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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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you're watching r t and the breaking news this hour an icon of russian nationalists has been shot dead in moscow a former colonel of the russian army was convicted in two thousand and three for kidnapping and murder of an eighteen year old church and we'll get more chew on that as we get. a nato air strikes once again the libyan capital around the advances of pressure on its members to intensify the growing campaign meanwhile the grief over civilian deaths and under a foreign intervention continues to grow on the ground. the latest russian east
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summit is underway now scales down european vegetables at times in its own consistent and russia's accession to the world trade organization among several topics dominates the talks. plus a fresh vision of world news on american airways as voice of russia radio launches to us way stations in washington and new york so it's in constant worldwide from us and for more than eight members. of the. hour we can check moscow out is up next.
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hello and welcome to the show on this week's program we'll be taking a look at what to do in an emergency here in the russian capital firebrace i'm going services plus a few others thrown in and we start off here i have a new building of the european medical center. project clinic has two locations the regional building the apache pond six to make a star metro and a new building located near prospect mira both are in the city center the e.m.c. here is the forefront of medical care in russia as one of the first private health centers in russia clearly comes with more than twenty years of tradition and history. gansey says that it has the country's best operating rooms and intensive care units saving the r twenty four diagnostic deployment and comfortable in patients and outpatient center children and adults looks like you're in safe hands with a team. we have very high so the services. we have many
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stops working around the clock. we have the financial support. and all the sense of here is private things are looking up to statement hospitals and clinics to prime minister vladimir putin and on some large scale health care reform the shia the pledge to allocate billions of rubles in the next few years from proof health care in the country the aim of most school become a major european medical destination a model for treatment and standards that so many state institutions a long way to go. the m. c. on the other hand is a different story the european medical center has more than one hundred fifty doctors in both its locations and from english french german and spanish they speak a range of languages they also pride themselves in the best service is and standards the latest technologies and western style personal approach.
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makes up the let's go over fleece as they are now called the official name changed here now some western is i agree might school have a thought to them here in the russian capital but i can honestly say that having lived here for six years i haven't encountered them once. until now all right. so in handbags traffic offenses last post because incidents like this happen in every corner of the worlds. it's useful to everyone to have a photocopy of your documents related crime reference number from the place you have any travel insurance claims try to control him he is dealing with various cues from traffic problems due to accidents to individual crime cases with the signature
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uniforms tells of corruption in the history of strict control in the soviet times i agree it is easy to be scared the police force in russia my suggestion is just stay out of trouble don't argue if you ever encounter a complex global subject of drive still comes up in twenty eleven i say completely say all right it's right for me then again i drive. along the receiver which holds the key to the organization of the entire workforce over one hundred thousand people work in the police force in moscow i think that the russian capital is for certain and many other major cities around the world take her from a really well this call center here is staffed by twenty five operators number to call is zero to alice with the girls you can speak english however if any ex-pats office is any consistence while they are here it's also recommended that i contact that individual embassies as well just no responsibilities of all officers include
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gathering information from civilians calling on regarding accidents and crimes registered on this information processing it and passing it on to territorial subdivisions who send the nearest police crew to this scene. so what other services are not in the capital markets fire and rescue sentences of many kinds of emergencies including building collapses and potential radiation and chemical attacks teams are also trained to work on cars airplane and railway accident scenes for the priorities of the rescue is his to rise to manage the site as soon as possible as many lives can be saved the first state is provided immediately. in a city with busy traffic it's not always easy to get around in this case the status
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of a special rescue teams and fully christmas cycles. and is a reality buster is its high rise buildings. so for those who need help on the floor was special rescue equipment used by despite never suggested stylist which rises up to ninety meters. and of course let's not forget about for like a rescue is like these trained dogs here that help find and save people. today are center includes twenty two divisions a special feature the center is in some corp of professionals of two very tough
