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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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in the midst of colossal change. setting a new direction for a new country. saluting the state of the russian. plane it revenge or an attempt at provoking ethnic tensions the russian and nationalist icon is gunned down in the center of moscow a man with a former army colonel and had served time for kidnapping and killing a chechen girl. a nato official says it's perfectly justified to target the libyan leader while france and britain continue their campaign against the president of syria party looks at the fate of civilians on the ground caught up in the west's so-called democratic which. russia will resume imports of e.b.u. vegetables as soon as they're guaranteed to be infection free that as well as nato
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is missile defense plans and of moscow's move for the w t o membership was all on the table during the latest high level. and oil giant draws near announces ambitious growth plans boosters dividends and looks for while some of the partners to replace b.p. have more on that in twenty minutes time and our business. worldwide news live from moscow this is artsy research i welcome to the program a disgraced former russian military officer and nationalist movement icon has been shot dead here in moscow. on earth had spent eight years in prison for kidnapping and killing a chechen teenage girl authorities have boosted security in the capital to head off possible nationalist marches police say the murder may have been an attempt to ignite ethnic tensions are all about is across the latest. you're a put down of
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a hugely controversial figure here in russia hyping a highly decorated military officer the commander of a tank regiment during the second chechen war he was stripped of all of those those owners following his two thousand and three conviction for the abduction and killing of an eighteen year old chechen woman now he remains in prison and till late two thousand and nine when he was released on parole around twelve o'clock today here in central moscow as busy busy streets in the center of the russian capital he was gunned down just behind me this through an art trade there in the courtyard of the apartment block police are saying he was shot four times in the head the investigation of course now in its early stages but they've already said that they have found a car believed to be used by the by the killers they've called they found they a gun with a silencer fitted to it like that's vehicle was partially burned out now they are
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saying that the driver of that car was of slavic ethnicity and they will be giving us more information on that as soon as they get it no doubt of his lawyer has said this is no way in his opinion this was a revenge killing for the all the crime he committed in chechnya he believes that this is as do investigators that this is a crime to speak committed to incite hatred in the country which we're taking into account donald's personality and his history and investigations not ruling out that his murder may have been approved occasion there is also no evidence that one or another ethnic group was behind the killing well put down of was viewed in some circles in russia in some nationalist groups in far right groups as a hero an iconic figure for what he did during the chechen war you know we have to wait and see if there will be any response from those organizations or to be any protests but yes it does appear that this has what we're hearing from investigators
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and from the titles. this had been done to provoke a reaction from those groups and to incite ethnic tensions in the country. meantime alexy a professor of islamic studies believes that a murder could expose deep rift between the various ethnic groups. doesn't use my will without even knowing who killed him and how exactly it happened it's obvious that there will be both positive and negative reactions to this tragic event i think in the course is they will welcome his death he's very much disliked there but in russia some will see his death is vigilantism at the hands of north pole kasia and i think that this will cause a certain amount of tension this doesn't mean we'll see more scattering in the streets although in some places that can't be excluded but this is a tragic event which highlights the abnormal into ethnic relations in science russian authorities must be prepared to intervene in a sensible way because if we see a significant escalation he'll be part of
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a system intent to destroy the russian that multiculturalism and its diversity which would be incredibly destructive force. you all with r.t. and still to come for you in the program here top level and top secret some of the world's most influential figures sit together at a meeting of the secretive build of the group giving people plenty of speculate on just what are they talking about his senior. nato is deliberately targeting the libyan leader khaled gadhafi that's according to media reports quoting the alliance is a senior military official says the u.n. resolution justifies the action because as head of the military could have he is an essential part of the command structure as comes as fresh air strikes the center plumes of smoke over the libyan leader's compound and nearby military barracks for the libyan army has fought back according to shooting down a nato helicopter about one hundred sixty kilometers southwest of tripoli meanwhile the country's rebels will get at least one billion dollars in assistance money
