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tv   [untitled]    June 8, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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was a chill millions probably roma go to certain literally who turned their princess in bangkok radisson hotel going cold dream literally bangkok joelson tora grande going coke and pacifica children cope grim friend who told blanco close enough and even called a roll meridian. for their time for the headlines are about. stepping up the pressure on libya and st calls for more war efforts from its members and it intensified nato airstrikes on the wild moscow insists peaceful solution is the only option off the talks of the rival sides. russia puts the brakes on efforts by countries wanted to take action against syria with the credits as crude into an idiot style retreat intervention scares the control of his missions of the un that would put pressure on the syrian
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regime. american death row inmate solving a lethal injection animal killing drugs and shooting rights groups claim is tantamount to torture. talk show spotlights his next guest today is ukrainian prime minister. hungry for the full slate we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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hello yellow walk them to spotlight and save the show on t.v. and for all we know and today my guest is nikolaj. ukraine is trying to beat off the prize for a russian guess he of consider the current terms unfair and want the police to increase the price for the transit of russian gas through the territories obs you create but experts say that ukraine is not going to concede which makes bargaining pretty difficult or is it cares new korean prime minister in the cold light as on. when russia and ukraine grappled over gas prize a couple years ago tended up in a crisis when she left europe freezing the then prime minister yulia timoshenko managed to strike a deal with russia the deal kiev now calls a ball and chain ukraine is the biggest russian natural gas important it doesn't
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want to pay more than germany also back yet and with the gas market price approaching four hundred dollars a thousand cubic meter it's logical teves looking for a discount. stores or a pillow and thank you for running this interview below. first of all let me congratulate you on. it's another round of talks with prime minister putin which as far as i can judge was a success and generally are you pleased with how the process goes on yes of course we're generally the relations between russia and ukraine have been developing with the dynamically the fact alone that trade has grown by seventeen percent is a record it is not with every country that tree grows at this rate to get that we're going to through it was considerable even before bracing entire segment so our industry and the fact that we have achieved so significant a turning point use primarily an inch occasion over the political will to stablish
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normal relations that the litter ships of both russia and ukraine have mr azhar if we know that very many in ukraine see the gas price calculation formula for ukraine as enslaving why did you raise this issue at the negotiations we're going to have of course. we're not saying it's insulating we say it's unfair. i mean the contract has been drawn up in such a manner that it fails to take into account ukraine's interests. in fact we had somewhat different data but for example they guessed price increased more than two fold while transit tariffs were i mean practical and changed but these were what kind of a qualities this. the higher the prize so for gas pumps through our gas transporting system a is the more expansive transit should be so we came up with
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a number of arguments and i'm pleased to note that mr putin has agreed to establish a working group it will hear and consider all our arguments and i'm sure that the experts will be able to come to terms kind of just how much would you crane like to pay for gas today with what some will make you happy has they seen english. well let's reason this way we're not asking for any discounts as i said at that press conference recently. let's look for example at the price poland germany in romania. let's take out the transit feet and see how much gas or cost let's take out the hot discount that is one hundred dollars for a thousand cubic meters and it will get the price let's compare the price which belarus piece let's compare and analyze in this way you will arrive at a figure that we regard as fair. right we know that mr putin is
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a strong negotiator but he is also man of compromise is that. in there are some shifts in your favor and ukraine should also make some concession that he promised anything some concessions that you are ready to make look at the bright. usually if we didn't speak about concessions we said that there should be a fair approach to determining the prize so for russian gas supplies but that it was considering that we are the biggest wire of that gap sort of nordic countries were purchased as much as we do it was this and this means that we should enjoy wholesale discounts based on the amounts we want new growth and more than that we not only buy gas but also store it in our storage facilities and this requires a lot of work gas is accumulated in summer time and then is consumed in winter in
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this way uninterrupted deliveries to european countries are secured let me stress once again we didn't speak of concessions on either side we discussed a universal method to calculate the gas price and we said both sides should be happy with his formula but most side should be happy with a contract you can have a contract that only one party feels good about such a contract won't last. and when speaking of revising the gas agreements what you are talking about present been vetted knitted that quote in future it will be possible to use certain advanced forms of call to ration including cooperation in the gas sector unquote and that what form of collaborations the gas sector with the russia is ukraine ready for if you are ready to answer this question now you know what. these are the issues that there is current which is due to be created and we'll consider some of that is. you know mr bush in told me
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about russia's relations with germany with. russia allowed germany to develop certain gas fields in russia. and thus russia got some gas. on the other hand germany allowed gasper on to take on. in managing as a certain gas transporting system. so i think that if germany and russia have this kind of cooperation. we can consider similar form soft copper ration between ukraine and russia are you with. out about uniting gazprom enough to get this. is there a progress in that and is a crane interested. you know first the wall it must be mutually beneficial rikard we should find such mechanisms that would be obvious for us in
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terms of economic efficiency. a unification into a huge concern where enough to advance would have a say three point five percent does not seem beneficial for us at this point on theoretically it cannot be ruled out can it at the park or no we have to find some other mechanisms that are right to present any college called the possible increase of the gas price following an increase of the world price is an extremely serious threat for ukraine economy indeed oil prices are growing and since gas prices are linked to oil as gas companies say they should always well guess from c.e.o. aleksey miller said recently that gas prices on long term contracts may rise to five hundred dollars per thousand cubic meters in the fourth quarter but is this price sustainable for the ukraine economy and will the ukrainian economy be able to accept such a prize if it comes to that purposely of course it will there is no doubt about
