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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria. the alliance's secretary general attempts to walk for assurances in an interview to r.t. even as the u.n. security council debates a resolution against the syrian government. but nato is challenging its numbers are growing the air bombardment of colonel gadhafi in libya while moscow wish list for peace talks. the use of an animal drug to execute death row inmates in the u.s. could actually be torturing them to death.
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eight pm here in the russian capital you're watching are to you thanks for joining us be a syrian a regime is under pressure on two fronts the you want a nuclear watchdog is looking into its alleged nuclear activities and the security council is considering a resolution condemning the crackdown on anti-government protesters but so far russia has effectively been blocking that proposal put forward by france and britain argues that money in a port my is across the latest developments for us. following two hours of closed door consultations with the u.n. security council members france and britain did not corner enough support that they clearly needed for this resolution that they introduced to be adopted in that resolution introduced by britain and france calls for a condemnation against the syrian government for
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a crackdown on anti-government protesters that has taken place over the past three months the resolution the draft resolution proposed by the u.k. and france as i mentioned also urges countries to not supply weapons to damascus it also calls on syria to comply and to work with the u.n. human rights organization now this is a big effort on the part of these european countries to try to get the international community to clamp down on syria following three months of unrest but as we've been reporting other countries veto wielding countries such as china and russia have spoken out against adopting any resolutions against syria russian ambassador to the united nations the tally churkin says he believes that diplomacy should be used for solving political problems not creating conditions for a new armed conflict the russian envoy said passing more and more and more
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resolutions puts the international community in a position where it's picking sides within an internal conflict is a concern of interfering in syria for years merely to an escalation of violence because it may be misinterpreted by the destructive opposition forces who want change of power in damascus such a position will definitely lead to more bloodshed and escalation of violence and it's important that dialogue is needed and we remember that in libya it also started with defending human rights which ended up with war led by the coalition pressure among many other countries believed that it would not help the situation in the middle. it could possibly destabilize syria possibly other countries and in the aftermath of what is taking place in libya a resolution being adopted back in march and some criticizing the fact that european and the u.s. have overstepped the guidelines that were put out in that resolution russia and
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other countries are a little bit more reserved on how to act with syria choosing a more diplomatic approach in the meantime consultations at the united nations will continue again thursday morning as the u.k. and france continue campaigning for support against this draft for this draft resolution against syria. the u.n. a nuclear watchdog has decided to report a syria to the security council claiming a facility destroyed in two thousand and seven was an undeclared nuclear site job laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation says the move is intended to turn up the heat on damascus. i think what we're seeing are the western powers ratcheting up the pressure they're trying to increase their room for maneuver so in the draft resolution you have crimes against humanity you have a threat to international peace and security and in parallel you have cranking up pressure from the international atomic energy authority so i think this is a way of increasing the number of cards that the west believes that it holds as far
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as russia is concerned i think that it's pretty obvious that russia or the russian government greatly regrets not having vetoed the resolution on libya which as we can all see was immediately exploited. to go way beyond the terms laid down in the resolution i mean by that that the western powers immediately started to attack the libyan government launched a war whose goal is regime change whereas obviously regime change is not included in the terms of that resolution so i suspect that the russian government is as they say once bitten twice shy and i'm sure moscow is very reluctant now to get involved in to get trapped if you like for a second time in the same way. earlier nato as she found herself in a sense spoke to my colleague and he said now we are he told r.t. that the alliance will not be sending military forces to syria and he insisted that in libya only military bases are being targeted and that's something some of our
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viewers quite hard to believe. but i would like to stress the nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see a resolution russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes had it goes ahead rather and approves that resolution once again let me stress we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that i share the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria the only way forward is to accommodate the. aspirations of the syrian people let's look at the lack of an entry strategy into libya a u.n. resolution was laid out for
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a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone according to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya and we are not targeting individuals we hit. military. targets. and of course command and control centers can be used to plan and organize against civilians show amount of control centers are legitimate military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. who's from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing the poles in areas in libya civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against
