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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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all. three months since the deadly earthquake hit japan and crippled the fukushima power plant there's still no end in sight to the country's radioactive crisis. positon coming up with. activists try to draw media attention to a secretive meeting of some of the world's most influential biggest demanding to
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build a bird could be opened up to public scrutiny. plus the next winter games host russia city of sochi is getting a major facelift to make sure its infrastructure and sports facilities are fit for paralympic athletes and spectators and disability. and online broadcasting live from moscow you're watching our table in the program. it's exactly three months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit japan causing widespread destruction and leaving some fifteen thousand people dead a nuclear crisis that followed shows no sign of abating as mediation continues to leak forcing tens of thousands of iraqis into crowded shelters across the pond in short almost as in tokyo where underage the situation is spilling onto the streets
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. we are in front of the to fill orders which is the company that is responsible for the profession but. we just had a meltdown as a result of the devastating earthquake which had been a month ago in fact that three month anniversary now across the street from the. road to paratrooper want to support if we're. going to hear demonstrating if i think we're starting to come up immediately behind you right now peacefully protesting their power that's it's time to say it's time to switch to clean energy but we can do is a lot of anger against the government and against the itself because in this past week it is coming to light. in the initial phases after the disaster lied about the figures about did not supply patient was coming from that you could switch a plan because it could be possible because the melt down there could be fire but
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it isn't just come to light is that they cut those numbers by as much as a half. what was the real radiation that was being emitted from the great also by. a light recently that the reactors experienced meltdown. concerns about appreciation in the area being more than what was it here. and also the concern about the contaminated water that was used. as workers are in there right now as we speak still trying to you know three months later. it's a little bit. here. last year old retiree's if you add my god years ago. under just many of the. country still such service. workers in the seventy's for gallantry to
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go in and do a lot of cleanup. well. it's been a very big three months we've gotten permission coming out in the country much worse. and we're just going to. go to the congress. today it's going to go on and we're going to. get some of the people back in their home. from thomas reporting well here with our story ahead this hour an unlikely alliance. look at how often the jews in new york are joining a chorus of palestinians to monitor any state of israel. join the closeup any time one of the best musical locations russia's caucasus mysterious the city dead. some members of the u.s. congress have reportedly received a letter from colonel gadhafi saying he's ready to negotiate
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a ceasefire authenticity or that has not been confirmed nato air strikes continue to rock tripoli comes as well from daughter. french president nicolas sarkozy and they took an intentional killing to members of parliament and it was we can strike the name of balance official claims but the alliance now considers the target. sister about the regime change is not an objective of the operation but american political journalist and is on the cover says the west clearly doesn't want the sentence and that. the other day the international crisis group which is independent fairly reasonable group of. diplomats and so forth said that they in turn nature exercised the way it's been conducted this ensuring the crew on geisha you know what is it internationally illegal enterprise. is make here. more
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difficult to have any settlement which is obviously true what is just a spill is to see the collusion of the international criminal court which the day after the accelerated raids last tuesday immediately came forward with these new accusations of his crimes against humanity and ensure national rate program which has been denounced as almost certainly untrue by the state international just now but what it really is is testament to the futility of the entire military operation it's clear that the the rebels have no military cloak whatsoever but the decoration on the nato into prose which is true overthrew the government of libya and our website r.t. dot com where we're asking how you think you should lose all of us well over sixty percent think the intention of the floor. laughing at your people forty percent saying. they are competent partner one percent say ground forces will solve the
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situation. out. and should send these reasons to. travel in secrecy and invite only well. underway in switzerland the annual gathering of the building has attracted strong protests conspiracy theories parties and already it has been following the meeting. the exclusive ski resort of sam rick thing june is perfect build territory out of season and crucially practically deserted there are two hives of activity in town though one's the luxury hotel subrata where around one hundred thirty of the world's most influential politicians businessmen and sovereigns are meeting behind closed doors and the other in a much cheaper hotel where concerned activists are determined to break that wall of
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secrecy down they've set up what they believe is the world's first alternative media center they'd work for mainstream outlets too but they're not here just not enough. western media not enough from the u.k. it's it's quite appalling news agency has just released surveillance of this year's attendees and on the list is the chancellor of the exchequer george osborne i would have thought that makes it use other build a boat regulars include david rockefeller the editor in chief of the economist magazine the greek finance minister and the president of the world bank all rumored to be here this year unlike another regular former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn on bail in new york for an alleged sex attack there has been interest from the swiss national press this year bill de burgh which is widely believed to support big government and economic consolidation runs entirely contrary to the swiss idea of independence local government and neutrality manfred
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petritsch has run a successful campaign to that effect playing on the reported ten million euro tax pay a bill for securing the spanish builder. except that a private meeting because that's what they call themselves a private meeting security has to be. by the taxpayer and i think a lot of people understand that especially when the government. well we don't have money for this. and here we go and it costs a lot of money to secure this private meeting of these people the agenda is secret along with everything else but is it believed to be deciding on who should replace their friend d s k at the top of the i.m.f. that was concentrating on how to save the euro which was leaked agendas show their brainchild we don't want to be. but these are all the things that actually
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create. is a construct of. the euro is a construct of. this building is different from spanish securities much lower key first start and there's no kilometer wide cordon around the hotel but secrecy still dominates with process to say even this with government of attempting every year there are more and more activists and increasing media attention they're saying if you told us what was going on we wouldn't have to speculate. and keep you updated on the build about meeting on our twitter feed actually tweets that so far who's the only international news child inside it's stream media since we ignore any of it was sent to underscore com to stay on top of the balance between incidents. the conflict between israelis and
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palestinians in the middle east still shows the sign of a peaceful resolution but in new york there's a group of ultra orthodox jews who devoted to the palestinian struggle has neither started they believe an end to the state of israel is the only solution. every rally. every demonstration. every opportunity to voice opposition. with. a particular course of orthodox jews who wants forces with a loud choir of palestinian supporters. the collective voice is otherwise gone as notorious ultra traditional jews are religiously opposed to the creation and existence of israel. wants it is has latched itself was not. a moment of zionism which is the.
