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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations to rule the day. wiener gate as it's come to be called just keeps getting more bizarre for good wiener gate and casey anthony for that matter as well as a small group of people are carving out the future of the world in switzerland right now but where is the mainstream media when it comes to covering the builder group. above all the requires training and educating our citizens to outcompete workers from other countries but why then mr president are workers from other countries getting american jobs and why does it appear that's the way u.s. companies seem to prefer it in america and america without an american workforce.
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and they need an example of where our economy is well look no further than west virginia archers and miners prepare for round two in the battle for blair mountain will have been on the ground look. it's friday june tenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for watching our team. i want to start out by taking a look at what you might have seen if you turned on some of the mainstream cable networks here in the united states today what the other guys are talking about take a look. wiener gate as it's come to be called just keeps getting more bizarre and must be mattering photo back and i mean i'm going to be what i am because i'm ready to hurt the democratic party if he doesn't resign casey anthony back in court she is accused of killing her two year old daughter in two thousand
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a timer and of yesterday was harsh today was just awful sure that she was sick as much as sick of the testimony she has been so stone faced so cold so callous maybe the gig is up and maybe that's why she's crying. casey anthony and winner date i want to tell you what they're not talking about an event that's going on right now that includes some of the top movers and shakers around the world we're talking high ranking politicians european royalty c.e.o.'s central bankers and the list goes on more than one hundred people powerful people meeting in switzerland to discuss the global economy the war in libya and energy policy and how they might shape the future things that will actually impact you personally argues lorem it is in switzerland and has more on the broader group the exclusive ski resort of sam ritzy jude it's perfect bill de burgh territory out of season and crucially
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practically deserted there are two hives of activity in town though one's the luxury hotel subrata where around one hundred thirty of the world's most influential politicians businessmen and so friends are meeting behind closed doors and the other in a much cheaper hotel where concerned activists are determined to break that wall of secrecy down they've set up what they believe is the world's first alternative media center they've worked for mainstream outlets too but they're not here just not enough. western media not enough from the u.k. it's it's quite appalling a swiss news agency is just really sad names of this year's attendees and on the list is the chancellor of the exchequer george osborne i would have thought that makes it news other build a boat regulars include david rockefeller the editor in chief of the economist magazine the greek finance minister and the president of the world bank their own
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group but to be here this year unlike another break you know fubar i reckon she already extracts can bail in new york for alleged sex attack there has been interest from the swiss national press this year build a burke which. widely believed to support big government and economic consolidation runs entirely contrary to the swiss idea of independence local government and. petritsch has run a successful campaign to back to effect playing on the reported ten million euro taxpayer bills for securing this spanish building. except that a private meeting because that's what they call themselves a private meeting the security has to be paid by the taxpayer and i think a lot of people understand that especially when the government well we don't have money for this or that and here we go and it costs a lot of money to secure this private meeting of these people the agenda is secret
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along with everything else but builder there's a believed to be deciding on who should replace their friend t.s.k. at the top of the i.m.f. that was concentrating on how to save the euro which was leaked agenda show their brain child we don't want to be don't want to go but these are all the things that they actually created and said construct of the. europe is a construct of the building because this build is different from last year's spanish one security is not slow a key first starts and there's no kilometer wide cordon around the hotel but secrecy still dominates with protesters say even the swiss government doesn't know who's attending every year though there are more and more activists and increasing media attention they're saying if you told us what was going on we wouldn't have to speculate. somewhere it's. as you found lars report other critics of
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this event say it was not frankly about friends in high places getting together to talk about current events this is wealthy and powerful people who have proven that it's discussed at the conference had a real impact in shaping policy and history among the critics radio host alex jones i spoke to him earlier about why people should care that this happened there are. well we should care because of for the last few decades. building burks lives i've been able to smuggle out some of the minutes of the meetings i believe our group has now admitted that they covertly more than fifty years ago set up a core of the european union to be a system for private banking cartels to take over nation states build a bird group as an authoritarian agenda and hillary clinton back in the mid ninety's was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for violating us federal law for meeting with private individuals to set to discuss policy and so we should be
