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sean problems discovers what makes antarctica so special that attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is both an affront to. extradition to the bottom of the earth on the part of the. credit side of the headlines now arundhati the libyan capital has enjoyed the most intense nato bombing since operations began with sixty raids targeting the dolphins compound and thirty nine people meanwhile a russian peace envoy has met rebels in benghazi to use took since the military to soften it is crisis. pressure is a warning against interference in syria's uprising or and as you know it's an action of a person for assad to crackdown citizens but arab world watchers accuse france and
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britain of trying to reassert or macondo you influence of the region. plus the u.k. is steaming ahead with plans to expand its nuclear program fuelling concerns that terrorists could be eyeing the sites and targets set up through the presidency just to dissolve the years ago it's too busy recycling one of radioactive material. the next we look at what connects that opposed to news in president and the police could libyan leader starting reports on a secret bank accounts or strong armed regimes. dillon's of dollars are scraping from developing countries to financial safe havens in europe and secret bank accounts bogus companies and offshore zones are all in on the act of the mess it's that these people are using their very very traditional mis itself what we call money laundering we're sort of the list of schemes to
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presidents government ministers and moments used to launder money how much money have they been able to talk away in secret bank accounts. towards five billion dollars mobarak we've estimated at seven hundred billion to traces the dark fortunes and how can the bankers keep their reputations clean that's a legend tell for you what we had had no i know numerous accounts since more than thirty years who compelled swiss bankers to disclose information about their clients will the infamous veil of privacy over the country's bank accounts finally be lifted for good. or. bad.
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since there is nobody in the house so maybe nobody from living in this building the sixteenth district of paris avenue for this is a quiet fashionable neighborhood. is nearby an excellent view of the eiffel tower can be seen from the window the inhabitants of these premises are no ordinary people and they prefer to keep a low profile so you can take pictures here why is that as these are embassy grounds. i don't always see ok tim. as a matter of fact the building houses no missions the guards are simply trying to protect the privacy of the big shots staying there. an activist nonprofit organization should often visits this neighborhood avenue fashions also known as giving of takers because a lot of african leaders and leaders in their words owns
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a building or an apartment on base ave claire is lucky this time the owner of the apartments appears to be in demand to who works here tell me that he here are like two three times a year so you know it's not here very very often so that's why it's pretty amazing that he's here right now. shelter activists investigate the shady financial deals of past and present political leaders across the world one of the more recent investigations concerned the money belonging to x. tunisian president ben ali had been taken out of tunisia and hidden in european bank accounts. into news here itself the search for the next president's money began t. days after he fled the country in january two thousand and eleven however the show corrects of its started investigating ben ali's finances long before the just camera pollution according to the organizations estimates the x.
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president's family may be worth as much as five billion euros. swiss journalist millet zaki has spent several years investigating the financial wheeling and dealing with some leaders of third world countries but even she can only give a rough estimate of the fortunes we have in years ben ali was five billion dollars . we've estimated at seventy billion it was serious also the gist of it was the telegraph. estimates went up to one hundred twenty billion it is believed that the family of the libyan leader is africa's richest the gadhafi clan keeps billions of dollars in bank accounts according to specialists from the international center for asset recovery all of libya's state run companies have some links to the colonel's family. oil companies such as
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turmoil are the main asset even swiss customers know whose country like ours use. but they belong to. libya most of the early so. if libyan oil the libyan leader entrusted his son the hannibal with fiscal operations in europe the duffy junior subsequently put himself into a plush hotel in geneva. because of president wilson it's. a very exclusive and beautiful hotel we have the biggest most expensive suit in europe and only the richest people of the world can stay obviously in this you would have such clients like i read the president shakes monarch's. also was as during his troops to switzerland for a mere fifty eight thousand euros to get to this exclusive hotel gets a deluxe presidential suite with extensive decorations in the finest taste
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customers that literally trade on gold now you can see the floor made of gold. restaurant led by mills this is our restaurant with lebanese cuisine with a very lax very design and very refined lebanese traditional cuisine unpleasant incident that took place at this hotel in the summer of two thousand and eight solid relations between the alpine republic and libya for a long time on july fifth swiss police detained travel to duffy and his pregnant wife and i believe charged with assaulting terms of policemen for him to come down to the lobby. he didn't want them to come so he waited for some time and again they decided to go into the room so they went into a room in this situation talk. about.
