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what democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. in. egypt prepares to pocket billions of dollars in foreign funding to put the economy back on its feet but those most in need say that cash is unlikely to reach them. russia's envoy meets the opposition on his mediating mission in libya aimed at bridging the rift between the sides locked in civil war. this means that council meets and intensify day to strikes on colonel gadhafi. here in the capital tripoli for more on that journey refinishing just a moment from treatment. as a trio of international astronauts spend their final ahead of a. call to find out what pushes them to reach for the stars. business news
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b.p. is the reportedly looking to sell part of its stake in a russian pay b.p. to ross now more on that in twenty minutes so up in our business with. international news and comment line from our studios here in central moscow this is the international bankers are prepared to hand out a massive loan to egypt's temporary leaders just months after praising the financial growth overseen by the former regime and money in the economy but the number of conditions attached to the cash is likely to weigh on ordinary people at this point a slim report some fear that egypt's sovereignty is being sold off. as if the international monetary fund doesn't have enough on its plate it's agreed to loan
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three billion dollars to cairo and move critics say is absurd but i think this is a bribe with this trying to give to the regime lest the new one lest it turns against the west but climbers insisting the money will help stabilize the country's finances especially now with mubarak on and the country going through a transitional period but observers say it's the same span with only slightly different marketing these agreements are being made with traditional transitional government and this transitional government's had. become a primarily how to from because of the old regime they composed primarily because from the regime for example samir a one finance minister in egypt has been negotiating this loan wasn't barak appointee adama's promise in cairo a billion dollars more in loan guarantees and on top of that another billion in debt cancellation of french president nicolas sarkozy has committed the g eight to providing up to ten billion dollars in direct aid it's
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a commitment the west says it's making to help egypt get back on their feet the united states and the west are trying to reduce the damage caused by revolutions v our. considerable financial contributions to the adoption economy and the perfect ways through the i.m.f. which is heavily influenced by the united states for. many many years the i.m.f. as we consider that is an orm of american foreign. policy is this. is unstable. would could be considered is a waste of money. something. is very shaky what's more it comes with particular strings attached. and that the deal could in fact spell trouble so the leaders of egypt will no more tree if. any more do you expect the
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worst trouble or big syria a country really loses its big. religion or equal. what most egyptians fear is that the money will get used up long before it reaches the pockets believing it's likely to be only a small elite as well as international banks who benefit from the loans the last time the i.m.f. injected a large amount of money into egypt was twenty years ago but since then the number of rejections of living below just two dollars a day doubled in february this year the i.m.f. praised the will by the sound fiscal management in egypt as far as libya went the outlook for the economy remains stable but just days later it was all stood in tripoli was engulfed in anti gadhafi demonstrations so it's no surprise that many say the i am it rates the country will close a decade actually is to having
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a revolution highlighting just how wrong the organization can be policy r.t. to level of. well with egypt set to receive a major i.m.f. loan the controversial muslim brotherhood has been declared legal in the country for the first time since its inception the powerful is known as group is now set to run for elections despite being considered a terrorist organization in many countries around the world well for more on the implications of this development i can of course eric walberg he's a journalist working in egypt joining me live now in car on his web cam. the muslim brotherhood it's an old and why did reaching group with many different branches around the world what we know about these people who could now come to power in egypt. well the muslim brotherhood. as it is very different today than it was say thirty or even fifty fifty or thirty years ago and
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as you say this is one branch of different muslim brotherhoods in different countries and today the muslim brotherhood is. it's used as a straw man and so to speak and this was his excuse for for having having a blank check to do whatever he wanted for as long as he wanted if they would come to power but it got many people are looking forward to the possibility you know the muslim brotherhood dominated government because it is traditionally known to be corrupt. because it was very strong. opposition force under mubarak it has a great deal of respect it also is part of its form and it's it's very conservative in terms of moral morals but also in terms of financial and economic policy with the pro-capitalist but. my understanding is that it would be more of
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a small businessman and that it would not be the favor of monopolists like that really just monopolize the a large part of the economy before the revolution. because we're so just just quickly to emphasize the fact affairs that being a radical islamic organization are unfounded and that would indeed promote all the qualities of a democratic government freedom of speech freedom of press the affair legal system that sort of thing we would see that if it was elected there in egypt. well recently they had a conference. where they established a football team traditionally things like football and sports and dancing and music is was considered. and if you were a very strict muslim that you would meanwhile. or this kind of entertainment but they've said. they've matured out of this kind of face and.