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cookie patients firemen and race heroes. in the summertime many people trying to get to the cities beaches and lakes to rest relax and swim by the rules a cannot and becoming a nice but also dangerous. with this in mind must go search and rescue service. a special teams dealing with pollution accidents on the water competitions among six lifeguards are familiarized not only testing the rescue skills and also helping them train until faster in real emergency situations. but one of the most yeah unfortunately is impossible to guarantee a high level of safety and everywhere in the russian capital four hundred thirty eight various schools are as it was including one hundred fifteen school rivers and streams the stretch of a mostly river alone in the city's territories seventy five kilometers it's difficult to go to all of them so we asked people to smoothly in those waters where
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security can be avoided. and that it should it needs help there are various battery clinics in the city center but you can call twenty four hours a day and get an appointment at the clinic or even college oxic your apartment. this one here is located next to the famous nicholas old circus and for. the animals being treated by the very special vets here for almost a century. of a perfume or a jogger a cat can't complain that they got a headache or that they don't feel well so the most important thing is to find out what's wrong with the animal and make the diagnosis correctly for that's we make all the laboratory tests needed and also provide such examinations as x. rays ultrasound. millions of people live in moscow three hundred twenty buildings on the fiber date of the work
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cut out in this city like other thriving capitals moscow has its has its hands shops. i've been invited to take a look at the station here one minute it's calm and relaxed the next they can be trusted to organized chaos and whatever time of day it is. whatever the temperature outside these guys are always ready for a call out. forget nine nine nine zero nine one one in russia the number you need here is zero one zero one hundred fifty five stations in the capital this will open in one hundred seventy eight that has roughly seventy guys working here on various shifts they have six fire trucks all constantly on call each vehicle has equipment that can reach the fifty meters it's not just plan that the team still with as a cloud service incidents can include anything from people stuck in elevators to assisting in traffic accidents training is an important part of the fire service
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anywhere in the world the team here often forms very strong secure their skills. and purposes lymon not only fired flames we have all the responsibility such as rectification of the consequences of traffic accidents or helping people who have locked themselves inside apartments so regarding all functions we are not only saw a fight as we are rescue as of the. ruling potential is also a big topic this year in the us she travels all to the devastating situation and smog last summer it seems the only. course is going to break into that now and across life to russia's city of nizhny novgorod where the russian president and european leaders are speaking at a joint news conference on talks of the latest russia the e.u. summit. we have concluded. what's in the twenty seventh russia
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a summit. and if speech such main change will always be significant makes as much in reach important agreements because of ordinary human interaction and causal coordination take place but the matters are quite of substance that you may. i say that our consultations last two days yesterday we had an informal dinner and today in the morning we had the formal discussions of this summit at the talks and had quite substantive and fruitful talks that strategic nature of our partnership. between the russian side and the rippin side a loose member state so the european union is conspicuous in the context of the economic ties of all was i'd like to state. that they will turn over of last year's turned to be one of the highest in the country story surpassing three
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hundred billion dollars which means our countries. of whom. are recovering from listener change now it's a thousand and eight and nine from the global downturn they cood that's the beauty of believe the us was to develop the idea we had last c.m. referring to the partnership for modernization initiative that was really yoko to do not as the coordinators have reported there is a number of specific proposals projects in high tech fields including. when you know the technology clusters developed in our country including skolkovo as well we are interested in having more intrapreneur as for dissipating in these projects and i hope will have some competitive. disarm it's. just. a mild it's really that each video for road maps views on trade train our
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common space has a lot of work on the hands of work on this new basic agreement between russia and the e.u. was carried out as a un important topic has been the piece of free. movement it's regime be nationals through that present sorry english. he's over liberating a set of measures. to be taken by the fool both parties the established conditions necessary for the evolution of visas i'm i say frank would have made advances should be the head of us or had to have huge shot but he has been work with some of . the quietly topical but usually unfolds from politically is still russia's accession of w. to those things could have been finalized. is being for a christian nation with a long tradition that will have set positions identified him and we hope our
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european colleagues will understand us we have a thought interests will be considered cheering settlements all of a number of energy issues including the implementation of the energy package. exchanged opinions on the international agenda. for continued discussion. in the universe started going to be a. summit with the people we will. work to at work calmly and the few economic differences problems will be getting ready for the new g twenty summit for arms and have compared notes as regards them of the main regional conflicts were. talked so in the south africa middle east and the iranian nuclear program and the president stressed. as well as our conflicts in europe. it's noteworthy that.