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concerned about the goldberg rate because this is the group that has openly promoted through their surrogates and spokespeople world government so they're very authoritarian and that's why they've gone to great lengths to have a media blackout especially in the united states and europe and it's all in the last few years with the rise of the alternative media that mainstream news our corporate news here in the united states has been forced to even admit it existed just three years ago three years ago the new york times came out and basically said that i was insane when i was in chantilly covering it and that no one was there and it didn't exist so they still sometimes say it doesn't exist but more and more they're having to admit that it does in the goldberg group there's a lot of talk media people there and openly has them sign agreements not to ever speak about it and then the has the washington post and others on record have been caught and going and telling their chain of newspapers not to report on it and so that's the big issue that's the problem of the builder grade it really is very close to the tip top of the shadow government capstone and there are of course
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people who say and a lot of evidence has been fact existed since nine hundred fifty four i believe but alex i mean let's a little further here i mean you're saying that there's policy that things are being kind of stout in these meetings that go along to change the world but always here in the u.s. i mean we have a system that involves several branches of government you know to ensure that a bunch of rich people can get together and write and pass policies so how you know not to sound a little further how are they what's talking about what's being spoken about here how is that then being translated into policy and actual change. well you look at david rockefeller his family funded the creation of the united nations gave them the land to build the u.n. in new york the builder group is always pushing to get rid of national sovereignty and transfer to the private i.m.f. world bank private cell reserve and now we see that with president obama going
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along with nato the attack on libya and saying it was last days not weeks and lying and saying his authority comes from the u.n. he doesn't need the authority of congress which to clear violation of the constitution that's similar to caesar marching his trips across the rubicon into rome more than two thousand years ago this is classical tyranny and it's this move globally for standardize laws that are created at the corporate level as just last week wiki leaks released documents on a north american union meeting japan canada in two thousand and six judicial watch who had previously and gotten some of the documents and they talk about a stealth these are close stealth north american integration and then merging that with europe so this is a global corporate governance structure that's trying to transfer power out of our congress into the i.m.f. world bank world trade organization and so that's why more and more we see congress becoming really ceremonial or vestigial i know i've read that and for that it's
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very interesting in terms of the people who get invited for example a not very well known man back in one thousand nine hundred one was invited his name was bill clinton he of course then went on to win the presidency twice in a row so i know that there's examples like this and a lot of examples of you know skeptics who simply say that this is wealthy and powerful people who want to ensure that they remain wealthy and powerful but speak to this what do you think gather you know from the intelligence that you've got are some people have been there what's going to happen is that what will they talk about regarding libya and what will they talk about regarding the euro. well there's only one man who undoubtedly has multiple moles within saddam has been able to predict huge geopolitical movements gas prices wars sometimes a year out because the build a better group it's not dominating the globe but it's certainly able to steer it to a great extent more than the other power block this corporate consortium and we happen to know their agenda this year it is to continue to trigger the color revolutions of the middle east to destabilize that region and then to expand that
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to stabilization to pakistan and to try to stir something up between india and china also in circle russia russia by the way there are some chinese delegates at all or better but there are no russians there i should add that certainly russia is separate from this this you know polar world government system there is attempting to dominate also on the agenda is web censorship trying to consolidate change the architecture of the lead to cloud systems and systems where you don't have your own domains your own servers they openly are very angry about the rising free press and hillary said earlier in the year they are losing the info war they are also moving to continue to try to bankrupt the middle class in the last world because they want to make people dependent and they are threatened by upwardly mobile middle classes there are gender is also to continue to try to debase world currencies in a concerted effort so that individual nations don't notice is bad and they want to
