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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. some of the world's largest banks accused of becoming america's biggest slumlords so as the foreclosure crisis goes from bad to worse in some areas of the u.s. and banks are accused of skirting their duties is the growing great american divide between the house and the have nots. and more mainstream media focuses on don't make strauss kahn sexual assault charges in court appearance we're looking toward the future of the i am after as countries call for an end to the legacy of european leadership. now drugs may be a symbol of america's undeclared wars overseas with the capability for the u.s. to kill and spy on people with a remote push of
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a button but are america's becoming the next victims of this virtual reality. that afternoon it's monday june sixth four pm here in washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster and you're watching our t.v. now where is the united states heading it's a question that often gets asked but the answer really depends on who you ask take a look at a recent rasmussen poll that shows sixty one percent of the political class believes that the country is heading in the right direction while seventy eight percent of mainstream voters disagree and if you want to see an example of what mainstream voters may be experiencing the political elites are not i want to take you to los angeles now this is where tenants are living in squalor and one of the world's largest banks is being accused of being their slum lord is the german
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baking giant deutsche bank and as our teaser monga linda shows us it's just part of a nationwide crisis take a look at the story. roach impressed ations cracks in the walls more growth mounds of trash these are just some of the deep horrible conditions that low income families in los angeles are dealing with. at night i have bugs crawling on my arms and on my face and the mice make noise at night and make me lose a lot of sleep making. process is angry over this long conditions that she and other ranchers have to endure as a result of the ongoing foreclosure crisis empty houses have become a sanctuary for squatters and drug dealers foreclosed apartment buildings have fallen into disrepair as the owners ignore their tenants needs many of those owners the world's biggest banks people coming in here in tears you know saying this is a nightmare they can't see. it's affecting their work from l.a.
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to milwaukee to cleveland cities across america are having a tough time getting banks to maintain for close properties one of the biggest culprits maybe to beg a recent congressional report on the financial crisis put germany's leading bank among the top four banks contributing to america's mortgage mess torture bank has foreclosed on thousands of properties in los angeles and now the city is suing demanded the banks step up and be a landlord we visited several of the torture foreclosure properties but tenants were fearful of talking on camera or showing us their apartments. this window has been boarded up as local delinquents have wreaked havoc on this building over the last several months it was foreclosed on by deutsche bank a notice of addiction is still on the window now this is one of hundreds of buildings which has been foreclosed on over the last several years by points bank which is obviously still in ruins now there is still one tenant living in this
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rundown building but he can't rely on the bank to fix anything a situation that would likely not be tolerated back home in germany this is not germany however and the bank has passed on the blame claiming they are only a trustee on the mortgage an excuse that does not sit well communities seen their american dream shattered especially after deutsche bank reported three billion dollars in profit just for the first three months of this year and now you've got these big banks are selling our securities that are nowhere and nobody cares about the people at the other end ryan bell is a pastor and a community organizer he sees the collapse of the city's neighborhoods on a daily basis he believes the foreclosure crisis and the inability to keep banks accountable amounts would be trailed the average working american since the height of just one who had where. he felt comfortable with their nice
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homes with swimming pools and i'm getting there by paying. under pressure from u.s. cities which a bank has begun to repair some of the properties but without much of the announcer an efficiency but with so many homes still at risk of foreclosure it may be too little too slowly too late in los angeles and i'm on the in the party. now for more on this topic joining us from our l.a. studio is george hemming sure he is founder of surviving t.v. thanks for being with us so you know in this situation you see just average americans that are struggling that are trying to get repairs done for the apartments that they're renting new while these are foreclosed places that deutsche bank owns that they say hey it's not our responsibility is this kind of a sign of a growing divide this isn't republican versus democrat the way that the debate is usually framed in the united states but it is becoming more about how does vs have
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nots well it's economic collapse it's you know we thought we were in a recovery we're actually entering is the second great depression and these are this is just one example of one of the effects of all the american people is banks taking foreign banks taking large percentages of property ownership away from americans and now being totally irresponsible with living conditions of america i mean i compare it to letting the gates open and letting the pirates come in and rape and pillage the the american people so that you know you touched upon having a foreign bank coming in and doing this and other foreign countries have been named by analysts as coming into the united states and being slumlords more broadly because workers are cheaper here than in europe because they are not unionized like they are in europe how do you feel that foreign companies and foreign banks are
