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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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if i can be alone a show where i'll get the real headlines with none of them are safe and we can live out of washington d.c. and they will take a look at the chances for this great recession to turn into another great depression and i will tell you how eighty and he is buying off advocacy groups to support its gigantic merger with t. mobile usa but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has been covering on missing all the real stories.
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don't i guy you gingrich used to be speaker of the house he caused a government shutdown back in the ninety's he cheated on a couple lives and then blamed his love for the country for his and the delany he's also launched a new presidential bid which has been doomed to fail since day one and let's face it he doesn't have a shot nobody likes newt and he's probably beaten every flip flop record in the book when it comes to saying stupid things than having to walk back just hours later and now the majority of a staff has quit and the mainstream media is acting like this is a freaking shocker. plans to relaunch here we go it's a real whatever is left of his campaign in the last senate joyous on sunday this guy jumps on fox whenever he wants to he's got ample political experience he's was the speaker of the house he was the leader of the movement that of course so wanted to turn america around he's got all this political experience how can the
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guy have such a horrible campaign going it seems as if the campaign imploded before it even really got started not unlike when it launched it is rumored to do gingrich is seriously considering dropping out of the race so you. credited rumors for. for what you said yesterday about a new great game bridge out why why do you think this is happening why is his campaign in some form of disarray right now a new game bridge a candidate without a campaign staff but still in the race for the white house which made it here this morning outside his home assuring reporters this latest setback is not the end of his bid. now listen presidential politics is important because it has to do with who might be the next president of the country that's a big deal well let's talk about people that actually have a chance the people that might actually affect the country for better or for worse not the ones that are just trying to get their name in the spotlight so they can sell more books you know i'm just dying to know who out there really cares about all the beltway politics aside from those who live inside of the beltway
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considering the extent with which the mainstream media covers this stuff i mean like i've said before you wonder why americans are so far removed from our wars that's because the media makes you that far removed they don't cover it because they live in a tiny little bubble where everybody just strokes each other's egos and that's the kind of stuff that real america couldn't care about either but as long as the rich and the powerful people are watching and i guess corporations have no problem throwing money at the media machine kind of exhausting to think about why don't we move on to something that actually matters you know secretary of defense robert gates who won't hold that position for too much longer he's stepping down on june thirtieth is doing a farewell tour of sorts and he's turned into a bit of a downer to be quite honest but more importantly just a downer he's turned from being a champion of defense counsel to somebody who's desperately grabbing with every last breath for america's military power to continue growing for the war in afghanistan continuing on as well as troops needing to stay in iraq and he just cannot believe that every other country around the world doesn't want to beef up
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its defense capabilities despite the fact that they're all broke just like the u.s. now while giving a speech to nato this morning gates a lamented the quote d.m. dismal future of the military alliance because everyone else isn't paying their fair share because america. might not be able to for long either blunt reality is that there will be dwindling appetite and patience in the united states congress and the american body politic really large to expand increasingly precious funds on behalf of nations that are apparently on willing to devote the necessary resources or make the necessary changes to be serious and capable partners in their own defense. you know i saw every channel this morning devote maybe thirty seconds a minute talks to what gates had to say and overall came across as more of a bully sort of coverage you know like watch out europe gates is calling you out but you know what would it feel you guys actually analyze what he had to say maybe
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ask why nato even exists anymore considering that there's no single common thread to holds the glue together there is no soviet union that's why there is no consensus when it comes to fighting wars abroad that don't affect us all like the ones in iraq that want to afghanistan is terrorism a common threat yes is everyone else realize the holding over one hundred thousand ground troops and a country with fewer than one hundred al-qaeda members is not the way to fight terrorism yes but are you really surprised secretary gates that not everyone is interested in devoting their resources to intervene in the war in libya a civil war that has nothing to do with them and you know i think gates is right in a sense but he says that europe takes the back road they get to lean back relax knowing that america is going to take the lead but that's because we've taken that position who would be under the impression the impression excuse me that america will just handle wall when we've installed a base in almost every single country that ought to be the fact that european nations are willing to drive their countries into bankruptcy by spending more than
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all other nations combined on defense that's not something to lament the fact that countries like u.k. are actually scaling down their defense budgets as something to admire and maybe we can take a cue from them rather than cry about the fact that they don't want to copy as a global policeman those are just a few thoughts on something that the mainstream media completely missed. all right let's talk about the economy or at least what's left of it to talk about you know i've been harping on the show lately about the fact that nobody really seems to be doing anything about the fact that all factors of pointing at the wrong direction i don't point went up in may the economy only added fifty four thousand jobs and many expect june's numbers to be even worse we reported the may of the case shiller home price index saw home prices fall to the lowest point since march of two thousand and three and now robert shiller is saying that another ten to twenty five percent slump in those home prices wouldn't surprise me at all all
