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what democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. into the. international bankers a deep deep into their pockets to inject billions of dollars into egypt staling account to me but people say it's unlikely to end up where it's now. russia's envoy meets the opposition during a mediating mission in libya and putting an end to the ongoing civil war. this is constant needs an intensive price and eight strikes on. military arsenal here in the capital safely on that road a very notion from the police in just a few moments. on the final hours on policy find out what's going through the minds of the international crew of space travel to the head of the upcoming trip into.
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also rebound in the oil and metals prices this russian market supposed to help the gains on tuesday with rosneft in the lead as it may acquire b.p. stake in t.n. take b.p. more of that with some of the style in our business. global news live from moscow this is r.t. i'm sure international bankers are preparing to hand out a massive loans to egypt's temporary leaders just a month or so after praising the financial growth overseen by the former regime but money is aimed at really wanting the economy but the number of conditions attached to the cash is likely to weigh hard on ordinary people and as artists policy it reports some some of them fear that egypt's sovereignty is being sold off. as if the international monetary fund doesn't have enough on its plate it's agreed to
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loan three billion dollars to cairo a move critics say is absurd but i think this is a bribe that the west is trying to give to the regime lest the new one lest it turns against the west but climbers insisting the money will help stabilize the country's finances especially now with mubarak on and the country going through a transitional period but observers say it's the same skin with only slightly different marketing these agreements are being made with traditional transitional governments and least transitional governments have. become a primarily how to some figures of the old regime they composed primarily from your regime for example samir radwan the finance minister in egypt which really goes sharing this line was a mubarak appointee obama's promise in cairo a billion dollars more in loan guarantees and on top of that another billion in debt cancellation french president nicolas sarkozy is committed to g.
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eight to providing actually ten billion dollars in direct aid it's a commitment the west says it's making to help each actions get back on its feet united states and the west are trying to reduce the damage caused by the revolutions v.o.r. . considerable financial contributions. economy and the perfect ways through the i.m.f. which is heavily influenced by the united states for. many many years the i.m.f. has been considered as an warm of american foreign economic policy is this a dream. there is unstable or. would could be considered there's a waste of money on something. it's very shaky what's more it comes with particular strings attached and that the deal could in fact spell trouble i believe.
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anybody with the worst trouble or good. i country. has to start the. big. ridge or equilibration regime no way. but most egyptians fear is that the money will get used up long before it reaches the pockets believing it's likely to be only a small elite as well as international banks who benefit from the loans the last time the i.m.f. injected a large amount of money into egypt was twenty years ago but since then the number of rejections in living below just two dollars a day doubled in february this year the i.m.f. praised the will probably machines sound fiscal management in egypt as far as libya when it fits the offer for the economy remains stable but just days later mubarak was ousted and tripoli was engulfed in anti gadhafi demonstrations so it's no
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surprise of many say the irony if rates a country the closer the country is to having a revolution highlighting just how wrong the organization can be policy r.t. tel aviv. five minutes past the hour here in moscow russia's envoy in libya says the rebels there have given strong backing to moscow's attempts to broker talks between both sides in the civil war although the main immediate a role in the conflict will remain with the african union. for national reports from the region. the russian special presidential envoy become arguello is now here in leave there to try to mediate in the civil war that has lasted for months already and has already claimed many many allies including innocent civilians we seriously think that airstrikes never sold with political problems and we said it's here very clearly as long as the bloodshed continues the longer it continues the more difficult it will be to build
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a national reconciliation process off to the civil war so we are very much in favor of building political bridges so to speak and we are ready to help the towns probyn president medvedev said on some and after the g. eight meeting in france that's colonel gadhafi has lost its legitimacy and should step down and no one can predict how successful this special peace mission of the russian federation will be here in libya but one thing is clear that will definitely not be easy because of his government has repeatedly strongly rejected the possibility of the colonel qadhafi standing down while these is the major and most important among all of the radicals the russian peace mediators the rival coincides with an intensification of nato is a military activity here in libya we're actually not allowed to leave the hotel
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where we're staying now in the center of tripoli but from here we can see and hear that nato has intensified its strikes on colonel gadhafi is military arsenal here in the city just a day. the alliance expanded its war against the conductor regime and has for the first time started to use and attack helicopters in missions the research foreign secretary has declared after visiting the rebels in benghazi himself that they have no operation against gadhafi here in libya could last beyond christmas russia is very concerned about this fact saying that nato has actions illegally are beginning to resemble a ground operation more and more this is something is strongly opposed to and russia has always been strongly opposed to insisting on diplomatic and political means to suffer conflict. another reporting from the heart of the libyan capital
