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still no end in sight they have since played at the plant's operating company for hiding details of the catastrophes true extent. activists in switzerland tried to breach a wall of silence surrounding one of the world's most secretive and influential gatherings and they say they have a right to know what the builder birth group are getting up to. and alongside the twenty fourteen winter olympics the southern russian city of sochi is preparing to host the paralympic games undertaking major building works to make the city a more hospitable place for people with disabilities. next how do emergency services work in the russian capital find out in moscow.
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hello and welcome to the show on this week's program we'll be taking a look at what to do in an emergency here in the russian capital. services plus a few others. of the european medical center. the private clinic has two locations the regional building. and the building located near prospect. are in the city center the e.m.c. here is at the forefront of medical care in russia as one of the first private health. clinic comes with more than twenty years of tradition and history. says that it has the country's best operating rooms and intensive care units. twenty four diagnostic departments and inpatient and outpatient center children and adults. you're in safe hands with
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a team. we have. and all that the center here is private things are looking up to state hospitals and clinics to prime minister vladimir putin and on some large scale health care reform. allocates billions of rubles in the next few years to improve health care in the country the aim of most school become a major medical. treatment and standards that so many state institutions have a long way to go. sea. is a whole different story here medical center has more than one hundred fifty doctors in both its locations i'm from english french german and spanish they speak a range of languages they also pride themselves in the best services and standards
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the latest technologies and western style personal approach. changed here now some. might school have at the thought of them here in the russian capital but i can honestly say i have been if the six years i haven't encountered them once well until now. so in handbags traffic offenses last past incidents like this happen in every corner of the world. it's useful to everyone to have a photocopy of your documents and you'll need a crime reference number from the police if you have any travel insurance claims back out of control and he is dealing with various issues from traffic problems to
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accidents. crime cases with signature uniforms tells of corruption in the history of strict control in the soviet times i agree it is easy to be scared of the police force in russia my suggestion is just stay out of trouble don't argue if you ever encounter a complaint the subject of bribes still comes up in twenty eleven i say completely . it's worse for me than again i don't drive. around to see room which holds the key to the organization for the entire workforce over one hundred thousand people in the police force he said i think that the russian capital is far safer than many other. major cities around the world take power from me really well this call center here is staffed by twenty five operators the number to call is zero to answer the girls even speak english however if any ex-pats overseas need any place assistance while they are here it's also recommended that
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they contact the individual embassies as well just in the responsibilities of all officers include gathering information from civilians calling on tea regarding accidents and crimes registered on this information processing it and passing it on to territorial subdivisions who send the nearest police crew to this scene. it's. so what other services are not in the capital has five rescue center deals with many kinds of emergencies including building collapses and potential radiation and chemical attacks teams are also trained to work on cars and railway accident scenes or the priorities of the rescue is to rise to the site as soon as possible as many lives can be saved if it is provided immediately. in
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a city with busy traffic it's not always easy to get around in this case a few special rescue teams and fully equipped motorcycles. the reality is it's high rise buildings. so for those who need help on the upper floors special rescue equipment can be used by dishonorable executed stylists which rises up to ninety meters. and of course let's not forget about the rescue as these trained dogs that help find people.
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twenty two divisions a special feature of the center. of two very tough cookie patients farming. in the summertime many people trying to get to the cities beaches and lakes to rest relax and swim part of the water can often be calming a nice but. with this in mind must go search and rescue service. a special team seeded with pollution accidents on the water competitions among. not only testing the rescue skills but also helping them train until faster in real emergency situations. unfortunately is impossible to guarantee a high level of safety everywhere in the russian capital. hundred thirty eight various water reservoirs including one hundred fifteen school rivers and streams stretch of the moscow river alone in the city's territory seventy five kilometers.
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some people to suit his west security can be avoided. and that it needs help there are various battery clinics in the city center which you can call twenty four hours a day and get an appointment at the clinic or even call a doctor at your apartment. this one here is located next to the famous in the cooling system for. the animals to be treated by the very special vets here for almost a century. a dog or a cat can't complain of headache or that they don't feel well so the most important thing is to find out what's wrong with the animal and make the diagnosis correctly for that's we make all the tests needed and also provide such examinations x. rays ultrasound and others. millions of
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people in. hundreds of buildings and the fiber of a. city like driving capitals has its. charms. i've been invited to take a look at the station here. it's calm and relaxed the next day can be to organized chaos. hundred fifty five. to fifty.
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people. in traffic accidents. in the. police. are
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trained. in helping the people. one thing. at the ready.