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coming in and doing this and i do you agree that there are essentially slumlords. well yeah i mean what entire classes of banks are becoming slumlords of the system just isn't working we had too much liquidity pumped into the system it all went into real estate and i think the bigger story here isn't just the fact that banks are taking advantage or they're slow to act in repairing properties and allowing americans to live in substandard third world conditions it's more that americans that own property right now or that have just bought property could experience declines of their wealth i mean we're seeing a decade of losses in real estate i think we're down from the peak all the way to two thousand i mean it's a it's ridiculous in the in the entire growth in real estate as far as wealth was concerned was just a mirage and it was entirely put on by the federal reserve and now you're seeing
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all of the miss or consequences of all those all those actions when it looks like there's going to be more confidence as you mentioned that we thought housing prices to two thousand to level the comments are saying it's a double dip and twenty eight percent of u.s. homeowners are still underwater on their mortgages so that would indicate that more foreclosures are to come but there are areas in the united states that are doing quite well i want to point out george where ten million dollar mansions are selling and where right here in this area the washington d.c. area are full of the top ten richest counties in the nations i have a number that i want to throw up there just they can get a sense of of these counties and the kind of household income that is the needy and income and they're all in the d.c. area also in the d.c. area unemployment is five point seven percent far below the national average the s. and p's numbers that came out with the home price index that showed nineteen out of twenty cities saw a decline that one thing he did not was washington d.c.
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what does that say about how this area is washington d.c. where i'm sitting the capital of the haves and does that make you feel like your government out of touch with reality. well washington d.c. is the new royalty in america you are masters and we are the slaves to serve you through taxes obedience and following your regulations and when things start to go a little bit more bad in washington d.c. what they'll do is they'll turn on the screws even harder to the american american people so we're seeing things like five hundred dollars fees here if you cross a white line for a red light ticket they're instituting traffic cameras everywhere the whole goal is you as i mean as i mean american people outside of washington d.c. are not providing enough income to our masters so you know i don't know what the end result will be but maybe there will be a night where americans get fed up with this and will be storming the gates of
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washington d.c. with pitchforks and do you think that that's really where this will lead and do you think that's the answer and what do you think would lead this q. change and leave that gap to be bred. well you're seeing that all over the world you're seeing it in spain where they have twenty percent unemployment and god knows what type of employment for teenagers and people in their twenty's and you're seeing revolution throughout the middle east i think america has a few more years to maybe get to that point but right now what you're seeing is a slow believe for the american family you're seeing people that have had two incomes now they're surviving on one income they had a mortgage they lost that to foreclosure they had two cars now they're down to one car so right now the squeeze is on the the slow bleed and americans are just trying to they're trying to get food stamps we don't have. because i'm forty million plus americans are on food stamps so right now americans are just turning to anything from such a chop of medications to food stamps i mean we're literally grasping at straws and
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i think that's why the data is coming in wolf that finally americans are understanding or a majority of americans are understanding that this is not the recession that they've experienced in the past this is the second great depression i am when you look at the unemployment numbers in the unemployment in this recession compared to others that's just so much larger in this recession than any out of the us has experienced world war two but that isn't a discussion i really want to thank you george having jar founder of survive and thrive t.v. for bringing us your analysis on this issue in los angeles now but the mainstream media need be focusing on dominic strauss court appearance today in manhattan at the former head of the international monetary fund and of course. he is there putting in a plea for in a case of a sexual assault of a hotel maid we're more concerned with something else we're more concerned with what is going to happen with the leadership of the i.m.f. many including the largest emerging economies argue that the downfall of d s k should be the end of the legacy of european leaders at the bank are teaser has more
