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and. three months on from the fukushima nuclear catastrophe in japan public anger at the concealment of the true size of the disaster spills on to the streets as people demand action to end the ongoing crisis. the government is not providing proper information and people young and old want to move the truth. powerful dangerous and possibly illegal bats through you have activists protesting against the secretive meeting of some of the world's most influential political and financial leaders will build a bird conference. and he takes a look at large scale modernization the russian city of sochi is undergoing to make
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the twenty four thousand paralympic games easily accessible for participants and spectators alike. six am in moscow i met treasurer good to have you with us here on r t our top story it's three months since a huge earthquake struck japan triggering a devastating tsunami that killed tens of thousands it also caused the worst nuclear disaster in decades at the fukushima reactor to mark the day a mass demonstration was held in tokyo protesting against the use of nuclear power and the concealment by authorities of the real scale of the accident or he's sean thomas. that is three months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami which rocked japan and devastated the fukushima region of course creating the nuclear disaster at the tepco daiichi power plant where we now know that three reactors
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have melted down and possibly melted throughout today is a very interesting day at the temple headquarters in central tokyo thousands of people have gathered some here in support of your power believe it or not and thousands more who are walking the streets and organized protests carrying signs and banners and shouting out slogans or through loudspeakers against nuclear power saying that there needs to be alternative sources of energy of all this of course in front of the temple headquarters the company responsible for the daiichi power plant and one of the reasons why this is important is that within the past week new information has come out saying that tepco at the initial phases of the disaster lied about the amount of radiation that was coming in and tried to downplay the situation saying that the radiation levels were not as bad that there could possibly be a meltdown then of course this past week it was revealed that they cut those numbers in half in fact. the government is not providing proper information and people young and old want to know the truth of the. situation with the radio ads
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and missions has not changed in the last three months nothing has changed since the very beginning the communities devastated people have no homes there's no place to walk everything is destroyed also coming to life is that the nuclear fuel not only melted down but possibly melted through the inner containment vessels and into the outer stainless steel linings which is a much much more serious problem one thing that people are worried about is the amount of radioactive water that is in the area this is the beginning of the rainy season and people are worried that with more rain that radioactive water will then still out any flooding in the area causing work attempt also people are very angry about the children their schools which are contaminated is. well right now you are supposed to higher levels of radiation than they ever have been in the past and they have to stay inside in sealed buildings without the ability to play outside it's also very hot. possible. for their average officers are one person from the
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prime minister sharon has actually been saying that he will not subject his grandchild as he didn't she is a concrete officer safety business which will run children to so the exact results of these higher levels of radiation of course our goal is in our key crews to go into the fukushima zone and we're going to go in with some cleanup crews and see how that process is going right now but from so if you know sean thomas artsy. residents of the stricken fukushima district and those who live nearby have not only faced radiation exposure but also social stigma that's according to professor robert jacobs from the hiroshima peace institute. there are still people living in areas where there's high radiation and there's children going to school in areas where there's high radiation and so there's been a reluctance to move as quickly as possible and a lot of people from the fukushima area who even people who were born there that live in tokyo are experiencing discrimination in japan by people who consider them
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toss up be contaminated even though radiation is not transferable to other people but there are a lot of problems ahead if i could give you one quick example in august there's a very important holiday inn and called in which everyone returns to their hometown because the spirits of ancestors come to their burial places where their ashes are interned and the family welcomes them these people exclusion zone will not be able to observe this religious holiday and welcome there the spirits of their ancestors who return and only when people find their own able to carry out their familial obligations for decades because they can't return to these areas people tend to blame themselves even if there are structural reasons so there needs to be some work done to help people through not just the radiation exposure but the social breakdowns that follow radiation exposures in communities switching gears now several u.s. congressmen have received a letter apparently written by libyan leader moammar gadhafi it thank the statesman for being critical of president obama for a u.s.
