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sentencing the states today. for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers. seven thirty am in moscow these are your artsy headlines three months on from the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan public anger at concealment of the true size of a catastrophe it's goes on to the streets as people demand action to end the ongoing crisis in march or a huge tsunami swept ashore eating tens of thousands dead and damaging the fukushima reactors. powerful dangerous possibly illegal that's the of the activist protesting the secretive meeting of some of the world's most influential political
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and financial leaders at the annual builder conference the group claims it offers a useful form of people in influential positions to discuss problems candidly outside of the media spotlight. and ours he looks at the large scale modernization the russian city of sochi is undergoing to make the twenty four thousand paralympic games silly excess of bull for athletes and spectators russia's paralympic team has long been near the top of the leaderboard at the vancouver two thousand and ten games they brought home a total of thirty eight medals twelve of them gold. up next a look behind the scenes of u.s. broadcast business here with us here on our. brooks jackson leads the pack camp team for the anybody school of communications they revealed misleading political apps coming from republicans and democrats alike just let me show you a few examples. well the obama ad. the fact is that corning plant shut down because it made old fashioned cathode ray
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tube t.v. to those that are being replaced by flat screen technology not john mccain's phone . this mccain aide is part of a pattern. for obama's actually proposing is a tax cut for most service eighty percent probably in a tax increase only for families making over two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year. pashley we call this a pattern of misrepresentation a pattern of deceit which is something we don't often say jackson says fact checking by news organizations in two thousand and eight has been better than in previous years still t.v. stations are making a lot of money from these t.v. ads we're seeing just unprecedented amounts of cash thrown at political advertising in this election there's always seemed to me that
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a television station that's making them so much money off of these things oh yes the audience the viewers a responsibility to channel a little bit of that money back into check and whether or not what's being said in those ads is true and why can't we just didn't ban all political television advertising because in one thousand nine hundred seventy five the supreme court ruled that money equals speech. not when we caught up with congressman john two little outside his two thousand and six when gresham debate with democratic challenger charlie brown what campaigns are just advertising driven advertising is horrendous very expensive. certainly electronic media is ridiculously expensive and that the best way that everybody wants to use my point is where to respect the first amendment says congress shall make no law bridging the freedom of speech and the fact of the matter is the part of the meaning of that is that you can control the means of making a speech you have to let people raise the money in order to be able to get their
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message out otherwise you affectively denied them the freedom of speech how much money will you be spending on electronic media in this campaign that is a trade secret it is an open secret that nearly three billion dollars were spent on campaign ads in the two thousand and eight election and the candidates they spent seventy five percent of their time fundraising for both candidates spent most of their time doing what race. and politics where's the money go right back. to we can stop those practices and suring the candidates are given free air time that's a very simple thing the gore commission that was done back in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine there is a proposal that the networks provide. and the licensees provide five minutes of airtime to candidates that went nowhere any free airtime proposal means less
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profits for broadcasters profits that according to the f.c.c. top forty six percent. want to merge with one of the best we've got an emergent devoted to real men we've got a. new yorker come up we've got have a good material and i know it was six degrees below zero in my not north dakota january eighteenth two thousand to seven canadian pacific train cars derailed at one thirty am creating the worst and i. ammonia spill in history just outside the housing track. a cloud of deadly gas was moving toward the town. police sergeant dave goodman heard the call and went to take a look it looked almost like. something out of a cheap for film it was just
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a large flower and it just appeared to be rolling towards mine i. thought. much emergency but. i am now. starting goodman needed his gas mask to wait but it was at home inside the poisonous cloud. wind of my driveway one emergency where. they had my watch here in the garage in utica getting my gas mask. and i got my family out of the the house now they were in extreme panic. and my kids are up for six and eight years old at that time you're down to twelve down and my kids where you'd be in the background so they were all concerned. and i know my wife has said several times that she was scared that she was either going to sit
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there and watch our kids die she can't breathe out there. i thought she was going to die in front of our kids. good bad word of them try going to neighbors but going outside was the worst thing to do we're all of the president we were going to and mike johnson fled their home and got lost but they got lucky the lundeen family rescued them our eyes and our know is in our throats everything was burning burning very near them to see. when she only does just fine if i sit on punch other and i'll get some tolls tomlin dean guided the families in. in his basement no lights no heat no information really on the radio you're doing. music dispatchers were advising callers to listen to their emergency broadcast station or to return to. katy did the radio time candy but a full hour after the crash there was still nothing on k.c.
