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these are the images though seeing from the streets of canada after. operation. if you just joined is a very warm welcome this isn't cheap coming to you live from the russian capital top stories this hour is exactly three months since the earthquake triggered the fukushima nuclear disaster and the japanese government under fire from people in the streets angry about the concealment of the true extent of the process. in switzerland activists are struggling against a media blackout surrounding one of the world's most secretive and influential gatherings failing to shed much light on what the bill the bird group is arctic. and another playing field for all the southern russian city of sochi under six
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major construction efforts to provide better access for people with disabilities ahead of the twenty fourteen paralympics. we're talking about when they are the summary of the news for in about fifteen years from now meantime hunt emergency services work in the russian capital you can find out in our moscow our program that's next on our ticker. hello and welcome to the show on this week's program we'll be taking a look at what to do in an emergency here in the russian capital riot police i'm going services plus a few others thrown in and we start off here at the new building of the european medical center. a private clinic has two locations the
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regional building the. metro and the building located in prospect mira both are in the city center the e.m.c. here is at the forefront of medical care in russia as one of the first private health centers in the clinic comes with more than twenty years of tradition and history. d.m.c. says that it has the country's best operating rooms and intensive care units saving beyond twenty four diagnostic departments and comfortable in patients an outpatient center children and adults looks like you're in safe hands with a team. we have very high strung. we have many stops working around the clock. we have defense. and although the center here is private things are looking up to statement hospitals and clinics to prime minister vladimir putin and on some large scale health care reform the shia pledge
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to allocate billions of rubles in exchange for years to improve health care in the country the aim of most who will become a major european medical destination. for treatments and standards that so many state institutions have a long way to go. the m. c. on the other hand is a whole different story the european medical center has more than one hundred fifty doctors in both its locations i'm from english french german and spanish they speak a range of languages but also pride themselves in the best services and standards the latest technologies and western style personal approach. make stuff all the police as very cool be officially changed here now some of us it
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is i agree right school however the thought of them here in the russian capital but i can honestly say i have been if you have the six years i haven't encountered bam once well until now color me. stolen handbags traffic offenses last post incidents like this happen in every corner of the worlds. it's useful if you want to have a photocopy of your documents and you leave a crime reference number from the police if you have any travel insurance claims back home to control him he is dealing with various issues and traffic problems accidents to individual crime cases with this signature uniform tells of corruption in the history of strict control in the soviet times i agree it is easy to be scared peaceful in russia my suggestion is just stay out of trouble so you know you if you ever encounter a complete global subject of bribes still comes up in twenty eleven i say
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completely stay away it's watch for me and again i drive. a rugged no receiver which holds the key to the organization of the entire workforce over one hundred thousand people work in the police force that said i think that the russian capital is far safer than many other major cities around the world take her from me really well this call center here is staffed by twenty five operators going to call is zero to alice with the girls even speak english however if any ex-pats or businesses in any place assistance while they are here it's also recommended that i contact that individual embassies as well just no responsibilities of all officers include gathering information from civilians calling on tea regarding accidents and crimes registering this information processing it and pass a new tone to territorial subdivisions who send the nearest police crew to the scene.
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so what other services are not in the capital moscow is far from risky sentences with many kinds of emergencies including building collapses and potential radiation and chemical attacks teams are also trained to work on cars there and railway accident scenes or the priorities of the rescues is to rush to make the site as soon as possible as many lives to be saved as first aid is provided immediately. in a city with busy traffic it's not always easy to get around in this case the service of a special rescue teams and fully equipped most cycles. and the reality of moscow is its high rise buildings. so for those who need help on the
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upper floors special rescue equipment used by this high level executives and stylists it rises up to ninety meters. and of course let's not forget about for like the rescue is like these train dogs that help find people. who they are center includes twenty two divisions a special feature a center is in some corporation of professionals of two very tough locations firemen and rescuers. in the summertime many people trying to get to the city's beaches and lakes to rest relax and swim across the water can often becoming a nice but also dangerous. with this in mind most current search and rescue service
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. a special team seen with pollution accidents in the water competitions among such lifeguards are often old guys chasing not only testing the rescue skills but also helping them train until faster than we have emergency situations. but one of the most yeah unfortunately is impossible to guarantee a high level of safety and everywhere in the russian capital the four hundred thirty eight various water reservoirs including one hundred fifteen school rivers and streams stretch of the most the river alone in the city's territory seventy five kilometers it's difficult to go to all of them so we asked people to swim only in those waters where security can be avoided. and that it should it needs help there are various reconnects in the city center which you can call twenty four hours a day and get an appointment at the clinic or even close to opposite your
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apartments. this one here is located next to the famous old circus and for. the animals to be treated by the very special vets here for almost a century. of a dog or a calf can't complain of a headache or that they don't feel well so the most important thing is to find out what's wrong with the animal and make the diagnosis correctly for that's we need to treat tests needed and also provide such examinations x. rays ultrasound and others. millions of people live in truly hundreds of buildings and the fire brigade after work out in this city like other driving capitals has its has its charms. i've been invited to take a look at the station here one minute it's calm and relaxed the next they can be
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trying to organized chaos and whatever town of. temperature outside. in russia the number you need is zero one zero one hundred fifty five in the capital. on various ships they have six trucks. as equipment that can reach up to fifty meters it's not just. to deal with. from people stuck in. traffic accidents training. anywhere in the world. to keep up their skills. flames we have all the responsibilities. traffic accidents all helping people have.