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involvement in nato military intervention the authenticity of the note has not been confirmed meanwhile the alliance forces kept up there are strikes near the country's capital are legibly wounding a senior aide earlier the u.s. and its closest allies britain and france called on other alliance nations to commit themselves more deeply to the struggle but germany spain and turkey main targets of the appeal referred to offer other solutions with the prime minister of turkey offering the libyan leader a safe exit going to radio host and author stephen landman person most interested in resolving the conflict his khadafi himself. the little one of conflict in the first place we did it he responded to it washington and nato will be here again it does the risk of course he wants it in he was a cease fire he doesn't want any of this to go war on the west. he wants
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losers he wants him into conflict washington and nato absolutely do not want to to lose your independent observers on the ground including for a u.s. congresswoman greencard a presidential candidate he said you know we get it. conferring. original force and nato but i mean these chileans mess casualties mess destruction is you reduce me this miss neves out of here and. you're reading began the image loose the hiding the truth. our website our t. dot com we want to know how you think libya's deadlock can be resolved so far nearly two thirds of respondents think nato should withdraw sixteen percent say things should continue as they are until the conflict eventually ends eleven percent think only ground forces will resolve the situation and the same about feel the u.n. should send in peacekeepers and split libya into. stay with us here on r
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t still ahead artie's a resident hits the streets of new york for opinion on the recent cyber attacks on sony and master card. it was speaking to your heroes because they can solve. everything they are they are from the front all of his security systems that as well as a few less positive takes on the hackers are coming your way in a few minutes and we'll also take you to a city unlike any other. there are a lot of different luncheons and mystery around this area in the past locals try to avoid going to the city of dallas and they say anyone who dares to get in will never get a lawyer or rush or a close up team braves the city of the dead to bring you were reports from the mystical and mountainous south of the country. but first it's an annual gathering of the political and financial elite and it's a veil of secrecy is enforced by an army of security guards and this year's annual builder bird conference is being held in switzerland and taxpayers are ending up
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footing the bill even as europe tightens its belt and forces through tough austerity cuts attendees range from royalty to top c.e.o.'s and it's also wonder if you're dishing old news blackout or if you snore a mint reports from sun or it's. as this bill is about meeting has progressed here in summer it's in switzerland more and more processes have turns out to say they don't want it to happen hit big camping out outside the hotel showing up in numbers really from all over the world they're all swiss people look to sleep i will say make germans swedes and even americans who've come all the way hey i've got to report on what's going on just to praise test here with their feet on the ground in person some of the people behind me say that they have been subject to great harassment by the swiss police threats of deportation i think that they have varying degrees of suspicion about the building group some say that they are scheming behind closed doors trains. the new world order but some just want to
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point out that in many countries it's illegal for elected officials to meet in secret in these kinds of surroundings let's hear what some of the protesters told me because swedish attendees the politicians are according to swedish law committing diplomatic treason. if they were sentenced if they were judged and sentenced they would be imprisoned for ten years to life according to the people think it's a conspiracy theory but in fact this is just the ignorance of the people we've known for a long time pretty much what's been going on there. and it's definitely not good for humanity not good for the planet. you know i don't want my kid growing up to be a slave in the new world order to be honest this is not the only protest day about kilometer away down in the town of the young swiss station lists have turned out again to process in fact they dismiss the people behind me they say
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a lot of the these people are essentially a crackpot conspiracy theorists but what they're here to say is this meeting goes against everything that they perceive to be switzerland that neutrality the transparency that they want to promote here in switzerland just isn't evident in the dealings of the build group the economic crisis is a resort to stupid policy of to be conference and global leaders we're seeing more democracy. and also in the economy of this year's meeting in switzerland does look like a different affair from last year's in situ in spain there are more processes here there's also more media attention a lot of alternative media journalists have turned up to try to report on what's going on although r.t. is the only international news station that's represented here so we are seeing will protests we are seeing better organized protests than we saw last year better organized media facilities so it does look like if there is momentum. carried all
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the bills about a comfortable meeting in secret like this very much so got over my colleague bill dodd spoke with investigative journalist tony gosling who believes the media blackout of a conference is acceptable given the far reaching decisions made by the attendees. it is pretty obvious to me that this is the complete most convenient way to distract attention to say the sort of mix up this very important meeting with other silly kind of spurious conspiracy theories i can tell you my blood is boiling at the lack of coverage in the western world if you had all of the leaders of the main banks in the west all of these royalty all of the chief executives as well as people like george osborne with his treasury team there i mean we're talking about an incredibly important meeting even if one of these groups with a meetup together it would be on our headlines but since they're all in the same place you would expect more coverage i mean even in the gaza going to get down there it's great to ask you but isn't that the choice of the group they want
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a media blackout so they can discuss openly and honestly amongst themselves without being reported erroneously or whatever they don't want the media to be there is that right. well they don't want the media that's because i think what they're up to in there is absolutely is no good we have to look at what nato is up to this is very important to understand the very close links between nato and the building it was set up around about the same time as nato just after the second world war by the cia and the council on foreign relations who've been talking about this during and after world war two and the idea that this organization is not important not important enough for us to know about this country is just ridiculous around the western world because what's happening here is we are spending our years voting in local and general elections and this arrogant bunch are choosing our party leaders so it almost doesn't matter which way we vote we still find this secret artificial consensus which is cooked up at these build a bird meetings spreads out around the world and it's not just me saying that this
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is will happen who actually went to one of these meetings when he was still the editor of the observer newspaper here in britain. for more on all of the stories we're covering can always log on to our website and of course there's plenty more a click away at our team dot com building this working in tandem russia's president joins the country's prime minister on a bike ride to discuss social and economic issues. some of new york's ultra orthodox jews joining the palestinian struggle calling for the dismantling of israel and. for a tad more provocation was the murder of a russian colonel said the killing of a chechen teen a good story got ethnic tension or simple or abandon all of those and much more i don't got caught.
