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interrogation of those who understand fully that you have to live the. real life stories from. nineteen forty five don't talk called. a troll has no intention whatsoever to intervene in this area the alliance is secretary-general attempts to offer assurances in an interview to r.t. even as the u.n. security council debates a resolution against the syrian government. america's secret gandharva have suspected militant targets in yemen is back on track with critics saying it's just a cover to help a u.s. ally cling to power. and the use of an animal drug to execute death row inmates in the u.s. could actually be portraying them to death and also in our business those in russia
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is enjoying a new wave of oil money the market is producing preferred straight session as well reaches one hundred and two dollars per barrel more into until. just after ten pm here in moscow you're watching r t welcome to the program the syrian regime is under pressure on two fronts you want to tomic watchdog has decided to report it to the security council over its alleged nuclear program well the council is already considering a resolution condemning the crackdown and adds the government protesters so far russia has effectively been blocking that proposal spearheaded by france and britain argues many in a port my is across the latest developments. but this point what will happen next is the u.n. security council will take up this issue now we have to remember that syria has
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been accused by the u.s. and its western allies of not complying with inspectors from the international atomic energy agency that wanted to go and visit a structure in its north east region this alleged structure in syria we have to underscore here was destroyed by israel in two thousand and seven and before that syria maintained that it was used for no kind of purposes it was it was maintained under the rules by the proliferation treaty which syria is a part of according to what's been reported the u.s. and its western allies believe that syria is attempting to build construct. a structure in the area that that i and specters want to go to to build possibly nuclear weapons this is what is going to be discussed in the security
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council now if resolution once a resolution is proposed if it is adopted syria could be slapped with sanctions obviously this is a lot of political pressure that is being placed upon syria by the u.s. and its western allies and so at this point we should mention that there was only seventeen states voted yes to push this through from the i.a.e.a. to the security council there were six knows including china and russia eleven its abstentions so we see that there is a divide here by the u.s. and its european allies are are having its way in putting this through to the u.n. consultations are continuing behind closed doors security council members who can introduce a draft resolution that has been co-sponsored by france germany and portugal that calls for an international condemnation of the syrian government. down of anti-government protesters it urges countries not to sell any weapons to
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damascus it also calls for independent investigation into what has taken place in syria over the past three months but these are these consultations are ongoing because there hasn't been a consensus reached despite the aggressive campaigning that has been taking place by britain and france we do know and we have heard in the past officials from russia saying they do not support and they don't think it's in the best intentions to syria with a resolution we did hear from the russian ambassador to the u.n. for saying that he believes that diplomacy should be used for solving political problems not creating new armed conflicts and here's a little bit of what he said to. me concerning interfering in syria through an escalation of violence because it may be misinterpreted by destructive opposition forces who want change of power in damascus such a position will definitely lead to more bloodshed and an exclusion of violence and
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it's important to avoid that dialogue is needed and we remember that in libya it also started with defending human rights which it would do your lead logical issues clearly this is a one two punch that is being implemented by the u.s. and its western allies pressure political pressure is mounting the u.n. and i are clearly being used as tools and avenues to crack down on syria but as we just heard from ambassador churkin not all nations agree that there is this much pressure is going to help the circumstance it might even exacerbate it but of course we'll keep our viewers are dated on any developments as they take place. we've just heard the u.n. atomic watchdog is looking into syria's alleged nuclear activities claiming a facility distorted two thousand and seven was an undeclared nuclear site. from the institute for democracy and cooperation says the move is intended to turn up the heat on damascus. i think what we're seeing are the western powers ratcheting
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up the pressure they're trying to increase their room for maneuver so in the draft resolution you have crimes against humanity you have a threat to international peace and security and in parallel you have this cranking up now of pressure from the international atomic energy authority so i think this is a way of increasing the number of cards that the west believes that it holds as far as russia is concerned i think that it's pretty obvious that russia or the russian government greatly regret not having vetoed the resolution on libya which as we can all see was immediately exploited. to go way beyond the terms laid down in the resolution i mean by that that the western powers immediately started to attack the libyan government think they've launched a war whose goal is regime change whereas obviously the g. twenty is not included in the terms of that resolution so i suspect that the russian government is as they say once bitten twice shy and i'm sure moscow is very reluctant now to get involved in to get trapped if you like for
