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tell me touch your group the future a good how would international. evergreen in talk of. nato airstrikes once again rocked the libyan capital grief over civilian deaths and anger over foreign intervention continues to grow on the ground. rounding brigands on the wave of gold rush to europe to overcome final points of contention between north korea free trade future all the details of the russian summit held in not coming up in just a minute. on key issues are being discussed and other taught me to do the things international leaders and shakers together outrage the world's fate decided . to pressure the vision of world news on american airways
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as a voice of russia radio launches to the u.s. space station. and business may reduce its presence in a number of key state companies to block in states. in twenty minutes. this is r.t. broadcasting a twenty four hours a day programme the conflict in libya shows and no signs of letting up as nato mounts pressure on its members to intensify airstrikes and increase what it calls efforts to protect people. government claims more civilian deaths have been caused by coalition aggression. this week when i. spoke to some of those caught up in the
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violence. solomon has been within a hair's breadth of death the doctors have performed any a miracle and the young girl is back home with her family she took her mother's pills to kill herself. if someone wants to kill me i am going to do myself. but who wants to kill the teenager summer's native city tripoli has been under constant bombardment by nato forces for three months day and night always have been falling on the city with a population of around a million no one can ever say when or where the next one would land. this week in the most intensive air raid yet there have been sixteen nato airstrikes in just ten hours attacks against civilians must stop could ask the must go and the libyan people deserve to determine their own future as frequently claimed success and a military operation supposed to protect civilians but the libyan government has
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repeatedly protested the innocent civilians have been among the dead the claims have not been independently verified but one thing is clear since march nineteenth the lives of ordinary libyans has changed forever so much mother will never forget the day when her daughter preferred death to this new life my girl told me before that she saw death as a good thing and i entered her room that day she was lying on the floor there was smoke everywhere could hardly see what happened but i realized immediately he was something terrible this is not fair they told us they want a no fly zone i never said they were going to be honest and promised to protect us but instead they scare us talking about who they are. father is more precise and the world no longer needs nato the second world war ended long ago and we try to live our lives will need storage wars and always intervenes in other countries problems we're tired of war our patience is running out let us just live
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our life made has just prolonged its operation and leave it till september people here face months more terror from the skies well of nato as well i'm supposed to target gadhafi his military arsenal actually landed here in this district it didn't destroy the colonel's compound but it's almost damaged the lives of one family as you can see the building has quickly been repaired now the question is whether the people will ever recover. r t tripoli. but i don't identify a top nato official told c.n.n. that the alliance considers it don't feel it just a target but he's in this annoys incidents and the secretary general of rasmussen said that the organization does not target individuals. actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone according to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in
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libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right now i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen poland's bombs are they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces there's three in a car on a phone or at a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say any means. i would like to stress that we are not targeting individuals we hit a lick believed intimate military. targets. and of course command and control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show amount of control centers are legitimate military targets. well you can watch our exclusive interview with cheney in full on our website that's artie dot com what story can there check expert opinion and analysis of the situation in libya and other violence torn countries. or syria is there any
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itself under increasing pressure on two fronts united nations nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency is due to report the correction to the u.n. security council over suspected nuclear program it comes with the council really considering a british french resolution condemning since assad's syrian protesters russia has opposed them and saying outside involvement is worse than laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation so the u.n. is determined to turn up the heat on damascus. but i think what we're seeing are the western powers ratcheting up the pressure they're trying to increase their room for maneuver so in the draft resolution you have crimes against humanity you have a threat to international peace and security and in parallel you have this cranking up now of pressure from the international atomic energy authority so i think this is a way of increasing the number of cards that the west believes that it holds as far as russia is concerned i think that it's pretty obvious that russia or the russian
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government greatly regrets not having vetoed the resolution on libya which as we can all see was immediately exploited. to go way beyond the terms laid down in the resolution i mean by that that the western powers immediately started to attack the libyan government they believe launched a war whose goal is regime change whereas obviously regime change is not included in the terms of that resolution so i suspect that the russian government is as they say once bitten twice shy and i'm sure moscow is very reluctant now to get involved in to get trapped if you like for a second time in the same way. but israel says that it wants. democracy in syria but critics argue that it's happy to see president bashar assad remain in power and you can join the discussion of uprisings later today in our debate so cross talk. democracy would clearly be best for the region and for the syrian people first and
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foremost and then for israel and other parts of the body is a reference to will it actually happen. really reminded me what i told my doctor and my wife that i'll stop smoking going to do exercise but you know. i think this is clear. and it shows that the what is the key issue of the budget is means that this is the devil you know we go to how we go to bush has given us the ability. to people it's ok if you support terrorism but he falls it later. but you know that's what i think is.
