name names to the squad had asked to mr cameron game which takes place in austria on tuesday however he will be without
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striker alexander because you called your main sidelines with a knee injury meanwhile it's been announced russia will play the remainder of their home you're right qualifies in moscow. will host a friend these are taking place across the globe at the moment with a straight a thrashing neighbors need three nearly one of the last penny to getting a brazen it's not eight months away the striker first make good use of a goalkeeper blunder there just nine minutes in before adding a thumping second half from the corner all right added the adelaide oval while james pro she played for scoring with the stoppage time spoke to the socceroos and bragging rights. now over in the states miami heat have taken control of the n.b.a. finals winning game three against the dallas mavericks eighty eight points to eighty six to go to one up in the series now chris bosh with the winning basket his jumper with just under forty seconds left enough for the big three have top scored for the mavericks with thirty fall points and had
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a short period in the dying moments going for his own cheese get. off now and sweden's alexander noren has won the wales open by two shots to claim its second european tour title frenchman gregory balding finished as joint runner up at celtic manor his card was a blemish to see registered yet another sixty seven full going to include one here at the eleventh he finished on seven under par for the tournament and tied for second with anders hansen of game market a credit for a good second with improved on the back nine sinking for birdies although his playing partner not seen here was more consistent and ended on a nine on the part of the whales open to his win at the two thousand and nine european masters. i. never really believed my game was good enough with the less we did but. i would. not as good as i want to this is it feels so relieving you know
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meanwhile steve stricker is the new world number four after victory at the memorial tournament in ohio he was four shots ahead after this explosive bunker shot at the twelve even though he cooled off from a lot of holes he still won by a shot sixteen under overall better americans back joe b. tied for second world number one corner of the shop but. let's switch to the bikes a mostly g.p. where casey stoner has won the battle and grand prix that is the big three five races destroyed in second straight victory to pressure on reigning world champion. came in second however despite this still seven points clear in the overall standings and here my heart teammate ben spies missed his first finish of the season spies finished ahead of multiple champion valentino rossi and yet to win this season after joining the county team battle martin kelly started from pole to settle to sixth place after me tell you braved death threats from local fans
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following a controversial for. the french grand prix last month. you know he came by it was a little bit more a little bit less he didn't really know which quarter it was going to be raining heavily or and i didn't really know what pace to run i didn't know how bad the conditions were so i pretty much just match myself to the people behind. seem to work but it was a high pressure. to keep it from. you know a little bit nerve racking it would have been very easy to come near them conditions but we managed to keep it on two wheels and bring me my one of the main warmup braces for next month's tour de france has got underway and it's tried the last one the prologue to the cry to do finale the race starts with a traditional short time. around the town of santa the mariani current tour de france champion alberto contador had decided to sit this one out after winning his year and it's early but you're still a strong field and he knows that from here lars boom he was quickest over the five
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point four kilometer route finishing in a time of six minutes and eighteen seconds that's three seconds ahead of has it right at alexander vinokourov of britain bradley wiggins was on monday riders will tackle one hundred forty four kilometer route the first of seven stages. and finally in rowing russia may be a far cry from its glory days but the new look national team has continued preparations for next summer's london olympics as they tested the water here in the russian capital over the weekend. that there was a good reason to celebrate on the water of the really canal kirloskar as the grand mosque in regard to mark to ski fifth birthday is also traditionally titled as international but only at this from the former soviet union are taking part these days the three time olympic champion which started off remembers when things were different. when the regatta began fifty years ago
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a lot of foreign rulers came to take heart back in the soviet union was a force to be reckoned with in the sport including an outstanding performance of the one nine hundred sixty olympics in rural america but nowadays i only come to watch and try to hold some sweets memories of the popularity of the moscow event has been growing slowly but surely with the locals however the lineup leaves much to be desired in terms of attractions with the world's best go into last month's worth of cup leg and move it can stand russia sit it out in their bid to lend at least some star power to their home race which college town built i reckon i'm hoping for a brighter future for the regatta here the most it appears the feeling is i don't know i think this event is a crown missing one all we need to do is change the timing so it will overlap with the world cup lags and the sports leaders will come because good organisation is already in place. russians limpid squad have been training together for just
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eighteen months and are far from favorites for next summer's runs and games the couple of names could well be in contention going to places a month them a school group of skulls a limp dick champion said if you are off to also shown in moscow you live in acclaimed bronze in the women's skulls in cebu eleven years ago and is also a medal hopeful anthem. well i'm not in my top form now and i still preparing the race gives the of food for thought and analysis in this regard is also important for us there are just under fourteen months to go before the london games and russia recently against time to get tricky the next stop is the second gold cup in two humbling in germany in june the seventeenth trophy team. so that brings us to the end of the sport for the moment said the small thanks are on next i would guess that.
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culture is that so much about the taxpayers' money that it is a shame a lot of people at area saving the hero in the financial and political costs of doing so is it all worth it there's a euro project made a serious rethink should it be. fixed. if.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening up a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. san antonio in trouble. the problem. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper
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the radio stations television stations the cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r.g.p. . download the official and see how to make a show on the phone or i pod touch from the i choose option. one cianci life on the go. see video on demand parties money fuel costs and this feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call. while kings go mad their people suffer. how some take advantage of power that was given to them. secrets of the.


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