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they have you know dancing to celebrate its own it doesn't. it's not to say back to . using television to promote sexuality what they want is to remove a culture that. is respectable but it isn't going to this is a this is an organization that many western influences would be concerned about a muslim brotherhood coming to power in egypt it is interesting to note that they do have a sort of base in britain with a global information center there in london prominent members living in the country that what like you think that the u.k. is happy to support this group and. the u.k. is supporting. i don't understand because i don't think he british government is actually supporting well the problem is that people providing a hate in a place for him is certainly not an outlawed group within the u.k. where as we all reporting that many countries regard it as a terrorist organization. well i think that's an exaggeration i don't think many
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countries do regard it is when you talk about perhaps you're talking about hamas for instance abbas is a muslim brotherhood but it is very interesting only it is the only muslim brotherhood it is very strongly and t. israel and it has actually promoted resistance and there is a completely healed march tom i just want to quickly ask you about the i.m.f. loan concerns about that money going to an interim government there's no government established yet democratically in egypt will that money go to the right place is it the right thing to do to inject funds into the economy at this stage just briefly. but it's a very weak government now as you say and. you know the legacy of thirty years of neoliberalism twenty years so this money will primarily be used. in a negative way as far as i can. to allow people to promote the support they give me to continue to allow. the last exchange rate which
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i don't approve of i think there should be fixed exchange rate i think that the government has to take more control of the economy and promote more equitable. policy within the mystically and this is not something this government can do at this point it will have to wait like shoots it's very interesting to what it is that. thanks so much for your time for joining us live from egypt thank you. well russia's envoy in libya says the rebels there of given strong backing to most because attempts to broker talks between both sides in the civil war well in the main mediating role in the conflict will remain with the african union despite ongoing nato air attacks on the libyan capital gadhafi remains defiant vowing not to surrender. reports from tripoli. the russian special presidential envoy mccomb arguello is now here in leave it to try to mediate in the civil war that has lasted for months already and has already claimed many many allies including
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innocent civilians we seriously think that strikes never political problems and we said it's here very clearly as long as the blood should continue as if the longer it continues the more difficult it will be to build a national reconciliation process off to the civil war so we very much in the sleeve are. building political bridges so to speak and you know we are ready to help that comes from being president but its announcement after the g. eight meeting in france that's colonel gadhafi has lost its legitimacy and should step down no one can predict how successful this special piece of the russian federation will be here in libya but one thing is clear that will and it may not be easy because of his government has repeatedly strongly rejected the possibility of the colonel qadhafi stance in town while these is the major and the most important
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of all the radicals the russian peace mediators the rival coincides with an intensification of nato as a military activity here in libya we're actually not allowed to leave the hotel where we're staying now in the center of tripoli but from here we can see and hear that nato has intensified its strikes on colonel gadhafi as miter arsenal here in the city just days ago the alliance extended its war against the conductor regime and has for the first time started using attack helicopters a mission to the research foreign secretary has declared after visiting the rebels in benghazi himself that they have operation against gadhafi here in libya. last beyond russia is very concerned about this fact saying that natures actions illegally are beginning to resemble
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a ground operation more and more this is something rush is strongly opposed to and russia has always been strongly opposed to insisting on diplomatic and political means to suffer all these conflicts. parties meriton notion of reporting there from the libyan capital tripoli frauds britain are building the diplomatic pressure against the syrian president saying he has lost his legitimacy calling for a special u.n. resolution on syria but russia is strongly against any security council mandate similar to the one used against libya. in brussels says it's hard to predict how far action against syria will go. they haven't finished up libya and maybe going to go into another war with syria a damn thing. is completely crazy but i don't know how crazy they can read seems to me that. you have a unique. legitimacy to all the problems in the world that it's obvious that.
