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civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive for merely wildlife in antarctica is a place that you live and from the. expedition to the bottom of the earth are three. area without sea that's how to cut the headlights down it's six months off the major ethnic clashes took place in the center of muscat on the death of the poor fat mother of this you underestimated triggered by friday's murder of a national icon and former russian colonel who served time in jail for killing a chechen teenaged no. activists tried to draw media attention to a secretive meeting on some of the world's most influential because there are going to build a bit opened up to public scrutiny of gender of this its government reins on the
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new international monetary fund and then when it's the same thing even leapt over to. the next winter games host russia city of sochi is getting a major facelift of a show its infrastructure it's also cities a bit paralympic athletes and spectators with disabilities. we can't show must go out. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program we'll be taking a look at what to do in an emergency here in the russian capital firebrace i'm going to services plus
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a few others thrown in and we start off here ave building the european medical center. the private clinic has to locations the regional building the. metro and the building located me in prospect mira both are in the city center the e.m.c. here is the forefront of medical care in russia as one of the first private health centers in russia the clinic comes with more than twenty years of tradition and history. says that it has the country's best operating rooms and intensive care units saving the r twenty four diagnostic the common and comfortable inpatient and outpatient center children and adults looks like you are in safe hands with a team. we have very high so. we have many stops working around the clock. we have different. and although the center
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here is private things are looking up to state when hospitals and clinics to prime minister vladimir putin announce a large scale health care reform the shia. allocates billions of rubles in the next few years to prove health care in the country the aim of muslim will become a major european medical decision. for treatments and standards that so many state institutions have a long way to go. the m. c. on the other hand is a different story the european medical center has more than one hundred fifty doctors in both its locations i'm from english french german and spanish they speak a range of languages they also pride themselves in the best services and standards the latest technologies and western style personal approach.
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stuff the lets the older police as they are called be officially changed here now so for us it is i agree night school where the thought of them here in the russian capital well i can honestly say that having lived here for six years i haven't encountered bam once well until now all of my. soul and handbags traffic offense is lost close schools incidents like this happen in every corner of the worlds. it's useful for everyone to have a photocopy of your documents and related crime from the place if you have any travel insurance claims back our control room here is dealing with various issues from traffic problems to accidents to individual crime cases with this signature uniform tells of corruption in the history of strict control in the soviet times i agree it is easy to be scared of police force in russia my suggestion is to stay
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out of trouble if you ever encounter a complete global subject of bribes still comes up in twenty eleven i say completely stay away it's watch for me that again i drive. around the receiver which holds the key to the organization for the entire workforce over one hundred thousand people work in the place. i think that the russian capital is far safer than many other major cities around the world take her from me really well this call center here is staffed by twenty five operators number to call is zero to alice with the girls you can speak english however if any ex-pats overseas has any consistence while they are here it's also recommended that i contact individual embassies as well. responsibilities of all officers include gathering information from civilians calling on t. regarding accidents and crimes registering this information processing it and
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passing it on to territorial subdivisions who send the nearest police cruiser the scene. so what other services are now in because so much is far from risky sentences of many kinds of emergencies including building collapses and potential radiation and chemical attacks teams are also trained to work on cars airplanes and railway accident scenes one of the priorities of the rescue is is to rise to manage the site as soon as possible as many lives to be saved the first state is provided immediately. in a city with busy traffic it's not always easy to get around in this case the status of a special rescue teams and fleet christmas cycles. and
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the reality is it's high rise buildings. some of those who need help on the other fools special rescue equipment can be used by dishonorable and security stylists it rises up to ninety meters. out of course let's not forget about for like a rescue is like these train dogs that help find people. today our center includes twenty two division wins a special feature a center business incorporation of professionals to ferry tough locations farming and race cures. in the summertime many people trying to get to the cities beaches
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and lakes to rest relax and swim across the water can often becoming a nice but also dangerous. with this in mind most current search and rescue service . a special teams dealing with pollution accidents in the water competitions among such lifeguards are often organized not only testing the rescue skills but also helping them train until faster in real emergency situations. one of the most unfortunately is impossible to guarantee a high level of safety and everywhere in the russian capital the four hundred thirty eight various water reservoirs including one hundred fifteen school rivers and streams there are stretch of the moscow river alone in the city's territory seventy five kilometers it's difficult to go to all of them so we asked people to smoothly in those waters where security can be avoided.
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and that it should that needs help there are various but only clinics in the city center which you can call twenty four hours a day and that's the point at the clinic or even college opposite your apartment. this one here is located next to the famous old circus and for. the animals are being treated by the very special vets here for almost a century. of a dog or a cats can't complain that they got a headache or that they don't feel well so the most important thing is to find out what's wrong with the animal and make the diagnosis correctly for that's we make all the oratory tests needed and also provide such examinations x. rays ultrasound and others. millions of people live in moscow probably hundreds of buildings and the fibro days have to work out in this city like other thriving capitals has its has its hands charms.