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being top of the menu it's a two day summit but not to do that russia's ban on food imports from europe and in the recent. outbreak has been discussed with trade organization membership a must step contentious missile defense system is also on the agenda. in the courtroom as more from the venue where the talks are being held. the russia summit has answered its second day in the city of new growth it is the day of the main talks roundtable discussions between the european leaders and president dmitry medvedev we expect a big press conference later in the day there is a lot of hope to me as i'm surrounding this summit in the wake of the summit which was then on the way but also described relations with russia as having never been better to me is must build largely around present quest for reforms modernization and also breakthrough agreements reached between brussels and mosco since the last
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russia you summit progress on russia's accession long awaited accession into w two you for seventeen years russia has been in membership of these one hundred fifty three nations world trade organization at the moment russia is the only major economies still outside the club though in december last year brussels gave a formal green light to russia's and tributes and other points of contention between the e.u. and russia are america's plans to build a new anti-missile defense system for europe the european union says that it is not designed against russia but russia wants legal confirmation of that legal guarantees which it has not received so for now another apple of discord is russia's recent ban on vegetables from the european union in the way called the deadly e. coli outbreak which two days killed twenty seven people and hospitalized thousands of others brussels criticize that measure and called
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a disproportion and russia in its turn accuse brussels of failing to provide sufficient information on the source of the symbiote sion but progress could be reached during the summit here in. the e.u. is more transparent and shows more flexibility on the issue. build a good group an invitation to any meeting of the world's most powerful people so complacent. switzerland's just watch the political inside news media industry that's what actually discussed remains top secret plans artie's reports there is outrage at the fate of the world we decided it was this great big hotel that you can see on the hill behind me is the hotel in summer it's in switzerland and it's there for the next couple of days around about one hundred fifty of the world's most powerful people will be meeting behind closed doors to discuss whatever they like it's the building group again of course it's invitation only gathering of the
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world's most influential people attendees in the past including kings and presidents captains of industry and heads of the world's most powerful corporations there's no media coverage of the building at all nothing not even a list of people who have been in attendance there's no publicized agenda no press releases are released by the jury in the course of the event. despite some fairly high level media moguls going to build every single year and that's led to all sorts of speculation about what the build a boat group actually is since the one nine hundred fifty s. when it first started meeting it's been variously accused of planning to cull eighty percent of the population of the mind in the financial crisis also of secretly coming up with the original plan to implement the euro the european currency people traditionally don't like things like that their payments for that you try and for that transparency and sure enough they're all going to be protests here during the course of this building but now we never know what's on the agenda
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of the building group but there are dedicated built about watches and one of them is a microchip taka he says the arab spring will be a main topic of discussion here he says that the builder brokers are looking to create and engineer and masterminds of war in the middle east in order to protect the interests of israel looking to prolong that but they will be worried he says because there is increasing opposition to the war in libya. u.s. congress said that will be worried that another thing that they'll be talking about he says stuff hard according to jim tucker and many other bills about what it is to build a boat who will decide who the future head of the i.m.f. will be so we'll be looking in the coming weeks and months score any source of information about that in the news agenda and i'm sure marshall from the canadian based think tank the center for a search on google told r.t. he believes these meetings undermine the whole concept of democracy the idea that you shouldn't. i know in discussion of. democratic leaders i'm
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supposed to be democratic countries where they be able to industrialism being. and talk in secret without anybody knowing that's not democracy. i'm going to. sources inside the media and they've been proven. so it's a for example after. all and as far as we know it's not a speculation until. there is increased media attention on these events and that's very important and then you have to continue and accelerate. and artie's lower and it will keep you updated on what's going on around the building. choice of people tweets that t.v. reports and testers are heading for the venue. possible.
