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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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nato challenges its members joined the air bombardment of colonel gadhafi forces while moscow was pushing for peace talks between both sides in libya's civil conflict. diplomatic battle russell rejects of un resolution against syria put forward by the u.k. and france warning it could be a prelude to an aggressive libya style intervention. and the use of an animal dropped back secure death row inmates in the u.s. could actually be torturing them to.
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hide from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's four pm here in the russian capital two pm in tripoli nato is continuing its the libyan capital with reports of several major explosions and it's unlikely there will be any letup soon with the alliance chief calling for more military help to bring about a post era which is trying to broker a cease fire between the libyan regime and the rebels since both sides want a non military way out are to the no snow reports from tripoli. nature continues bombing tripoli we've been hearing heavy strikes overnight as well as during the day this week actually the libyan capital has seen the most intensive farai since the beginning of the operation in march with nato targeting gadhafi his compound and command and control centers in an attempt to within the embattled colonel and force him out russia actually wants to see it are free to step down moscow's envoy
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has visited libya and has met opposition leaders here and has also. duffy's closest ally his cousin in cairo and after that mikhail margelov has said that both sides had a mutual understanding that military actions is not an option and this conflict should only be resolved through peaceful means nato allies are in agreement that the must go but the thing is that the raw reels pleats about how to do that the alliance is secretary general rasmussen and the u.s. defense secretary robert gates are demanded more participation more help from certain members because the reality is that only eight out of twenty eight nations members have joined the great bill well the country which is not in nato sweetness preparing to send its marines to enforce. weapons and bargo and has agreed to extend its presence in this operation in fact the latest murmurs of discontent
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coming from the rubbles they. want to be sure as they say that. stayed out of the political process in leaving a case in a national issue where we can see that they to has intensified traumatically its military efforts here in libya wow this campaign this whole operation against gadhafi is getting more and more and popular among all the sides been involved. she's wary of the notion of there reporting from the libyan capital tripoli. now drops resolutions against the syrian regime are under consideration at the u.n. nuclear watchdog and the security council but so far russia is effectively been blocking a proposal to condemn president assad's government for its crackdown on protesters moscow says discussing the resolution at the security council will only escalate tensions in syria are just reported i is across the latest developments. following two hours of closed door consultations with the u.n.
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security council members france and britain did not corner enough support that they clearly needed for this resolution that they introduced to be adopted in that resolution introduced by britain and france calls for a condemnation against the syrian government for our crackdown on anti-government protesters that has taken place over the past three months the resolution the draft resolution proposed by the u.k. and france as i mentioned also urges countries to not supply weapons to damascus it also calls on syria to comply and to work with the u.n. human rights organization now this is a big effort on the part of these european country so try to get the international community to clamp down on syria following three months of rest but as we've been reporting other countries veto wielding countries such as china and russia have
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spoken out against adopting any resolutions against syria russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin says he believes that diplomacy should be used for solving political problems not creating conditions for a new armed conflict the russian i voice said passing more and more in more resolutions with the international community in a position where it's picking sides within an internal conflict there's a concern that interfering in syria fears me lead to an escalation of violence because it may be misinterpreted by destructive opposition forces who want change of power in damascus such a position will definitely lead to more bloodshed and escalation of violence and it's important that dialogue is needed and we remember that in libya it also started with defending human rights which ended up with a war led by the coalition brush many other countries believe that it would not help the situation in the middle east it could. possibly destabilize syria possibly
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other countries and in the aftermath of what has taken place in libya a resolution being adopted back in march and some criticizing the fact that european and the us have overstepped the guidelines that were put out in that resolution russia and other countries are a little bit more reserved on how to act with syria choosing a more diplomatic approach in the meantime consultations at the united nations will continue again thursday morning as the u.k. and france continue campaigning for support against this draft for this draft resolution against syria. well the united nations to action against syria the clock down on demonstrations in yemen and bahrain have not received the same attention or correspondent eric margolis because washington is trying to use the u.n. as a tool to protect its friends and punish its. i don't think they understand angel as
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the super serious situation is and how it collapse of syrian government gender or great regional instability but it's the other half of the middle east people are looking at they're seeing the united states britain and its allies worried about human rights in syria but wait a minute western governments and bahrain and in yemen and not to mention in israel are gunning down civilians they are worried it's coming out of the western powers about this so it's a good we're in. a lot of girls the muslim world the united nations in particular the security council has put come as former u.s. secretary of state madeleine albright said an arm of u.s. foreign policy and the u.s. is using it to just squeeze the syrian soap or shell in a sudden change in syria the next target for the covert so it's a very dangerous homeless and this is not right that it balances the mosque the
