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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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six months after a major ethnic clashes took place in the center of moscow new on rest is feared following friday's murder of a nationalist icon and former russian colonel. we don't want to be we don't want to . but these are all the things that they actually create the music is a construct of the perkins activists tried to draw media attention to a sequence of meetings of some of the world's most influential figures demanding the building but we opened up to public scrutiny. and the next winter games host russia city of sochi is getting a major facelift to make sure its infrastructure and sports facilities profit the
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paralympics athletes and spectators with disabilities. are you watching on t.v. broadcasting live from moscow welcome to the program it's exactly six months since the russian capital was shaken by ethnic clashes and good god the death of a football fan and the un rest is fit for in friday's murder of a nationalist figurehead a former military commander who served time in jail for killing a chechen teenage girl this believe his killing may have been attempts to ignite ethnic tensions it seems because all of the reports. you're a put down of a hugely controversial figure here in russia being a highly decorated military officer the commander of a tank regiment during the second chechen war he was stripped of all of those those
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owners following his two thousand and three conviction for the abduction and killing of an eighteen year old chechen woman now he remains in prison and till late two thousand and nine when he was released on parole around twelve o'clock today here in central moscow as busy busy streets in the center of all of the russian capital he was gunned down just behind me to through an archway there be in a courtyard of a department police are saying he was shot four times in the head the investigation of course now in its early stages but they've already said that they have found a car believed to have been used by the by the killers they call they found they a gun with a silencer if it's. partially burnt out and they are saying that the driver of that car was slavic ethnicity and they will be giving us more information on that as soon as they get it no. lawyer has said that there's no way in his opinion this was
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a revenge killing for the for the crime he committed in chechnya but he believes that this is as to investigators that this is a crime to speak committed to incite hatred in the country which is taking into account journal of personality and his history the investigations not ruling out that his murder may have been a provocation there is also no evidence that one or another ethnic group was behind the killing. but don't know it was viewed in some circles in russia in some nationalist groups in far right groups as a hero an iconic figure for what he did during the chechen war no we'll have to wait and see if there will be any response from those organizations or to be any protests but yes it does appear that this has what we're hearing from investigators and from bottles. had been done to provoke a reaction from most blues groups and to incite ethnic tensions in the country. with r.t.i. still ahead this hour an unlikely alliance. jews
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in new york join the chorus of palestinians and the state of israel. join our team on a journey to one of the most beautiful yet somewhat mysterious places a. city that. try to secrecy and invite only meeting of the world's political and financial elite is under way in switzerland the annual gathering of the bill that has attracted strong protest and numerous conspiracy theories. and it has been following the meeting. the exclusive ski resort of sam ritz in june it's perfect bill the territory out of season and crucially practically deserted there are two hives of activity in town though one the luxury hotel subrata where around one hundred thirty of the world's most
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influential politicians businessmen and sovereigns are meeting behind closed doors and the other in a much cheaper hotel where concerned activists are determined to break that wall of secrecy down they've set up what they believe is the world's first alternative media center they'd work for mainstream outlets too but they're not here just not enough. western media not enough from the u.k.'s it's quite appalling news agency is just really civilians of this years at indies and on the list is the chancellor of the exchequer george osborne i would have thought that makes it news other builder burke regulars include david rockefeller the editor in chief of the economist magazine the greek finance minister and the president of the world bank they're all rumored to be here this year unlike another regular former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn on bail in new york for an alleged sex attack there
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has been interest from the swiss national press this year builder burke which is widely believed to support big government and economic consolidation runs entirely contrary to the swiss idea of independence local government and you trial ety blogger manfred petritsch has run a successful campaigns about effect playing on the reported ten million euro taxpayer bill for securing the spanish build about except that a private meeting because that's what they call themselves a private. security. by the taxpayer and i think a lot of people understand that especially when the government. i don't have money for this. and here we go and it costs a lot of money to secure this private meeting of these people the agenda is secret along with everything else but bill the burgers are believed to be deciding on who should replace their friend t.s.k. at the top of the i.m.f.