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oh. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. you can involve in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet you told me that that sounds like the microsoft public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching wealthy british style.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline to cause a report. in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph brin straight the university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for. growth in human beings and put it into a mouse. gone all the main risk issues all genetic and there is a ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are rooting for the produces side and only five percent are really genuinely independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume
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which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if a trench genic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population you don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states legislatures throughout the world who voted all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what could be more important than deciding on the permanent genetic future of life on earth. party's top stories in tokyo thousands demonstrate for clean energy three months after an earthquake triggered the focus human nuclear crisis to which there's still no end in sight and they have slated the plans operating company for hiding details of the catastrophes true extent some. activists in switzerland trying to breach the wall of silence surrounding one of the world's most secretive and influential
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gatherings and they say they have a right to know what the builder broker group are getting up to. and alongside the twenty four two winter olympics the southern russian city of sochi is compared to host the paralympic games undertaking major building work to make the city of more hospitable place people with disabilities. kate is here next with a sports update. hello welcome to the sports news this saturday and here's a taste of what's coming up. love is all around the brazilian strikeout bags a brace of the army men in full to attract to top the russian premier league. defeat joe will plead song that comes from a second down to you know well number one rafael nadal out of queens. looking in memphis robert cullison is the man to capture this in june classic as the world's
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best golfers prepare for the u.s. open. the first russian football where wagner love scored twice as tesco one four two it to wreck to stay top of the premier league this weekend has got work to no luck before the break i like to say due. to the first twenty minutes. and forty one hour later love to the second. the only men didn't let up after the break either case to keep on that quickie adding a third. before we wrap things up with the second with ten minutes to go for nails to the visitors. however it side didn't want any fight back to quick goals from jersey so they finished fourth two but that she was tasteless in five games tara slipped she said bottom. line angie i just behind tesco on goal difference after winning two no it came to second bottom spot technologic brazil legend roberto carlos delighted the home crowd by
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banging on his trademark free kicks after twenty minutes the thirty eight year old captain was also instrumental in his side second galloping through the sparta defense to set the young men back to make it to know the man hours. thank you and also keeping up the pressure at the top their third just a point to drift off to twice coming from behind win three two at home. i'm caught we keep the roof off open for this just a half an hour. but in the half time last seen the trailer equalized. indicated by mr of thing again just after the restart but after sixty six minutes try a level again before setting up the evil course for the winner will just three minutes remaining and memorable three to victory because they stick to searching. for the elsewhere money just enough dinamo welcomed champions in a to moscow all the drama or say for the end of each bit zimmy to head with eight minutes left for the referee added four minutes of stoppage time xander smeared off
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managed to level just seconds before the final whistle to meet it to force to mamma to fix. the last call that a new appearance record for top flight matches in the russian soviet leagues it was a game number four hundred thirty three for the lockout of captain as his side two to two f.c. top it was also the first game in charge for the first interim manager thirteen women off and started badly for his team forty minutes in the now gone by a endeavor to split second terms have never stood and i don't and terms maxine can only cough then added to the visitors were expected to know officers seven minutes however the muscovites side got back on track in the second half so he had yet church making it to one with fifteen minutes to go. at the slough smacked in the equaliser from outside the box with ten minutes to go to two was how it finished. and another game spot at versus rubin finished goalless
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a vulgar beat bottoms likely a setup to nail that question about up tonight after a three one went up last fall so after a lot of us have a quick look at the top of the table to scar leading the way but being hard pushed by angie and although they do have a game in france one of the bottom clearly are propping up the rest of the teams followed by spartak now jake pecker also struggling dead third bottom just twelve points. from twelve games there they are. meanwhile former world champion sebastian vettel suffered a hefty crash during practice for sunday's canadian grand prix and the red bull driver wasn't the only one struggling in montreal the german was in trouble going into the chicane before hitting the barrier hard in his first practice run and the day was disrupted again after more crashes adrian sutil snapped a suspension here and his force india car but there were no problems for fernando alonzo his ferrari was the fastest finishing his second run the thirty second because vettel recovered well from that earlier crash russian was eight fastest in