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a second time in the same way. that earlier nato as chief founders for rasmussen spoke to my colleague and he said no way and he told r.t. that the alliance will not be sending military forces to syria and insisted that in libya all the military bases are being targeted something some of our viewers find hard to believe. but i would like to stress that nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see a resolution russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes had it goes ahead rather and approves that resolution once again let me stress we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that i share the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population
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in syria the only way forward is to accommodate. the ration of the syrian people let's look at the lack of an entry strategy into libya at the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone according to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya and we are not targeting individuals we legitimize military. targets. and of course common control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show amount of controls enters our army commits military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. from
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paris france wants to know why nato is bombing natural poles in areas in libya civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful in identifying legitimate military targets. well you can see that full interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen in about twenty minutes time here on r.t. . so nato is continuing its barrage of the libyan capital with no sign there will be any let up until colonel gadhafi goes well russia which is trying to broker a cease fire between the regime and the rebels both sides want him on a military way out western and arab countries are showing their support for the libyan opposition by more money the rebels say they need three billion dollars over
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the next several months to pay salaries and buy supplies the unfreezing of libyan assets to be given to the opposition is taking longer than expected. now after a break of up to the year america's convert war in yemen is up and running again armed drones and fighter jets have hit a number of suspected militant targets and the increase in strikes comes as the yemeni government which is washington's ally is clinging on to power in the face of an uprising cerf lawyers from the u.s. based international action center says america is not being honest about its motives. this is just another criminal illegal absolutely it's lawlessness on such a scale hypocrisy the idea of using fighter jets and drone attacks and according to yesterday's new york times this has been going on for weeks. at the very time that
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the u.s. is using the un security council the international criminal court to bring charges against other countries for terrorism and it is clearly exposed in international terrorism itself in yemen and of course in sabotage teams in syria and in bombing of libya not to mention the devastating wars in iraq and afghanistan in yemen is to protect a complete thirty three year dictatorship of salo who's now for. health reasons and saudi arabia an effort to protect his regime potentially bring him back and it's been used against of people's movement anyone that the u.s. fears is a threat to them is now being labeled as al qaeda and its open season in terms of attacks and and bombs and drone attacks on any number of different resistance organizations. well many more stories are available for you online twenty four
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seven at our t.v. dot com and here's what you can find there right now a legacy of civil war lives on in the united states well if you went there was the ass play dress up to reenact history millions of americans are still fighting for equal rights one hundred fifty years later. the designers of a dancing bridge in southern russia face criminal charges for stealing over half a million dollars after a massive falls were revealed in the reconstruction the full story is that r t v dot com. now war in north africa to moscow's ban on european vegetables the range of issues facing russian and european leaders meeting on the banks of the volga river the traditional russia e.u. summit is being held in the city of nation of god hundreds of kilometers from moscow. is there for us. on the first informal day of the summit host president dmitry medvedev showed his guests around the ancient city of
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. on the river boulder the to walk down the river bank and there they were looking for a chink of light above the gloomy landscape of the arab world uprisings and the euro crisis well i hope to muse must build largely around present nevada quest for reforms more denies ation and also break through agreements reached between brussels and seems the last russia use summit like progress on russia's accession long awaited accession into w two for seventeen years russia has been in membership talks with these one hundred fifty three nations world trade organization at the moment russia is the only major economies still outside the club though in december last year brussels gave a formal green light to russia's and tributes and now these two day summit in it will clear the way for the country to finally end to the world trade organization
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is expected that all formalities will be sorted out before the end of the summer though there are still differences dividing the two sites like lead and other points of contention between the e.u. and russia are america's plans to build a new and to missile defense systems well europe the european union says that it is not designed against russia but russia wants legal confirmation of that legal guarantees which it has not received so far russia argues that the system will pose a threat that it will definitely neutralize its strategic potential will lead to an unbalance in forces and another apple of discord is russia's recent ban on vegetables from the european union in the wake of the deadly e. coli outbreak which to date killed twenty seven people and hospitalized thousands of others brussels criticized that measure and called it disproportionate russian. accuse russell's of failing to provide sufficient information on the source of this