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the swiss newspaper tribune indigenes printed pictures of both jaffe jr under arrest and the hotel attendants that were attacked channel found a lawsuit against the newspaper yet the biggest consequence of the incident for switzerland was libya's boycott of economic cooperation pursuing this crisis broke out between. the needed authorities have withdrew and was drawn. apart at least or even important part of the money that are deposited in the swiss banks khadafi and switzerland had a political problem they fell out with each other so there's only five hundred million only in inverted commas five hundred million left in switzerland marc pitt professor at basel university has long been tracking money laundering methods and his view the first civil war broke out exactly perceive himself as libya's omnipotent master. for that reason he didn't even bother to disguise the movement
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of billions of dollars graffy didn't spend all that much effort to hide the money it was pretty open most of this. like you have these thirty billion in the u.s. they were easily found because they were identified with gaddafi but in most cases leaders of developing countries resort to much more intricate nontransparent schemes as a rule the money goes around the world before landing in anonymous bank accounts in europe. and this it's that these people are using their very very traditional methods of what we call money laundering for instance found a company. an offshore company a letterbox company you have a british virgin islands company with a fantasy name this company opens a bank accounts for it in cyprus friends and then you send the money
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from cyprus through the veil regulated big financial centers london this eerie. or new york. where the front of her. brain is coming. that's why where we are working. this is phoebe she's the guardian of all the assets that we have found still waiting of course the four more people here daniel jealous class works for the center for asset recovery he says investigating the financial nationalizations of x. heads of state takes the meticulousness of a good book keeper rather than the skills of an intelligence officer once you have found the money and council can start to confiscate the money but very often we have problems in finding where the money is so in that situation our country must do everything to trace and locate the assets. daniel telescope laughed hopes that
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investigating will become easier following the revolutionary tsunami in north africa. ok whoosh and of course the positive impact it brings in a new government and the government is under pressure to act now they cannot forget about the case in egypt now where millions of people again on the street to walls for follow up action and two days after the mubarak was arrested so it seems to be important that the civil society the population at large is also fighting for what is justice case the way the international center for asset recovery looks for the billions of dollars didn't in europe it will be nice is master classes for investigators from developing countries they're taught to pinpoint traces of money that has vanished from national budgets. well we do make formal requests for example if that money was transferred into and their country they would do
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a move to a legal assistance to that country requesting that such impossible things show of liberia has their pulse a dept x. number of dollars in this particular bank in your country and we feel that this money is illegal money want you to put all through nice on that morning until quite recently money returning to its home country was the exception rather than the rule of bankers to only free suspicious accounts for a long time but they have no right to send money illicitly taken out of countries back to the national budgets without a request from the new governments but usually it's based on a request by the country. we explain what we are doing a conference this is a throw so we can explain what we can offer about the request us to come from a country we don't know tough the mandate to investigate on more of our own but many believe there's a law passed in switzerland nearly two thousand and eleven will make it possible to
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change the situation in a significant way already there is talk of the notorious flailing banking secrecy being lifted altogether which is something the swiss bankers are always been proud of people away to me on such a new era and age of total financial transparency. in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph menstruate university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into one mouse. gone all the main risk issues. is that ninety five percent of all competent scientists. in these fields are working for the producers side and only five percent. of the genuinely independent. there's not
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a lot of science that says transgenic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if it transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population i don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's traver in our congress here in the united states legislatures out there will be vote all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what can be more important than deciding on the feminine genetic future of life on earth. are. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. and the mission free couldn't take should free in-store charges free the arrangements free risk
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free stews types free. download free broadcast clothing videos for your media projects a free media dog to our teeth dot com. the close up team has been google grand richard thank the turning point of bringing more to. his time archie goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transit in their ancestors' camps and where the mysterious city of a deadlock world come good republic of north or such a russian close up khaki. i'm. going to.
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have a special we says where mysteries are valiantly. she ducked out the entire hotel he stayed in an enormous room well connected other rooms were occupied by his servants and bodyguards. your lunda a chambermaid at this love show tell had no idea who the amicable and polite man really was it completely took over the hotel for a month to get on the agenda. i sometimes came across him in the corridor. he always said hello and in general he was a very nice if he was a generous well man its client. got double pay for that not. katie's ex take tater claude duvalier was the occupants of those fashionable premises with an excellent view of the nearby lake investigators put the sum of money he spoke out of the country and hundreds of millions of dollars.