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attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful. identifying legitimate military targets. well you can see that full interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen in about twenty minutes time right here on r.t. . so nato is continuing its parity of the libyan capital with no sign there will be any let up soon russia which is trying to broker a cease fire between the libyan regime and the rebels both sides want a non military way out artie's many of the national reports from tripoli. later continues bombing tripoli we've been hearing heavy strikes overnight as well as during the day this week actually the libyan capital has seen the most intensive farai since the beginning of the operation in march with nato targeting gadhafi his compound and command and control centers in an attempt to whipping the embattled
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colonel and force him out russia actually wants to see it are free to step down moscow's envoy has visited libya and has met position leaders here and has also. put off is closest ally and his cousin in cairo and after that may come together has said that both sides had a mutual understanding that military actions is not an option and this conflict should only be resolved through peaceful means nato allies are in agreement duffy must go but the thing is that the reals about how to do that the alliances secretary general rasmussen and the u.s. defense secretary robert gates are demanding more participation more help from certain members because the reality is that only page out of twenty eight nations members have joined the air raids meanwhile the country which is not in nato sweetness preparing to send its marines to enforce nato weapons in bargo and has
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agreed to extend its presence in this operation in fact the latest murmurs of discontent coming from the radicals they. want to be sure as they say that. is stayed out of the political process in leaving a case in a national issue why would his see that they to has intensified to mattick really its military efforts here in libya wow this can pain this whole operation against gadhafi is getting more and more unpopular among all the sides been involved. artie's maria phenomena there reporting from the libyan capital of tripoli and now after a break of up to we hear america's covert war in yemen is up and running again armed drones and fighter jets have hit a number of suspected militant targets well the increase in strikes comes as the yemeni government and washington's ally is clinging on to power in the face of an uprising for more of this flounders from the u.s. base international action center which opposes american wars abroad thank you very
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much for being with us tonight now given the growing power vacuum in yemen washington says its military campaign helps keep the militants from consolidating power now isn't that a fair reason for this u.s. war. you know this is just another criminal illegal absolutely and it's lawlessness on such a scale hypocrisy the idea of using fighter jets and drone attacks and according to yesterday's new york times this has been going on for weeks. at the very time that the u.s. is using the u.n. security council the international criminal court to bring charges against other countries for terrorism and it is clearly exposed international terrorism itself in yemen and of course in sabotage teams in syria and in bombing of libya not to mention the devastating wars in iraq and afghanistan in yemen it is to protect
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a complete thirty three year dictatorship of salo who's now for. health reasons and saudi arabia an effort to protect his regime potentially bring him back and it's been used against a people's movement anyone that the u.s. fears is a threat to them is now being labeled as al-qaeda and it's open season in terms of attacks and and bombs and drone attacks on any number of different resistance organizations the u.s. says that it's jets recently killed an important al qaeda operative now isn't that something to be happy about there's actually no way of knowing that any of this is true who's targeted and what their political agenda is all of this is only coming from the pentagon declaring that forces are al qaeda and we've seen again and again in afghanistan and pakistan where they claim such things and send down to be
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a whole village are civilians down to be ten fifteen eighteen twenty children and so on and so on this recent claim that they struck at al qaeda leadership and no one knows. ok well we've already seen protests in pakistan in afghanistan after u.s. aerial attacks killed civilians now become pinned in yemen was stopped a year ago because of concerns of poor intelligence leading to missions and civilian deaths so what's changed now that they're back there. well really this also shows the limits of u.s. weapons because despite. years of past attacks in yemen and these attacks in afghanistan and pakistan and so on a people's movement an enormous people's movement and in yemen has ceded the dictatorship there is an effort as i say to bring that back to reinforce again of the people's movement has proven to be
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a more powerful force against the more sophisticated weapons used in an absolutely lawless and criminal way as i say open season strike where they want declare everyone is al qaeda while while attacking villages cities are war all centers and yet none of this has stopped the movement in yemen it has not been able to stop the resistance in afghanistan from going anchor in pakistan let's look at the latest development president saleh left the country after being severely wounded in an attack on his compound how is the u.s. tapping up its campaign to prevent the opposition from burning power in his absence there is a power vacuum there it's absolutely being used as a way of stopping the opposition forces around the country from consolidating themselves and by attacking them in many different cities and when you think also of the years of u.s.