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j j ok or any other radio station with that story out over the radio radio station every few days since eric. never heard nothing on the radio or the t.v. yet should be someone to record it but there isn't. here is actual footage from inside the patrol car that night listen carefully you'll hear the radio playing music. for. her to get a break here. but there were eight commercial radio stations in my not six of them including k.c. g.b. had been bought by one company clear channel they were programmed from twelve hundred miles away the satellites i got the radio on. and just going through a telephone k.c. g.b. who is the station for what at that time for emergency services or anything we heard on the radio was what time it was and the temperature what time it was and
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the temperature and that just gets old one forty one forty five to fifteen to twenty oh it was awful only the time in town that's all we heard over and over and over and over again. and country music i wonder what is your emergency why not police tested the emergency alert system the week before but it didn't work that night and i don't want your modem and cops aren't allowed to interrupt regular programming when they need to interruptions cut into advertising revenue only the president can do that. if we if we could have had somebody on that would have said stay in your home. we would have yes we would have our lives would be much much better we have lots of health issues now because we were out in there for twenty two minutes because we didn't know what it was no one could reach the emergency broadcaster by telephone clear channel was consolidating all six of its stations into one building and had cut the line just one broken telephone line meant no one
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could reach anyone at six different local radio stations if i wanted more don't think there is a man down in his right we have an affair of meeting him one night when i was just brands on canoe and he was my first ticket i ever wrote to and we became good friends at that time when what is your emergency we are seeking a person who is unaccounted for and has made his johnny grave digger no one has heard of him or seen him a good friend of mine. and so what do the c.e.o. of clear channel have to say a model like this and you're trying to compete to sell your customer products which is our business we're in the business of selling our customers products and through our audience is the advertising that we sell we hope that we do accomplish the end it is our absolute commitment to be a public service conduit to every single market that we're in which we do achieve
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in every single market that we're in and. broadcasters can neglect the public in other ways take the case of intercoms radio station in sacramento k d n d who sponsored a water drinking contest hold your we to win a nintendo we they think some twenty people and for the contest image why do you think you can you can hear it before you have to we. see why are we being like. during the show any number of people were calling in and saying look this is a dangerous stunt someone could die of there are people or hundred of them are taken from we die for one hour in time became aware that they say releases do not recycle the staff laugh their song off of a car is anybody is anybody die you know. about that. could make a family very. sure that we ultimately
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a young woman mother of three children who she was twenty eight years old i'm not mistaken. consume about two gallons of water. a lot of a get it for you ok you really don't know we. don't do much water and i had. the feeling you. know our day this is what it feels like when you're surrounded. just hours later and for strange died. the family's attorney asked the f.c.c. to take the radio station's license away but two years later the f.c.c. has done nothing with that intercom station instead it has rewarded intercom with fourteen additional station licenses let's look at it to wage you're going to come doesn't have the chain of command in which case why are they giving licenses or they didn't have a chain of command can they approve this idea why are we giving these people or
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radio license which why aren't we thinking about pulling some of these licenses away from them. today most people don't even know we can challenge stations license not one person in mind i did. in the instance of the rules or. not that i'm aware of. not sure exactly what you mean by that. but for a vice presidential candidate sarah pail and sure knows what it means that come january twentieth when i am sworn in as vice president you guys had better knock it off otherwise we'll have to get in b.c.s. broadcast license revoked let's go to the f.c.c. is website to find out how one does channel or to stations license plaisance carolyn's that gets us nowhere great you can surf around the f.c.c.
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is website forever but if you don't know the secret words you're never going to find it the secret word is titian so you can just ignore it. jamie agree and steve wilson spent thousands of dollars on a washington law firm to challenge w.t.v. keys license for violating the f.c.c. is news distortion policy so we filed a challenge to right since really based on the facts that came out of our case nothing new here we filed back in january of two thousand and five and here we are . many years later the f.c.c. has not ever gotten back to us with anything they've not responded they've not sent us our thanks for sending your complaint we're looking into it e-mail letter nothing zero absolutely nothing and you understand the whole premise that the airwaves are a precious commodity there are very few of them so to get these licenses broadcast
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licenses for free broadcasters are supposed to act in the public interest it's the deal they make providing that privilege that's their mandate and that's what the f.c.c. is supposed to be overseeing i haven't seen any evidence of it. ok time for a little more information about the f.c.c. five commissioners had the f.c.c. the president chooses three from his own party and two from the opposing party it was president bush who set the agenda through two thousand and eight in two thousand and three bush appointee michael powell tried to consolidate the media even further and wrote rules that matched the times if they got away with what they wanted to do you can involve them in a community where you have one large corporation controlling the building newspaper radio stations television stations the cable outlet. community their profits go through the roof i mean this is stripped down to one newsroom without
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any competition but you tell me that that sounds like the market it doesn't look good three of the five members this is the republican they were all pretty much on record as saying even before we consider any evidence i want to get rid of these rules and they got their marching orders but the public land out and rose up against us we understand we've got about three million people sway into the f.c.c. that's almost you know one in every hundred americans i don't even think that many people knew there was an a c c a lot how they get their information to us but they did they were really concerned about this not pauwels f.c.c. approved consolidation anyway i believe we did our job and i believe we did it well but grassroots media reform activists had a surprise for him so when the f.c.c. clearly didn't listen to the american public we knew that it was our time to act and so with the media access project and many other plaintiffs who joined on to our case we told the f.c.c. that we would sue them and we took it all the way to the third district court of