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behind the state of israel and it is my job to be the star of david according to rabbi dovid rice jews were exiled from the land of israel because of their sins their tory karcher worshippers believe restoration of the land should only happen with the coming of the messiah until then we don't. have that. according to work or to israel and zionism are in direct conflict with the torah the campaign for israel to be dismantled and the holy land returned to arabs who originally occupied it and it sure can best be understood within the confines of east williamsburg brooklyn which comprises the largest community of orthodox jews in the us an inclusive neighborhood dressed in traditional modest clothing defined by a large families of up to twelve kids here you speak yiddish eat kosher pray three
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times a day and display no flag of support for israel rabbi dovid feldman says activism plays a strong role in the religious life of new tory courted jews and this includes meeting with leaders of muslim countries or. what use they can host. problem with occupation which we have with. an agreement that has raised eyebrows members of new tory carter have spoken several times with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who they call a peace loving leader. we've publicly praised turkish officials and even traveled to the country last year visiting injured activists following the israeli raid on the gaza flotilla. very often overseas demonstrations against israel have
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turned violent from london and montreal to the middle east a glittery and bruising backlash has transpired critics have classified natori courted jews as extremists and israel supporters deemed them as traitors even here in new york city it's not like your. rabbi weiss is familiar with the dangers and that's around. ready to go live to see it it's very it's not easy a life devoted to their faith even if it means facing contempt every step of the way. archie new york on a stronger pro is ready to be in the u.s. is leading some critics to say washington is not a fair broker in the middle east peace process that's going to check out the section on the website american contributor not found that's why some of us senators are on the up losing their homes going to school two state solution.
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if. but determined that wheelchair user making an epic crossing from russia's east to west has reached its final destination in moscow examine the question on his journey from that he was stuck in the middle of april since then he braved around eleven thousand kilometers by hitchhiking with his trip down to. start the hardships which included fall into a ditch and xander says he's happy to have made new friends raising awareness of disability issues but it's also the goal set by the paralympic games to be held in two thousand and fourteen in sochi results he's done his blog he reports the city has begun preparing a welcome for the sake of their needs from around the world. is it easy for
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a man in a wheelchair to travel to sochi a tough question for the mayor and his aides as the city's preparing to host the two thousand and fourteen winter paralympics he asked russia's paralympic champion mikkel today in chief to inspect seoul cheese newly built airport. i actually like that this place is one of the few airports in russia that has lived a device that helps to civil passengers to board the plane through the city however they are is used to require attention and i'm sure they'll be dealt with. all newly built ice rink steady and ski posts and sochi are equipped in accordance with strict paralympic standards but in the city itself with its aging infrastructure still the lot has to be done to comply sochi sidewalks shops and restaurants are also undergoing massive construction to comply with strict standards so that nowhere is off limits and even though competition such as ice hockey and alpine skiing will be healthier from the city center thanks to the games will be more
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accessible for people with disabilities living in lusting legacy for locals of visitors alike russia's paralympic squad topped the overall standings at the vancouver two thousand and ten winter games with thirty eight medals twelve gold silver and sixteen bronze we spoke with russia's paralympic champion. as he was preparing for the three week training in sochi. we're proud that russia will be hosting the paralympics it's good when the games are being held at home other hand it's a great responsibility we just can't move. the first paralympic test events in skiing and biathlon will be held as early as next year drawing unprecedented international attention to the small russian town so for most people here it's a chance to show their hospitality to the special guests creating a comfortable barrier free environment the first of its kind in russia and also
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a great opportunity to see the russian paralympic team in action. r t so choose. but that was stories we're covering are always available for you online at r.t. got com as well as blogs unique video clips and expert analysis posts there for you right now it's based on what russian military officer and the nationalist icon that's being shot dead in moscow the. costs are bundles of the true cause are like a pocket musket using metal bars it's good news and homemade explosives were the first such rampage in the capital the details about right nancy got. stuck a brief look at some other headlines around the world combinations are closing for the head of the international monetary fund
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a french finance minister christine lagarde looking set to take the top job one of her main rivals the head of kazakhstan central bank has quit aquatics passed out in the next governor will stay in the stands to end your pain domination of her i bet if elected but god will become the first woman to help you organize ation in its sixty fourth district. at least forty people have been killed in a massive flooding sweeping central and southern china disaster has also misplaced tens of thousands destroying houses and infrastructure across the region among the stranded the children trapped in a school surrounded by not an interventional rainfall that triggered the floods forms the worst drought john and seen decades. but time now for our russia close up series where the start of a team travels some of the city. christian