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on that. it's a change they don't believe in with the former i.m.f. director dominic stores current out of the financial picture they're going to looking for suitable replacement and more the current financial situation in europe maser just a new approach is needed to solve the problems by looks of it the i.m.f. will go in the other direction the weight of tradition and also the fact that there has been a long standing between the united states and europe and us who have the world bank and europe has the fun i'm sure the europeans would convince or leaving thinkers on the matter that at this juncture you still need someone familiar with the problems of the runner up is the french finance minister christine lagarde and while europeans hail her as one of the strongest economists in the euro zone some remain skeptical about her progress and christine lagarde comes next and i think the short run i want respect. more of the same as long as they can sustain it's not
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obvious you know. maybe a. default. perhaps even leaving europe so they may not be able to maintain. the trainees for them to continue to try greece's debt is one of the heights mean unfortunately are too far ahead and soon could find itself in a very similar situation. asking why must there be in a big mess and what happened to promise a fresh face is something that just seem to have their families i think that if christina does get the job i think it will be a betrayal of the. promise if you remember germany only a few months ago had said. that there should be a change in the global order specially since india and china over the last three or
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four years have been the world's largest economies and it's india and china that have. the world out of the economic slump baritones been in the last few years one of the world's most powerful organizations the international monetary fund has the power to countries but to plunge them into despair kick russia for example some say there are conditions played a crucial role in bringing about the default of one nine hundred ninety eight which left thousands of people and just brute i remember when the soviet union broke up and and the rest of the g seven prescribed it could not make it through the new russia and it was completely disastrous this complete sort of thing of the russian economy at the time completely destroyed russia in several ways and i think that's what the i.m.f. has zero to several other economies being are greece and i've been out for portugal italy and spain because sex scandals broken pledges deepening did as europe
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attempts to internal itself from its fiscal chaos it seems clear that a new approach is vital to stay afloat but the international monetary fund seems to focus more on keeping rising economies out of the picture than solving the many problems it now faces and r.t. and joining me now to talk more about the i am after d.s. k. is raj joshi he is founder and president of many council and corporate thank you so much for being with us raj now it isn't just. course it isn't just brics countries that are arguing that the next i am leader should not come from europe as tradition has always had it you have the economists saying an emerging economy leader should take over but on the editorial page of the washington post so why do you think mainstream western analysts are calling for that is that really about wanting a greater role for these emerging economies or is it about something else.
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well look i would have to agree first and foremost with some of your previous guests segment what all this amounts to is this you know the u.s. is a failed economy but the eurozone has failed and the brics nations have been realizing for quite some time now they're failing anglo american british and other euro insurance or at the most support this of global a dictatorship that is extremely consequential implications and the entire international financial system you know then why should they be continuing to prop up the global recovery because if you go to the very bare bones of the global economy other groups are the backbone you know they're the true engine for a production you can a growth and long term growth potential at the same time here you very lazing that you have the same guns of the international mafia fund you know getting to do all of the third world looting and the brics have absolutely zero say steak or share in any of this because that's exactly what the i.m.f. is one big loading station you know i mean you can remotely continue to participate
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in this organization is beyond me ok that's all i wanted a lot i want to touch on and that is something i want to ask you know bret's are rallying for a greater role but why bother i mean right now you know a third of the eurozone is bailouts are provided by the i.m.f. the euro zone's really a hotbed. of economic distress with greece with portugal with spain europe and the united states are the largest participants in the fund as far as the money they get so why do the brits need to really you know ratchet up their role and i am half it with something else be a better way to go. oh that's that's a good point you know for the brits only have fourteen to fifteen percent of the voting or opinion share in the i.m.f. but i think in the short run i think you meant they realize that some of their success some of their economic growth does to at least a degree hinge upon you know western. western interests because as we know there are some of the largest creditor nations in the world which is why i think you know i found it interesting how last month you had indian prime minister one of the on
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scene come out and say that you know the i.m.f. needs serious reforms we need bretton woods reforms of brics nations deserve a stronger say or a stake in what happens and then almost immediately a day after probably got a call from geithner or someone he backtracked on his previous statement and said that you know transitions like this take time and we can basically expect the status quo going forward to going back to your question yes i think a bench will be their best interest to complete come to completely break the chains of i'll focus on this situation and perhaps start their own i.m.f. type fund which better serves their interests but i think in the short run and i think they simply can't do it things are just too fragile they're ok and right now in the short run you have france's foreign minister kind of at the front runner to take over the i.m.f. christine lagarde. you have people saying that it shouldn't be her i mean do you think that people are basically concerned that she's going to throw
