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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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it's. easy to. see. are you watching r t the headlines from. nato airstrikes across again the libyan capital following the allowance is a pressure on its members to intensify the bowling. green wallowed prefer over civilian deaths and under overthrown intervention continues to grow for. the annual russia e.u. summit is entering its second day suppose i don't have good vegetables nato's a missile defense system and russia's accession to the world trade organization on several topics the making tools. pressurization of world news over there
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and anyway also russian media which used to be us space station isn't a question to me nor the stars but it will cost a lot of must go north and it's. the weekend that the temperature is up. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program we'll be taking a look at what to do in an emergency here in the russian capital firebrace i'm going services plus a few others thrown in and we saw a ave building off the european medical center. the private
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clinic has two locations the regional building near. the metro and the building located near prospect both are in the city center the e.m.c. here is the forefront of medical care in russia as one of the first private health centers in russia the clinic comes with more than twenty years of fishing history. mc says that it has the country's best operating rooms and intensive care units say to be our twenty four hour diagnostic the common comfortable and patient and outpatient sense of children and adults looks like you're in safe hands with a team. we have very high strung. we have many stops working around the clock. we have to fold. and although the center here is private things are looking up to state when hospitals and clinics to prime minister vladimir putin and on some large scale health care reform the shia.
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allocates billions of rubles in the next few years to prove health care in the country the aim of most school become a major european medical destination for treatment and standards after so many state institutions have a long way to go. the m. c. on the other hand is a different story the european medical center has more than one hundred fifty doctors in both its locations i'm from english french german and spanish they speak a range of languages they also pride themselves in the best service is and standards the latest technologies and western style personal approach. makes up all the police as they are how the official name changed here now some westerners i agree might school heard about the fourth of them here in the russian
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capital but i can honestly say that having lived here for six years i haven't encountered them once well until now for me. so in handbags traffic offenses last close schools incidents like this happen in every corner of the world. it's useful if you want to have a photocopy of your documents and you leave a crime reference number from the place if you have any travel insurance claims back home the control room here is dealing with various issues from traffic problems to accidents to individual crime cases with a signature uniform tells of corruption in the history of strict control in the soviet times i agree it is easy to be scared in schools in russia my suggestion is just stay out of trouble don't know you if you ever encounter a complex global subject of bribes still comes up in twenty eleven i say completely
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say why it's much for me and again i drive. a rather noisy room which holds the key to the organization of the entire workforce over one hundred thousand people work in the police force here in moscow i think that the russian capital is far safer than many other major cities around the world take power from a really well this call center here is staffed by twenty five operators number to call is zero to alice with the girls you can speak english however if any ex-pats overseas need any place assistance while they're here it's also recommended that i contact the individual embassies as well just no responsibilities for officers include gathering information from civilians calling on tea regarding accidents and crimes registered on this information processing it and passing it on to territorial subdivisions who send the nearest police crew to the scene.
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so what other services are not in the cabinet so must use fire and rescue sentences of many kinds of emergencies including building collapses and potential radiation and chemical attacks teams are also trained to up on car airplane and railway accident scenes for the priorities of the rescue is is to rush to make the site soon as possible as many lives we saved the first state is provided immediately. in a city with busy traffic it's not always easy to get around in this case the sadness of a special rescue teams and fully christmas cycles. and the reality of muster is high rise buildings. so for those who need help on the
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upper floors special rescue equipment can be used by despite never suggested stylist which rises to ninety meters. and of course let's not forget about all i can rescue is like these trained dogs here to help find people. who they are center includes twenty two divisions a special feature of the center isn't corp of professionals to ferry tough cookie patients firemen and rescuers. in the summertime many people try to get to the city's beaches and lakes to rest relax and swim father was a canal and becoming a nice but also dangerous. with this in mind moscow's search and rescue service.
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has special teams dealing with pollution accidents in the water competitions among six lifeguards or from guys to shape not only testing the rescue skills but also helping them train until faster in real emergency situations. but one of the most yeah unfortunately is impossible to guarantee a high level of safety and that everywhere in the russian capital there are four hundred thirty eight various water reservoirs including one hundred fifteen small rivers and streams young stretch of the moscow river flowing in the city's territories seventy five kilometers it's difficult to go to all of them some people to swim only in those waters where security can be avoided. and that it should it needs help there are various technical mix in the city center which you can call twenty four hours a day and get an appointment at the clinic or even call
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a doctor at your apartments. this one here is located next to the famous nicholas circus and for. the animals are being treated by the very special vets here for almost a century. of a dog or a cat can't complain that they've got a headache or that they don't feel well so the most important thing is to find out what's wrong with the animal and make the diagnosis correctly for that we make all the laboratory tests needed and also provide such examinations x. rays ultrasounds and others. by millions of people live in moscow probably hundreds of buildings in the fiber date after work cut out in this city like other thriving capitals moscow has its has its fans charms. i've been invited to take a look at the station here one minute it's calm and relaxed the next they can be
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friendly to organized chaos and whatever ton of days is. the temperature outside these guys are always ready for a call out. for getting. in russia the number you need is zero one zero one hundred fifty five stations in the capital this one hundred seventy. guys working on various ships they have six fire trucks. as equipment that can reach up to fifty meters it's not just that the team has to deal with. anything from people stuck in elevators to assisting in traffic accidents training is an important part of anywhere in the world. to keep up their skills. fight flames we have all the responsibilities. of traffic accidents while helping people have themselves inside departments. functions only.