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street seems to be on the verge of what many are calling another panic mode with layoffs scheduled pessimism pervading and threats of downgrades being thrown around a new c.n.n. poll shows that forty eight percent of americans believe that this is either very likely or somewhat likely that the united states will experience a depression within the next twelve months so is this next depression evitable ok let's not be stopped here to discuss this with me is anthony randolph the director of economic research for the reason foundation anthony thanks so much for coming on tonight sure what do you say i mean i don't know if you want to call it another great depression you want to call it a double dip in the great recession there are so many names but are we heading down that direction of the out of the well we've been heading that direction i think i was on your show i don't know how many times last year saying well we may or may not have a double dip recession but for lack of a better term one way or another the economy for the next several years is going to suck it's not going to be a depression at least not in a technical sense of a depression that's not possible the next year but i think we were seeing all these
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negative negative indicators and people are freaking out about them because they were for some reason expecting us to actually have a positive year in the economy like that we wouldn't be freaking out about these these numbers over the past couple months if in january economists hadn't been mistaken in trying to predict the rosy rosy numbers we've been in a full coverage for the past couple years. this is. i mean i've been i've been writing about this for for some basis in two thousand and nine so others this is not a real recovery that we've been in which is why do you kind of you continues to mali's i'm just going to try to launch ok well first of all recession technical depression walk us through what the technical differences are right so americans can get it straight it will be technically a recession is when we've had two quarters or six months of negative g.d.p. growth and so right now the economy's been growing at about one point eight percent so to that was for the first quarter this year to have a recession we would have to have negative growth in this particular quarter and
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then the following quarter so we wouldn't even really call it a technical recession until the end of this year and to have a depression it's a much longer time frame of negative g.d.p. technically we were told that we are to put out of the recession right of the recession it was ok. let's talk about the fact though and like i said this is something i've been harping about on the show lately which is that nobody has been doing anything about it because we have a congress that's just completely. obsessed with this debate over raising the debt ceiling over lowering the deficit over coming up with budget cuts right now we don't have any kind of stimulus we all have to rewind and he needs to there's nothing propping anything what do you think needs to happen i mean you and i have bashed into quite a bit on the show too but do you think that we need a q e three or that we need another stimulus which i'm pretty sure you can say no i'm going to say no to another stimulus because if you just look at the what the last listed didn't get us very far maybe if we had a little more it is but it was wonderful because you know there are so so the there
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is this desire to want to do something right now congress is polarized it's not so much that they're bickering over the debt ceiling that they are but it's that there is a bit of polarization and republicans have one house and the senate has the other and there's not a lot of agreement of what we're going to do so that's going to freeze us no matter almost what's going on the reason that we bash q.e. two is because it doesn't really do that much. the economy neither q we knew the first quantitative easing and even bernie said it was a big champion of q.e. two that all q e three is going to do is maybe have a marginal impact and what you could measure that is maybe a point five percent impact on the unemployment ratio at absolute best probably less but it's going to have a huge impact on inflation fears so that's going to be a big problem going down the road q e three isn't the answer another speak when we see a rise in gas exactly that this is not the answer another stimulus is going to work because the last stimulus it wasn't just wasn't enough money is probably going to say but it has been it has been saying arguing that we need to spend trillions and
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trillions more it's where that money spend it we've spent isn't going to create a long term economic growth it's not going to spark the private sector to do anything because there's a whole bunch of other things that need to be dealt with in the what could possibly spark the private sector to do something ok the question we're asking all the time it's not giving them more tax breaks they have plenty of tax breaks i mean that's where i'll sit on the money they spend on the trash and they don't hire people because they don't need the american worker anymore they just go overseas so i want you so i would say that i would say lower taxes but let's say we don't ok so let's we'll go with your scenario we don't need to you know give wealthy americans more taxes are giving wealthy americans are going to get a little article rest and the dollar paid taxes and they're taking their jobs overseas i just want to say is we'll give you that one so now so now what do we do ok so it's not going to be cutting taxes the republicans like to do. what we need to do is fix the regulatory environment for companies now doesn't mean deregulate that doesn't give a lot get rid of a lot of regulations what it means is the years a whole bunch of incentives for companies to spend or not spend money to invest or
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not invest money in the economy and those can be every anything from if you're talking with the banks rules on how they can use their capital to if you're talking about just in the the the real economy occupational licensing standards these if you look going. down to the state level a whole wall for you lation is that make it difficult for people to start companies to start small businesses to become a hairdresser even you have to go through this whole arduous process in arizona that's like a year and a half long if you just want to cut someone that's once hair on the state level there's things we can do a national level it's a massive regulatory environment this is nanny state where we think we're trying to help people we're not people that's so you know you've got i don't think the rules are all that but i think we're going to have a few more rules and we're just talking about germany of the other day and everybody you think ought to be in their work share program which i know around here will be called socialism but if you actually give companies the incentive to keep people around and the government helps out then they'll keep those people