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i've been invited to take a look at the station here. it's calm and relaxed the next day can be friendly to okinawa chaos and whatever town of the. whatever the temperature outside these guys are always ready for a call out. for getting. in russia the number you need is zero one zero one hundred fifty five stations in the capital this one. has roughly seventy guys working on various ships they have six fire trucks. as equipment that can reach up to fifty meters it's not just fine but the team has to deal with as a call outs. from people stuck in elevators assisting in traffic accidents training is an important part of anywhere in the world. often. to keep up their skills. only flight flames we have all the responsibility such as
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rectification of consequences to traffic accidents while helping people have themselves inside apartments functions only. rescue as of the. potential for. a big issue in the russian capital to the devastating situation and smog last summer he sees the law. is about prevention rather than actual. living a. city such as moscow involves taking many sensible precautions to avoid misadventure . most ex-pats will never need to use the medical police fire emergency services in russia if you have a calming full of thousands of trained officials have dedicated their lives in helping the people. times of the phone call them one thing is clear everyone is out there ready. so that's how we have on this week's program on
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emergency services here in moscow i'll see you again at the same time next week for more adventures around the russian capital and tell them for me and the rest the critter. by now. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain.
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these days there's nothing easier than opening up a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. san antonio in trouble. the problem you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling a daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable outlet you tell me that that sells what democracy public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. wild kings go mad their people suffer. hollow some take advantage of power that was given to them. the secrets of big dirty money
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. on our cheek. thank you. the close up team has been to bill graham richard thank you for the turning point i'm bringing more to. this time r.t. goes to the region where half of the area is occupied by a nature preserve. where the young generation transit in their ancestors. where the mysterious city of a deadlock world come to the republic of the century russia. keep.
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it six months since major ethnic clashes took place in the center of moscow following the death of a football fan the other view on rest may be triggered by friday's letter of a nationalist i called a former russian colonel who served time in jail for killing a chechen teenage girl. activist tried to draw media attention to a secretive meeting of some of the world's most influential figures struggled to build a group he opened up to public scrutiny the gender of this year's gathering remains on the. international monetary fund at that place to say europe in the leaves on the table. for the next winter games host russia city of sochi is getting
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a major facelift to make sure its infrastructure and schools facilities are off the paralympic athletes and spectators with disabilities. and the sports news now with andrew fowler. hello there thanks for watching the sports in the other headlines. now with the scars brazilian strike in minutes twice is the army man preterit full trying to stay on top of the premier league. show defeat world number one rafael nadal is not datapoints by the stronger. to lose the man to catch in memphis. for the u.s. . now it is just got to stay on top of the russian premier league this morning scoring twice for them in a four to win away to terry last night. before the break thanks to see if you can
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you got the first mid-way through the half and a few minutes later wagner love added a second. young men didn't let up either after the break honda added a. great strike from him before love wrap things up with another minutes to go. however terry did manage to launch a mini fight back to quick goal from yosemite chio through the game and. that is to the green in five games terry. well angie just behind here scar on goal difference they spot. brazilian legend roberto carlos the lights in the home crowd bringing in one of his trademark free kicks on twenty minutes of the thirty eight year old captain was instrumental in his side second as well galloping through the spark like
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a fence to set up along the. curb and also keeping up the pressure so just a point of drift after coming from behind twice to three to retrieve. it. in the school for this is the heart for now but two minutes before half time to see the thrower a level the school. remains. then in front again now six minutes into the second half but quarter of an hour later troy levelled the score again. elsewhere at the normal welcomes any all the drama with a for the end bank allows the vix presented to head with eight minutes left but the referee added four minutes of stoppage time and alexander's cement of money levelled just seconds before the final whistle. meanwhile i became early struggles
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in the interim coach flooded me. to draw away their feet. incredibly scoring the second go on in these many years early on his so-called scoring efforts and the look. and tone that mike seem to call then added to this is why it's making it so you know after thirty seven minutes the muscovites got back on track in the second half seeing at each taking advantage of a brilliant pretty. big match here seventy four minutes not yet himself then benefiting from a great by veteran last call to celebrate a goal of his own in the eighty first meet to see how they. and the other not any other games that spot i can see any finished goal is to. create cereal and class tonight after a three one win by the rough stuff so
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a quick look at the top of the table. i think that we are discarded in the way that they are being pushed by angie and good and well there were tears guys do have a game in hand and this is how the bottom half. the table looks. clear propping up the rest of the things. take my word for it here we go. are struggling that see that important twelve points for them from twelve. now after trying for the french open world number one rafael nadal has suffered a shock defeat ahead of wimbledon the spaniard not down to the quarterfinals at queen's by as you were free to tsonga and it out started well enough taking the first set on a tie break. but in the second it was the stronger growth to take control and six four and by the third i was looking a bit weary three week exhilaration in paris losing that six games to one song
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wrapping up the match in just over two hours. no problems over only roddick who is on course for a record fifth title in queens the twenty eight year old his usual dominant cell phone survey against and under the basque oh and at the first set six two and then the second by the same scoreline i wrote enjoying himself from the back of the court as well in the second where he will play a pretty decent number one andy murray in the semi's after his apparent change with group with an ankle injury. and britain's number two is also in the last fall jamie ward who drank two hundred fifteen in the world beating frenchman albumin in a manner the no in three sets you free next. so there we go confirmation of. those quarter final types.