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infection but progress could be reached during the summit here and usually not greg's eve the e.u. is more transparent and shows more flexibility on the. r.t.c. got it in a grouch over their reporting of the upcoming russia e.u. summit in need of god. though it's a sedative used to cure everything from epilepsy to insomnia but some u.s. states have started using a controversial drug to put people on death row it will turn all sleep human rights campaigners say the drug inflicts a cruel and painful death on its victims bennett reports its use in executions is becoming more widespread. if you. know. if you would get we don't see the word excuse. from a dog's life to a dog's death prisoners on death row and now being killed with an animal drug painted bottles used to put pets to sleep but it's never been tested on human
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executions this can cause excruciating pain if something goes wrong and because we have no test we cannot guarantee that it will go around the people at risk of not just being killed being tortured to death jules already been adopted in over twenty states is strictly an anesthetic and is normally just one ingredient in a lethal cocktail but in ohio it's killing alone it is not a pinky. we know that we will show you if you have some what we call it and then if it to get over that then you can be sure that there is no pain so a good drug is another painkiller so little bottles produced for a danish company back it's primarily used on humans to treat epilepsy and seizures but it's already been used in nine executions u.s. prisons ran out of the usual pseudonym fire penfield after britain and italy banned
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exports but denmark can't do that because the new weapons made in america is long breaks headquarters in copenhagen despite owning the drug and opposing its misuse its protests in the united states have been unsuccessful because the government there sanctions the death penalty and is reluctant to remove pentobarbital from the market completely because it says it will do more harm than good our proper moves that this product has been for the american market for many years so all we are in there is equal to limit where we can just stop the production regrowth of the market because that would actually. the people patients who come in to life threatening situations that this is the limit really in business indeed alone blank cells fifteen million doses of antibiotics all every year it claims it can't prevent death row using it as a killer because of a complicated supply chain but human rights groups don't bite people are beginning
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to realize that the statement there's nothing we can do is a fallacy and a fallacy to industry can do a lot and has a responsibility not to make a case the executions reprieve claims little break has the power to control who gets the drug since it does with other products but that comes at a cost at the moment lumix not budging neither a u.s. presence using a federally approved drug designed to treat people to kill instead i've given it r.t. copenhagen. let's have a look at some other stories from around the world now pakistani authorities are investigating after a video emerged which shows paramilitaries killing an unarmed teenager in a public park but harrowing footage filmed by passers by the city of karachi shows the man for his life before being shot by paramilitary groups as the mob was caught
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trying to rob someone who the victims probably did nice business as an innocent person has been killed. one more person has died from b e coli outbreak in germany bringing the total number of deaths to twenty seven and estimated three thousand people have been suffering from serious symptoms across the world german authorities say the rate of new cases is declining however it's still unclear what caused the mutant strain begun to admits that its response to the call i crisis wasn't good enough waving a fractured public health structure for poor coordination. japan's fukushima nuclear plant to suffer temporary power outages at two of its reactors it affected their central control rooms and refinance radiation data couldn't be collected the facilities operator says the blackout did not affect the operation to cool the reactors and it's best to get what caused the cuts. and that's explore the parts of
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russia few people dare to discover with our close up to. today were high in the caucasus mountains in the republic of north a setia one of russia's smallest regions it literally sits on the slopes of the hills it's a land where meadows meanwhile to reverse and waterfalls and the last cave is breathtaking or more than half of its area is taken up by national parks and reserves and it's well known for its therapeutic fresh water sprays are to some of the other question about is your guide through the week. in this part of the world cooking is not considered a real man's job but it is all vanity and b.s. our wanted to do with a lot of them i dreamt of being involved in the confectionery business for as long as i can remember i always wanted to learn the secrets of a sexy international cuisine i wanted to help people through making good food. and
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none of his family supported him in the village home he shared with his mother and five brothers he left his home and moved to the city and watched his passion grow into a number of food factories. that i call my crew body count in a city and it means abundance and everything wife develops now but we shouldn't forget around sisters and we should follow our traditions that's the most important thing i believe. a certain food is based upon three points towards some of the secrets that have been handed down through the generations before a senate hearings these points much more than just simple fusty food ask peoples they have a round shape of this is why i think if i think universe in the middle is create an asset here's put three pies on the table each one for three elements water and air . living in the mountainous area locals try to use everything the earth gives them