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united nations it's supposed to be mediator instigator so more diplomacy is called for us there are i snatch. live from moscow still ahead for you this hour the legacy of civil war groups song in the united states of a few enthusiasts play dress up to reenact history millions of americans are still fighting for equal rights one hundred fifty years later. the traditional cuisine handed down the generations intricate wedding ceremonies are still close to the heart we visit the republic of north a sense yeah that's coming up. the first war in north africa to moscow's ban on european vegetables the range of issues facing russian and european leaders meeting on the banks of the volga river in a few hours the traditional you russia e.u. summit is being held in the city of good hundreds of kilometers from here in moscow
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but then the groucho votes on the fly from there you've got to you know we hear and can see the clouds behind you raining all day gloomy weather does that reflect the mood among those gathering at the summit. there is that of light above the gloomy landscape of our nation and the gloomy landscape of the north africa rising sun the euro crisis and but beings could change quickly indeed the rain was making matters worse today but everything could change by tomorrow the maintain of this summit when the european leaders meet with the russian president now the focus of the summit will be or course leader and the arab world uprisings by far the haughtiest issue now also saving euro also european security on the sidelines of the summit president dmitry medvedev has already arrived in the city of new growth will be also meeting separately with european leaders on the table will be russia's accession to the world trade organization the new plans of america to deploy an
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anti missile shield for europe and many other topics and considering recent so far we have u.s. nato air strikes in libya of course it will be the central issue russia now sees its task in building a bridge between the two sides on we t.v. and society now stands without the control tripoli and rebel stronghold been ghazi under like brussels which seems very cautious and undecided regarding leave now doing practical steps a couple of days ago it sounded certain boy to be in ghazi and it has said many times that it will only support a political peaceful solution to the conflict and of course for an immediate and unconditional cease fire in libya. also european security is another priority for the european leaders and russia unlike despite moscow and washington signed the use for t.v. comes with the auction treaty last april the two sides are still divided by key
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differences with washington persuading more screw that the new anti missile defense system poses no threat to russia russian is stern argues that the new system will solve this neutralize its advances. potential and will lead to an imbalance of forces so these two day dialogue today's summit it could lead to some mutually beneficial solutions which when the european leaders and also in the air is russia's plans to shortly leave to a ban on vegetables imported from europe from the european union we know that at the moment there is a full ban on vegetables imports in order to stop the spread of exactly equal i call it strain coming into the country it was followed by having criticism this. from the european officials who quaid that it was against the world trade organization all this is we know that russia is now at the gate is about to enter this one hundred fifty three nation. at the moment is the only major economy which
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is still outside the group so hopefully it will also be a key to russia's accession to these organizations was a nice guy doing a great job on live from thank you very much for that update. it's a sedative used to cure everything from epilepsy to insomnia but some u.s. states have started using a conscious personal drug to put people on death row into an eternal sleep there's criticism that used in this way drops a drug rather subjects victims to a painful death and is over bennett now reports of susan executions is becoming more widespread. if you. get a few in here we will use the word excuse. from a dog's life to a dog's death prisoners on death row and now being killed with an animal drug then to barbie dolls used to put pets to sleep but it's never been tested on human
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executions this can cause excruciating pain if something goes wrong and because we have their tests we cannot guarantee that it will get around to paper at risk of not just being killed but being tortured to death. already been adopted in over twenty states is strictly an anesthetic and is normally just one ingredient in a lethal cocktail but in ohio it's killing alone it's not a painkiller we know that we will show you if you have some what we call if it to get over there then you can be sure that there is no pain so a good drug is another pinky so that will enter bottles produced for a danish company back it's primarily used on humans to treat epilepsy and seizures but it's already been used in nine executions in u.s. prisons ran out of the usual sodium thiopental after britain and italy banned
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exports but denmark can't do that because the new weapons are made in america this isn't breaks headquarters in copenhagen despite owning a drug and opposing its misuse its protests in the united states have been unsuccessful because the government there sanctions the death penalty and it's reluctant to remove pens a bottle from the market completely because it says it will do more harm than good our crop of this product has been for the american market for many years so all we are in there is a kill the limit where we can just stop the production record for the market because that would actually. me people patients who come in to life threatening situations that this is the limit really him business indeed limbic cells fifty million doses of printed are brittle every year it claims it can't prevent death row using it as a killer because of a complicated supply chain but human rights groups don't buy it people are
