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nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria the alliances the secretary general attaches to offer us sharon says in an interview to our team even as the u.n. security council debates a resolution against the syrian government. but nato is challenging its members to join the arab garb meant colonel gadhafi in libya a moscow pushes for peace talks. and the use of an animal drug to execute death row inmates in the u.s. would actually be torturing them to death.
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but from our headquarters in central moscow here watching our t.v. with me and he said now it's six pm here in the russian capital four pm in brussels and draft resolutions against the syrian regime are under consideration at the u.n. nuclear watchdog and the security council but so far russia is affectively been blocking a proposal to condemn president assad's government for its crackdown on protesters moscow says discussing the resolution at the security council will only escalate tensions in syria artie's or in a fortnight is across the latest developments. following two hours of closed door consultations with the u.n. security council members france and britain did not corner enough support that they clearly needed for this resolution that they introduced to be adopted in that resolution introduced by britain and france calls for a condemnation against the syrian government for our crackdown on anti-government
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protesters that has taken place over the past three months the resolution the draft resolution proposed by the u.k. and france as i mentioned also urges countries to not supply weapons to damascus it also calls on syria to to comply and to work with the u.n. human rights organization now this is a big effort on the part of these european countries to try to get the international community to our clampdown on syria following three months of unrest but as we've been reporting other countries veto wielding countries such as china and russia have spoken out against adopting any resolutions against syria russian ambassador to the united nations batali churkin says he believes that diplomacy should be used for solving political problems not creating conditions for a new armed conflict the russian army voice said housing more and more and more
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resolutions puts the international community in a position where it's picking sides within an internal conflict because of concern interfering in syria fears milito an escalation of violence because it may be misinterpreted by destructive opposition forces who want to change of power in damascus such a position will definitely lead to more bloodshed and an exclusion of violence and some. dialogue is needed because we remember that in libya it also started with defending human rights which ended up with the world but a collision russia among many other countries believed that it would not help the situation in the middle east. destabilize syria possibly other countries and in the aftermath of what has taken place in libya a resolution being adopted back in march and some criticizing the fact that european and the u.s. have overstepped guidelines that were put out in that resolution russia and other
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countries are a little bit more reserved on how to act with syria choosing a more diplomatic approach in the meantime consultations at the united nations will continue again thursday morning as the u.k. and france continue campaigning for support against this draft for this draft resolution against syria. well just a short while ago i spoke to nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen and told me the alliance would not be sending military forces to syria and insisted that in libya only military bases are targeted but i put it to him that some of our viewers i'm not hard to believe. he stressed we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that its share of the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria only way forward is to accommodate. aspirations of the syrian people but u.n.
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resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone according to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right. now all the necessary measures if i might speak of what our admiral pollo has legitimised strikes on any command center in libya i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen homes gone they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces there's a gas leak in a car on a phone or at a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say any. i would like to stress that we are not targeting individuals we hate. military.
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targets. and of course common control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show amount of control centers military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. who's from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing metropolitan areas in libya and civilians are being killed what do you say to the navy. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya will protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful in identifying legitimate military targets. and you can see the full interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen in twenty minutes right here on our team. medo is continuing its grass in the libyan capital with reports of several
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major explosions and it's unlikely there will be any let up soon the alliance chief calling for more military help to bring about a postcard to russia which is trying to broker a cease fire between the libyan regime and the rebels as both sides want a nonmilitary way out with no snow reports now from tripoli. they to continues bombing tripoli we've been hearing heavy strikes overnight as well as during the day this week actually the libyan capital has seen the most intense a fair rate since the beginning of the operation in march with nato targeting gadhafi his compound and command and control centers in an attempt to within the embattled colonel and force him out russia actually wants to see khadafi to step down moscow's envoy has visited libya and has met our position leaders here and has also. tough is closest ally and his cousin in cairo and after that may come