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a bunch of money at the euro zone i mean already like i said i never had the third of the euro zone's bailout and that's a really those countries that are in distress right now. yes absolutely i mean that's exactly what's going to happen unfortunately and i know you have the governor of the day go to he go a former deputy managing director augustine carson is a sort of this emerging market candidate but it's clear that you also recently had being for the same euro and anglo american interest i mean you know have you seen this guy if you can even less one day if it were in a rural village and you know where the you know the province in eastern china is supposed to be representative of poverty laden family stricken. family stricken nations really quickly roggio very quickly raj we're almost out of time but i just really want asking beth you know one of the things that some europeans have argued is that only a european leader of i am that can understand the current crisis going on in europe right now i'm wondering if you see a double standard here because for decades the i.m.f. led by westerners has been persecuting policies for countries that they don't
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particularly know anything about first hand south america asia eastern europe do you think. i mean absolutely and this is go that's the point that i brought up with . the governor of course this is you know what you also have going on is tim geithner openly supporting the guard and it looks like the u.s. is ready to cut a deal with the euro rogue if you look sharp look articulated deputy managing director number two position it's going to be or that job which he is term ends in august so they want to hang on to that number two position so i think that's exactly what you'll see you'll see zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero from european and look at the helm and you'll see another american at the number two spot which means you can expect the same shenanigans on the part of the i.m.f. going forward and that's just as history as serving your pain has always held up position and you think is going to be more of the same that was rajkot she founder and president capital thanks for being on the show now drones are something we have heard a lot of about because they have become really
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a symbol of americans undisclosed wars they've killed civilians sparked protests in countries such as pakistan and they've risen at a quick clip but compared to past years there were at least eight hundred eighteen drone strikes in pakistan last year compared to fifty or so in two thousand and nine that's according to media reports it's also growing business for defense contractors as they come out with smaller and cheaper versions on technology and right here in the u.s. many fear that the expansion of front and u.s. airspace means the fear of u.s. drones coming right home to the u.s. are you can is going to tell us why this was so they went u.s. drone hit the house of this company pakistan he lost an eye both legs and three family members. these people are demanding the cia be held responsible for the deaths of their loved ones but to no avail with the use of drones comes a lack of accountability those are being operated by somebody at a command center in langley virginia they're watching it on video on
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a video screen they're pressing the button they're deciding who lives and who dies and then they go off for a weekend where they have by. queues in their suburban virginia and suburban maryland homes and who pays the price the people who are the victims of the attack is there accountability none whatsoever drones have become the symbol of america's undeclared wars worse that seem to have no state all legal boundaries we've opened up a new realm of warfare a new realm of breaking reaching international and domestic. use think pakistan yemen and elsewhere they have killed scores of civilians the former chief counterinsurgency strategist with the u.s. state department has estimated the drone attacks killed fifty non targeted persons for each intended target one of the things the united states kind of pretends is that we are morally superior we are better just able to judge what is good for
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other people and therefore we are entitled to inflict our judgement on them and that we presume they will be grateful to us for it but that is not what happens ever and it's not what's happening in yemen it's not what's happening in pakistan they are furiously enraged with us washington is looking to increase the funding for drone development by seven times over the next ten years a large part of that will go to work on our own surveillance grow the u.s. has for years been using them in another of its undeclared wars against drug traffickers in mexico the mexican government allows us biplanes despite public discontent there's a lot of concern that the use of these drones for the u.s. government has more to do with u.s. control over mexican territory actually going out to the drug lords and winning the drug war while issues of international law and sovereignty trigger little interest among americans the prospect of having surveillance drones spying all across the us itself surely the us us police agencies are asking for drones for domestic
