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so is it all worth it is that your approach would need a serious rethink should it be. for the full so we've got it from. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. comes you live twenty four hours a day this is r t here in moscow top stories this hour the u.s. is under mounting pressure to stop its drone attacks which killed scores of civilians abroad americans at home also fear the technology might soon target them for surveillance purposes. and the greek government is starting in your sturdy driving of securing a new international financial lifeline and the massive public protests economists warn rallies in other e.u. states could follow with anger that greece is being bailed out again. is the most group be the muslim brotherhood is declared illegal in egypt ahead of kid
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parliamentary elections this is the country is due to receive a three billion dollars loan from the international monetary fund to prop up its economy. graco were not allowed in about fifteen minutes in the meantime russian gas giant gazprom is looking to cash in on the trend to wind down nuclear energy in the wake of the fukushima disaster in japan the company's now seeking a larger share of the german energy market after berlin vowed to shut down all of its nuclear power plants when r.t. is caught up with a top official to get his vision of the future of gas. today we're joined by mr alexander medvedev now he is the deputy chairman of the management committee of russian oil company gas promise of all as the director general of the company's export arm i thank you very much sir for joining us today administrator now the german germany's decision to about the nuclear power
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altogether and switch to natural gas this is quite a big decision of to say the least now is gas prom looking to fulfill a gap in that market and how significant will that participation be really. of the german government because. of the. produce from the european market. of. which were developing new projects. nor. did you were against. germany. but also the market. for the across the board the most important of that. as much. as europe could need. all the other talk about south stream
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the presentation in brussels you considered a success so every be a hewer energy commissioner he did say that the south stream is not their top priority and he did have a lot of questions although he said it is valuable to the e.u. he said he was asking for example who can ship gas in the project is it only going to be gas from is it only going to be the only player now how do you think what arguments he will be making clear european consumers to make sure that this project goes along knowing the arguments they have against really really straight forward to get with. the roots really really are for russian gas to europe. because. it's not logical season where or even political. risks. in this respect but we don't consider any other project as a completed because other projects to diversify sources or support. for as
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a source you should find the source and be sure that this will be a problem if you do you are before the destination another country with. the biggest wish and so it will explode. in the mean with respect to loaves a source. of preparation system you can separate the. produced by gas from the more you can produce as well come from your ways independent producers or physically the gears for other suppliers also delivered to your but actually i don't need to see a need in order to call it somebody else in. my prime. because. the support of the gears and the actually cutting to the excess
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to the customers for patience system in the internal market is that you clear crystal clear and that is. why you could complain that well we can get access to the transportation. but only company who is creating the cost and thought of the. expansion of this system with. some of the. early position and this is just. after their perspective is justifiable from their perspective it's like putting their eggs in one basket. depending too much on russia how would you address this is the reason why we keep looking for diversification separating as you say transportation from the source what's your take on their position but actually we. depend on. this because we really do pray and. really. living
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a stream for. both. it's a very simple question to be. what the critical level of use is three into. the future is acceptable or one thirty three or thirty percent is a very you know it's really naive. approach again the way into. this market for more than forty years in spite of the change of the political. will different colors of evolution this. crisis is really. rather primitive who did we were. asked was because it's the third year for us to continue business to make money and investment performance and let's talk about price which is usually a point of contention for countries what are your price expectations given your forecasts for europeans about as well as china deal which is really close at hand
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when when you pour in. following the tendency of the price of crude oil and respect of the oil products which are basically limits for price formulas there's a growing tendency would mean the gas prices in the medium and long. run will grow or will grow up. which allow us. to new more difficult resource. more bringing forth krever kitchen prejudice we would like to. call. fair price i'm sure all of you to her presumably you probably know we were. in midstream and mean you move the poor woman away the west will steer you in the road fifteen percent. of them. are yours a growing. course for exploration and production perhaps probation you know to me
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to me this. put. justifiable prices and we should go for give that. in for. products through very simple perimeter of course if it were you the. will you be food taken to the environmental advantages of the gears actually should be sold a premium. at a discount but. with a substantial discount the group which is worth ok well some people would disagree with that but let's move on now about your plans for l.n.g. now we've seen i increased volume especially going to japan after the crisis and we also see some of europe looking to qatar you know baby are always big on this diversification argument what are your plans for l.n.g.
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to meet the demands of the market as a global company. sure injury is important or point for europe. which is already in rishon for the us playing to. become priests the world projects morse. stop roger if we had to separate the property for the rest would receive more sort of pipeline if there were injury. of the year recently a person. stop and develop a company or prove technical concept more we. are fools be to the targeted bait for the ride with no decision on which billion from. will take a positive decision not only to produce pipeline get but also to make your plans now do you see any threat with a move towards shill gas nationally in the us you will but like.