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together has said that both sides had a mutual understanding that military actions is not an option and this conflict should only be resolved through peaceful means all nato allies are in agreement khadafi must go but the scene is. real simply about how to do that the alliances secretary general rasmussen and the u.s. defense secretary robert gates are demanding more participation more how from certain members because the reality is that the only age out of twenty eight nations members have joined the air raids been well the country which is not in nato sweetness preferring to send its marines to enforce. weapons and cargo and has agreed to extend its presence in this operation in fact the latest murmurs of discontent coming from the rubbles they. want to be sure as they say that they. stayed out of the political process in the case in
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a national issue so we can see that later has intensified sematic really is the efforts here in libya wow this campaign this how operation against gadhafi is getting more and more in popular demand all the sides been involved. reggie's maria from notional reporting there from the libyan capital still ahead for you this hour a trip high into the mountain for this road was handed down the generations and. intricate wedding ceremonies are still close to the heart of the republic of north the sets yeah that's coming up later this hour. but first war in north africa to moscow's ban on european vegetables that's the range of issues facing russian and european leaders meeting on the banks of the volga river in a few hours there's no rush the e.u. summit is being held in the city of new north grid hundreds of kilometers from moscow getting the groucho back is there for us. hopefully this radio weather will
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not be reflected in the mood of the summits participants as they're really the chain called lives above the gloomy landscape will be a euro crisis and the north africa risings president of the european commission jersey i'm annoyed but also recently described relations between moscow and brussels as they couldn't be better and optimism is built largely around russia's new policy is presently very west toward an eis ation some key major agreements reached between moscow and brussels over the past few months like russia's accession to the world trade organization something which board the european union and moscow will benefit from in december last year after some seventeen years of being in membership talks with this one hundred fifty three nation club russia at the moment the only major economy which is still outside the group so after seventeen years in december brussels gave its formal yes to russia's w t o and tribute and now these today talks will formally clear the way for the country to
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finally join the world trade organization and hopes that all formalities will be sorted out before the end of summer there are still there are some key differences still dividing brussels likely now another priority for this summit assistance will be european security of course and the top it will be debated in connection with the u.s. plans to build a new a.m.d. anti missile defense system for europe washington argues that it is not a fact russia's strategic potential and russia argues that it will neutralize its forces and they'll be again and balance of forces so with the european leaders participating in the dialogue probably new solutions mutually beneficial solutions could be found on that here in mission in operant and not a torpedo. where we expect some breakthrough will be russia's recent ban on imports of vegetables from the european union without russia imposed a full band full embargo on vegetables from the e.u.
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. to stop the spread of the deadly equal like strain from coming into the country it was followed by heavy criticism by from the u.s. official saying that it was going against the policies of the world trade organization and that the that was fortunate. russia is saying that it is ready to partially lifted the ban in case that the european union provides it with sufficient information on the source of the infection so these issues could be settled and could be resolved during the summit initially as well. arty's katrina groucho reporting on the upcoming russian you stomach. it's sort of used to cure everything from epilepsy to insomnia but some of us states i started using a controversal drug to put people on death row into an internal sleep human rights campaigners say the drug inflicts a cruel and painful death on its victims and as our ballot reports its absence is
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becoming more widespread if you. know. if you would read we don't. excuse me. from a dog's life to a dog still prisoners on death row and now being killed with an animal drug plan to bob it's always used to put pets to sleep but it's never been tested on human executions this can cause excruciating pain if something goes wrong and because we have no tests we can't guarantee that it will go around so people are at risk of not just being killed but being tortured to death and to barbara jewels already been adopted in over twenty states is strictly an anesthetic and is normally just one ingredient in a lethal cocktail but in ohio it's killing alone it's not a painkiller we know that will so you know if you have some what we call it and then if it together with that then you can be assured that there is no pain.