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almost going back in the colonial times in terms of intervention sarkozy certainly has been very big on intervention yet actually and libya because these counties are enemies they are gathered in their knees are still going to get the enemies of israel and to some extent of the west and they're not going to act like the other county where they may be. leaders these countries are considered friendly it's going to be maybe another he hacked he seems to me that certain people hate the assad regime and want to be good no matter what. so. talking to me from brussels. to other news now a nineteen gun salute fanfares and drums and german chancellor angela merkel's official visit to the u.s. started with a bang but behind the smiles and warm words not everything is sweet and relations between president obama and the leader he calls a trusted partner but he's going to challenge has more from washington. well of
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course when they met the press they focused on the positive in the relations and angle of the german chancellor is being received with great pomp here in washington but many doubt that this visit means anything more than photo ops given that the two nations or more divided than ever on the issues of the day including of ghana stand on libya only via germany chose to withhold its support for military action in libya the u.n. security council siding with russia and china here despite being under a lot of pressure from the u.s. the u.k. and france on of ghana's stand germany has supported the war there but now analysts say its contribution is only likely to survive even the next election cycle but of course the two leaders were rather evasive addressing the differences choosing mainly general rhetoric you know about coordinating efforts and so on but analysts say the rift between washington and burlington is not just on wars but on other policies as well on the economy germany has a completely different approach they have high taxes better law fair trade surplus
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they produce more they export more while the u.s. is head over heels in debt and is running a trade deficit of whole four trillion dollars it's interesting during the press conference president obama showed the u.s. expects germany to get behind a plan of a third being a lot of the massive greek debt in order to stabilize the euro angela merkel was very polite in saying that germany understands its responsibilities but basically said if you want should mind their own business again in a very good player matic way take a listen. concerning the situation in the us i think each and every one has to deal with her own problem we know you have our hands food made with what we need to do and i'm absolutely convinced that it is we should all responsibility so will the united states of america well angela merkel has won a claim at home for resisting obama's calls for cash to help the poor members of the e.u. will cover the losses from unsustainable social welfare programs so she is calling
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for more international participation in dealing with the european debt crisis which threatens to bring a lot of uncertainty in the world economy she she has earlier said washington should not be in a position of calling all the shots of the world bank and the international and the international monetary fund so there's a certain background of differences and i made all this really splendid reception that she's getting here in washington angle of merkel when she became chancellor six years ago was expected to be very pro-american because she grew up in communist east germany and she was in many ways at the beginning of her career then with the wars in iraq and afghanistan her support for the u.s. policies as created in a way when president obama came into office the two got off to a rocky start when she refused during obama's two thousand and eight presidential campaign to let him speak in front of the brandenburg gate. a cold war symbol famously used as a background to fight presidents john kennedy and ronald reagan some say he
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returned the year later by turning down merkel's invitation to mark the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the verly wall so on the surface it's all smiles and handshakes according to president obama they're having working together those are his words but analysts say with the new developments in the world for all the revolutions and wars and economic uncertainty the rift between washington and burley is getting deeper. for more locals visit out. talk to mark weisbrot from the center of economic and policy research joining me from washington d.c. well we're all smiles on the surface as we just heard in that report an award for angela merkel of course to be given to her by a bomber how big is this division which we've been hearing about and so much detail in that last report i'm referring to how big is that divide between the two leaders ease it really that serious. well there are issues i think that are not going to be that easily resolved the the war in libya for example you know the united states
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was kind of pressured to do this by britain and france there's our own defense secretary was against the pentagon was against the president really didn't want to first in there in and now the congress congress is really against they just rebuked obama last friday by a large margin and the american people don't want this war either so that's a problem he's not going to i don't think he's going to go anywhere with germany on that well he is getting somewhere isn't it because she's actually said that germany would contribute posting deathy once and after he's gone there in libya so in some ways is he not getting support because germany will help and it's all over and done with. well yeah i suppose that something but it's you know there's no support for the war there and that's what he's he's looking for because he doesn't have it at home. the war in libya is one area of division one else economic principles.
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obviously we see just how successful germany is at the moment compared to the u.s. . well you do have the whole euro zone. crisis and i think germany you know the german government has to pay attention to its electorate and you know it's interesting in all of europe and in the media it's kind of person you know portrayed as some kind of right wing backlash against these governments in finland and germany. you know voters don't want to bail out these countries but in fact if you look at it more closely it's the big banks that are really being bailed out. a lot of this resentment is not right wing it's very understandable greece or for example in. ireland and portugal i mean they're being squeezed their economies are being. pushed into recession or kept in recession
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in order to maintain these unsustainable debt payments and so i think there you can see obama is pressing for this. because he just wants the problem to be papered over and they can kick down the road. but it's not as easy for the german government to go along with their local is rapidly losing popularity at home in germany at the moment do you think perhaps this visit is aimed at winning some of that popularity back boosting the ratings. i don't know i mean i don't know you know obama's traditionally very popular in europe in. could help her. depends on you know how it's perceived thanks very much indeed for your time thanks for joining us there live in washington d.c. not wise brought co-director of the center economic and policy research thank you.