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that indomitable spirit a man with a physical disability makes the eleven thousand kilometer trip from russia's far east to moscow all of the electric more ability scooter alexander passion started his journey from the pacific city of lot of all stock in the middle of april since then he braved several injuries and a few for but stayed on course toward the russian capital despite hardships alexander says he's happy to have made new friends along the way where raising awareness of disability that's also the goal set by the paralympic games to be held in sochi in twenty fourteen as our he's done a lot of the reports the city started preparing a welcome for disabled athletes from around the world. is it easy for a man in a wheelchair to travel to sochi for a tough question for the mayor and his aides as the city's preparing to host the two thousand and fourteen winter paralympics. russia's paralympic champ in the field to inspect newly built airports. i don't see length of this police as well as
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the few airports in russia that's being pushed into place and hopes to see the passengers to board the plane. throughout the city however there are issues that require attention and i'm sure they'll be dealt with. all newly built ice rink steady and keep lists and sochi are equipped in accordance with strict paralympic standards but in the city itself with its aging infrastructure still a lot has to be done to comply sochi sidewalks shops and restaurants are also undergoing massive construction to comply with strict standards so that nowhere result and even though competition such as iceland hockey and alpine skiing will be held far from the city center thanks to the games sochi will be more accessible for people with disabilities living in less than legacy for locals and visitors alike russia's paralympic squad topped the overall standings at the vancouver two thousand and ten winter games with thirty eight medals twelve gold silver and sixteen bronze we spoke with russia's paralympic champion both as he was preparing
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for the three week training in sochi we. were proud that russia will be hosting the paralympics games are being held at home. here and it's a great responsibility we just can't lose. the first paralympic test events in open skiing and biathlon will be held as early as next year drawing unprecedented international attention to the small russian town so for most people here it's a chance to show their hospitality to the special guests creating a comfortable barrier free environment the first of its kind in russia and also a great opportunity to see the russian player olympic team in action. r t. spanish police have arrested three men believed to be involved in carrying out cyber attacks on government saying companies including sony and mastercard suspects have been identified as members of the worldwide group anonymous this week our live show host takes to the streets of new york to gauge people's attitude toward
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hackers. so many intend out even the f.b.i. it seems like no one is safe from hackers these days i do you favor punks heroes or villains this week let's talk about. speaking they are heroes because. everything they are they are from. the security systems so what if a robber a bank robber is technically a. professional enough to get into a bank does that make him a hero to. and goes into certain things and the government goes into certain things probably i would put that on the same level as i would someone who goes in and hacks into a site to be on their hot cars which are fighting for some kind of ideological points and harpers were just doing illegal activities. i think just to make.