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so a good drug is not a painkiller so that was painted bottles produced for a danish company back it's primarily used on humans to treat epilepsy and seizures but it's already been used in nine executions u.s. prisons ran out of the usual pseudonym fired painful after britain and italy banned exports but denmark can't do that because the new weapons made in america this is long breaks headquarters in copenhagen despite owning the drug and opposing its misuse its protests in the united states have been unsuccessful because the government there sanctions the death penalty and is reluctant to remove pens a bottle from the market completely because it says it will do more harm than good our problem is that this product has been for the american market for many years so we are in there is because the limit where we can just stop the production withdraw for the market because that would actually. make people patients who come in to
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life threatening situations that the list is to limit really in these nice indeed limbic cells fifty million doses of penda barbe until every year it claims it can't prevent death row using it as a killer because of a complicated supply chain but human rights groups don't bite people are beginning to realize that the statement there is nothing we can do is a fallacy and the pharmaceutical industry can do a lot and has a responsibility not to be complicit the executions reprieve claims limbic has the power to control who gets the drug since it does with other products but that comes at a cost and the moment when bricks not budging neither a u.s. presence using a federally approved drug designed to treat people to kill instead i've been it r.t. copenhagen. stuff more about that story we're now joined live by richard. peter he's
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the executive director of the death penalty information center in washington thanks for joining us this evening i'd like to begin by clarifying play rights activists claim the use of this controversial drug for execution leads to an excruciatingly painful death is that the case as you see it but it's not this drug it's not all that's extremely painful it's the problem is that most states are using it as part of the three drug cocktail and the next two drugs are very painful everyone agrees on so all depends on the first drug working properly and of course it's not designed for executions it's designed for things as you mentioned like epilepsy so it could be that it's not working and the second and third drugs or very painful but costly paralyze the inmate no one knows you can't tell they have no reaction contracts they previously use for a lethal injections were considered one of the more i.q.
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main ways to carrying out obviously because like you say it's less painful for the death penalty why has there been the switch away from that in terms of the humane side so yes you said it's more effective but obviously putting people to death through pain is not the way to do it i think. well we've evolved in the united states over a series of methods everything from the hanging electrocution gas chamber and lethal injection was introduced as supposedly a more you main method as as one of the previous changes but there is a science behind all of this and of course the prison guards in wardens don't know the science the science is that if you paralyze all of the inmates organs and responses you wouldn't know whether this is a humane execution or not and this is the problem now some states ohio being the
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most notable are using simply one drug dependent are told as one drug and that causes the execution puts the inmate to sleep and causes death that's a different approach than almost every other state is using however. do you think that the u.s. states involved will be swayed by the controversy surrounding these drugs well no they would be swayed if it suddenly became unavailable that's what happened with the prior drug sodium thiopental made by a company called host beer and they stopped making it stop offering it and now all the states are struggling to get their drugs either overseas or from this point of the recall from from monday now if it's monday access is not we're not going to make it or we're not going to make it available to to us yeah then the u.s. will change i don't know that just the controversy international or even local is
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going to upset the states some of them would go back to even other methods if they were allowed but. it's the economics or the mail ability issues that i think are paramount here richard dieter executive director of the death penalty information center and live from washington thank you very much for that. well if you missed any of the stories we're covering here on our team you can always find them on our web site artsy dot com there's also plenty of analysis and i can see videos there for you. right now on lawyers to agree to spare a prestigious diploma is no longer a guarantee of a well paid job for u.s. students but it is a guarantee of dad find out why is there a chinese counterparts were banking on american education. a little blending of a passenger plane at a russian airport that prevented a tragedy after its pilot was blinded with a laser raging practive from the ground. next explore the parts
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of russia few people get to discover with our close up team. but they were high in the caucasus mountains in the republic of north insets mia one of russia's smallest regions it literally sit on the slopes of the hills and the land where meadows meet not rivers and warmer foliage and the landscape is breathtaking more than half of its area is taken up by national parks and reserves and it's well known for its thirty big freshwater spring parties moving across nova the guides in the region. with breathtaking views across five mountain regions and over fifty lakes this land leads to friendly open people and amazing national food the big capital of this republic in russian it means
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a place that owns the caucasus and indeed it was a former fortress closing the way to the greater caucasian mountains now the first stop that we made through this region was this all south thanks toweling it with a narrow streets and small houses so typical of this area the city also stands on the biggest river in the cook asian region we were terri and the people that live here call themselves assertiveness and with their own language many of them strictly follow the traditions of their ancestors they try to do so in our free aspect of their daily lives from what to cook to what to wear watch our report to find out more. in this part of the world cooking is not considered a real man's job but it is all valid and b. if ever wanted to do what you thought of him or dreamt of being involved in the confectionery business for as long as i can remember i always wanted to learn the secrets of the seti international cuisine i wanted to help people through making good food. none of his family supported him in the village home he shared with his