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also concentrating on how to save the euro which was leaked agendas show their brainchild we don't want to be we don't want to. but these are all the things that actually create is a construct of. europe is a construct of. this waste building is different spanish one securities much lower key first start and there's no kilometer wide cordon around the hotel but secrecy still dominates with process to say even the swiss government doesn't know who is attending every year there are more and more activists and increasing media attention they're saying if you told us what was going on we wouldn't have to speculate. with. artist or editor we'll keep you updated on the build about meeting on twitter feed she tweets that her telling member of the european parliament was assaulted to try to sneak into the hotel where the
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conference is taking place on a softer party underscore come to stay on top of the elements article reporting and source of. conflict between israelis and palestinians in the middle east still shows little sign of reaching a peaceful resolution for the new york there's a group of culture overdubs jews but the palestinian struggle has discovered they believe an end to the state of israel is the only solution. every rally. every demonstration. every opportunity to voice opposition. because it is. a particular course of orthodox jews who wants forces with a loud choir of palestinian supporters. the
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collective voice is otherwise gone as new tory carta ultra traditional jews are religiously opposed to the creation and existence of israel. was it is good it has latched itself was not a terrible pinko movement of zionism which is the. highest state of israel in its high job and the star of david according to rabbi dovid weiss jews were exiled from the land of israel because of their sins. worshippers believe restoration of the land should only happen with the coming of the messiah and told them we don't. have any sovereignty. according to to work or to israel and zionism are in direct conflict with the torah the campaign for israel to be dismantled and the holy land returned to arabs who originally occupied it and it sure can best be understood within the confines of east billions per brooklyn which comprises the largest
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community of orthodox jews in the us and inclusive neighborhood dressed in traditional modest clothing defined by large families of up to twelve kids hear you speak yiddish eat kosher pray three times a day and display no flag of support for israel the jewish children living in this community all attend private schools boys and girls are separated but supporters of part-i say all the students learn from a curriculum that opposes. israel and zionist rabbi dovid feldman says activism plays a strong role in the religious life of new toric or to jews and this includes meeting with leaders of muslim countries have no problem. with. problem with information which we have
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with. an agreement that has raised eyebrows members of natori courts i have spoken several times with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who they call a peace loving leader. but they've publicly praised turkish officials and even traveled to the country last year visiting injured activist following the israeli raid on the gaza flotilla. very often overseas demonstrations against israel have turned violent from london and montreal to the middle east a bloody and bruising backlash has transpired critics have classified jews as extremists and israel supporters deem them as traitors even here in new york city. the. rabbi weiss is familiar with the dangers and that's around. the lives of those it's not an easy life devoted to their faith even if it means
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facing contempt every step of the way. archie new york. well a strong pro israeli lobby in the u.s. leads some critics to say washington is not of brokering the middle east peace process. calling a section of our website or broken contributor name not my own writes about why some u.s. senators are openly opposing president obama's going to school with a two state solution. then picked out of sorts she may still have three years to prepare for the twenty fourteen winter games but there's another competition straight off it's exactly one thousand days to go before the paralympic games and event that brings unique challenges to the region and sports and discover it. is it easy for a man in
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a wheelchair to travel to sochi a tough question for the mayor and his aides as the city's preparing to host the two thousand and fourteen winter paralympics he asked russia's paralympic champion mikkel today in chief to inspect seoul cheese newly built airport. the length of this place is one of the few airports in russia that has a device that helps to civil passengers can board the plane through the city however there are issues that require attention but i'm sure they'll be dealt with . all newly built ice rink steady and ski lifts and sochi are equipped in accordance with strict paralympic standards but in the city itself with its aging infrastructure still a lot has to be done to comply sochi sidewalks shops and restaurants are also undergoing massive construction to comply with strict standards so that nowhere is off limits and even though competition such as ice hockey and alpine skiing will be