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careers and it's done really to open the lens to things that should be oh i don't have that much of a problem is that it's so subjective though why are we entrusting thieves essentially making that kind of a judgment call. that's a strong word well they're going to say give people some information good or bad will if you're if you're going to taking a lot of credit card numbers and credit card accounts and doing that type of thing and you're using that information again hurt private citizens. i don't think that's a good thing if you ever had your personal information had i have actually yeah. and i felt. so violated in trying to control the information that's out it's just. it's an awful feeling oh i think it's going to get worse much worse because i have five daughters ranging from twenty three down to twelve years old and they're you know they don't think anything's ever going to happen to them and
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they're out there with all of it in even though the warnings here and there the next generation so i've had you caught them putting stuff out there you like don't put that out there and your ass is cell phone numbers yeah whether you think hackers are villains or heroes the bottom line is if you have information in a database someplace in thirty years i tend to target. taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe spanish police have this for the rally outside city hall in madrid is the mayor takes office for a third term almost a thousand people turned out and protest over corruption in your thirty's failure to have a financial crisis demonstration follows a wave of protests are crossed the country triggered by growing unemployment and economic hardship. in pakistan more than thirty people have been killed more than one hundred injured in two bomb explosions in the northwestern city of peshawar
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according to police the first blast went off just after midnight in the area home to newspaper offices and army housing a more powerful explosion set off by remote control hit the same area only minutes later the attack happened as afghan president hamid karzai and cia director leon panetta were in the capital islamabad for reconciliation efforts with the taliban. refugees from syria have been pouring into turkey after the syrian government stepped up efforts against the rebels in the city of sugar most residents have reportedly abandon the area activists say more than thirty people were killed in clashes between government troops and protestors turkey has vowed to keep its border open for for the. in refugees. and off the libyan coast a group of environmentalist service rupturing the work of tuna fisherman a ship from the sea shepherd conservation society used fire hoses and speak to hamper the fishing fishermen responded by laying a rope in front of the activist vessel the conservation is say they're trying to
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find out if the boats are pushing illegal. time now to follow our close up team to the mysterious and beautiful russian republic of north a set yet to discover some of its best kept secrets. elaborate churches agriculture and a magnificent ancient necropolis called the city of the day today we look into one of the most mysterious sites in southern russia the village of god or gods but it's not the area's dark legacy driving locals away as medina coaching over reports. we continue our exploration of the north as such a republic and this visit a unique historical area the village of guard or ask the locals call it here the city of dad's the cemetery has almost one hundred patients don't cripps where people that lived in this area vary their loved ones along with their belongings
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now this valley stretches for over sixteen kilometers and is the real open air museum for his thirty s. they say this land helps them imagine live down here four hundred years ago meanwhile day to day life continues in this area along size this images of the past now watch our report to find out more three hours drive through a dangerous sneaking road in up in the mountains and talk to troops but it's worth it there are a lot of different bludgeons and mess around this area in the past locals try to avoid going to the city of doubts they say anyone who dares to get in will never get out alive and even now there are hardly any tourists around this place which might be more to the difficulty of getting here rather than any death curse. indeed times of the plague meaning people with no one left to prove them would come
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to the cruet and wait for the dam first mansion about the city of the diet of the beginning of the fourteenth century the ancestors of the stanchions sons all down on the five mountain ridges with the land was so expensive they were forced to choose the windiest and most unserviceable please to build a cemetery these days the area now provides a huge opportunity for archaeologists items found out the cemetery had been treat both professionals and local amateurs these days the surrounding area me once again be a law if with agriculture and opportunity but it's been deserted. people in search of a different lifestyle. for local ascension our shot of god is there this is a devastating fact he has built his own hydro power plants don't provide him and his family without interest and that he doesn't know who will inherit his legacy. of a view for them the idea was born i did ten years ago and it took me several years
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to build it from scratch i used everything i could possibly find i call my vacation a freeflow wheel but what i see now is that people are leaving half of our village left in less than ten years thanks john believes that the only thing that can reverse this situation is the creation of the necessary infrastructure new roads new jobs and new opportunities to start believing the young people may be attracted to the bright lights of the cds that the locals there are leaving behind a truly unique part of fresher the land up north of that here if they were rounded by mountain fairy tales and while driving along with no one to confirm really run into a turret or if mall mart landing into the theory father get a lucky sticker life to live hand says that this monastery the highest situated in russia connects the past and the present the church was only build some six years
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ago but it stands in the entire word the dates back to the sixteenth century ago during the epiphany celebrations over ten thousand people come here for local christians this place is unique maybe because of historic ation nobody knows after spending several hours hand it really feels like this mountainous area marries the past with thousands and if you listen hard enough you can almost hear the few fathers of a sad singing their songs by the fire and i do not question what russia close up of the republic of north or south asia. stay with us here on our team coming your way in the next hour a special report on groups who say they're fighting to make u.s. airwaves more democratic here's a preview. it was created to serve the public interest to inform and to entertain. these days there's nothing easier than opening
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a new media outlets but there is nothing harder than revoking its license in case of corruption. when jurors were. standing. in front. of the crowd you can invoke in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the daily newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlets that you tell me that that sounds like the microsoft public opinion versus f.c.c. broadcast blues on r.g.p. we're back with a recap of our top stories in a few minutes stay with us here on our.
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twenty years ago it janus first president. in the midst of colossal change. setting a new direction for a new country. saluting the state of washington. for a mission free accreditation free comes for charges free from asia and
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free risk free stooge types of free. time the free month just caught in video for your media projects for free beyond on the hard teton tom. one stream cascading from mom's slopes to view is mesmerizing. in this beauty brings deaths at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers from. its step to the i'm a launch. played well for. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered.


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