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beginning to realize that this statement there's nothing we can do is a fallacy and the pharmaceutical industry can do a lot and has a responsibility not to be complicit the executions reprieve claims learned make has the power to control who gets the drug since it does with other products but that comes at a cost at the moment and bricks not budging neither a u.s. prisons using a federally approved drug designed to treat people to kill instead i've been it r.t. copenhagen. now it's been one hundred fifty years since the start of the american civil war survey so that the majority of u.s. citizens still consider it relevant today some people say the issues of division back then remain burning issues all these years later although the battleground now is more of an ideological one artist or lister has a story. it's
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a war that lives on in the united states. soldiers can be found camped out near the battlefields where forefathers once fought reenacting the civil war one hundred fifty years later and off these fields its legacy still runs through the country the ohio river was once considered an extension of the mason dixon line in the united states dividing north and south of the vision that still remains today. mostly a civil war as a war in one country we had to kind of computers to america you know stationary in the south they're still rebellion against the northern victors version of events and battles rage on and americans minds about what was its stake in this conflict then and now there's a lot of people here i think the civil war is still a current topic not a historical topic. in this town it's like the president's defensive over their right to bear arms except when they were a bully or southerners he was the last gasp of the citizenry against a
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and oppressive government is is to revolt. and in the very capital of the nation. oh yeah residents are still fighting the federal government per for voting rights and their representation in congress the residents of the district of columbia have never had the rights that are produced or upon everyone else in this country the limits to their rights stem in part from civil war divisions that steffen only part of and before that. a lot of people never thought of blacks at all but scholars argue though the war may have ended slavery it was far from ending racism with washington d.c.'s large population of newly freed black citizens at the end of the war to limit their influence political elites pushed to curb voting rights for everyone residents are still fighting that legacy today.
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this is just like the stand up for slavery. and the tea party protests that have swept across the u.s. every energized to rally behind state's rights reminiscent of confederate rhetoric one hundred fifty years ago when you look at philosophically about how they line up in being there even genetic pedigree and slow and level going back to the states that the most these people are from its much more along with the confederacy of eight hundred sixty southern vols celebrate civil war states a session well modern day civil rights activists are created to celebrating treason and slavery and polls show a divided country more than half of americans believe the civil war is still relevant today only a minority relegated to history while the country remains split over the cards. the good of a good while the literal reenactments of the civil war may be the most visible leftover of a war that divided the nation. left over battles are still being fought by many
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more in a war that lives on today lauren lyster r.t. . if you missed any of the stories we're covering on air you can always find. our team dot com there's also plenty of analysis and eye catching videos there for you as well all of the all of all at our college degree despair a prestigious diploma is no longer a guarantee of well paid jobs for us students it is a guarantee of debt i got why it's their chinese counterparts who are banking on american education. and also the landing of a passenger plane in a russian airport that could have ended in tragedy after its pilot was why did the laser directed from the ground. next explore the parts of russia few people got to discover our clubs like to.
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so there were high in the caucasian mountains in the republic of north of one of russia's smallest regions that literally sit on the slopes of the hells it's a land where maddow mountain rivers and waterfalls and alaska is breathtaking but a half of its area is taken up by national parks and reserves and it's well known for its there with your best water springs arches medina question of god which. with breathtaking views across five mountain reaches and over fifty lakes this land leads to friendly open people and amazing national food. the capital of this republic in russian it means a place that owns the caucasus and indeed it was a former fortress closing the way to the greater caucasian mountains and i'll defer stop that we made through this region was this all south in town with the narrow streets and small houses so typical of this area this city also stands on the
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biggest river and pickel cation region we've retiree and the people that live here call themselves such and such with their own language that many of them strictly follow the traditions of their ancestors they try to do so in our free aspect of their daily lives from what to cook to what to wear watch our report to find out more. in this part of the world cooking is not considered a real man's job but it is to be if ever wanted to do with our dreams of being involved in the confectionery business for as long as i can remember i always wanted to learn the secrets of the city and national cuisine i wanted to help people through making good food. none of his family supported him in the village home he shared with his mother and five process he left his home and moved to the city and wished his passion grow into a number of foods. treece. i call my crew back out in the city and it means