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national park with our approaches. coinstar it close something that most of the asian terms we agreed to provide an additional importance to the middle east quartet meetings and we are support. with we knew that if you holding a ministerial meeting of the quartet as soon as possible i'd like to thank course again my colleagues for a constructive manner of tolkien for every issues that we have discussed in a trustworthy. environment for friendship last night and today and let me pass the words to them. thank you ladies and gentlemen mr president thank you for your bringing. together in this historic you'll see theo finish need not go to out in russia and i'm glad that we had the possibility of bopha experiencing
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a magic sunset over the whole go last evening and to have a substantial and successful summit today he says being our to the summit same the entry into force of the lisbon treaty he you russia relationship he's enjoying its best dynamic for us and we can build on the track record of setting can trust and constructive dialogue not objective to a day was to follow up on commitments made last december in brussels and also to advance a number of issues of common interests. resentments yet if i gave a comprehensive overview of our discussion so allow me to touch upon only a few points first modernization this is an issue which is fully supported by the e.u. president barroso with in detail on the partnership of modernization well that is asian is a broad and diverse agenda promoting people can people contacts and mobility are
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central features in its social aspects for instance by. free travel we are therefore pleased with the progress of negotiations on an agreement on a common steps approach for liberalization russia w.q. accession is an older building block of modernisation and of great strategic importance even for the i welcome for the met yet of course in the commitment he making this happen and i can confirm the e.u. political will to reach agreement on the outstanding issues of respect for human rights is a deeply ingrained point of reference you know countries public opinions russia's record of implementing universal principle. human rights is an important element shaping its european public education and pride to personal engagement as an initiative of the president there are still strong concerns in all member states and among european public about the situation of human rights the upcoming
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elections in russia in december in march next year are going to be an issue of high interest in europe respect for the international obligations and political pros will be key in this respect i expressed my hope to russia would cooperate with the office of democratic institutions and human rights and early on extend to them and you to monitor these elections second the new global economy we change views on the economic situation in both russia and the e.u. and regarding a you our economy is clearly on the part of recovery however market tensions remain high and reflecting concerns about the situation in a number of countries three countries greece portugal and ireland that have been having market pressures are now under program jointly supported by the e.u. and international monetary fund at the same time it is important to put things into
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perspective a combined share of greece ireland and portugal east me at six percent of euro area g d p. so foreign policy and security out cooperation on crisis management is a part of the future in our bilateral relationship but we both know that we still have a lot of unused potential we agree to generate new momentum by moving forward more decisively we are aiming for a framework agreement on crisis management by the next summit and that means before the end of this year we had a good discussion on the strategic transformation taking place in europe's sudden neighborhood i expressed my appreciation for the constructive role russia and personally president mitigated played in handling these rather complex affair we have shared interests it is in our common interest that the countries in the region
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move in the direction of more democracy and rule of law social justice and fair economic opportunities on the middle east peace process we come from. our shared view on the importance of the earliest resumption of talks between israelis and palestinians and we also called for a ministerial meeting of the quartet to be held as soon as possible. no libya we are also aligned qaddafi must go we need to process the money democratic transition and inclusive consultation process on a new constitution and elections the libyan people should decide on their leadership and the software and the and territorial integrity of libya must be respected finally on the regional issues on the european continent i think we have an opportunity to achieve significant progress to walk to solving the open issues in moldova times mystery let me also recall the e.u.'s position of continued
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support for the security the stability discover in the end the territorial integrity of georgia and a full implementation of the six point agreement of august two thousand and eight as well as implementing russia's we have a shared concern over the risks were related to the un resolve conflict. and we are equally interested in reducing the escalating tensions in that region i expressed my appreciation to the president's efforts to move forward towards a solution thank you for the e.u. commitment again mr president thank you for your has to tell a t and for your constructive approach and strengthening district teaching partnership between the e.u. and russia thank you for your openness to find a solution for the bat for the ban on vegetables coming from the e.u. and i'm looking forwards seeing you in brussels for the next e.u. russia summit before the end of these year no hold out there but probably