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churches cultural prosperity and back with an ancient acropolis as the city of the dead they will look into one of the most mysterious since the gods and its dark legacy drives. we continue our acceleration of the north the south the republic and this time with visit a unique historical area the village of guard dogs or ask the locals call it here the city of the does the cemetery has almost one hundred asians don't cripps people that used to live have buried their loved ones along with their belongings this valley stretches for over seventeen kilometers and there's a real open air museum for a saturday and they say that this place how does them imagine live down here in this area four hundred years ago meanwhile day to day lies continue along sized
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images of the past. three hours drive through a dangerous sneaking road in the mountains and talk to troops but it's worth there are a lot of different legends and myths around this area in the past locals try to avoid going to the city of dallas as they say anyone who dares to get in will never get out alive and even now there are hardly any tourists around this place which might be more to the difficulty of getting here rather than any death curse. in the times of the plague many people with no one left to grieve them would come to the crypt and wait for the. first mansion about the city of the gods deeds branch at the beginning of the fourteenth century the ancestors of the sangean sons and down on the five mountains. ages but the land was so expansive they were forced to choose the windiest and most unserviceable place to build
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a cemetery these days the area now provides a huge opportunity for archaeologists items found at the cemetery have been treated both professionals and local amateurs for example few people knew that the bodies were buried in actual balls a wide considering none of the rivers here were in navigable well now it's believed as such and start in order to get to haven't they sold the departed had to cross a river these days the surrounding area may once again be alive with agriculture and opportunity but is being deserted by people in search of a different lifestyle. for our local ascension our share of the audience this is a devastating fact he has to build his own hydro power plants that provides him and his family with our tricity but he doesn't know who will inherit his legacy. of a vehicle with the idea was born over ten years ago and it took me several years to
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build it from scratch i used everything i could possibly find i call my bench in a freeflow wheel but what i see now is that people are leaving half of our village left in less than ten years. so i believe the only thing that can reverse the situation is the creation of the necessary infrastructure and new roads and new jobs and new opportunities to stop people leaving young people may be attracted to the bright lights of the c.t.'s but the locals leave their leaving behind a truly unique corridor fresh up the land up north of here if their rounded by mountains and health and while driving along with no real details one can certainly run into a courage or ethanol mark landing into the theory it bothered you were gay who let his circle live to live hand says that this ministry of the highest situated in russia connects the past and the present the church was only build some six years
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ago but it stands nieto word the dates back to the sixteenth century during the if and celebrations of the ten thousand people come here for local christians this place is unique maybe because of its location nobody knows after spending several hours hand it really feels like there's knowledge in this area and there is the past with the present and if you listen hard enough you can almost hand the full fathers of a society singing their songs by the fire to talk more on the biggest oracle importance of this area for assassins i'm now joined by two words idea being that all of the guys you find this is here in north or south yet thank you very much. for joining us so why do you think local still consider this place as a special area well garcia is a village located high up in the monsoon the border just valley where it is is a set of. it's known for its broad police or silver that is recalled and what it
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is is a sort of groups where people used to go with me in case they were contaminated was with some infectious disease like plag lord tuberculosis and you know their religious would bring them food and you can still see the little small place there and actually there are there are boards of the dead and dressed in medieval rolls and how some of these sites important diminished for the people well i can't speak for everyone else here but every time i visit there i get a lot of feelings and. one of the main feelings this that. i i really have to keep myself in check so to speak and not bring down the value set that i carry on to deal with me and those values are like dignity honesty
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modesty and all those other. good qualities of a human being all right thank you very much was that see more time we have be had i'll be guarantee fund which is based here in the north the south sudan and meanwhile our team continues to bring you the latest pictures of live down here in russia's north caucasus in the republic of north the south here. stay with us for the international headlines here on alt.
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it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption and i had just come. from san antonio and tom some of the problems you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations a cable outlet or you tell me that that sounds like democracy the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues the marching. while the kings go mad
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their people suffer. how some take advantage of power that was given to them. the secrets of big dirty money . on r.g.p. . to a substantial degree and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow is encroaching upon all over. me early twenty first century military bases a network of military bases all around the world forms legal empire that the united states is trying to build that's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million more than two hundred fifty thousand us troops stationed on these bases
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all around. we don't have probably bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in cross all bases afai there are the noises our north as it doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for this people. since the end of world war two the spaces i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the questions any of pickles get everything you needed. more news today vaughn.


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