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try to force europe in the united states to continue to quote bailouts to the big six mega banks that are really just cash payments directly to them and one of the other key issues is carbon taxes they really need to force through their carbon taxes so they can control all human activity on the globe certainly even if you will have to keep an eye on post builders are getting with process at the end of this week and i want to also ask you on that you were saying that a lot of people have denied that even went on certainly doesn't happen anymore we're also starting to see a lot of new. media turn out for this more and more each year i'm even told they they get taken up on a builder bus from the media some of the protesters. to sell up there and actually see what they can gather intelligence outside of the conference writing think this says that slowly but surely there is you know this gradual interest on what that's happened behind closed doors well it's an illustration of the awakening that's happening and also shows that the real media is supplanting the establishment
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propaganda media and truth is is rising and the hopes that powerful elites don't meet and don't try to set agendas that asinine hopes is imploding and has a bigger brzezinski said last year to the council on foreign relations ranch in canada he said for the first time in modern history the world is politically awakening and that's a very dangerous present he went on to say for the anglo-american power elite that want to continue to dominate the last to try to project and use the wealth and ingenuity of the last to try to dominate intimidate the planet instead of all nations really working together through sovereignty through liberty for technological and cultural development so build a bird inclosing is on the run they are depressed they are angry reportedly from our moles they are actually causing man and what's happening and they see their power slipping away because they they must operate from behind the scenes as long
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as they can do that they have a lot of power through their phantom menace. that was alex jones host of the alex jones show from austin moving on now to a look at the u.s. economy and not only to the state of it but how it's being perceived by americans despite a slow recovery on some fronts when asked the likeliness of the u.s. having another great depression similar to the one in the one nine hundred thirty s. the majority of americans say yes or at least probably take a look at this nineteen percent of americans say it's very likely and twenty nine percent say somewhat likely that's nearly half of americans who believe we will return to a time when twenty five percent of workers were unemployed banks across the country failed and millions of ordinary americans were temporarily homeless or unable to feed their families. all right so what's happening to lead people to this conclusion i'm joined here in studio by political columnist harold meyers them and
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harold let's talk about this i mean some frightening figures by americans and also today just you know in trying to combat this to lawmakers just a few hours ago we saw right here in washington a congressman for from virginia and a senator from virginia mark warner congressman frank wolf they announce that they're going to be pushing legislation that actually rewards companies for bringing jobs that were lost back to the u.s. so i want to start just by asking you how likely do you think that is not just that legislation passed but that this will work well that's not clear anywhere dysplasia in comparison the current congress but that said i think what this initiative addresses is the fact that it's not clear where private sector jobs are going to come from in the united states at this point and i think that's what's behind those poll figures that you cited just a moment ago most of our major standard and poor's five hundred companies are because corporations are investing abroad they're not investing here labor is cheap or their industrial policies in the countries we go to whether they are high in
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countries in europe or developing countries in asia. really are welcoming to these companies and there's a great deal of automation going on within the manufacturing process here so the jobs are just not being generated and wages are totally stuck if not the climbing it's a bad situation so i think that kind of legislation before would have been arthur table right now something like that might have approved certainly people look at manufacturing as an industry that sort of built this country up president obama also you know singing the same tune i know he's been trying to talk about this he's spoken several times and i have one examples i will listen i'll get your response. i see a future where we train workers who make things here in the united states and continue a important and honorable tradition of folks working with their hands creating value. not just. shuffling paper. that's part of what