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mother and five brothers he left his home and moved to the city and watched his passion grow into a number of food factories. crew got a current in the city and it means abundance in every three months develops now but we shouldn't forget all around searches and we should follow our traditions that's the most important thing i believe. a certain food is based upon three points towards some of the secrets that have been handed down through the generations for a sentence these points mean much more than just simple for us to food ask people saying have a round shape of this why signifies the universe of the poor in the middle as creator says here's what three. place on the table each one for three elements water earth and i am. living in the mountainous area locals try to use everything the earth gives them for the filling they used potatoes homemade cheese and even
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beetroot leaves in wealthy families ploys were also made with martin it's not just these tasty treats which have stood the test of time but also family ceremonies and weddings are among the most deeply held and the static traditions on answering this bridal sun is like stepping into a cultural time machine where the spirit of the south through the ages are woven into these delicate gowns most prized choose their own wedding dress but here they take cost him to the highest level all girls here learn the intricate skills needed to make almost every inch of detail in this handmade gowns unique and precise following in the traditions of their parents most women in north or south yet try to get married wearing national words in costume this one for example is a perfect copy of what prices were two hundred years ago and it looks just as good today but nobody tale here is handmade and it takes more than a month to get
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a dress like this for the big day. craft work like this runs in the blood of the people in north from dressing droids ensues for office workers two lovers costumes for the top stages and russia one of the workshops for some petersburg's prestigious marine ski or brand bali theatre is based here in one of the narrow streets of latika us you mean you really do belong to the russian conductor valery caregiver resurgence and peters for two years at the beginning you grow careers but now we do everything independently and bring the finished costume to the theater. for a region in caused by towering mountains north is that he has presence is felt way beyond it's ruled. it's traditions that translated pride and delight to travelers who come once no question about russia close up like you come across north the sense here. and that wraps up the main news this hour our interview with nato
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secretary general is coming up in a few minutes after a business update with me. and i would welcome to business british oil major b.p. has confirmed it's all quick alliance with russia's role quote effective me dead now the same time the company says it has no plans to sell its they can the russian joint budgets. partners in the have objected to the proposed deal with will snap the company adds it's going to focus on oil exploration outside of russia however by those ludwell from e.g. x. capital says we haven't seen the end of the sound be it. i think. fairly desperate to carry out they're still trying to get the deal on the white despite protestations from b.p. and they're likely to approach rosneft again in the very near future and try and
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strike a deal. he has learned a lot in last few weeks we would have lost all the goings on with rosneft and here in k. and has basically got to bring. back to the table and get them involved as well. roy let's move to the markets and oil is our let's continue to rally after the opec failed to agree on increasing output this race fears of supply shortages later this year lights redesigned so one hundred a month and a half dollars per barrel brant says more than one hundred eighty u.s. markets opened in the black rebounding after a long streak of losses on data that showed the u.s. trade gap narrow and europe was the next feeling easy be chairman john coltrane's she did a rate hike maybe carney next month leave because of strong vigilance in his speech about pollution prices but after the positive opening in the u.s. food c. and the dikes in our point four point eight percent respectively russia markets
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have just twenty minutes to go trading the r.t.s. is up one point two percent my six one and a half percent some pretty good gains there if we look at individual trading stocks and alan kay and carly are both top two point six percent on strong results in the first case an old charlie is also close to a wiring belorussian a rival. carly and the ross hydro is one of the biggest gainers among heavyweight stocks it's up one percent. key issues related to russia is that sessions of the world trade organization have been settled promise the president says there will be a period when russia will be allowed to protect its domestic manufacturers. as you would. and what russia's accession to the world trade organization does not imply an automatic and full opening of the domestic market to foreign goods vulnerable industries will be protected by higher import tariffs but we will be acting
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strictly within the rules of the. russian the united states have pledged to work closely together on key energy issues increasing energy security and intellectual property transparency are high priorities even though nuclear powers under the microscope around the globe the energy ministers agree that is key to development in this century we think that this is their part of the sentries energy mix and so neighbors are carrying colin ross saturday and we are working very close and there are many projects we want to work on to help develop safer and nuclear reactors passively safe so that in case there's multiple acts it has occurred for example information and you don't have any control of a reactor if the reactors can so quite safely down to stop without damage from next see the headlines with these.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge adults and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean combs discovers foot makes sense articles so special and instructive for many wildlife in antarctica is the closest and from the. expedition to the bottom of the earth.


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