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that but of course this will result in serious losses for our economy and primarily for our of the citizens. this is what's important. this problem is complex accent serious. first of all i'm convinced that there should be no such prices because they would undermine the stability of our economy and consequently jeopardize our trade with russia that there were problems that were for those that are see i clearly told prime minister putin and we were interested in a stable development over russia's economy without any crises we're interested because we are a major trade for an hour or so if your situation is better ours will be either a good so you should also think about it this way if our situation is bad you are
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just want to get either everything you saints or connected we know that the global financial crisis of two thousand and eight two thousand and nine began from a sharp increase of the prices in october two thousand and eight prices soared two hundred forty nine hundred fifty dollars a barrel and the economy collapsed was affected russia among other nations russia may have gained something due to high prices but it had a twelve percent fall of g.d.p. from not mistaken so growing process for energy are a threat to the world economy. i know that ukraine is not particularly enthusiastic about the north stream and south stream project it's obvious that the role of ukraine's transit will fall when those projects are implemented so even if you succeed to get the prize for transit higher. how strong a blow will it be for ukraine to lose this transit money. at this point the
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imbalance between the transit fees we get from gas prawns and the cost of the gas we have gone by he's already seven billion dollars with that with that it's a huge amount. we're just over there it's quite obvious that are trying to ease are actually quite close and i have told from minister put in the budget even those who are transit charity work is several times smaller than in europe with them so it will be on the other hand i realize of course that it's a sovereign right of russia to make this decision however through as i'm also aware of the fact that in the when those decisions were made they were to russia was forced to do so due to political instability in ukraine. lurkers and yes it's my deep conviction but gas transiting through ukraine is much much
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cheaper then through the north's three m. or south stream with the border of the problem. you're welcome you thought e.u. commissioner for energy into urging a set recently of that e.u. is more interested in the modernization of the ukrainian gas transporting system so that in the construction of a south stream pipeline beauty is the e.u. ready to put its money where its mouth is and finance the modernization of wilson is a matter of fact modernization is not that expensive it's according to the past them and so are specialists it ranges from one point five billion euros to two billion years while the construction of south stream is about twenty billion euros which is obviously ten times more expensive. so it's quite understandable that the european commissioner says that it's good for europe it is much better it's invest in today's modernization of the queen and guess transporting system and have no
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problems afterwards we have to discuss this issue to prime minister putin said that it would not be better to revive the a deal by a consortium that she had proposed back in two thousand and three in which was supported by german chancellor schroeder france and eataly disappearance however we still need to consider what's the best way to revive this idea that the workers. in other words will gazprom be allowed to take part in this more nice asian work and that as far as i know gazprom is very keen on that. if it wants let it take court there is no problem whatsoever. how will it work will there be a tender what with this get out of the gas from along with the e.u. wants to take board in the modernization it would only welcome that says mikhail a has that of the ukrainian prime minister the spotlight will be bad cough to take a short break so stay way or it.
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wild teens go mad their people suffer. was how some take advantage of power that was given to them. secret some big dirty money. on our team. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes sense arctic is so special and attractive for many a lot of life in antarctica is the closing and the flood zone.
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expedition to the bottom of the earth our team. is easy to get. to. see. the bird. the big. welcome back to spotlight i already know of and just to remind you that my guest on the show today is nikolaj the ukrainian prime minister of. mr azhar if
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you have mentioned the group prime minister putin is creating at the same time as i here present a new coalition has also created a certain group to interact with the customs union russia and kazakhstan a three plus one formula. or does this mean in crashes and will you be just an observer of the customs union. visited the president of ukraine has created a working group led by the foreign minister a primary purpose of studying deregulates re framework of the vilest would indicate stems union with secondly it is to study are a potential for interacting with a customs union. so we have this working group. and they have started working and soon they'll give us any answer as you want but it's a killer segments of the customs union but we could katori again. is
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ukraine considering the option of joining the customs union as a food fledged member were the words are let's wait for the results of the working group first it will all depend on the working group of course with the study the issue and then you'll make a decision that of course we need to consider it first study correctly that ukraine will undertake large not it's not like there will be a three plus one format where ukraine will just be an observer well is there any middle ground as it were explained the situation at the press conference after the talks craney sandwiched between the e.u. customs union in the west and the customs union of belarus russia and kazakhstan. so we have to work out a format for our relations with these two customs unions and that's what we're working on right now. my next question has to do with the media russia often complains primarily in the media that ukraine uses unlawfully means to limit the axes a russian use to the ukrainian market. in other words they say it's protectionism
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and they say unlawful. did you discuss this question is there a real conflict or is it just a theory by analysts and experts. to my great satisfaction when i asked specifically what group of commodities that's russia have come. points about it so you do doesn't get rid of course there raise this issue and so i asked mr clegg much difference in minister for economic development and what commodities create problems to which he replied it was matches and glass worth of it can imagine the amount of matches supplied to the ukrainian market from russia it's insignificant at the end i'm very glad that nothing else was mentioned of them as our trade overall is almost fifty billion u.s. dollars question should write one more question in ukraine may soon join the e.u.