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voice of russia radio will be i think you perspective to their ways the one sure to make us space stations a service that's been broadcasting internationally for the eighty years from moscow programming for america directly from washington new york that's a stretch it can change it to find out. welcome to voice of russia in washington i'm jessica jordan time now five o'clock in d.c. and one in moscow they launched with the motto the more voices the better the voice of russia team in washington reports on international and u.s. news just like any other news radio station they say what makes them different is their efforts to bring up what's being left out by the us mainstream media when you consider american foreign policy has around the world i would say we are not hearing enough of people from people around the world the need for more voices in the media was up for discussion at this panel in washington titled gateway to
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understanding the great deal of soul searching going on in this country right now can we are we open to voices from outside i think absolutely yes many analysts say there is stigma i guess the russian media something that voice of russia will have to fight through to become a credible source of information for the american audience and you have to work with perceptions which are still existing and i think more it is important that you raise your voice and try to get people to think differently about russia and so far i think this is extremely important to do it for years during the soviet union a voice of america funded by washington there'd been a source of alternative information for millions of russians now in modern russia its mission is being little different to what it was during the cold war the lack of a truly alternative voice of the needy has a serious consequences. for the market ization of the russian society in my opinion and it is here the voice of america comes into play feeling an important voice of
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russia's seems to be seeking to feel a similar information vacuum that many see in the u.s. media with its allies or perspectives and i strongly believe the american audience will only win from the array of perspectives the radio audience in america is growing. and with the demand for more voices and more perspectives and it seems a certainty that in the wake of the voice of russia other foreign stations will be larger than the ones who really benefit from the writing in the media are always the viewers and listeners i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . and shortly we'll take a close look at the current state of american media our broadcast blues documentaries career in around ten minutes time but it is a pretty. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's
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nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when you. stand. in front. of the you could be involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper the radio stations television stations the cable outlet you told me that that sounds what democracy's about public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues margy. well look now at some other international headlines making news this hour. pakistan's prime minister has ordered an inquiry into the death of a young man at the hands of paramilitaries which was captured on video sharing footage filmed by passers by the city of karachi shows the man it is like before being shot. paramilitary groups battles a court trying to warp someone the victim's family denies this system innocent
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person has been killed. the russian so you spacecraft carrying a crew of three international space station after today turning into the president or six during their five months day they'll be visited by the american space shuttle atlantis every last mission of and that's a shuttle before the fleet is retired that. robin r.t. is a journey across russia continues as our close up team travels to the once a well it's not the sexy. yes the administration of russia's southern border has had an unstable existence since the collapse of the soviet union several conflicts or bloody fighting thousands displaced and the legacy of war has forced release of others to think of
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themselves. shacks that look like they're barely holding together actual houses lying in ruins these are the far from welcoming energy just as striking asked unless you approach the village of can believe square one of dozens of residential refugee areas located head these people came here in ninety ninety two after bloody athletic conflict between south the sentience and georgians that lasted two years as such as by origin they were born in georgia but flags of fearing for their lives had been a job be of i was among them her husband became one of the many casualties of the bloody conflict georgian by origin he was helping in certain people and ask her to listeners was killed by his own hotlines along with two small children she received a one off compensation payment from the government but no official recognition as a refugee and the benefits that would come with it. it is very difficult to get
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refugee status that would hope my family through code of law and the only thing that i am asking right now is to give us land so we could build roads as believe in normal conditions. just ten kilometers away lives a different outlook group has also experienced the realities of life as refugees the ethnic conflict between english and this is not an evil that happened almost at the same time over thirty two thousand english people to leave their lands and spread out in the region of the north caucasus. with thanks to special government programs the vast majority are back home four hundred anguished families left hand before the conflict and almost half of them have now returned as a mass family is among those who came back he says that despite the horrors that happen here is still sells it as his native land as a model lost two brothers and the fighting and his family was forced to move from