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tripoli where you are with us good to have your company today and still to come in the program education gamble. probably of like sixty thousand dollars to. overlay ninety thousand easy we report on how american graduates who fall for their future are getting a little better on their interest. and german chancellor angela merkel is in for a real blast when she sets foot on the lawn of the white house tonight a nineteen gun salute will signal the start of her official visit to the u.s. but not everything is sweet in relations between president obama and the leader that he calls a trusted partner a gun a church you can't hide from washington d.c. angle merkel the german chancellor is being received with great problems it's her first official visit to the united states she's been here quite a few times but this one is supposed to be special because it's official let me get out that this is it anything more than photo ops given that the two nations are
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more divided than ever on the issues of the day including of ghana and leading germany chose to withhold its support for military action in libya and siding with russia and china here despite being under a lot of pressure from the u.s. the u.k. and france germany has supported the war in afghanistan but now analysts say that mission contribution is unlikely to survive even the next election cycle so there is a rift between washington and burley not just on the wars but on other policies as well germany plans to ban nuclear energy altogether as opposed to the u.s. that exposes its nuclear power plants on the economy germany has a completely different approach they have high taxes better wealthier traits or a plastic produce more they export more about the u.s. it's head over heels in that it is running a trade deficit of half a trillion dollars so are none of the issues are germany and the west on the same page really some say i made all this splendid formal reception the two leaders. could have little to talk about really i know in merkel when she became chancellor
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six years ago was expected to be very pro-american because she grew up in common is this germany and she was in many ways at the beginning of her career then with the wars in iraq and afghanistan her support of the go at for the u.s. policies has faded when president obama came into office the two got off to a rocky start when she refused they were in obama's two thousand and eight presidential speech campaign to let him speak in front of the brandenburg gate a cold war symbol famously used as a backdrop by president john kennedy and ronald reagan some say they returned safely returned this year later writing down merkel's invitation to help mark the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the berling wall so on the surface it's all smiles and handshakes but analysts say with the new developments in the world all the revolutions and the wars the rift between washington and burling is getting.
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out he's gotten a chance to come aboard and are there from washington well it's now at ten minutes past the hour here in moscow in five hours three men want to start their journey and it will be aboard a russian soyuz rocket that's been five months in space carrying out hundreds of scientific experiments because rockets are the first and very soon the only choice for manned spaceflight and in the near future they could be taking an oscar winning director on a flight of fancy creator james cameron his room into a book a one hundred fifty million dollars ticket for a trip to the moon in two thousand and fifteen for the time being go from baikonur a russian an american and a japanese astronaut who headed into space things that lindsey france has been finding out what drives them to head for the final frontier. well it's go time for the crew of expedition twenty eight to the international space station in the final days and hours leading to blastoff it's all come down to one thing for the team quarantine a hallmark of any space program. welcome to the good of the year in the life of an
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astronaut a car or anything like it or your questions your chance to work out there the chance to display where you know. it's a great way to get ready to go fly in space. that's right. shooting pool. working out. and playing with their custom made space suits in a fight to retain muscle mass for the six months in zero gravity physical exercise occupies a surprising amount of time and it's difficult such hoshi foukara a doctor want to defy new advances in medicine using outer space. volkov wanted to follow in his father alexander's footsteps as a cosmonaut but it was a secret bulk of senior only found out by flipping through applicant files. i saw a personal file with
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a name sergei volkov on it but it didn't even dawn on me until i flipped the cover page and saw his picture that's my phone completely shocked and dumbfounded i genuinely never expected this to happen i felt very proud but it gave way to worry because i know that space travel is very dangerous and you i would worry whenever you saw a space trip. for mike fossum as an american boy growing up in texas watching the moon landing page his way to the stars and i remember you know watching that and just my mind just exploding it was some a few months later through the schools we had a program where you could buy a very simple little paperback books and i got to work on the first moon landing and i remember sitting in my bed reading this book at night just just dreaming about it i was twelve years. all the time when i pulled out a pen and i wrote inside the cover of this book you know you know i've witnessed all of the things that took place in here and someday i too will reach to the stars at the time he never expected it would be ross cosmos the russian space agency
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would be helping to take him there with a nasa about to wind up its space shuttle program last may offer the only way to space now for astronauts but for tourists it also offers one of the most expensive four day vacations many of them have ever taken it costs thousands of dollars to view a launch in kazakstan but dozens have shown up to do it alexander preview in a chef who left russia for new jersey seventeen years ago wasn't going to miss out look it's almost like a work in society just like. because the egyptians knew where there's a so it's really good students back in quarantine the crews don't get to see their rocket yet they're separated from loved ones by glass and waving just hours for the adventure to finally begin lindsey france r t baikonur cosmodrome as it's known. for more on the stories we're covering on and i just haven't seen other news and