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has built the american dream. so let's talk about this american dream i you know especially regarding any fracturing in jobs in the u.s. what needs to happen well several things need to happen and i think the corporate model in america is a lot of the problem you take corporations which and nine hundred eighty say well we're really only responsible to our shareholders not our communities not our workers and you put that in the context of globalization and well shareholders so you can get a profit making things in china apple or maybe the you know pirated matic model american company right now has all of its product actually made in china not in this country so they have some tens of thousands of well paid designers and marketers here but hundreds of thousands of production workers are growing no production workers here that's a tough nut to crack i think i think we do need the kind of ideas that senator warner and congressman wolf talked about today if you will i think a good point of comparison is germany really germany exports
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a huge amount of its product high end manufacturing paying its workers with including benefits three dollars for every two dollars we have here and they're able to do that by keeping the high value added manufacturing at home that's partly because of a strong german tradition is partly because they actually have work to representatives on corporate boards which i'd love to see here it's a different situation but it's working out a lot better for them than it is for us such an important example that you bring up germany they seem to kind of be on the right track still in terms of knowing how to handle unions and what to do with workers' rights and we do see in such tough times germany's economy doing pretty ok now back to the u.s. and you mentioned some of these numbers before i want to point to some of the examples you gave in your writings about standard and poor's some of the biggest companies here in america you said that thirty two percent of the income of the firms in the s. and p. index of some of these largest companies came from abroad and i two thousand and
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eight that figure had grown to forty eight percent so that's a you know. not a long time not even a full decade of some a really big change in terms of where the income comes from i guess i want to know from you i mean what does this say to you and more importantly what are the chances that these numbers can go back down again i mean something very hard one of the things i'm feeling those numbers is the fact that you have the chinese and indian economy growing at eight nine ten percent every year you're not getting that growth here you're not gonna have that kind of growth here that can happen in a mature economy like ours so if they want to be close to the where the markets are growing they're going to be there but again germany is a counter example because as i said germany exports to these countries we do but we import more. i think we need to have a policy really on engendering not just jobs but decent paying jobs in this country which still exists for professionals but are quickly disappearing everywhere else and i know another thing that you wrote about you pointed out among the things that
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are flawed not just certain things that are going on but also the discussion that's being had here in the u.s. about the economy that you know instead of debating cyclical versus structural in terms of the different types of things that are going on you know for example those who argue that public spending can restore restore prosperity versus those who say you know american workers need to learn different trades you say there's something that we're missing here in the discussion well it's institutional i mean american corporations are behaving as they should if their goal is simply to reward shareholders that doesn't work in a globalized economy they're behaving as they should if they're in a place where they can get away with it well yes and you can get away with it here . in a sense the whole culture is skewed towards offshoring in this country and that's a dangerous thing and millions and millions of americans are paying the price for that so i think i think if we took workers more seriously and that requires some legislative changes i think if. we did invest more in infrastructure that would
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help. education as well but there are fundamental things about corporate flight in this country that i think are very deep and are going to be hard to address i would love to see legislation such as that suggested by our virginia legislators that really did reward companies for creating jobs here as distinct from jobs abroad all right political columnist harold meyerson thanks so much for joining us thank you for change gears now to another look at how the economy's doing right now in west virginia a battle is brewing this is not a new battle ninety years ago miners fahed coal companies paid paramilitary and the biggest armed uprising since the civil war now environmentalist are fighting to save blair mountain all the miners are still fighting to survive are you kalen ford brings us more from america's coal country. hundreds of miners activists and environmentalist have marched fifty miles to right here at the base of blair
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mountain they say the mining technique called mountaintop removal is devastating the local environment and also contaminating the water threatening the very soul population. really simple water jobs we can remember the times when when you stood up for their rights organize for better pay for better health care for better integration. oh. for these families what these things are really being threatened is their ability to survive many of their descendants fought in the battle of blair mountain in one thousand twenty one and ninety years later they say little has changed coal is everything i wouldn't live anywhere else i'm happy and these people or not and to see anyone happy they would rather starve or minor is just a painful very painful situation and if that's all there is coal if you're not in the coal you're into the drugs.