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chose the day it was born in haiti and one hundred sixty five he had to leave his country but he has vivid memories of the regime the valley a family established on the island. came to purgatory in one thousand and fifty for seven. years and it was it was. after and against. against too. there were for a position and it was very very dangerous to leave. francois devalue the poorest country of the western hemisphere from nine hundred fifty seven to nine hundred seventy one he forced an atmosphere of fear and repression on the island. moreover he invented a scheme as unable to his family to amass a fabulous for change over the course of nearly two decades devalue
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a senior masterminded the so-called presidential foundation haitian businessman with cutie brown to contribute to it according to various estimates the foundation grew by three million dollars each year after the death of friends who are devaluate popularly known as papa doc his son john claude duvalier took his place baby doc pursued his father's policies in all spheres including the financial one. the money we're talking about now in switzerland is the money belonging to fund ation in missions which was opened by the by the mother of baby doc and the wife of and these familiar foundation. owns the money of the family and the foundation simply a bank account in switzerland that's it's a was a bank transfer laundering money under duvalier was much easier than it is today i
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mean the bogus firms know numerous money transfers were necessary money from the state treasury and that received from other countries assume on a tarion age was transferred to a foundation opened by members of the family of the head of state from that it went to europe. the account was not. a foundation in between. your fishel account holder is the foundation. all we can however. it was clear to everyone on the real. value from. the nine hundred eighty six to two valley had to flee to europe then he shared his time between paris and the fashionable hotel on the border with switzerland he made several unsuccessful attempts to get access to the multi-million fortunes hidden away in swiss banks since the early two thousand switzerland has been vigorously trying to rid itself of the image of
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a country whose financial institutions always welcome money without questioning its origin that's a legend of hollywood. and we had had no. accounts since more than thirty years what we have is that we have what we call a number account which part kept your name inside the bank the employee don't see the name of the client but you can not all count in switzerland without giving your passport your own region of the fund and there is no and us pm you are a bull enjoys a good deal of respect and switzerland's banking community some time ago he owned the bank he says the pressure experienced by his colleagues in the past few years is purely a part tough business competition and so he is and is very simple is that we are in a business which is profitable and today people who wants to take market share of
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a profitable business and america are. not just anglo-saxon with a specially always like to our us lol outsider. united states this x. kateri talk ality. valley a family money was frozen in bank accounts for nearly a quarter of a century the swiss would dearly like to give the billions back to the people of haiti but under nor that was still in force until recently they couldn't do so without an official request from the new government to the island country a new north came into effect in early two thousand and eleven journalists have dubbed it the desire act. now politicians and big time businessman will find it difficult to work on accounts from swiss banks the procedure is now much more complicated because presidents government ministers and monarchs belong to a group of so-called politically exposed persons top foreign clients can be denied
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banking services all together so if it's the president of the palomar and if it's head of a big public company we will not do business which is as a matter of fact ordinary people as well as x. take taters will now have to worry about the confidentiality of their bank accounts in january two thousand and eleven rudolf elmer gave two discs to julian a son to discuss contains information on the bank accounts of several thousand customers it was suggested that the people mentioned on the disks were dodging taxes but i long to do it and they know it to wiki leaks i think that again they feel it. in order to thank god it's investigating and making a decision on. elma's actions of course and face to face with a swiss court of law the former bank employee may face serious prison time for
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releasing the confidential data. one of the journalists investigating thefts of secret banking information is yen's brown bush of the financial times the first scandal of this kind broke in germany in two thousand and seven the german government had acquired a disk from anonymous individuals that contained information about germans hiding their money in foreign bank accounts to avoid paying taxes in germany. there were seven hundred or seven hundred seventy german names on it some of the court all of them had to pay money back in the year two thousand and eight the german state because of this more than one billion of europe back such actions drew a mixed response in germany bankers didn't mince their words saying the german government's behavior was no better than that of thieves. a fine day to shame and a scandal that german not to re t.
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get away with is using the procession of stolen goods you know how sharp in switzerland if you steal good and then you sell it you go to jail it's a kind of switzerland's famous reputation for banks from secrecy that come under attack a few months before that u.s. authorities had pressurised u.b.s. into releasing information about the accounts of thousands of its american customers they were suspected of tax evasion in their home country when did. you think that promethean march two thousand. and it had been ten years that respect eccentricities had been eroding activity that had been. out performed by anglo-saxon trusts the journalist minute zacky maintains that banks have been compelled to more open to the public the fact is that the swiss banking system is
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losing an undeclared war with anglo-saxon financial institutions the fight with bank accounts with a shady past is only an excuse that anglo saxons have killed the swiss in order to prosper themselves on the tax evader not that you know how much is the tax evasion market how much money is in it thirteen trillion thirteen thousand billion. undeclared money world like it's no longer all swiss bank accounts was. a journalist from the french magazine l'express feels the chain of revolutions in north africa is only just picking up street he's expecting me well evils in the center of the confidence over stolen funks. maybe it would be the case one day like up and said. recently mountain is your other countries you know tunisia two years ago or one year ago was not a democracy it was a machine that one day we we were normally in
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it. but according to ship activists realtors selling real estate in what is known as the dictator's avenue in a prestigious part of terrorists will experience no drop in the numbers of clients . the schemes used by some leaders of third world countries to hide in the billions of dollars will simply become more intricate. there is still a long way to go before the end of this international clock bust about big dirty bomb. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain.
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these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. san antonio in trouble. the problem is you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet but you told me that that sounds like the moccasins of public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues the marching.
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in the czech republic and she's available in the gallery hotel and science central hotel premier of the nice and most treat all of them will stop by you to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in who told both me and the children of each. cubic but you know tome what you know so tell pierre to tell my coach tells you how to kill deer a boutique hotel and your lifetime.


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