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held far from the city center thanks to the games she will be more accessible for people with disabilities living in the us the legacy for locals and visitors alike russia's paralympics topped the overall standings at the vancouver two thousand and ten winter games with thirty eight medals twelve gold silver and sixteen bronze with russia's paralympic champion. as he was preparing for the three week training in sochi. we're proud that russia will be hosting the paralympics it's good when the games are being held at home. and it's a great responsibility we just can't move. the first paralympic. skiing and biathlon will be held as early as next year drawing unprecedented international attention to the small russian town so for most people here it's a chance to show their hospital due to the special guests creating a comfortable barrier free environment the first look at sky and russia and also a great opportunity to see the russian paralympic team in action just bosky r t
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sochi. the stories that we're covering always available for you online that are some of the comments by this blog's that unique a video clips and expert analysis or here's what's there few right now vandals smashed luxury cars that have come parking using metal bars stones and make explosives the first such rampage in the capital. another adoption scandal erupts between moscow and washington after a russian girl was invented. and lost. so the pictures confirmed this week that almost forty thousand users have fallen
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victim to personal data loss for having a major cyber attack on the company's website the residents taking to the streets of new york to ask the public are not being potential victims of hackers. so many intend out even the f.b.i. it seems like no one is safe from hackers these days i decided punks heroes or belittle this week let's talk about that. they are heroes because. everything they are they are. security systems so what if a robber a bank robber is technically. proficient enough to get into a bank does that make him a hero to. the. police department goes into certain things and the government goes into certain things probably i would put that on the same level as i would someone who goes in and hacks into a site they're not supposed to be on their hot cars which are five thing fossil
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kind of ideological. or just doing illegal activities. i think just. really open to things that should be oh i don't have that much of a problem is that it's so subjective though why are we in trusting thieves essentially making that kind of a judgment call. that's a strong word well they're going to take it people do information good or bad for the good or bad will if you're if you're going to be taking a lot of credit card numbers and credit card accounts and doing that type of thing and you're using that information again hurt. i don't think that's a good thing have you ever had your personal information had i have actually yeah. and i felt. so violated and trying to control the information and stuff like that it's just. it's awful feeling so now i think it's going to get worse much
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worse because i have five daughters ranging from twenty three down to twelve years old and they're you know they don't think anything's ever going to happen to them and they're out there with all of it in even though the warnings from here. they're the next generation so if you caught them putting stuff out there and you're like oh but yeah i guess is that as cell phone numbers yeah but do you think hackers are aliens or heroes the bottom line is if you have information in a database templates can fears that tags out. washington's aid to afghanistan has come under criticism from a senate report that suggested that the nineteen billion dollars spent the past decade has achieved nothing on the ground and also play us has to make investing problems to justify such spending a foreign country to his contributor points out in his latest video the reports he's unlocking to make
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a difference it was pretty unusual for the us congress and i would say it was rather unconventional for the united states democratic majority came up with a pretty extensive and in-depth report regarding the u.s. aid to afghanistan most of all this particular report revealed the quantity of the you as dollars spent in afghanistan is not equal to the quality regarding the expected result and equally the difference between the strategy the tactics and operational mode to get the job it is just p.t. there's some reports mostly globe over by international media and we'll probably be put on the backburner during the intensified deliberations regarding their scope and tempo over the us troops withdrawal from afghanistan or rather may not push us
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president obama to factor in this report will come in durations and completely overhaul the already bankrupt us strategy. here various state. let's take a look at another headlines from around the world. in yemen thousands gathered on streets across the country a week of the president signing read to sign radio decided he was forced to seek medical treatment for injuries received by his compound was attacked demonstrators are demanding a new transitional government to be formed since the beginning of. being killed in protests against his will. french finance minister christine lagarde looks set to take the top job at the international monetary fund one of her main rivals the head of kazakhstan central bank has quit the contest for the post only the mexican bank governor and constance of hoops to end the year on the nation of the i