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of the. potential for. the big fish in the machine. to the devastating situation and smog last summer to seize the now is about prevention rather than actual. living a. city such as moscow involves taking all precautions to avoid misadventure. most ex-pats need to use the medical police fire emergency services in russia if you have a calming fools thousands of trained officials have dedicated their lives to helping other people. and it's time to put the phone and call them one thing is clear everyone is at the ready. we have on this week's program on emergency services i'll see you again at the same time next week for
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more adventures around the russian capital income for me and the rest the critter. right now. clear. culture is that so much a given to you each musician of the time to the friends is it all about libya now with understanding the ongoing changes often violent in the near middle east what makes yemen and syria different from what's going on in. more than
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a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes on tarted is so special the destructive for many of the wildlife in antarctica is opposed and the friends of. the. expedition to the bottom of the earth on the margins. wealthy british scientists scientists. that's right. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on our key. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just. san antonio will be in trouble. the problem is you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspapers radio stations television stations a cable outlet or you told me that that sounds like democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. while the kings go mad their people suffer. how
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some take advantage of the power that was given to the. secrets of big dirty money . on r.g.p. . a test strikes and once again what the libyan capital falling of this pressure its members to intensify the bombing campaign meanwhile grief over civilian deaths and anger from intervention continues to grow on the ground. i don't rush into some it's essentially a second day. european festivals of a test missile defense system and russia's accession to the world trade organization several topics dominating talks. under pressure vision of world news on ways of russian radio or she said to us space stations in the new york. cross the world wide for more than ten minutes. for sports news
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that. you're watching live sports update on r.c.m. here is what's coming up in the next town known as the mavericks pull ahead in the finals against the heat overcoming miami in game five in dallas held by twenty nine points from the great scheme. and. take us a free throw into the quarterfinals at queen's club in london the dolls to the beach instapundit. the world's fastest wrong no you same goal to donates the two hundred meters at the latest a diamond league meeting of all slope. and spartak moscow all fine for the bad behavior of their brows in st petersburg last long also being threatened with having to play a whole match behind closed doors who bears any repeat. let's get started with the
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n.b.a. finals where the mavericks so just walk away from securing the title after winning game five on their home courts dirk nowitzki instrumental and once again the german had twenty nine points is the ellsberg used some incredible three point shooting throughout the game we brought james left with seventeen points down rebounds from town assists seven three a playoff triple double and the first ever in miami's playoff history but even that wasn't enough for victory the mavericks could now wrap up their after championship game sunday's game six florida. on to the latest on the section now from queen's club in london where former winners andy murray and andy roddick progress in the court was asked preparations continue to have arguably the biggest event of the time this season will golden rule that met kevin on the sun for only the second time ever but didn't receive any unexpected position from the south africa for the most of the match on this installment some of them but it's a couple breaks in the fifth game of both souths made sure i don't think would
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eventually win it these six sports and sport and so. fine against the amount of adult school. in the meantime married to lie to the home crowd with a will or younger tips are a bitch although the so to put up a decent price scott had the break of several first said which allowed him to close about six. wasn't a bit and i break the middle of the second world number for more info bro back later in the south and forced to try break seven three and respond to the last eight. and joining those two in the quarter finals was rafael nadal who was taken to a full three setter by a veteran roddick's to partick top seed to the first set six three and then opened up a five three lead in the second once the final round is written and won for consecutive games to level the match rafa however regrouped dropping just one game of the decider and closing down with the next the politics of juggle for it sometime next
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. now this weekend noted your period turns to silverstone for only the second time following a twenty five year break with seven time champion bill interested to make his debut on the famous track after missing last year's race with injuries rossi has tested the circuit on a regular street bike and is now looking forward to competitive racing with the first practice session just a few hours away from now and like very difficult the track is so fast and they can clear out a very important understanding the right the right lines also because of the type of car and there was a lot of shit can we also with the high speed and the from tight corner to too long too long and fast that's all it would be out of the back looks to a great truck this summer some lap with the run by first the most read the biker we did with the plate. and the community to stick it to the mirrors. so we