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a rescue as a. potential. big issue in the us you counsel to the situation and smog last summer. is about prevention rather than. living of. precautions to avoid misadventure. to use the medical police fire emergency services. if you have a common full of the thousands of trained officials have dedicated their lives to helping other people. times of the phone calls and one thing is clear everyone is out there ready. i'll see you again at the same time next week for more adventures around the
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russian capital for me and the rest of the critter. by now. it was created to serve public interests to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening up
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a new media outlet but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of collage. san antonio and from a. beacon involved in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper the radio stations television stations the cable outlet that you told me that that sounds like the most of the public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues marching. while the kings go mad their people suffer. hollow some take advantage of power that was given to them. the secrets of big dirty money . on our cheek.
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jump to your social anti out like a shit your body phone on i pod touch for me i choose apps to. launch all cheesed life on the go. video on demand policies my old costs an r.s.s. feeds now with the palm of your. questions on the job calm. cool mind stream cascading from mountain slopes to view is miss mirage. brings down the speed of more than four hundred kilometers per hour. which stepped in the avalanche and all. the.
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lines in the ocean would be so much brighter if you knew about song from plans to crash in these. homes please for instance on t.v. dot com. top stories this hour nancy is exactly three months since an earthquake triggered the fukushima nuclear disaster and the japanese government under fire from people in the streets angry about the concealment of the true extent of the crisis. in switzerland activists are struggling to get some media blackout surrounding one of the world's most secretive and influential gatherings that cost any light on what the bill the bug is up to. and a level playing field for all the southern russian city of sochi undertakes major construction efforts to improve access for people with disabilities ahead of the twenty forty parents. the news continues with me in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime kate is next with the latest in the world of sports.
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well this is false news and here are the top stories. thousand days ago the can down for the sochi winter olympics it's a key landmark as a games i'm past that provides inspiration for the disabled. while imperious andy murray cruises past for time champion andy roddick. beat tsonga beat outside a james woods to reach the final at queen's. under growing start you know the fall about motor g.p. champion continues to sizzle on the track by taking pole position for sunday's british grand prix at silverstone. but first there are one thousand days to go before the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi and russia's world record holding swimming champion unless that deacon are spent the day meeting physically challenged people and talking about how she overcame her own horrific injury to
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become an olympic champion as robert but only on reports. they jeanne cooper thousand and eight at berlin big games will russia's illicit will begin a struggled and so the new world record in the women's one hundred meter breaststroke was even more marketable is that the twenty three year old leads to just five months after she had lost her left arm in a car accident while she was in holding in thailand and prior to that had contemplated quitting the sport her victory was a triumph of mental strength and she's always really be sure the thoughts are with those who desperately need it the swimmers know embezzler for the switches one of fourteen olympics and with one thousand days to go to the games is good disabled people in one of the most was rehabilitation centers and the chance to see and hear firsthand all it takes to excel the challenge of overcoming injuries and winning.