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promised i don't know as including the u.s. britain france as well as some of the arab states but as r.t. is marie ivanovna reports of the only thing some libyans have received are injuries inflicted by nato. that someone has been who they know has breadth of their doctors have performed any a miracle and the young girl is back home with her family she took her mother's pills to kill herself. if someone wants to kill me and bill to do it myself. but who wants to kill the teenager. summer's native city tripoli has been under constant bombardment by nato forces for three months day and night poms have been falling on the city with a population of around a million no one can ever say when or where the next one would land. this week in the most intensive where radio there have been sixty eight airstrikes in just ten
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hours attacks against civilians must start daffy must go and the libyan people deserve to determine their own future nato has frequently claim success and the military operation is supposed to protect civilians but the libyan government has repeatedly protested that innocent civilians have been among the dad the claims have not been independently verified with one thing is clear since march nineteenth the life would normally be and has changed forever son was mother will never forget the day when her daughter preferred death to this new life my girl told me before that she thought death is a good thing and i entered her room that day she was lying on the floor there was smoke everywhere could hardly see what happened but i realized immediately was something terrible this is not fair they told us they want a no fly zone they never sat they were going to go almost he promised to protect us but instead they scariest talking about who they are have a back your son was father is more precise and it was the world no longer needs
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nato the second world war ended long ago and we try to live our lives will need storage wars and always into the other country's problems we're tired of war our patience is running out let us just live our life has just prolonged its operation and leave it in september that means people here face months more terror from the skies we had of nature's supposed to targets gadhafi his military arsenal actually landed here in this district it didn't destroy the colonel's compound but it's almost damaged the lives of one family as you can see the building has quickly been repaired now the question is whether the people will ever recover. tripoli. more updates on the violence in the middle east on our web site that's r.t. dot com where you can also watch our exclusive interview with the nato secretary general of course anders fogh rasmussen and have your say as we're asking how the
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deadlock in libya should be resolved that starts right now and so far the vast majority about two thirds think that nato should admit its failure and withdraw significantly less of you fourteen percent say things should continue the way they are until they profited mentally ns others suggest the u.n. should send in peacekeepers and split libya into the minority a minority that eleven percent supported a ground troop operation have your say and article. that russia is ready to resume imports of european vegetables if the e.u. guarantees supplies are not infected by the deadly e. coli virus a move from one of the outcomes of the two day russia e.u. summit that you considering going to about has more from russia. right where the talks are being helped. vegetables were literally on the table at the press conference the european leaders and host russian president dmitry medvedev were asked whether they had vegetables for lunch the answer was yes they had they
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enjoyed them and moreover a certain breakthrough was reached on the issue of a russian ban on fruit and vegetables imported from the european union recently russia imposed their fall in bargo in the wake of the deadly ebola eyestrain break an order to prevent infection from coming into the country this measure of what's called a disproportionately european union officials and they said that it was going against the policies of the world trade organization to wash it in its turn criticize brussels both ways to provide sufficient information on the sorest and containment of the infractions and today president medvedev said that the country could leave to disband and leave the european union provides certain legal guarantees about the source of the infraction and is more transparent on the computer of course we are ready to live on european vegetables after we are provided with sufficient guarantees by the e.u. . the russian and the european health officials are following along as an institute
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for the safety of the cyclone projects this is a great result. of the hottest show on the international agenda where the two sides so i. russia strongly condemns nato's military intervention in libya and again calls for a peaceful resolution of the call flags and the war which has already resulted in thousands of casualties as also seriously cheney challenge to the e.u.'s foreign policy is to talk more on those challenges today in an exclusive interview with r t we're joined by high representative of foreign affairs and security policy in the european union catherine ashton and of course the first question i asked europe was only. one of the big challenges and questions is how to make sure the people of libya way in which they go. on the assuredness of that departure is a fundamental part of moving forward in france that has been a lot of help to me as i'm surrounding these twenty seventh e.u.