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military support to this regime it's not only the drone attacks on a jet fighter planes but it is decades of support for the government in yemen through the u.s. and through saudi arabia and yet it has not been able to start a people's movement from horizon all right thank you very much that was sara flounders from the u.s. base international action center thank you. you know if you missed any of the stories we're covering on air you can always find it on our web site that's r t dot com and there's plenty of this analysis and eye catching videos there for you and available online right now degree of despair a prestigious diplomas the longer a guarantee of a well paid job for us students but it is a guarantee of debt will find out why it's their chinese counterparts who are banking on american education. also the landing of a passenger plane at a russian airport that could have ended in tragedy after its pilot was blinded with the least ray directed from the ground. war in north africa to
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moscow's ban on european vegetables the range of issues facing russian and european leaders meeting on the banks of the volga river now the traditional russia e.u. summit is being held in the city of new. hundreds of kilometers from moscow argues it got there you know what is there for us. hopefully this radio weather will not be reflected in the mood of the summits but if the ground says there is a chink of lives above the gloomy landscape of the euro crisis and the north agriculture risings president of the european commission jersey i'm annoyed but also recently described relations between moscow and brussels as they couldn't be better and autumn is built largely around russia's new policy is presently very forceful what denies ation some key major agreements reached between moscow and brussels over the past few months like russia's accession to the world trade organization something which both the european union and moscow will benefit from
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in december last year after some seventeen years of being in membership talks with this one hundred fifty nation club russia at the moment is the only major economy which is still outside the group so finally after seventeen years in december brussels gave its formal yes to russia's w t o and tribute and now these two day talks and will formally clear the way for the country to finally join the world trade organization and more still hopes that all formalities will be sorted out before the end of summer those still there are some key differences still dividing brussels and will still likely be now another priority for this summit statistics france will be european security of course and the topic will be debated in connection with the u.s. plans to build new agey anti missile defense system for europe washington argues that it is not a fact russia's strategic potential and russia argues that it will neutralize its forces and they'll be again an imbalance of force forces so with the european
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leaders pretty supporting the dialogue probably new solutions mutually beneficial solutions could be found on that here in asia northward and now the talk. where we expect some breakthrough will be russia's written ban on imports of birch doubles from the european union russia imposed a full band full of war ago on vegetables from b. you. to stop the spread of the deadly equal like strain from coming into the country it was followed by heavy criticism by from the u.s. official saying that it was going against the policies of the world trade organization and that the step was disproportionate. russia is saying that it is ready to partially leave the ban in case that the european union provides it with sufficient information on the source of the infection so these could be settled and could be resolved during the summit in mission over it as well. that was already got there you know gradual reporting on the upcoming russia e.u.
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summit in asia you can of course. now it's good to have used to cure everything from epilepsy to insomnia but some u.s. states have started using a controversial drug to put people on death row is going to turn all sleep well human rights campaigners say the drug inflicts a cruel and painful death on its victims as iver bennett reports its use in executions is becoming more widespread. if you think you were. a few would get we were expelled. from a dog's life to a dog's death prisoners on death row and now being killed with an animal drug and to bob it's also used to put pets to sleep but it's never been tested on human executions this can cause excruciating pain if something goes wrong and because we have no test we cannot guarantee that it will go around the paper at risk of not just being killed it being tortured to death bob it's already been adopted in over
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twenty states is strictly an anesthetic and is normally just one ingredient in a lethal cocktail but in ohio it's killing alone it is not a painkiller we know that we will tell you if you add other with what we call it and then eat it if it together with that then you can be sure that there is no pain . so a good drug is another painkiller except that you tend to bottles produced for a danish company. it's primarily used on humans to treat epilepsy and seizures but it's already been used in nine executions u.s. prisons ran out of the usual sued in five painful after britain and italy banned exports but denmark can't do that because the new weapons are made in america this is long breaks headquarters in copenhagen despite owning a drug and opposing its misuse its process in the united states have been
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unsuccessful because the government there sanctions the death penalty and is reluctant to remove pentobarbital from the market completely because it says it will do more harm than good our problem is that this product has been for the american market for many years so we are in there is it will the limit where we just stop the production records for the market because that will actually. make people who come into life threatening situations that the distance to limit really in these nice indeed limbic cells fifteen million doses of painted bottle every year it claims it can't prevent death row using it as a killer because of a complicated supply chain but human rights groups don't bite people are beginning to realize that the statement there's nothing we can do is a fallacy and a fallacy to industry can do a lot and has a responsibility not to be complicit executions reprieved claims lynbrook has the