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think we got the g.p.s. there is a lot better. athletics now and you saying ball has won yet another gold sweeping the top honors in his favorite two hundred metres run of the diamond league meeting and also the jamaican posting this season's best style of nineteen point eighty six seconds despite racing for rain on thursday jay so must sign the blue ray was second with vault countryman are you poolside sink stance further back in place. elsewhere morocco's. charles also said the season's best in the women's eight hundred meters where russia's mighty a servant of a well champion cost us and many of us second and very soon all flame to the silver for russia in the men's high jump won by. cyprus while another russian somebody to shore came second in the women's pro bowl. i saw a chaotic h.l. next game has been officially unveiled as the new had coach at training russian
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champions slovakia live they agreement was signed for one year but could be expanded to pending on the club's fool once next season with any result got a top three finish regarded as a failure. to slovakia have a ghost and guided them to move gold medals three years before it's a lot of those were knocked out in the first round playoffs the following year leading to me follow the resignation. over to russian football and spartak moscow have been fined an estimated seventeen thousand dollars for their fans a newly behavior at last month's zinni match in st petersburg the incident happened at the end of a game in which starbucks opponents terminated throughout eventually winning it three nil the angry visiting support from moscow set up while works several times during the match forcing it to be stopped at one stage stardock have also received a suspended punishment should there be any repeat offense eve that happens there otherwise we'll have to play one game behind closed doors. now turkey food
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will officially say they are a new. by chelsea's ongoing it sounds the brain heading to stop a bridge and they're ready to put an end to it hitting currently coaches to his nationals scored at his contract world expire until after next summer's euro championships however chelsea have reportedly tried several times recently to hire him as a replacement for their sacked manager got a launch a latte turkish read a report that the country's football federation is set to file a complaint a fee for if the speculation continues now over the last couple of years insurance for sportsmen and women has become a hot topic here in russia following a number of high profile incidents our correspondent christian amanpour filleted caught up with one of the country's top sports slowest the scene changes are being made to try and protect the koreas and pictures of russia's top athletes. but in a school told his wife was turned upside down in november two thousand and nine she
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suffered horrific injuries for no fault of their own a boat collided with another slid due to the mistaken official the line of her slit to run a red light at one point she feared she might lose her leg but a physical injuries was not universal that she had to overcome. there have been problems with ensuring our sportsmen and women for instance the insurance policy could cause just a few rubles if the kids who are in a sports thought she was insured under a tourist policy which would only pay out if you thousand euros in case of after just a few days of treatment that your insurance funds had already dried out. thirteen is an inch will be all run into hundreds of thousands of euros however it was a happy ending as a media campaign brought a point to the nation and medical costs were eventually paid scuttled this case also had a positive effect for future russian sportsman who were seriously injured in january this year the tally moved core announced in the meeting would let you know
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fourteen but all athletes traveling abroad will now be insured for free hundred thousand euros this may be all well and good for the top sportsman but one of russia's top sports lawyers says children are being put off going into sports while kids are afraid of ending up in the same situation as arena skirts over and are therefore being poor of going into sports sports or was held by the amount of media coverage which helped to raise the money she needed however serious injuries happen often but no one knows about them and there is no system in place to help them one of the most dangerous sports is gymnastics due to the stress that is put on one's body and the dangers of landing russia's brightest star liam was happy or could have had a fledgling career ended just a couple of months ago when she suffered crew should mean going to damage coercions well on her way to recovery however china sang learn wasn't so lucky she broke her neck in one hundred ninety eight while competing at the goodwill games be incident
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left her confined to a wheelchair and she is now filing a one point eight billion dollar lawsuit against the likes of ted turner who founded the games to the likes of a.o.l. time warner who own the games after the chinese linda committee failed to help their own. while in one hand athletes are struggling to win gold medals a great number of efforts just because we don't have a good insurance system having difficulties to find a job and to make a living let alone those who have injuries. rushes to trying to make sure that the situation that affected that salva will never crop up again so again alex here has called. free medical care following for all our fleets what steps are also being made to help sportsmen develop a career once they retire thirty still plenty of it needs to be done but at least it seems the russians are finally moving in the right direction richard bump or three times moscow. that was the spore join again in a few hours stiver was stories and action while coming up after this as the rather
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. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party.
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in talk of. twenty years ago jade its first president. in the midst of colossal change. setting a new direction for a new country. saluting the state on the last day. they faced this is not a production but a war that. fateful sheet and should be scary for you showed us a quick victory streak so they have no idea about the hardships the face to. face one is this is an awful tunis and for any army the life of a usaf is the most precious thing in the world.


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