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sport is what brought me back to life and made it worth living i managed to return to swimming and win the paralympics that's what inspired me and gave me strength i discovered any world new people and you goals to achieve having got to know a lesser. in the engines of whole band which consists of hearing impaired youngsters even those who once might have lost hope might get it back. i believe it's my duty to share my experience and views with anyone who is interested no matter if they have disabilities or not but some of them it could be really encouraging i know it works as i've seen it with my own eyes many times. it's very nice if i may say she's a great example for all of us some people would have given up but once they saw her and yes story they didn't check out this change of life so well done on lisa. this point your achievements made it would still call people like elizabeth you know
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this siebold well in many respects they proved to be. the all of us. were tea and skilled tennis now and andy roddick won't be adding a record this queen's club title to his collection after the american crash that local favorite andy murray in the semifinals in west london queens is one of roddick's favorite tournament started before time champion could do little against murray it was the faster out of the box the world number four breaking roddick straightaway to seize the initiative and the scot never looked back beating roddick with his own weapon the american is known for his big serve because only a paltry three aces snatched thirteen minutes to the first set six three two thousand and nine champion went on to wrap it up six three six one in just under an hour and an error prone roddick failed to find his way back into the match . was. well next
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up america's joe wilfried tsonga who notched up fourteen aces in his straight set win against local hopeful and world number two hundred fifteen with james more after using the first set six three the lesson and britain picked up strong resistance in the second set he stormed to a four one lead but still lost it in a tie break so some of that will be and interest first title in over twenty months after also humbling world number one rafael nadal in the last eight. i. probably there are now in qualifying for sunday's canadian grand prix is about to get underway in montreal and champion sebastian vettel is the man to catch after posting the fastest time in final practice the red bull driver suffered a hefty crash during second practice but recovered well after that's to take control of the pre race build up with rory joe of fernando alonso and really famous eclipse second full fastest respectively is no in between the german coming and
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head of mclaren boys jenson button and lewis hamilton russian the goalie petrov was based fastest in his red. hot emerging g.p. former champion casey stoner has taken pole for the british grand prix it's over so you're straining piling more pressure on. the defending champion starting from third place on the grid it is motile someone truly pulls it to stoner is just seven points behind the red zone in the standings. that's a russian vocal where wagner love scored twice as states got one four two at that to stay top of the premier league this weekend this cat would soon a lot before the break thanks to say do the rest of the first after twenty minutes . worth of later love added the second. and the argument didn't match up after the break either the city owned weekly insert. before love to wrap things up with his second with ten minutes to go cornell to the visitors. however it's that i didn't own it and the fight back
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to quick goals for this year sealed the game finished. but the pictures test past thirty five games. slipped to third quarter. and then here just behind on goal difference after winning to nil at home to second bottom spot and now to brazil legends of regrets and cost delighted the home crowd as. his trademark free kicks after twenty minutes and the thirty eight year old captain was also instrumental in his side's second galloping through the spotlight defense. against the wind while now. and people are also keeping up the pressure at the top there first just going to drift after twice coming from behind to win three two at home to i'm caught dimitri bello who can open for the business after half an hour but minutes before half time in a try or equalized the key to been is there off then gate and populate again just after
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the restart but the sixty six minutes try a level again the second that you can call the winner in just three minutes remaining you could find a memorable three two victory and pass to thirty. manageress my welcomes champions any to moscow all the drama stay to the end thank i was a bitch but xeni to head with eight minutes left before the referee and. full minutes of stoppage time summits near the monitor level just seconds before the final whistle to meet the stick to force the am i to fit. and elsewhere to set a new appearance record for top flight matches across both russian and soviet leagues it was the number four hundred thirty three for the la county captain and his side you see tom it was also a tragedy of his interim coach with india. but it's not exactly for his team forty minutes in they're not going by have endeavored to score the secondary goal in
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terms of never scored it right and actually munich off of it should be just as well as by making it to know after thirty seven minutes however the muscovites side got back on track in the second half then he got richer making it to one with fifteen minutes to go. it's like nothing i've smacked in the equaliser from outside the box but ten minutes ago too to see how it ended. and another game starts like vs regime finishing goal this is all the bottom is likely as i bethought me to nail cost and are up tonight after a three one win at last but. i'm fine he's a basket ball and for months after his move to denver twenty four year old center to fame as gough was starting to make headway with the now gets in the n.b.a. before the close of the season back on a visit to russia wrong course or if it went to chant eye to eye with a two meter sixteen centimeters in petersburg native. that. despite its not quite making it to the top of the bill just yet to my famous golf
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had already managed to make the headlines in north america he became part of a blockbuster multiplayer trade as saw him move to denver nuggets and kermit laughing so the new york knicks well mozzies needs team were knocked out of the first playoff round in the n.b.a. given him an opportunity to visit home and prepare for the upcoming european championship in lithuania and winning the continental trophy in twenty eleven will mean automatically if occasion for the london olympics. i can't make any promises in regards to the euro basket but i can say that i'm sure the guys will perform at their best and no one will cut corners and i think that if i enjoy cura manco joins us we'll have better chances because of his experience and be a great help despite leaving russia still has a large fan base at his previous club called he keeps in touch with them for his online blog and those lucky enough may even catch one of his master classes in the russian capital but where are the fans most dedicated in russia or the united
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states. when i played for kim k. i saw the same people at all the games it was a group of fans who form the majority of the audience and even followed the team throughout the city in regards to the n.b.a. well they might have something similar although i personally never came across such a thing you just got a full audience of people who come to support city but i never saw such a thing in the us when an organized group of fans would take up a large share of the audience and root for that same. sansa board is not the only difference between the russian basketball league and the n.b.a. the american schedule is more intense with regular season games sometimes held four times a week so the studying of the opponent shot practice or simply warm up takes center stage during practice providing plenty of room for individual skills. it is team play no one negates that but compared to europe it is somehow more
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individualized i would say the game is based on the single players who play one on one and win it they may score a goal just make a pass european basketball not to mention russia is slightly different people try to find other solutions to the difficulties that arise during the game. the russians will be hoping to qualify for the london olympics by winning the european championship in september it's hope that both russian and be a stars and break it ankle and to more famous golf will be available to help the team a little ania acquired individual skills from the united states and the home bred theme play is expected to be the winning formula remark author of ardsley moscow. and that's all the sports.
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