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bet if elected the guard will become the first woman to head the organization and its sixty five year history. air traffic in chile and brazil has been brought to a standstill. option in south america has also affected air travel in origin you would walk over train terminals and resumed operations after three hundred flights were canceled early in the week i thought he said eruptions expected to wend in the coming days. time now for a russian close up series where a star on the team travels to offer such a. yes christian churches are a culture of prosperity the magnificent crop of this response to the very we explore one of the most mysterious sites. and it's. because
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of the causeway so it is a question of it as. we continue our exploration of the north as such in a republic and this time we'll visit a unique historical area the village of dar govs or ask the locals call it here the city of dad's now the cemetery has almost one hundred asian stone cripps where people that lived in this area buried their loved ones along with their belongings and now this valley stretches for over sixteen kilometers and is a real open air museum for eternity as they say this land helps them imagine life down here four hundred years ago meanwhile day to day life continues in this area along size this images of the past now watch our report to find out more three hours drive through a dangerous sneaking road he outlined in the mountains and tough trip but it's worth it there are
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a lot of different legends and myths around this area in the past locals try to avoid going to the city of dallas they say anyone who dares to get in will never get out alive and even now there are hardly any tourists around this place which might be more to the difficulty of getting here rather than any death curse. indeed times of the plain meaning people who is no one left to breathe would come to the crew and wait for the damn priest mansion about the city of the died at the beginning of the fourteenth century the ancestors of the. xanthian settled down on the five mountain ridges with the land was so expensive they were forced to choose the windiest and most unserviceable place to build a cemetery these days the area now provides a huge opportunity for archaeologists items found at the cemetery have been treatable professionals and local amateurs these days the surrounding area me once
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again be alive with agriculture and opportunity it is been deserted by people in search of a different lifestyle. for our local ascension our shot of august this is a devastating fact he has built his own hydro power plant that provides him and his family without an atrocity but he doesn't know who will inherit his legacy. with the idea was born over ten years ago and it took me several years to build it from scratch i used everything i could possibly find i call my bench in a freeflow wheel but what i see now is that people are leaving half of our village left in less than ten years. believes the only thing that can reverse the situation is the creation of the necessary infrastructure new roads new jobs and new opportunities to stop people leaving
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a young people may be attracted to the bright lights of the c.d.'s the locals leave their leaving behind a truly unique part of russia the land of the north of here if they're around it by mountains males and while driving along with no one can run into a courage or if more mark go on doing into the thinner father gulag lap he said girl lived to live hand this monastery the highest situated in russia connex they passed out the presents the church was only build some six years ago but it stands nieto word the dates back to the sixteenth century during the official is celebrations over ten thousand people come here for local christians this place is unique maybe because of association and nobody knows after spending several hours here it really feels like this mountainous area and there is the past with the present and if you listen hard enough you can almost hear the full fathers of a society are singing their songs by the fire they are gods and the republic of the
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north is that it has also kept the memories of the times when this place was famous because struction office setting defensive towers well there were as of this buildings can still. visine on the slopes of the mountains that surround this area and the biggest remaining tell work is over fifteen meters high now to talk more on the historical importance of this area for he said i'm now joined by a local residents that you know not to go or thank you very much for joining us so that in and tell us why do locals still consider this place as a special area well the place is really spectacular and nearby this beautiful landscape here is the city of the dead steeple still value people still respected. many tombs in those tombs people to hold translations of one family in to every family had each own up to and what kind of interesting objects were found you
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know all for were found at the summitry well i think the most soon for same thing here is this the so-called goats because in many cases the remains of dead people were found in wooden blocks even in the biggest reverse it's impossible to sail here so why people very badly in that boats it's you know as you know nobody knows it's a secret where everybody is so all right thank you very much that was that we are not sick of our local residents meanwhile our team continues to bring you the latest picture of life down here in russia's north caucasus in the republic of north and south asia. indeed the main stories in a few moments here on arts here starters.
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