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a small boat smaller a hole in a small country thank you. thank you very much president medvedev ladies and gentlemen let me start also with the words of gratitude for the warm welcome we have received in these these stark beautiful city of nice neat and of groet. aleksandr pushkin such a great famous poet. whose life is closely associated with this city said once inspiration is needed in politics just as much as in poetry and i think we got a good inspiration from the very positive atmosphere of this summit in fact it was the substantive and successful russia european union summit which was
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instrumental in bringing our strategic partnership forward. let me just highlight a few points first our partnership over the eyes asia is now delivering in practice our good night as they have reported on the progress made joint projects and activities are going away in their way and boosting of modernization agenda. such as our european union action supporting a russia white judicial appeal system the partnership is those making a major move will be beneficial contribution as do the sixteen bilateral modernization partnerships which our member states at concluded with russia and this is backed up by concrete european funding. and da de da b. just today agreed the memorandum of understanding we did the russian development
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bank to support property for modernization projects for a total of almost two billion euros. clearly this modernization must be broad base to be successful transformation we all agree is not just about technology the creative forces of society as a whole must be engage rule of law the protection of citizens' rights a level playing field for businesses are indispensable this is a shared commitment most at international level in in our partnership we welcome the creation in march two thousand and eleven of an independent ukraine union russia civil society forum and we have asked the russian party to support it it's important that they fulfill their all engaging the societies in this modernization efforts. we believe that strengthens the rule of law is not business as usual it is very important too for bringing russia's and europe's people closer
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together and also for deeper economic times and visa liberalization to be role come to progress made on during our agreement of last year you pinion rusher have been negotiating the common steps towards a visa free regime since april and may sat made some progress we. we are also pleased by the allowance of a migration dialogue in may which will contribute. to finding solutions for shared migration issues we also took stock of progress in negotiations on russia's your work session which is for the key to successful modernization we believe that russia extension is still possible this year but for this to be possible rusher and european union willing gauge insisting discussions over the coming weeks we do view to reach an agreement at political level before the summer all of this
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including on issues like the meat dairy freight coopers sanitary and peterson thirty measures an investment regime for the automotive industry. we also spoke about our energy matters where in fact there has been progress in the energy dialogue i stress that a reliable and rules based energy for more green means a key priority. is predictability and sustainability which are common interests. in the light of recent developments and following the discussions we also where the g eight in the view on nuclear safety i can tell you that we are happy that russia and european union agreed to work with i eighty eight to revise the international convention on nuclear safety and stringent safety standards as you know the european union just started to work on stress testing of its nuclear
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plants and we discussed ways how russia can also commit to this process. regarding this issue of the vegetables we are happy that. we have agreed that the ban of vegetables from ukrainian will be lifted that the system of certification of the vegetable safety by european commission will be put in place without any delay and details of the certificated will be finalized as soon as possible between the russian federation services and your korean commission or service. so i could go on in many other areas because it's indeed a very broad agenda of the gender we have between russia and europe but my point is clear we are delivering on that agenda our discussions and acts of atmosphere in which we took place show that our partnership is very fruit like trust and friends we speak frankly and constructively including topics on there may be some
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differences because our interdependence is really a reality so once again let me very sincerely think president medvedev and ocoee for the kind of people if you but also for the spirit of the talks we had that were indeed important for the progress in our very good relationship. also a lobbyist would have. your colleagues ready to take questions to questions from the russian media which is from the years in media t.v. channel russia press question can you gave a shit in the channel that you've been yesterday you had an informal in a working lunch. did you eat any magic both what vegetables did you eat and. did you were you scared.


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