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around but let's talk about something in terms of unemployment and what we're seeing right we've talked about this last generation there's a lot of people writing from college graduating from high school right now and this is the worst possible employment and vironment that you would want to enter not only competing with the people that graduated in the last few years the last two or three right that's ok jobs but now we have older people but also aren't leaving their jobs as early because their four zero one ks excuse me have been just completely dismantled they've disappeared they're ruined what do you do about that that's i mean that is a symptom of the larger problem of the economy not working so what we have right now is we have just as you said we've got. i think something like seventeen percent of the people coming out of college right now can't get a job of the however the b.l.s. sort of defines job of young americans with a twenty four twenty one or so so that's a really high unemployment number that's out there is not because they can't read
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a hairdresser's line on the the problem there is those individuals are seeking employment at companies that don't want to hire because it is not in their interest to invest in this economy because they are not sure what the future regulatory environments going to be for them they don't know what the tax environment going to be for them they don't know if the federal reserve is going to go to q e three and jack. of inflation they don't know if q.e. two has already created a massive inflation problem for them which is going to hurt their profits an arranged down the road there's massive monsoon until scenario anything there's not there's going to terms of the companies there's obviously a lot of uncertainty on wall street right now six weeks straight we would see the dow have your calling in plummeting and there's uncertainty for anybody who's out there looking for a job let's talk about me only have ten minutes left obviously what you think is the greater problem of this all is housing we just reported that housing prices now at the lowest point since march of two thousand and three and now shiller are saying how it might go ten twenty five percent lower i would also not be surprised if it was ten to twenty five percent my projections are looking at the you know
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that wasn't hughes it was a calling that forecasters are saying you won't be surprised at my forecast would be seven to thirteen percent is where we need housing prices to drop before we can see a recovery start and there's i i can remember all these things off the top of my head i knew so i created this list here like the five things that we need for housing to recover we need for home prices to actually fall to where they need to get to then start bouncing up and we need the supply but all these homes that are sitting out there they need to be sold we need for the shadow inventory which are all of the homes that have been hit the market yet that are being delayed in the foreclosure process they need to come out so we can sell them we need for the mortgage servicing. which the regulators of the banks are going back and forth on how you actually manage mortgages once they've been made and collecting payments and who can foreclose on what that needs to be sorted out because that stalling the whole foreclosure process and we need to fix many many freddie mac. all in under a year and a half so that we can have a nice pretty economy by the time president gets elected he doesn't twelve out of a tall order i don't know what i started with and that's why congress isn't doing
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much because they're paralyzed with this daunting task of how do you approach and that's just housing you know that's a massive daunting task for us to expect congress to fix all of these things so it's yes there can be a lot of frustration at washington and how it's not work. the federal reserve and how they're not doing enough but they're facing a pretty tall order and we've put ourselves in this position mike you were talking about this before we put ourselves in his mission position by not letting the economy sort itself out two thousand and nine and we tried to do things to prop itself up along the way and so now we're you dependent on the government to fix the problem or we just have to let it sort itself out which is going to take two to five years really sucky economy all some people say that you know it could be even more it could be it could be at least ten years before employment goes back to normal and who knows what the housing situation is going to be but that sucks though you know i don't know if you always want to give something suppressant if you think there's
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a really bad illness coming there are answers to these problems and it course you know we have there is a proud nation we have how we like to approach and there's lots of people in there you know going to their congressmen this is why there's a problem there are answers out there it's just a matter of can they be sorted through the whole big mess of ideas that the right ones come into place to do something about yeah there is no one magic answer and i'm sure that no one will ever be able to agree on what the means are the rest of us have to sit around you know it and are. happy thank you so much for joining us tonight absolutely. are we thought of much more to come tonight has the obama administration given a free pass to a government leader latest on a court case on a straight and how do you keep activist groups from raising a fuss over a contentious merger just by on the course i'll give you details on the leg of the mega merger and why all the sudden some organizations are supporting this. interim where we would be making use of those who do the work to bring justice to work but. i have every right to know what my government should do if you
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want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. getting some pleasure seeing a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you hear sees some other part of it and realize everything is off if you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. says. let's not forget that we met in apartheid.