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summit and these all to music is built largely around president mubarak's quest for radical reforms in russia the organization it only resulted in breakthrough agreements between brussels and moscow over the past months like along the way to russia's accession into the world trade organization for seventeen years that is way longer than any other building country russia has been in membership talks with w t o and now finally we expect that by the end of the year russia will join the club today presently very rich to use european colleagues to sort out all the formalities within the next month and just speed up the process of russia's joining the group. reporting that you are with r.t. live from moscow and invite only thing of the world's political and financial magnates the group is currently underway in switzerland. one being shrouded in secrecy something that's given rise to a strong protest to use that laura might not report on just what might be the main
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agenda going on behind closed doors. the exclusive ski resort of sam ritz in june is perfect build territory out of season and crucially practically deserted there are two hives of activity in town though one's the luxury hotel subrata where around one hundred thirty of the world's most influential politicians businessmen and sovereigns are meeting behind closed doors and the other in a much cheaper hotel where concerned activists are determined to break that wall of secrecy down they'd set up what they believe is the world's first alternative media center they've worked for mainstream outlets too but they're not here just not enough. western media not enough from the u.k. it's it's quite appalling news agency is just really saddam's of this year's attendees and on the list is the chancellor of the exchequer george osborne i would
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have thought that makes it news other build a burger regulars include david rockefeller the editor in chief of the economist magazine the greek finance minister and the president of the world bank they're all rumored to be here this year unlike another regular former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn on bail in new york for alleged sex attack there has been interest from the swiss national press this year bill de burgh which is widely believed to support big government and economic consolidation runs entirely contrary to the swiss idea of independence local government and neutrality blogger manfred petritsch has run a successful campaign to batter effect playing on the reported ten million euro taxpayer bill for securing the spanish build about except that a private meeting because that's what they call themselves the private. security
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has to be a. tax payer and i think a lot of people understand that specially when the government. we don't have money for this. and here we go and it costs a lot of money to secure this private meeting of these people the agenda is secret along with everything else but the little buggers are believed to be deciding on who should replace their friend t.s.k. at the top of the i.m.f. that was concentrating on how to save the euro which was leaked agenda show brainchild we. don't want to go but these are all the things that actually created using is a construct of the. euro is a construct of the building because this building is different from last year's spanish one security is not slow a key first starts and there's no kilometer wide cordon around the hotel where secrecy still dominates with protesters saying even the swiss government doesn't
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know who is attending every year though there are more and more activists and increasing media attention there saying if you told us what was going on we wouldn't have to speculate it. all right now let's get to some other news for you in brief this hour in yemen thousands of them out on streets across the country it's so we can ask the president left to saudi arabia ali abdullah saleh was forced to seek treatment for injuries received when his compound was attacked demonstrators are demanding a new transitional government to be formed once the president steps down hundreds of people have been killed in protests against this since the beginning of the year . croatia is set to get the green light to join the e.u. union's justice commissioner has just said if you're reading added that the membership is likely to start in two thousand and thirteen croatia would be the second post yugoslav country to join the twenty seven so you know after slovenia it started membership talks about six years ago. from the protesters have clashed with
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israeli forces in the west bank came during a weekly protest about a spring which palestinians claim they have not been able to access since jewish settlers moved to the area protesters threw rocks at the soldiers who responded with tear gas there were other clashes in another village during a monthly protest against the settlements. in our time for our russian close up series where this time the team travels to north korea. situated in russia's north caucasus the small public is being played by decades of violence and conflict today tens of thousands of refugees remain stranded are able to return to their ancestral home for fear of. what is obviously going to couple of other people's heartfelt desire for peace is beginning to bring stability. shacks
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that look like they're barely holding together actual hauser's lying in the ruins and these are the far from welcoming amateurs that strike you as soon as you approach the village of can be one of dozens of residential refugee areas located hair thirty four thousand or less have lived here for over twenty years in this terrible conditions and new generation has been born but for them nothing has changed they say they've already lost hope these people came here in ninety ninety two after bloody ask me conflict between south the surgeons and georgians that lasted two years as such as de origin they were born in georgia but flags of fearing for their lives hydrogen b. of i was among them her husband became one of the many casualties of the bloody conflicts georgian by origin he was helping certain people and ask her. was killed
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by his own kind along with two small children she received a one off compensation payment from the government with no official recognition as a refugee and the benefits that would come with it. it is very difficult to get refugee status that we talk with only through. the only thing that you know is to give us land so we could build moses and leave a normal conditions. the just ten kilometers away lives a different out in a group that's also experienced the reality is of life us refugees the ethnic conflicts between english and this is not easy and people that happen almost at the same time over thirty two thousand english baby. to leave their lands and spread out in the region of the north caucasus but thanks to special government programs the vast majority are back home four hundred anguish tremulously of terror before the conflict and almost half of them have now returned as soon as family is among