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certainly i can't video is always there for you twenty four seven let's have a quick look and see what you find right now as you drone this become washington's weapon of choice the broader view is now on the inhuman i have an unmanned aircraft to the people in line at home. i make two oh no brushing off a staff could soon be forced to pay for the water they drink at work and find out how penny pinching bosses are planning to do it the full story. it's a tight jobs market in the united states especially for newcomers trying to find their way in with last year's graduates still unemployed the class of two thousand and eleven also appears to be facing a grim future and with a heavy burden of thousands of dollars of student loans and no jobs to pay them off with their entering a vicious circle. america is home to the world's most expensive and prestigious universities yet paying for them has created
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a nation where the majority sign on to lifetime payments of loans probably of like sixty thousand dollars student. over like ninety thousand easy. yet that make you nervous yeah makes me terrified every american graduate is launching into a dwindling job market saddled with at least twenty four thousand dollars in student debt be that going to lead to great job or start a great company or i'm going to be seriously in the hole according to the economic policy institute the us economy currently has one job for every five applicants meanwhile business for bankruptcy attorney ninety lipman is surging half of his clients are unemployed degree holders drowning in debt and one going to college essentially is gambling once again from an investor's point of view right now the way the dollar is. the way inflation is going and the way the job market is a college education just isn't a good investment and not
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a good return on your money even economics professors on the inside like richard wolfe say in sleeving students to banks is a disaster for america's economic viability the future of any country in the world economy because that is the pen's first and foremost on the quality and the quantity of to train young workers and the major institutions that produce that are the colleges and universities you're pricing them out of being able to do that today at the moment no longer serves as a guaranteed cost more to prosperity for americans in the meantime the number of foreigners studying at u.s. colleges and universities has reached record highs according to the latest statistics nearly seven hundred thousand international students flown in from all over the world to study in america and the majority are transplanting from america's economic competitor according to the institute of international education
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chinese students studying in the states surged thirty percent in two thousand and nine most foreign families reportedly bypassed financially and pay full tuition since one nine hundred seventy eight the cost of u.s. colleges and universities has reportedly increased more than nine hundred percent while household income rose just one hundred fifty percent what you're seeing is american universities particularly the elite are happier to have foreigners who tend to pay their own way because they come from the very top of those societies. will forgo the americans from care and afford it much anyway according to the pew research center fifty seven percent of americans say college is not worth the price but with a widening workforce of untrained and educated many wonder what the u.s. economy will eventually be worth growing up forty nine artsy new york. we're coming
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to you live from moscow now the european parliament in strasburg has been debating a report into whether garia and romania are ready to join the visa area it would mean that easier travel to and from those countries within the e.u. but critics suggest it could open the floodgates for a wave of organized crime or even illegal immigrants and for them there's more of this we are joined live by sarah lightfoot a british liberal democrat m.e.p. who is live for us in strasbourg and also the european parliament will decide whether to recommend romania and bulgaria as membership of the shame get in the zone what concerns would you have if they said yes. well i think the european economies can support from a. joining because they meet the current criteria for access into the border free sharing and the problem is that member states have belatedly realized that they should have had. measures of corruption fighting organized
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crime as part of the criteria for that accession but it's too late to move the goalposts it's too late to judge remaining about kerio on conditions that did not apply to other countries when they joined the schengen what we need to do is in the future we have an ongoing monitoring of corruption and fighting mafia cry for all members of the schengen zone indeed all e.u. countries because not all of them including my own u.k. is not actually in china so we need to reinforce the political will to tackle corruption because i'm afraid i've called it the elephant in the room it's the it's the threat that everybody is aware of but we haven't done enough either talking about it or most importantly action to tackle corruption as you're saying corruption the elephant in the room but when it comes to were romania and bulgaria in the membership of the shotgun zone the decision was delayed. over those concerns
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of corruption but talk about the timing now why is it why is it back on the table what's changed. well it's finally up to the e.u. government to decide whether countries can join and they're meeting next week to decide but. the european parliament just has a has a role of whether they agree. but of course there has also been migration pressures other pressures are the worries about those countries joining the border freeze particularly arising for the events in north africa the arab spring which of course has been pretty well but one of the offshoots of migration across the mediterranean tragically with hundreds of people dying actually in the med but pressures on countries like italy and greece pressures with which they should have better than they have put the fear is that if you don't have internal