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i think iraq is easy to be funny well. whatever government says there are very complex safe get ready because you give them their freedom. for food for fun.
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well we consistently bring you updates on the war against whistleblowers like grab the manning we've also touched on another leaker out there thomas drake a former senior n.s.a. officer was sharing information about his branch of intelligence and gauging in wasteful spending and he was sharing this information with a reporter from the baltimore sun now we should note the jury could continue to stand by the fact that all of the information they shared the sun paper was unclassified and he reiterated that in an interview with sixty minutes. did you ever communicate classified information to shawn gorman. about one server that was one of the fundamental rules where was oral communication was written electronic or later on even a hard copy it was all unclassified period. he's been charged with ten tell and he's relating to whistle blowing after he leaked information about wasteful spending fraud and abuse within the n.s.a. to the newspaper but we learned this week that instead of facing a possible thirty five years in jail if found convicted will agree to
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a plea deal he says if he's guilty verdict seeding authorize use of a computer and that's considered a misdemeanor and all those felony charges will be dropped and we covered this story in past trips we spoke with government accountability project stress on writing about how the drake case is a clear example of obama's extremely heavy handed approach to stopping anybody out there who may be a whistleblower and matter how significant the information was. leaks about contractor fraud are ok weeks like weekend weeks or anything about you know indeed tearing movements or telling nuclear secrets act and if it is not ok yet drake is precisely the kind of person in the earlier category who was pulling the whistle on billions of dollars. jesselyn brings up a good point drake was simply trying to point out that the government's nine eleven approach was overblown but it won't cut any intelligence projects no matter how least full they are so was the fact that he was rightly alarmed by the massive
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amounts of data that is being collected on american citizens regardless it's kind of strange i was hoping he says completely falling apart and so suddenly after all the government and the obama administration went after thomas drake with every weapon they had treating him like a hardened criminal but all the sudden a plea deal comes forward from the prosecutors and the ten counts of felony are dismissed i think the begs the question what was all the hype about and at this point what does tom strakes future sure is going to. i pass any jail time by accepting the misdemeanor but a report from reuters says that a sentencing case is scheduled for june fifteenth although it's not really clear why so could it be that the obama administration realize they are being a little too aggressive in their war on leakers the media attention finally put them in their place i was saying goes the jury's still out on that one. now this march we found out the eighteenth he would be acquiring t. mobile usa for a cool thirty nine billion dollars it's a move that receives a lot of scrutiny especially if you consider the only three companies are going to
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dominate the entire u.s. wireless market and the combined revenues for those two companies will add up to two hundred fifty two billion dollars now according to eighteen t adipose on the company's public policy blog this deal is necessary in order to give the necessary network capacity to work within the quote broadband revolution and the claim is that the deal is going to allow them to expand their network so they can reach ninety seven percent of americans so it's a battle is brewing right here in washington with congress the justice department the f.c.c. all taking a good hard look but buyer groups like that and he and the lad getting involved that's right those liberal leading public advocacy groups have each issued statements in support of the deal which is leaving a lot of people out there to believe that it might just be all about the cash as you say the eighteenth is a very generous corporate donor so does this mean that even groups like the end of a c.p. can be bought joining me to discuss this is our communications director of public knowledge our thanks so much for joining us tonight. for starters i know give me
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your take on this one why would that be why would glad suddenly come out in support of an a.t.m. usa merger did they have anything to do with my kind of stuff. usually that started the. organization. telecommunications much of that telecommunications and. the f.c.c. used according to a deal with a big company. well you got to admit it might seem a little bit fishy then right i mean granted there are companies out there that are supporting. the usa that didn't take any money from them but when you have that way sleeping who received i think a million dollar donation in two thousand and nine you've got to start asking some questions but i think that's right and it's not just me there are lots of groups out there i mean a cheeky spend sixty two million dollars from its foundation in two thousand and