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those who came back he says that despite the horrors that happened here he still feels it is his native land as a model lost two brothers and the fighting and his family was forced to move from place to place for several years but that's in the past and now it's all about looking to the future. this is my land i have so many plans in mind i really want to create as many conditions for the youth to work as possible and they will do so only use and will not have time to think of any stupid things oh yes i mean more firmly we are all happy that we came back here. people here see the same needs to happen for those that feel abandoned and believe scared so the horrors of recent times are white from the face of the village even if they're still kept in their minds by the question or russia calls up their republic of the north. it's now a nine twenty on
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a friday night here in moscow you without seeing you details have emerged in a case of a russian girl who was allegedly raped by her american adoptive father it came after the russian on boards and children's rights was requested to travel to the us police arrested the adoptive father in two thousand and ten and he admitted to having consensual sex with the girl more provided russian documents which stated she was sixteen years old and therefore not under age however after watching authorities look into the case it turned out the girl's age had been falsified. by a u.s. families from adopting russian children following several high profile scandals russia as a child's rights. says that he's trying to establish where the forty documents in this case. it's available. to different dates of birth resided in the case documents currently being looked at by a court in the state of georgia if it had not been for this legal confusion and the fact that some of sinews documents were missing we may never have heard about the
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incident the investigation took of an entire year and there's now an impasse we're trying to find out where the forged documents came from we're also looking into first adoption in two thousand and one i think it was in line with the regulations since exchanges first foster mother martha blount was already had four children at the time we find out strange and we are looking into it a russian consulate worker is on his way to meet with senior. right now it's time for the business news with dmitri. in a warm welcome to business r.t. russia's largest oil producer ross snapped its all in its first big meeting after the death of the long awaited architect it's now to decide what's coming next. is that the company's a.g.m. and southern russia. it may be warm and sunny for the a.g.m. here in the southern city of crossing our but stalker's during recent months has
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been in the icy north of the arctic it's failed plans for toy with b.p. and the share swap deal cast a shadow over the company and if the deal is dead at all sniffed still has the task of finding a partner to explore the blocks it's acquired in the arctic heading up that will be a new chairman because sichem is standing down in accordance with the new russian policy of splitting politicians from jobs heading state run companies it's not all bad news for us net production group faster than any other russian oil company currently it's pumping eight hundred forty million barrels of oil and twelve billion cubic meters of gas a year there's been a lot of progress on rosneft improving downstream capacity it's taken germany's rew oil will increase three pointing and giving access to new technology and looking east a joint venture with c. and b.c. to build a refinery in china will greatly improve its penetration of far east markets so the new leadership will have a lot to smile about but solving the problem. in the arctic will be their toughest
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task. russia is considering reducing its holding in a number of key state companies looking states the state is looking into privatizing more oil major ross nafs bt bank roll sam has bank and power generating company. russia's plans to sell assets and more than for two hundred state companies without losing control the key players. take a look at the markets and here in russia they ended the week on the negative notes this was on the back of the climbing world prices and a stronger dollar if we look at the individual share movers on the my sax the most energy move was mages were losing with the gas from down one point three percent snap school days of gains it's one of the biggest heavyweight losers at the close despite boosting dividends twenty times. twenty percent overall the week was very positive with both the disease putting on more than three percent up this isn't
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coffee so it will sit back wraps up the week. this week was all bowed all in gas oh you know surprisingly little people in russia still believe firmly in the domestics to relieve the banks and three tale this week was the world over on gas as i mentioned gaspar was the one to actually make a very strong performance on the back of the expect the cheney's transaction deal and then subsequently the meeting in on wednesday and sensually didn't raise any quarter's comes with you know the fear that oil price might come off operated for sooner so there was another reason to celebrate in a rush as was strong or price so for malcolm x. on r.t. .
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when just the. san antonio ways confront.
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the problem. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper the radio stations television stations the cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like democracy the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r g. three comes up team has been to the golden grand richard thank you own the turning point i'm learning more to. this time the party goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transition their ancestors camps and where the mysterious city of a deadlocks world come the republic of norman. such a rush of time on our feet. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and large
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adults and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization shawntel those discovers floods makes on starts because so special and attractive for many life in antarctica is the places you live and the friends of. the expedition to the bottom of the earth are to see. in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph been straight the university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a man's. wrong all the main risk issues which is that ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for to produce a cite and only five percent. read again you mean the independents.
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there's not a lot of science that says transgenic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if a transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states legislatures throughout the world we vote all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what could be more important than deciding on the permanent genetic future of life on earth. twenty years ago its first president. in the midst of colossal change. setting a new direction for a new country.


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