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his relative. measure g.p. katie stoner who is posting the fastest times ahead of the british grand prix he was quickest during practice it's the recent on friday when marco simoncelli had the second best time for a tricky conditions on the track with a mix of sun and rain storms on the team twelve. tennis now and after his triumph at the french open world number one rafael nadal has suffered a shock defeat ahead of wimbledon after the spaniard was knocked out in the quarter finals at queen's by joe wilfred tsonga no doubt started well enough taking the first set on a tie break but in the second it was stronger growth to take control of step six for. i preferred the darkness looking weary after his three week exertions in paris losing that six games to one song that wrapping up the match in just over two hours. so no problems there brandi roddick who is on course to record this title at
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queen's the twenty eight year old his usual dominant self and serve against fernando verdasco and took the first set six two and then the second for the same scoreline what it enjoying himself in the back of the court he's playing britain's number one andy murray in the semifinals after his opponent now in chile withdrew with an ankle injury. so this one progress now with local favorite murray the fastest. blocks want to marry. and britain's number two is also in the last four jamie ward who is ranked two hundred fifteenth in the world beat french adrian mann early though in three sets and will play to the songa next. while the tennis players are trying to hit some form ahead of wimbledon the golfers are trying to find their game ahead of next week's u.s. open and its root cause and who has a three shot lead at the halfway stage of the st jude classic in memphis he started the day a shot of the lead but soon sees it for himself for bert is before the turn doing
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the trick and to continue that that richard for over the last nine holes on a nine hundred sixty five he had a two shot cushion over colt nost and keegan bradley sergio garcia seen here fail to make the cut despite a moment of brilliance defending champion and world number two leader westwood was eight shots off the leach. now that you say it's never too late but returning to the olympic games in your late thirty's is something you don't see every day but this is exactly what swimming champion janet evans is aiming to do america's former great is just a year shy of forty but evans is back in the pool issues taking part in a first competitive meeting the first time fifteen years her ultimate goal is qualifying for next summer's along with london lympics in the freestyle swimmer retired after one thousand nine hundred ninety six atlanta games with five olympic medals and seven very records under her belt one of those had stood before the beijing games three years ago and another such weight would be a big undertaking with the quite expensive part of the game and insists age is just
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a number. i've got in shape really fast and i've been doing really well and i certainly don't feel like i was forty one in the pool i feel kind of like i used to and i think i'm in pretty good shape. funny to basketball and there are currently only two russian players in the n.b.a. and they carry lanka is a household name at utah jazz while his young actress to a famous golf is just making headway with the denver nuggets and have caught up with them on a return to moscow. despite it's not quite making it to the top of the bill just yet city my famous golf had already managed to make the headlines in north america he became part of a blockbuster multiplayer trade saw him move to denver nuggets and carmelo anthony to the new york knicks well mozzies new team were knocked out of the first playoff round in the n.b.a. giving him an opportunity to visit home and prepare for the upcoming european championship in lithuania winning the continental trophy in twenty eleven will mean
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automatic qualification for the london olympics you know. i can't make any promises in regards to the euro basket but i can say that i'm sure the guys will perform at their best and no one will cut corners and i think that the foundry cure langkow joins us will have better chances because of his experience to be a great help. despite leaving russia mas golf still has a large fan base at his previous club called mozzie keeps in touch with them through his online blog and those lucky enough may even catch one of his master classes in the russian capital but where are the fans most dedicated in russia or the united states. when i played for khimki i saw the same people at all the games it was a group of fans who form the majority of the audience and even followed the team to other cities in regards to the n.b.a. well they might have something similar though i personally never came across such a thing you just get a full audience of people who come to support
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a team but i never saw such a thing in the us when an organized group of fans would take up a large share of the audience and root for their team and. the fan support is not the only difference between the russian basketball league and the n.b.a. the american schedule is a more intense with regular season games sometimes held four times a week so the studying of the opponent shot practice or simply warm up takes center stage during practice providing plenty of room for individual skills. it is team play no one negates that but compared to europe it is somehow more individualized i would say the game is based on single players who play one on one and win it they may score a goal just make a pass european basketball not to mention russia is slightly different people try to find other solutions to the difficulties that arise during the game. the russians will be hoping to qualify for the london olympics by winning the european
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championship in september it's hope that both russian and be a stars andrei kirilenko and to more famous golf will be available to help the team a little. to quiet individual skills from the united states and their home bred team play is expected to be the winning formula. of r.t. moscow. and that's all sports news but now we're back again until last time i see it. the latest in science and technology from the realms. we've done the future covered.
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line in motion would be soo much brighter if you knew about song from phones to pressure. from stunts on t.v. dot com. in tokyo thousands demonstrate for clean energy three months after an earthquake triggered the focusing on nuclear crisis which there still no end in sight. activists in switzerland tried to breach the wall of silence surrounding one of the world's most sick.


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