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now but tennis players are trying to hit some form ahead of wimbledon golfers are trying to find make a head of next week's u.s. open and it probably carson who has a three shot lead at the halfway stage of the st jude classic in memphis he started the day i showed off the leader soon seized it for himself for birdies before the turn doing the trick and he continued that ridge for over the last night hold to carter nine in the past six to try things he has a two shot cushion over cold notes and keegan bradley and city garcia seen here fail to make the cut despite a moment. defending champ and world number two lee westwood is eight shots off a little. while on the european told robert rowe who is leading the italian open he was consistent throughout and finished. his round in style with a birdie at the eighteenth he's a straight ahead of fellow englishman chris wood and two saluting from netherlands well there's a string of plays two shots off the leading clearing francesco molinari and teenage
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prodigy matty i'm going to see it had a bit of misfortune when his ball it down clarke's watch this. looks like a great shot but then he picks up or a shot penalty unlucky. now rescuers have traditionally been an ever present guaranteed really big glory for russia the sport's international governing body deciding to recognize those achievements declaring twenty eleven the year of russian classical wrestling that. takes up the story. russia and its predecessor the soviet union are unquestionable leaders on the olympic medals tables for a combined freestyle and greco-roman wrestling here at the headquarters of that glory and the heroes whose names mark milestones and history of wrestling are being celebrated the hall of fame will remain in switzerland for a year and will go on tour of russia shortly before the london olympics the most strong finish and the most so for the federal reserve the more important reserve
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time they were. writing through their version called not only the russian revolution of the first thing i offer you are the. olympic champions representing several generations have a right for the grand opening commemorating the great evil googly a man who is spectacle it's so popular olympic events there were many after him like alexander met day alexander karelian and even and yet again to name just a few and love for their country was one common trait but it was patriotism pure patriotism the work you did give you pleasure he excelled and it was great happiness with it if only glory or the pay was purely symbolic the russians are keen on promoting their model of wrestling all over the world while the national team still rules on the mat and is expected to sweep the poles human loved and wanted twelve the federation is after another trophy and that's making this sport popular in bailable everywhere the course of the domination leads to stagnation in
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thinking a lack of development that's why we decided to establish an international recently academy and more school which will bring together the best minds and theorists of wrestling there will be a training center attached to the academy one designed to transfer a sling the world over. while other nations commitment to wrestling is never underestimated the russians always treat anything but a first place as a loss a sentiment echoed throughout the who's who of wrestling history at this event. it must be our fate is a stream really pounds promotes it all over the world that's one of our national interests but we mustn't relax even a rivalry let me tell you this i don't believe we should ever completely lose our world lead for reopening of the international academy of wrestling in moscow is some time away what the global order ship agreements between the international wrestling federation and its russian counterpart has been in place since two
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thousand and eight and it's all a part of a program called white and when created with the help of russian business is aimed at supporting the sport. among other things were donated to many countries organize joint training sessions and seminars champions and different countries who not promote the sport who are responsible for the popularity of wrestling. because peroration between russian and international federations all thought so seeded wrestling styles is invaluable for the development of all of this force throughout the globe promotional events training seminars for athletes and coaches and staging of international events are just some of their projects and the collaboration of the year twenty eleven is the year of russian classical wrestling it's probably a well deserved recognition romana koester of reporting for r t from there they switzerland and finally we will end with a go camping nightmare for weeks to come this is reaction seven division in
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fleecy row enter a shootout with ten men roshan on the line for pay sites the home fans forced to watch in despair as the last penalty taker player takes the cross well which of course lies the key and jelly however it would be a case of hero to zero is the forward had no intention of stopping until it's. all the way back over the line lots of backspin on the ball but that aside swinging the momentum with that i'd try to play missing its own subsequent shot and easing the crucial game so if we want to get to mr and jelly. over sport or a bit later.
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