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power to control who gets the drug since it does with other products but that comes at a cost and the moment bricks not budging and neither a u.s. prisons are using a federally approved drug designed to treat people to kill instead i've been it r.t. copenhagen. to some other stories from around the world now over one hundred militants have stormed a pakistani checkpoint near the afghan border killing eight soldiers at least twelve insurgents are also believed to have died in the overnight gun battle and it follows two bomb attacks elsewhere in the northwest that killed six civilians including a woman and a child almost four and a half thousand people have lost their lives across pakistan in assaults blamed on the taliban and other extremist groups since two thousand and seven. one more person has died from b e coli outbreak in germany bringing the total number of deaths to twenty seven an estimated three thousand people have been suffering from
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serious symptoms across the world and german authorities say the rate of new cases is declining however it's still unclear what caused the mutant strain the contrie admits though that its response to be called by crisis wasn't good enough blaming a fractured public health structure for poor coordination. japan's fukushima nuclear plant has suffered temporary power outages that two of its reactors and affected their central control rooms and briefly meant radiation data could be collected facilities operators says the lockout did not affect the operation to cool the reactors and they are investigating calls the cops. now a recap of our main stories coming up in a few minutes that's after the business update dmitri. place you know warm welcome to business outing british royal marines are being
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piazza confirmed its arctic alliance with russia's role snap is quote effectively dead at the same time the company says it has no plans to sell its stake in the russian joint venture t n k b three previous partners in the firm have objected to the proposed deal with ross and have become pretty had to focus on oil exploration outside russia however money from easy acts capital says we have not seen the end of the saga yet. i think. fairly desperate to carry out this field to get the deal underway despite protestations from b.p. and they're likely to approach rosen if they get in the very near future and try and strike a deal. he has learnt a lot in last few weeks we would have lost all the goings on with rosneft around here in k. and has basically got to bring. back to the table
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and get involved as well. the markets now and crude continues pretty hefty gains that is posing after opec failed to agree and increasing our ports now this raised fears of supply shortages later this year light sweet is trading about one hundred and two dollars per barrel new records every hour pretty much and breadth is up but more than one hundred and ninety. u.s. markets are trading in the black there rebounding after a long streak of losses on drugs are showing the u.s. trade gap has narrowed their agendas up more than one percent this hour in europe there's also a big positive feeling after e.c.b. chairman john clued into the rate hike may be coming next month this is because he used the code strong vigilance of his speech about inflationary pressures for the and the dax up point eight one point four percent respectable. in russia the markets saw third consecutive positive session with the r.t.s.
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paul posting one half percent my six even more than that one point six if we look at the main movers most interesting are metal miner and l m k it was up almost three percent at the close the company has almost tripled its net profit in the first quarter of the year reaching three hundred ninety two million dollars also carly fertilizer maker is up more than two percent. prompted up by news it's close to acquiring harvard's belorussian rival below this carly and ross hydro was also up but burbank was the outstanding heavyweight three and a half percent bloody good can from the bank sums up the day straight. the russian markets have been quite volatile today and since the beginning of this week i reflecting the nervousness for that we've seen to come from the us in the euro zone however this news flow is partially offset by the strength of brant we're seeing my six outperform in developed markets around two percent on the week against the s.
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and p. which the strong five percent since a week and actually it's the largest consecutive six a loss for the s. and p. since every us has a nine worth noting perhaps that in the entire history of s. and p. of the last twenty one years there have been only fourteen instances of such consecutive losses that shows that a certain technical benchmark has been hit by the market. key issues related to russia's excesses of the world trade organization princess of prime minister putin says there will be a period when russia will be allowed to protect its domestic manufacturers. and what russia's accession to the world trade organization does not imply an automatic and full opening of the domestic market to foreign goods. industries will be protected by higher import tariffs but we will be acting strictly within the rules of the gluteal. russia and the us have pledged to work more closely together
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on key energy issues increasing energy security and then selection of property transparency are high on the agenda and high priority even though nuclear powers under the microscope around the globe the energy ministers agreed is key to development this century. we think that this is an important part of the centuries energy mix. certainly mr kerry colin ross said i'm a mom and we are working very closely and there are many projects we want to work on to help develop safer nuclear reactors so that passively safe so that in case there's a multiple accident has occurred for example going from kashima and you don't have any control of the reactor to your skin still quite safely down to a stop without damage. up next time i'll see the headlines with either stay with us .
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and large adults and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes on charges so special and instructive for many wildlife in antarctica is a place you live and struggle. expedition to the bottom.


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