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abundance and everything wife develops now but we shouldn't forget around sisters and we should follow our traditions that's the most important thing i believe. a certain food is based upon three poyser towards some of the secrets that have been handed down through the generations before a senate hearing these point is much more than just simple fast food ask people say have a round shape of this life signifies the universe in the middle of its creator i said here's put three points on the table each one for three elements what are earth and air. living in the mountainous area locals try to use everything that earth gives them for the feeling they use potatoes homemade cheese and even beetroot leaves in wealthy families poise were also made with martin it's not just these tasty treats which house do the tasks of time but also family ceremonies and weddings are among the most deeply held and the static traditions and answering
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this bridal sun is like stepping into a cultural time machine where the spirit of the south against through the ages are woven into these delicate counts most prized choose their own wedding dress but here they take cost a musician to the highest level all girls here learn the intricate skills needed to make almost every inch of detail in those handmade gowns unique and precise follow the traditions of their parents and most women in north says here try to get married wearing national words in costume this one for example is a perfect copy of what prized two hundred years ago and it looks just as good today detail here is how god made and it takes more than a month to get a dress like this for the big day. skilled craftwork like this runs in the blood of the people in north or south. here from dressed employed since use for office workers to love bush costumes for the top stages in russia one of the workshops for
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some petersburg's prestigious marine ski operand bali thing is based here in one of the narrow streets of latika afghans. belongs to the russian conductor very nearly geared year we studied in st petersburg for two years at the beginning careers but now we do everything independently and bring it finished costume to the theater. for a region enclosed by a towering mountains north is that his presence is felt way beyond its borders traditions that translated pride and delight to travelers who come here when a question about russia close up north or south you. business is next to meekly stay with us. exam is a british oil major b.p. has confirmed its arctic alliance with russia's ross there is effectively that the same time the government says it has no plans to sell its stake in the russian
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brand vegetarian k.d.t. it is partners on the verge have objected to the proposed deal with rosneft a company it's going to focus on while exploration outside of russia however battles ahead well from easier to capital so we haven't seen the end of the saga yet. i think. fairly desperate to carry out this deal to get the deal underway despite protestations from b.p. and they're likely to approach rosneft again in the very near future and try and strike a deal but they're going to be he has learnt a lot in last few weeks we would have lost all the goings on with rosneft downs here in k. and has basically got to bring. that stake in seeing kate back to the table and get them involved as well. as markets and we start with commodities traditionally group continues to rally after opec failed to agree on increasing out of this race fears of supply shortages later this year nights we do straight in
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above one hundred dollars for balance hundred one grands is down by just a notch at one hundred seventeen. european stock markets are trading in positive territory the fourth see here's a expecting a positive opening in the united states ahead of trade and the jobs data this is why what we're seeing right now is commerce bank down around two and a half percent pretty good call dropping one point six percent this is all on the awaiting of expected over outcome of rates it is setting policy meeting soon from the bank of england and the european central bank and shares of nestle also falling off the barclays capital out of its equal weight from overweight russian markets also higher this by just one percent before the oscars and the myself as i could get some individual shares. on the limb pay is up one and a half percent this hour the company has almost traveled its net profit in the
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first quarter of the year reaching three hundred ninety two million dollars those allies that make it what i'll use are more than no longer point three percent it's a supported by news post acquiring. russian rival. ross hydro is the biggest gainer this hour as are the one percent. key issues related to russia's accident of the world trade organization have been set or prime minister putin says there will be a period when russia will be allowed to protect its domestic manufacturers. of russia's accession to the world trade organization does not imply an automatic and full opening of the domestic market to foreign goods vulnerable industries will be protected by higher import tariffs but we will be acting strictly within the rules of the world in that russia has cut electricity supplies to belarus by a half because they troubled country has not paid a fifteen million dollar bill power generator in so rare will reportedly stop all
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power transmission of the money isn't forthcoming supplies to the baltic countries should not be affected even though bellows is a transit country. we certainly won't be delivering electricity to bill or us for free but let me underline because we have a lasting relationship with bill a russian energy companies we want to find a way for the dit to be paid for and i must add that russian electricity is not a critical part of dell or us is energy consumption. but the tsotsi will be back next hour with nothing to headlines and statements. more than a month. to one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean told his
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discovers what makes on tarted is so special that detracted from any life in antarctica. and floods an. expedition to the bottom of the earth. the close up team has been to the boulder grand reach thank you all the turning point i'm bringing more to. this time party goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transit their ancestors. and where the mysterious city of a deadlock will come could republic of north or south russia. emission free credit asian free transport charges free. range from.


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