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every process we should have separate the really. nice round to the global market the appearance of the shale gas in the united states is a positive sign because it provides the united states more believes in the west praise will be always in the present to produce the local gas from the shale resource what from other side the cost of extraction of the shell gas in the majority of the reserve places things where you three should be high and it would mean the injury of the people is the locals feel good for the auction but. the quality of their is resources of the shale gas in europe and also no worse big difference when.
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population. the situation with the water supply. will be quite clear is that in europe expectations of the shale gas boom is absolutely on the early stage and even these united. it's a growing problem for me just for the environmental consequences for we believe that show growth will take it complimentary of all the things against water. for the development of the gas and you are the only. actually as a. resource of course to use force there was a positive for influence over the interest of the guests who let's talk about china now where you're very very close to a deal you've actually agreed on a formula however prices are still not agreed upon and there's
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a deadline given by mr eager search and hopefully before the economic forum how is this negotiation going to happen with one side wanting higher prices the other lower prices who's going to be the tie breaker and nature of. the. market. rules will reduce their risk for more than forty or forty years. the price. of the price. of a different part of the there is a little bit different but the most important product will be showing when you. find a compromise which will allow you to stay in contact with the executive there is a construction project of the north and surely putting them in russia we should not forgive the crisis in ukraine is
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a very quantum gratian we should. just. use a. change of command and let's just put it bluntly who's going to be making a bigger compromise it's like if you would like to. thank you for the thought the interest so will rule gazprom but we already have made a lot of steps and very. little. surely if people in the world of form. probably from the left. all right well thank you very much for your time thank you.
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while kings go mad their people suffer. was how some take advantage of power that was given to the. secrets of big dirty money. on r g. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. you can get involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper
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radio stations television stations the cable. you told me the. public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on march. the us is under mounting pressure to stop its drone attacks which killed schools of civilians but american technology might seem target for surveillance purposes. and the greek government started driving that securing a new international financial lifeline amid massive public protests and rallies and states could follow greece is. the muslim brotherhood has declared legal in egypt ahead of keep parliamentary elections this is the country is due to receive a three billion dollars loan from the international monetary fund to put its economy. more developments in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime kate is next
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with the sport news. well i want to do this whole series and these are the top stories. back to the bridge for my russia coach guus hiddink is linked with a return to the helm of chelsea as a departure from turkey looks like a done deal. while no rest current russian coach because they can't reject some players pleased to be dropped a tuesday's friendly with cameroon. and going nowhere. vows to fight on as the last empress pairs his next match after two straight defeats. with first a football and former russia coach who city is believed to be on his way back to russian only english premier league club chelsea according to his current employers turkey and i'm source in the turkish football federation reportedly says that getting can't say no to a new offer from
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a no roman abramovich the sixty four year old dutchman acted as part time chelsea manager two years ago gained winds of water among the players at the guiding them to f.a. cup glory but hitting still left to concentrate on the russia job and then went on to train turkey when his contract with russia expired last summer. well in the meantime current russian approach to god the god has refused his requests to be arrested but she stays friendly with cameroon saying he wants the site to bounce back from a poor performance against armenia the dutchman isn't happy even though his side came back to winning friday's european qualifier three one in some petersburg thanks to a. trick avatar sense his side still needs to improve ahead of their next qualify in macedonia on september the second the dutchman refused to name names but revealed that two of his squad had asked to miss the cameroon game which takes place in austria and cheese day however of the car will be without striker alexander cocksure caught remain sidelined with a knee injury meanwhile it's been announced russia will play the remainder of their
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home euro twenty twelve qualifiers in moscow. on domestic matters a lot and. such as their coach. following last month's two undefeated home to angie because bosses blamed him for the poor preparations for that game also questioning the substitutions clinician made during the match object because of the stadium the forty seven year old was given his marching orders after less than six months in charge. while in other football news iran's women's team seemed unable to compete any further in the olympic qualifying tournament after fever rejected their plea to allow the wearing of islamic head scarves on the pitch the head jobs are banned for safety reasons by the sport's governing body which prevented iran from playing jordan last friday so the score the olympic future is hanging in the balance despite the top in the first round. now newly crowned french open champion rough on the doubt has rounded off a fairy tale thought night in paris by showing off his heart and trophy in disneyland and all adding
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a touch of not just to get special six try top which equals the record set by your pool in one hundred eighty one the top ranks minute the arch rival roger federer in a four sets thriller in the final on sunday and doing so would be just enough to defend his wild number one ranking from though that drop which so i promise celebration was in order that's easy to miss coming into line for any no time. sure was a marginal day yesterday and it may have been for everything there were an hour just to please have to play have to enjoy this is all one but at the same time i don't have a lot of time like that have to practice to play winds up there with that so it means that there is like this. well it all has a buy into the second round of those egon championships at queen's where the grass court season gets going right the sorry start for the shift to turn up in west london the former world number twenty crashing out to spain's ability on a local course not discourse a tie break in the first set that best is no slouch thanks number eighteen to wrap