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free trade zone me if i'm not mistaken and should this happen russia would most likely have to take certain measures to protect its market that has this been discussed this is also about taken into account each other's interests. wisc us that as well but consider this where are the prices higher in the e.u. or in ukraine. washington europe exports say it's expensive flour to us where is our florrie is about five times cheaper than in europe. it is just an example of course. we all know where the e.u. prices are march higher absolutely for everything and that's food consumer goods and so forth. higher than in ukraine. what's the point for them to bring their good sense sell them in a country where prices are actually lower. so personally i don believe that
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there is a real danger that the e.u. will flood us with their cheap goods. were good let's take a vegetables for example. we use supplies of one point five percent or two percent of all the vegetables consumed in ukraine it's next to nothing. you know vegetables by the way you taken any measures like russia to get protected from the infection that. we have tightened fear sanitary control at the border and we carry out the curia logical tests but we have introduced no one bar goes because the volumes of imported vegetables are very small for instance we get nothing from spain it's all so there is no need to introduce serious prohibitory measures. my next question is rather political than economic i.m.f. representative in ukraine max alley here is quoted by the ukrainian press as saying
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that in order to continue a copper ratio of ukraine guess prices for residents and enterprises should be raised and pensions should be cut. so pretty. easy your government ready to resort to such a very unpopular steps to secure and new loans from alien meth. well mr gallagher it was not quoted quite precisely i met him only yesterday and i had talks with him. as we have signed a memorandum. we value our cock aeration with ya mouth. but now it's a question of reforming the pension system it's not a question of pension cuts we just can't reduce the pensions so our citizens but it's about a pension reform our goal is to find more sources for the pension fund. so it's a program that we're implementing. and then the other point you mentioned is
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a budget deficit enough to gus. that facts are it's see that the deficit should be covered at the expense so are people in the city but we think not to god's good optimized its costs and we suggest a more flexible approach to raising the tariffs. we know that in increase in tariffs always means growing consumer prices as soon as the again as more energy prices are raised prices for bread milk need transportation and so forth you follow suit and what does inflation mean if in fact it's a tax which is detrimental for the economy it's a cleaner in this for economic growth in the me so we tell the i.m.f. that our fall asleep is first and foremost to keep the budget deficit low which is of paramount importance not main european countries actually and boast of
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a three percent deficit this is the main condition for our economy to be stable. russia too wants ukraine to have a stable economic situation but to what extent do you depend on the i.m.f. alone i mean how much leverage do they have you say should you fail to negotiate a lower body is it possible that you will repeat that by the russian scenario i mean economically. or is the situation totally different up so you know our situation is totally different from the first of all i would mention the budget deficit in ukraine is only three percentage points in other words this deficit is fully covered with the resources we have. but we're at the same time it's true that ukraine's foreign debt is quite a bit however it is fully within the state budget that's with us where we have a monthly schedule of payments and we have never had any philly's on those payments
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that we see even though there was a little some rework so at this point ukraine has enough resources to take care o. its foreign debt so there is no origin need for us to get the sloan from the i math there were a specialist since this money will go to the national bank to boost its reserves this money won't be used for government spending who are those who are not and if the economic situation both globally and locally stays the way it is today would i'm actually quite optimistic if you in the years two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve we were going to be at the sweet ellis' take into account the talks in a moscow theater because much depends on that doesn't it of course expensive almost thank you thank you very much for being with us they were just illinois the day that i did the show today was that the prime minister's u.k.
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put like movie back with more comments until you log in and out and rush. to get. going and.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to engine change. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when she is going to. stand. in front. of the crowd that is you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlets you tell me that that sounds like democracy the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r.g.p.
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in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph brin strip university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into amounts. on all the main risk issues posed next to me is that ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for the produces side and only five percent. of the genuinely independent. there's not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if it transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population i don't know what this might do to us or our children or.


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