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borders migrants can move north and west across the e.u. without encountering passport. checks as well as you say that you have you have concerns about a border free zone there and concerns about what's going to a legal immigrants here what would you propose then how would you support the borders as you as you have suggested well as i say actually rumania i'm gary have passed the test asset and assessed by the european commission for the way that they manage their external border and that is something which i think it would be unfair now to move the goalposts and claim that remain involved here it didn't meet other tests which had been in belatedly thought of the first is that across the board in the e.u. we have to strengthen our external borders we have to get much better at dealing with refugees and migrants including by having legal channels of migration and we also need to move tackling corruption and organized crime much higher up the agenda
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but we have to collectively we mustn't just sort of pick on this member special that member state has to be honest the e.u. is failing collectively as much as there are weaknesses in individual member states as you say it should be a collective effort to secure the borders with. any peace or a lot to thank you got all the time we have concentrating thank you. so if you are with our sea life in moscow let's check out some other international news we're covering for you this hour and the e.u.'s foreign legion has proposed one hundred and fifty million euros of aid to help producers hit by the current eco like crisis earlier other e.u. officials warned it germany against making inaccurate comments about the source of the contamination which has so far claiming twenty two lives meanwhile one hundred new eco infections have been reported the number of people affected now it stands out over two thousand three hundred. syrian authorities have promised a strong response after one hundred twenty policemen were reportedly killed by
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armed gangs in the north of the country the government said it would act with force and in line with the law to restore control state t.v. reports that the security forces died in an ambush in a town near the turkish border while responding to residents calls for protection of militant groups over twelve hundred people have died in protests against president bashar al assad since mid march. right now or the business is next with. thanks rory the peace taking steps to sell its fifty percent stake in russia's. pizza state run ross nipped the move could help the british oil majors save its none on corporation deal with russia's largest oil producer if he recently failed to buy out his russian partners would block the deal with was snapped and now these parties are objecting to the sale saying they will lose control of the company and the save the deal could help prove its financial situation but it may also be
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a blow to the companies who will help with. now to discuss this issue in more detail i'm joined by and analysts from investor for a different research group go to get it thank you so much for being with us so how high are the chances that b.p. would actually go ahead and sell its stake in a profitable business. why would it do that well i do not believe that. people actually sell it stay poor simply for the reason that. a shareholders of the joint pain russian joint venture will effectively cede control and blocking power to strategic alliance so they will do anything in their power and all possible to to sit down and negotiate with b.p. so basically this is an instrument for the government or for b.p. to affect a site so that they would actually sell their stake well it's an instrument for b.p. to affect a are to sit down and negotiate over the perhaps the price of the of the
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shareholder and of our contract so basically we cannot take this story for granted as as we see it reported for example in the wall street journal wasn't that that was the initial stage of initial article so b.p. will never sell its stake well wise it wouldn't ask at least for the price that is because he said like forty billion dollars well i think the most likely what we're most likely to see is further round and. goshi ations between a and b. where perhaps we'll see. joint venture or a joint entity or b.p. and rosneft buying out. at a more reasonable price than the one they asked for before which was around thirty two billion and believed by many to be about thirty percent premium to the market valuation why do you think this story is been in the making for such a long time now that nobody has been able to find a compromise with a knife in the us so it's
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a very important issue for all parties involved if he's interested in the strategic alliance with international oil major which will fund the exploration of the arctic and the development of the region and b.p. for b.p. it's an opportunity to grow ofter it was effaced the major still wind in the mexican gulf and for a for the shareholders of a are it's an opportunity to sell out of a company and perhaps exit it oh i thank you very much for the good of you to analysts from invest at the end of end of research. all right we have time to just look at the markets how they're faring this hour with the united states and they are trading in positive territory rebounding after a long streak of losses and tracking gains in europe now leading the gains on the dow is intel it's up two point two percent while of procter and gamble is losing half a percent. so markets in europe are also higher half an hour before closing rio tinto
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is gaining more than one percent in london a.t.m. fees also up in london after the company which is struggling said it secured new financing agreements from its banks utility stocks are also higher germany's leading the gains on the day itself the news in the previous two sessions. here in russia's stocks been jumping pretty hefty values there are two years more than two percent my six one point eight percent this is on the back of growing boiler metals prices as you can see there was sniffed up two point four percent still on the back of speculation that maybe acquiring a stake in t.n. b.p. and gas brought them up four and a half the said they clear the company is negotiating prices with the ukraine and bella bruce and banking stocks were doing pretty well b.c.b. up more than one percent and actually this edition of the business news on out see this hour we will be back in fifteen minutes time headlines are next.
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hungry for the full scoop we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on r.t. . the.


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