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for the feeling they use potatoes homemade cheese and even beetroot leaves in wealthy families pies were also made with martin it's not just these tasty treats which have stood the test of time but also family ceremonies and weddings are among the most deeply held and as static traditions on answering this bridal salon is like stepping into a cultural time machine where the spirit of the south against through the ages our walgren into these delicate gowns most prized choose their own wedding dress but here they take costa musician to the highest level all girls here learn the intricate skills needed to make almost every inch of detail in his handmade gowns unique and precise following in the traditions of their parents most women in north acetic try to get married wearing national words in costume this one for example is a perfect copy of what prized two hundred years ago and it looks just as good today
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but the detail here is handmade and it takes more than a month to get a dress like this for the big day. skills kraftwerk legs this runs in the blood of the people in north assassin from dressing pride since used for office workers to lavish costumes for the top stages in russia one of the workshops for some petersburg's prestigious marine ski or bryn bali theater is based here in one of the narrow. streets of lead us. this idea belongs to the russian conducted by larry . we studied in st petersburg for two years at the beginning careers but now we do everything independently and we would finish coast into the theater. for our region enclosed by telling mountains north is that his presence is felt way beyond his rural borders traditions that translated broad's and delight the travelers who come here mind you no question about russia close up north or south. our interview with
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the nato secretary general is coming up in just a few minutes but first it's a business update it's a tree after a short break up hungry for the fall sleep we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in indonesia all she's available in hotels coming dolly resort and spa. resort and spa love only come a comparable amount of been turned violent. nicko bali resort and spa sun your beach otoh the western resort use a dual club med bonnie so if you tell some in your cold custom value resort and spa the ritz carlton hotel grounds many articles a hotel four seasons hotel the sultan hotel.
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hello to you in a warm welcome to business british royal major b.p. has confirmed its arctic alliance with russia is quote effectively dead at the same time the company says it has no plans to sell its a in the year russian british joint venture t n k b p p p's partners in the firm have objected to the proposed deal with rosneft the company adds it's going to focus on oil exploration alcide russia how about my knowledge about water media capital says we have not seen the end of the saga yet. i think people fairly desperate to carry out this still try to get a deal on the way despite protestations from b.p. and they're likely to approach rules and if they get in the very near future and try and strike a deal. that has learnt a lot in the last few weeks we would have lost all the goings on with rosneft
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around here in k. and has basically got to bring. back to the table and get involved as well. as most of the markets we start traditionally with crude . saying it's a go it's slightly lower than what we've seen it a couple of hours ago soft over and failed to agree on increasing output and this raises fears of supply shortages later this year light sweet is going to one hundred one and a half dollars per barrel brant is a more than one hundred ninety. us markets are trading in the black or abounding offers long streak of losses on data showing the u.s. trade gap has narrowed in europe there's a positive feeling after the e.c.b. chairman john called trees and said the rate hike may be coming next month because he used the strong vigilance in his speech about inflation pressures footsies up point eight percent because dax one point four russian markets were seeing a straight session of games with the r.t.s.
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m i six putting on more than one half a set let's take a look at some of the stock movers and the m.k. was up three percent at the close the company always troubled its net profit in the first quarter of this year reaching three hundred ninety two million dollars so that's a lot as a producer is over two percent supported by news it's close to acquiring half its power washing rival and just burbank was the top heavy weights three and a half percent there you can count on not creating a bank had this to say about the trade. the russian markets have been quite volatile both today and since a big. and this week i referred to the nervous news for all that we're seeing come to come from the u.s. in the euro zone however this news flow is partially offset by the strength of rent we're seeing myself for me in developed markets around two percent on the week against the s. and p. which will stay on five percent since the beginning of week and actually it's the largest consecutive six year was b.s.e.
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the since february of two thousand and nine worth noting perhaps that in the entire history of s. and p. of the last twenty one years there have been only fourteen instances of such consecutive losses that shows that a certain technical benchmark has been hit by the market. and that was the solution of the business news on the headlines of max with tales of do stay with us.
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the. mind in russia would be so much brighter if you knew about song from funniest impressions some. of. these for instance on t.v. dot com. they faced it this is not a provocation but warmed up. a few inches and you should see just everybody is sure to support you trish because they have no idea about the hardships the you face to. face one is this is it all going to need some pretty are made to life forever you see them is the most precious thing in the world.


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