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the coal and blair mountain is some of the most sought after in the united states ninety years ago miners spot coal companies paramilitaries for the rights that they say they're still fighting for today and they're gearing up for the second battle of blair mountain cumin ford artsy blair west virginia well among the issues u.s. senators are focusing on an effort to remind israel and the world that the u.s. stands by israel on everything you know when the president says otherwise we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the nine hundred sixty seven lines with mutually agreed swaps. the statement by the president which he has since backtracked on a little bit was loud several u.s. senators to sponsor a resolution showing their support of israel and of prime minister benjamin netanyahu a vision like this whereas the united states has long recognized that a return to the one nine hundred sixty seven lines would create
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a strategic military vulnerability for israel and greatly impede its sovereign right to defend its borders another thing in the in the resolution it says whereas prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu correctly stated that the one nine hundred sixty seven lines were not boundaries of peace they are the boundaries of repeated war just a few provisions there in the resolution that was introduced this week bipartisan resolution many many senators signing their names on the bill meanwhile there are multiple issues both domestic and international that senators can't seem to agree on but this one well as i said it's going to support from all sides now earlier i spoke to alexander coburn he's coeditor of counterpunch as well as a contributing writer to the nation magazine he told me why he thinks that several notable senators were willing to line up behind this one. well you saw how. netanyahu was received in the u.s. congress not so long ago he was interrupted what twenty eight times by rapturous
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applause that should give you a clue when the members of the u.s. congress have the history of israel they think political survival they think campaign money that's it i mean the congress is israeli occupied territory so this time lieberman of course has been the u.s. senator from israel the prime u.s. senator from israel for many many years no surprises there because no surprises in the whole spectacle which is why to expect any political movement to get past the u.s. congress beneficial to the situation in the middle east is totally impossible but let's talk about this i mean you mentioned that a lot of these senators politicians really across the board here in the u.s. they do you get a lot of their funding from a pac the american israel public affairs committee there a very powerful lobby here a very powerful group but there are so many other powerful groups and lobbies here in washington why is it do you think that these politicians really really feel i
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mean there's got to be some other reasons ideological or whatever that they really feel the need to stand in the corner of israel time and time again well the ideology of a u.s. senator or us congressman for that matter starts with getting reelected that's ideologically very important to the politician and they know fully well if they do not vote the way the lobby wants them to or if the country in the lobby their political teacher might well be endangered and they're right there are many examples in recent us political history going back to president bush sr who annoyed the israel lobby and they paid a political penalty so they may be busy doing the bidding of the oil companies of israel or. the auto companies you name it but first and foremost they know that the israel lobby in their districts has a real. and i would argue that president obama even went further than george h.w. bush in terms of pushing israel little bit in terms of especially when he talked
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about in a recent speech about the one thousand nine hundred sixty seven borders he's gone he's gone pretty far and a lot of people are saying that this resolution that this bill proposed is sort of a political game that this is pushing back against obama and making sure that he knows that he can't get on israel to as you mentioned the numerous standing ovations i know i just got back from europe yesterday and people there were absolutely shocked you know it's one thing for us politicians behind closed doors to support israel but to be so blatant in their support people not in this country people everywhere else were extremely shocked that the entire u.s. congress seems to be in this position to talk about that. well listen obama has been careful throughout his entire career when it really matters not to cross the lobby and in fact right before the election of two thousand and
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eight he made an absolutely shameless speech to apec no that's regards his statement about respecting one hundred sixty seven borders what he effectively did in that speech was not to the possibility of the u.n. you know recognizing the palestinians to declare national territory i mean these are difficult times for the u.s. government obviously they have the middle east in flames they don't want to seem incredibly partial to israel but everybody knows they are there trying to do a little bit of a dunce to maintaining some appearance but they're independent brokers and they're spread everywhere when when they as they say in america when the rubber hits the road. and they go with israel i had mentioned this before and we didn't exactly get to it but you know the perception in the u.s. versus the perception abroad in the u.s. and most people have come to accept that this is very normal but you know as it states in the resolution that it's the duty of the united states to support israel
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people in other countries including you know even and and europe and the u.k. think that this is a little crazy that that especially u.s. lawmakers are so blatant in their support talk about perception as it differs here versus the rest of the world well. when you look at europe though i mean they could they can say well we're not you know the us is completely impossible and try and when it came to things like gaza practical issues on the ground the e.u. is just as bad as the united states was absolutely appalling so so when you look in substance in real efforts to drive the situation all of that you have to look not at europe not of the u.s. but elsewhere to see any substantial effort to change the situation i mean the europeans love to say the united states and medical and all the rest of it but when they kick their heels when it comes to shop how is that how.


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