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nine to bury some sundry groups and it's also worth noting that the head of the a.t.g. foundation which is i know this money is not someone with a background in philanthropy it's the company's chief lobbyist now whether there's an explicit quid pro quo probably not quite as allan miller from the sunlight foundation is quoted as saying one of the two stories about this that came out today there's something in the back of your mind that would tend to favor the benefactors whereas when i think of you know very obviously in the back of people's minds because it's a little depressing i think for people that live here in washington d.c. either within the beltway you realize that's politics that's just how it works but i don't think most americans when they think about some of these organizations that are supposed to be you know advocating for minorities for equal pay for the public good whatever you want to call it they don't normally think of this as somebody who still needs money and who silicon be bought from a corporation i want to get into what exactly this merger would mean i mean do you think that that is an incredibly dangerous idea that might probably gather not only
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have three options when it comes to our wireless carrier. that's exactly right it is a very dangerous idea i mean this is probably the most dangerous merger that she had been proposed at the same time it's probably the one that would be easiest for the government to block if they wanted to and that's because if you let you have four national carriers now you have horizon eighteen to you sprint and t. mobile and t. mobile has been this sort of perkiest in a bunch of edges catherine zeta jones commercials they have those nice commercials of the guy hanging over the other guy is the a.t.t. network who is a drag on on the proceedings there they had a nice little wedding video with you know the royals they did they they had a really nice persona they had very innovative quitman good plans and good coverage they'd be gone absorbed into the deathstar of aging indeed and that would change the whole marketplace because then you'd have zero so maybe some percent of the whole revenue going to two companies a t. t. and verizon and you wonder what's going to happen with sprint which is the third largest carrier much less all the smaller regional ones also what's going to take
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less go ahead because some of the effects that poor have assuming that obviously that means that they might be able to charge you a whole lot more if you only have really two or three offers out there like you said the planning on what really happens to sprint but terms of network. would this be better for the consumer the five percent of americans might be able to. have you know broadband in rural areas or some of that not really true. let's be clear that they are covering if you look at their commercials with one wilson all the red balls falling down on them they are covering most of the country anyway and they're not increasing their coverage that much with t. mobile just by a couple million people now if a kid he wanted to go invest in rural areas they're free to do that now they're free to do that at any time they're free to do that without spending thirty nine billion dollars to buy t. mobile that's what doesn't make sense about those promises and about this deal. yeah you know that makes me kind of angry because i have
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a team and their services sucks here in washington d.c. my cell phone never words so it's a little infuriating to hear about i want to quickly get into the entire four g. idea to write we hear about forging networks and how they are the fastest and a couple months ago i remember started telling their network has a four g. network but they actually do anything to change it technically to make a ballet not yet i mean four g. is one of those sort of mystical things sort of like a unicorn it may have indeed appear that word may be a horse with a little horn attached to its head and here is technology to be to be serious for a minute that is going to be rolled out it will be faster and better on different parts of the spectrum but for most people it's not there yet and it's probably going to take a good while before it does all right so what's your prediction are we have like i said some of these organizations behind it we have facebook the oracle coming out and supporting this merger do you think that since he isn't allowed to go through all this really isn't it an f.c.c. play this is a justice department play and looking at it strictly on trust grounds and this is
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what they call a horizontal merger when one company buys another company in the same line of business we think the odds are about even a little better than even that there's deals going down are out and would have to look to lock let's make sure we're clear on this ok yes so that it's not happening as what we're driving. right i'm sorry he wishes to go back to the hey days when i was the largest corporation right before it got broken up but they're trying as hard as they can are thanks so much for joining us my pleasure thank you for having me. all right still to come tonight if you catch all of the media frenzy today surrounding the release of e-mails from when sarah palin was the governor of alaska a we did and so did some members of the media earning our jewel time award for their over the top coverage in god and g.o.p. politics courting some presidential hopefuls the matter but it is on their side to speak about religion and why some candidates think that god must be a republican back in just a month.


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