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surveillance raising alarm among those who think that could be the end. if american freedoms especially when you look at constitutional activities like free speech activities they're going to be hovering over crowds that are merely maybe protesting the war or protesting some are governmental act and they'll be chilling free speech should roll be equipped with some sort of weapon so some people are saying lasers will be able to only should the students who are advocating against the government they've already been used in some instances in the united states alone two thousand servant protesters in washington d.c. noticed small objects falling over and it looked like dragon's lock her and out they were robo flies and all about it really gone astray was divisive as america continues developing this playstation mentality killing and intelligence gathering and practice that people leave in fear that it any time they could become a target in someone's deadly video game and maybe here in the last year that with their rapid expansion of spy drones over their own territory they could one day
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wake up you know to my police state i'm going to check our reporting from our to our team. and hannah talk more about drones in the u.s. and what this means for privacy of everybody you and i is radio host alex jones alex thanks so much for being with us now of course lots of reports that drones are expected to be kind of this new relatively cheap surveillance tool for law enforcement in the u.s. from what i understand from reports so right now f.a.a. rules which which guide this and regulate this are pretty tight it's a little bit difficult to do but that by two thousand and thirteen they're expected to be very much expanded and it will be very easy for police across the country to routinely fly lightweight drones and armed drones up to four hundred feet above the ground all over the u.s. is this a problem. well it is a problem and they're already doing it in texas florida you name and the local
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police are they just call it testing so as long as it's testing and research under federal grants they do it there are drones the last six years all over houston drones above austin state police have a right here i live i've i've seen a police drone fly above my house and a week later saw on the news that they had been testing it one night i got home late at night saw another small drone fly by at three in the morning from working late and a few weeks later indeed they were testing a drone but going back eight years ago they tethered over most u.s. cities at one hundred thousand feet giant homeland security blimps that are out of the sight of most people but with telescopes folks have picked them up there unmanned with a solar power on the top of propeller driven and it's a lot cheaper than satellites and also using the cold war spy satellites and meddling now that to surveil the american people local police are getting access to that harass farmers and people that build a barn unauthorized in this once for you nation but really this is
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a terminator style skynet and but it's not machines from the future running it it's the pentagon and mit and others in the seventies wrote about by two thousand and twelve funny that they projected that that they wanted to have almost the entire military system the tanks the soldiers all of it to be things like swards battle robots they've been using for six years at least of the atre war in iraq and so this this takes the human element out for now it's humans piloting them like it's a video game killing people and it's ok to kill fifty innocent for every person they claim is a terrorist they're in sovereign nation so it's the global government skynet and that's why they're trying to convert the entire military over the drones and robots and even a robot run erica. of curators for the robots will work on the robots are actually like you get anywhere but i like it because i want to it's ok now you have
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a lot to say i want to know you know you're talking about drone use in other countries as a weapon i want to talk a little bit about what privacy issues it brings up at home the use of spy drones for surveillance and i know there are cameras in many cities of the united states that monitor the streets chicago being a great example and many of the residents complain about that they say it infringes on their privacy it's misused the cities will say you know if you're in public you don't have a right to expect privacy i'm guessing you would argue that the surveillance is out of line based on your beliefs in general is that fair to say. so that my question to you is is is this drone technology being used to surveil the country essentially the same thing or do you see this as raising different privacy issues. the united states seven years ago eight years ago was declared a war zone by the pentagon we have north com just like cent com south com africa core africa on all of this so yes it's officially they war zone the pentagon of the
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mit magazine three years ago bragged that this is a surveillance control grid and net they use google to track everybody and be able to predict future trends and populations but it doesn't belong to the u.s. government u.s. military belong to the private federal reserve j.p. morgan goldman sachs bank of america that it sees europe sees the united states it's a tech not prosy but trilateral commission talks about that and ten years ago they said oh don't worry all these federally funded cameras there for traffic now they admit they're putting face scanning software in license plate reading passive m.r.i. brain scanners mobile t.s.a. trucks that are heard people through and claim well the computer shows are guilty you disappear of the gulag this is real tyranny came to russia and china in the past it's come to america the whole world is in danger we've been seized this is a mayday situation the republic has been taken we are the resistance here in america are our eye on.


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