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place to place for several years but that's in the past and now it's all about looking to the future. this is my land i have so many plans in mind i really want to create as many conditions for the youth to work as possible then they will do something useful and will not have time to think of any stupid things and yes me more firmly happy that we came back here. people here see the same needs to happen for those that feel abandoned income believes so the horrors of recent times are white from the face of the village even if they're still kept in their minds it's been almost three years there's the last call to it but the signs of the struggle remain and it's not only abandoned houses and devastated residential areas but also a significant number of people that still have no place to call home and to discuss the small i'm now joined by detroit to reach an instructor as the a student of
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civilization here and let you go fast thank you very much for joining me so victoria has every family here been touched by the refugee problem because there are a lot of people here in political cause that's a familiar with this problem very well because they have france and israel it is it's hard to see this so here up to the islands called it if we decide to sit here in georgia in two thousand and eight for example what family has relatives a family that stay with this for years before they manage to settle down here job school to the place to live so you can see the problems still exist. right and what is the main challenge god's refugee face at the moment i think the main problem is the bureaucracy all these refugees lost their documents so the they have to streamline for like hours and hours just to get their passports back point by jobs and get work permits so and the second one is psychological i think it's both those
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people still feel old soldiers all right thank you very much down was a big day to kind of reach an instructor announced the institute of civilization here in bicycle past and meanwhile our team continues to bring you the latest picture of life down here in russia's north caucasus and the republic of north to south korea. a secular business news that would create. a welcome toplessness poets in this hour russia considers reducing its presence in a number of key state companies to blocking stakes the state examines the possibilities of privatizing bigger stakes and or major role snafus b.c.b. bank rolls and a host bank and power generating company rules. earlier rustler plan to sell assets in more than one thousand three hundred state companies without losing control the key players. because of mother nature have made a big bread issue dry weather in the u.s.
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and europe are fueling supply concerns pushing grain prices higher investors are putting their hopes in russia lifting its grain ban next not. john from index futures group outlines the general bets for week process at the moment. wheat is like a weed it grows very quickly so even though you go through drought conditions and you know that ukraine is a wonderful example of that what we saw happen in russia back in august and the reason why we saw the prime minister do what he did and that was hold exports oh it was very indicative of wheat as as a as a commodity he grows very quickly now having said that what we eat is not and we have to keep this in mind is not a substitute for fuel whereas corn and sugar and other commodities might be so i don't see the support for wheat prices especially with what seems to be a actual record harvest out in the russian region especially in the black sea area all of that would tell me there are going to be downside pressure to wheat prices
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and that might be the only exception out of the whole bunch. let's take a look at the markets now crude prices a mix this light sweet is trading at a knowledge below one hundred two dollars a barrel and while brand is almost one hundred twenty dollars an hour in asian markets are mixed as well japanese stocks are up supported by positive u.s. trade data and the sonics has a gaining almost two percent honda is around one percent in the black. kong's hang seng is down amid lower than expected chinese trade statistics. here in moscow the trading session or kickoff very soon but the pope the artist in the eyes it's finished over one and a half percent in the black on thursday at the grove was supported by haiku prices after opec countries kept their word unchanged raising fears of supply shortages. and larger if you can from what this investment bank says the volatility of the markets will help investors choosing their investments more carefully here are the
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three key elements she thinks both packages such. number one is whether or not what we're seeing at the moment in terms of a clear slowdown in the u.s. and the global economy to some extent is a structural change or just a blip the second question is probably whether the old has ever seen the commentator who reflect it in the second if water earning is in the corporate sector and the question is with the whether or not this is a structural move that maybe the city and the side needs to take some sort of for policy action which could lead to the pain of the market and perhaps prevent it from going all the way and there just aren't that moment. that's that's all for now but you can always find more stories on our website.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to educate. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. one comes from. the stand and on the new ways and drama. now that we can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the deal the newspaper
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or. your stations television stations the cable outlet you told me that that sounds like a martian public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r.g.p. . more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the plumbers this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and detracted from the wildlife in antarctica is opposing and franzl. expedition to the bottom of the earth mark seems. to. me please leave.


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