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it up seven six six three in line a full time champion andy roddick. now arguably the best mixed martial artist of all time. has reassured his fans he doesn't have any immediate plans to retire regardless of the outcome of his next fight the thirty four year old russian is preparing to square off against american dan henderson that is to take place in chicago on july the thirtieth and it makes the last and brought the cat had the un beaten for almost a decade and lost in his last few outings rise to speculation in what happened to bow out converse a forty year old henderson is going into the fight to match winning streak the american made ten kilograms live so break them it's because of the weight five gallica that it will make a difference. in year's election i don't think that's a lie to your opponent is in any way easier to deal with i've usually gone up against fighters who are heavier than me but i now try to do my best against
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someone who's a bit lighter his normal weight is about ninety seven kilograms and i've been asked to do some weight before the fight. now in cycling former champion alexander vinokourov has taken the yellow jersey after the opening stage of the criterion to doff in a race i want to prevent the tour de france stage was won by belting here in vandenberg back in stick and overall as it stands going to one hundred forty seven seconds we find but that was enough for him to take the pair you need to get in shape backing rodriguez was second fastest on the day astray and adele evans. northland steve stricker has moved up to number four in the world rankings after victory at the memorial tournament in ohio he was for shots ahead after this explosive bunker chip at the twelfth and even though he called off in the latter holes he still won by a shot sixteen under our overall fellow americans who shot grant joke
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a tie for second world war one luke donald was a chart back the victory mean streak is now america's highest ranked player the first time in his career. but meanwhile sweden has one or inflamed his second title on the european tour i winning the wales open by two shots is nine under par overall it celtic manor was an upbeat day in and as handsome the frenchman gregory quoting him finished tied for second one seven under you're in getting his hands on the trophy to add to his two thousand and nine do you feel masters title. to motor sports now where the city of course in western russia was part of racing cars that took to the roads and beat in the second stage of the domestic touring car championship cousin but as far as more. the organizers have been implementing new strategies to make the series more popular around russia over the past few years and it seems like they're succeeding as more than ten thousand people flock to the center of course to watch the race condition has already become a tradition and the locals don't seem to be too well the route where the gruelling
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engines well drivers enjoying the trek published in which up is the fact that we're driving here for the fourth consecutive time means we like living. the the track is in the very center of the city and it reminds us of the best in town circuits like monaco all train turns on main features here they're very challenging and complicated which is unusual for city roads. the domestic championship was established in two thousand and four in features seven races in the season while in the course of thirty three or four rushes best drivers heap the streets to compete in four categories and eleven of those cars failed to finish as all eyes were on the turf battles to cue up poverty and it was not a surprise reigning champion store into a comfortable win in the most prestigious category and leading his opponents beating dust the three time rushing champion started from the pool in the first session and didn't let anyone get close while in the second race from the sixth
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place with a leader outclassed his rivals to clinch victory. so it's been a great race why tactics were right and i learned to fulfil the plan i accelerated in adarand a group of cars and later i was just fighting against my opponents one after another. so hopefully i'll touch the overall rankings but soon his crown will be under threat again as the next race will keep often good in central russia and next month because they are not out of our team. and finally rowing in russia might be a far cry from its glory days knew that national see continued their preparations i was a little mixed as they tested the water in moscow. that there was a good reason to celebrate on the water of the really canal occur alaska as the grand mosque in regard to marked its fiftieth birthday is also traditionally titled as international but only athens from the former soviet union taking part these
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days a three time olympic champion which started off remembers when things were different . when the regatta began fifty years ago a lot of foreign rulers came to take part back in the soviet union was a force to be reckoned with in the sport including an outstanding performance of the one nine hundred sixty olympics in rumor but nowadays i only come to watch and try to have some sweets memories of the popularity of the moscow event has been growing slowly but surely with the locals however the line up leaves much to be desired in terms of attractions with the world's best go into last month's worth of cup leg and movie can stand russia set it out in their bid to lend at least some star power to their home race with coach son bill i return hoping for a brighter future for the regatta the other measure the best they can is i don't know i think they surrender is a promising one all we need to do is change the timing so it will overlap with the
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world cup lags and this leaders will come because good organisation is already in place. russia's lympics squad have been training together for just eighteen months and are far from favorites for next summer's london games the couple of names could well be my contention for going to places and unfairness quadruple sculls limpid champion said if it were up to but also shown in moscow you live in a claimed bronze in the women's skulls in sydney eleven years ago and is also a medal hopeful anthem. well i'm not in my top form now preparing whichever race gives you food for thought and analysis on this regard is also important for us there are just under fourteen months to go before the london games and rush are racing against time to get tricky the next stop is the second world cup event in hamburg in germany in june the seventeenth. and that's all the sports news this.
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touches that so much about taxpayers' money that it is a shame if a lot of people at area are saving the hero in the financial and political costs of doing so is it all worth it just a euro project made a serious rethink should the. mission
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is. going to take three months for charges for. the maintenance free risk free spirits free. blood cell splitting video for your media projects a c.d.o. dog a hearty dog tom. if. it is a pizza.


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