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well in two hours from now yes the clock is ticking their journey into orbit will start for three men aboard a russian soyuz rocket and soyuz rockets are the first and very soon the only choice for manned spaceflight as the u.s. winds down its shuttle program but russian an american a japanese astronaut are getting ready to spend five months now in space are things lindsey france is there to send them off. it's go time for the crew of expedition twenty eight to the international space station in the final days and hours leading to blastoff it's all come down to one thing for the team quarantine a home mark of any space program. welcome to little bit of the year in the way it is you know because when you like your questions your chance to work you know. it's a place where you. great where you could really go fly in space. that's
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right. shooting pool. working out. and playing with their custom made space suits in a fight to retain muscle mass for the six months in zero gravity physical exercise occupies a surprising amount of time and it's difficult for mike fossum as an american boy growing up in texas watching the moon landing paved his way to the stars and i remember you know watching that and just my mind just exploding a few months later going to work on the first moon landing and i remember sitting in my bed reading this book at night just just dreaming about it i was twelve years old at the time when i got a pen and i wrote inside the cover of this book you know you know i've witnessed all of the things that took place in here and someday i too will reach to the stars at the time he never expected it would be ross cosmos the russian space agency
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would be helping to take him there cosmos may offer the only way to space now for astronauts but bird tourists it also offers one of the most expensive four day vacations many of them have ever taken it costs thousands of dollars to view a launch in kazakstan but dozens have shown up to do it it's almost like a lot of societies we just like old tried to pose as a lot of people and see where there's a lot of love so it's not a good students back in quarantine the crews don't get to see their rocket yet they're separated from loved ones by glass waiting for the adventure to finally begin lindsay france r t baikonur cosmodrome cassocks down. well for more on the stories we're covering on screen you can always head to our t. dot com that's our web site online all the time other news an eye catching videos are always there for you here's a quick look at what's there a moment the shocking story of a young woman who wanted to get rid of her eleven month old baby and left on a highway you can find out how the boy should say left him on the highway you can
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find out how the boy recklessly surviving. a possible plot to be a pretty dreams about to escape the pressures of his job and going to be able to do a group of volunteers working in construction sites for the sochi olympics. in just a few minutes will be to we do a pulitzer prize winning author on why he thinks america's city its sights on iran but first it's time for the business update with nutri. i don't warm welcome to business artsy b.p. is taking steps to sell part of its fifty percent stake in russian that city and k.d.t. state run ross next move could help the british oil majors save its landmark operation deal with russia's largest oil producer b.p. recently failed to buy out its russian partners to look at the with ross never now b.p.'s partners are objecting to the sale saying they will lose control of the
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company and analysts say that the you could help me to improve its financial situation but it may also be a blow to the company's first meanwhile go to butte from invest cafe in the point of research doubts whether the deal would take place adul. i do not believe that will allow for twenty five percent shareholding in team t.v. to be sold to a strategic competitor such as reznor ultimately to buy b.p. to negotiate a more fair valuation for a share of a team k d p i think you go she says will take place but the reason why he is pressing for a new this is that they're interested in developing the arctic reserves of russia in joint in joint venture with there was no. well ukraine has long been asking russia to cut natural gas prices for the time being they will remain the same as world transit. that's one of the outcomes of the interstate commission meeting held in moscow and ukraine which of course about sixty percent of its domestic gas needs
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in russia and trying to negotiate a lower price due to its economic difficulties. so the stock markets in russia they saw a pretty hefty jump on tuesday with the r.t.s. gating two percent my six one point eight percent on the back of rising oil and that was prices separate some of the individual movers on the my six most of the blue chips were higher at the close ross near painting two point four percent on speculation it may acquire a stake here that t n k b b gas problem was gaining four point five percent as its negotiating prices with ukraine china and one that's in the second and the banking sector was also doing well with the z.b. adding more than one percent to. minsk is considering selling fifty percent of its gas pipeline operator bell transkei as would only happen if moscow agrees to export natural gas prices to the domestic russian market privatization of the country's assets is one of the conditions surrounding the three billion dollar loan from
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russia if the sale takes place gas problem will totally the television gas pipeline system. that's all for now the headlines are next on our t.v. stay with us.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when jurors will. stand on the airways in front. of them probably you can involved in a community drop where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspapers radio stations television stations the cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like democracy the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. today violence is once again fled.


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