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appeals in philadelphia. court of appeals in philadelphia reversed the ifs and since decision and directed it to conduct a do over that do over there the f.c.c. had to hold more public hearings about consolidation they held six between october two thousand and six and november two thousand and seven as artists people spoke about corporate media looking popular musicians off the air really is the travesty of it is all these bands and all these people that have grown up in these communities listening to those radio stations it's just gone to me that is just the most anti-american thing i've ever heard in my life i think it's. it's all together so it's a business trip. to europe europe. treasures only. they don't treat you like the largest what about the demise of independent producers. well i would however the days of independent producer taking his or her
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created these men on a series or movie of the week to completion is a thing of the past in this democrats and republicans joined in opposition to more consolidated media but a competitor can start a local bank or a restaurant you just can't go in and start a radio or t.v. station. because the airwaves are finite and not only are they finite. their own not by the seller but by the people but on december eighteenth two thousand and seven dog republican members of the f.c.c. voted to allow broadcasters and newspapers in the same town to have the same owner allowing cross ownership may help to forestall the erosion and local news coverage by enabling companies to share these local news gathering costs across multiple media forms today's order amend the thirty two year old absolute ban on newspaper broadcast cross ownership. last time the commission went down this road the
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majority heard and felt the outrage of millions of citizens and congress and the court and they're hearing from citizens once again there's a new lawsuit from meatiest radio and media access project and a resolution to disapprove the f.c.c. vote by the u.s. senate we have visited this issue previously i think there is too much concentration in the media and the f.c.c. rule moves in exactly the wrong direction adding more concentration preventing more media consolidation is a bipartisan effort i look this is not a court decision we had multiple votes on full sides in the commerce committee when this was last discussed so there were people on the republican side on the democratic side it's not support of the initial not so with the fairness doctrine republicans are trying to make sure the f.c.c. can never bring it back so what is your legislation due to the broadcaster freedom act which i'm happy to report is now co-sponsored by every single republican member
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of the house of representatives and this taping run democrat would simply do this it would take the power away from the federal communications commission and to restore the fairness doctrine without an act of congress but there are new battles yet to be waged time after time and hearing after hearing people complain about licensing there must require at least half of all broadcast licenses in every market to go to a local interest local control doing otherwise violates the public trust you bell and i like to say that broadcasting is a lot like driving it's not a right it's a privilege and if i get caught driving recklessly endangering the public i do so my license doesn't matter if i own twelve hundred carps i. don't have the right to do this on the public airways. take their licenses it's
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a penny go for you right now how many people here would like to see clear channel lose six licenses for this kind of broadcasting. janie prieto her turn at the mike at the f.c.c. hearing in tampa w t v t s licensed in january of two thousand and five my husband and i challenge the operating license of the fox station right here in tampa we have proven in court the top ranks of management engaged in news distortion resisting had cause to search jobs more than two years later we have yet to receive any response from the f.c.c. on the status of that complaint so why is the f.c.c. ignoring license challenges it's the only tool the public has to hold stations accountable i called the f.c.c. to learn how many petitions to deny licenses they have and also with the last time they revoked any stations license i have been told it since one thousand nine hundred six virtually no licenses have been revoked at all and i try to confirm or
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deny that the. primary is wilson broadcast clueless how are you i'm fine thank you i'm following up on our conversation i don't know when it wasn't a week or so ago in terms of the numbers of petitions to deny. somebody is going to have it mary i mean with all due respect the only people who would have it would be the f.c.c. but it seems to me that they're not taking positions to deny very seriously if they don't even know how many they're getting very crowded thanks. oh she is not a happy with me at all. but she just hearsay i've asked the question and we don't have that information and that is. they are having who would as she say if you want to file a freedom of information act request to go right ahead. so that's going to be the
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next step was a girl's the press and public can use freedom of information act requests to demand information from the government they have twenty business days to respond. in the meantime janie finally got her response from the f.c.c. as media bureau remember how for a queen to win her case the judge told the jury she'd have to prove the station deliberately tried to distort the news at the ricci's and then w t v t said beds i think we are indicated on the finding of this theory the f.c.c. said they were confused whether w.t.v. t. distorted the news and in any case they would not be bound by some state court's decision or petition to deny it had been denied any key stand to the f.c.c. . commissioners time and broadcast journalist of twenty years currently a film about media issues broadcast lives on july sixteenth of this year i trialed
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a freedom of information act request with your media hero to find out how many petitions to deny broadcasting licenses are currently pending in front of the f.c.c. i also asked what is the last time any station ever had a license taken away. by law the f.c.c. is to sponsor me within twenty two days it has been four months i have heard nothing. if it tish's to deny licenses are the only means that we the people have to hold stations accountable to the public interest. if you will not stand up for read the people deny that mr you we the people are standing up for ourselves this is our idea and we are. gonna take it back. we're taking it back in our schools and in the prison it is i am here just to
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please please send. me an armored personnel let loose a little sleep we're taking it back for reporters to see the real jews goes third single is good which is more newspaper and were a t.v. series for the fall regarding a free country. you're fighting for the internet before being mediocre his whole life. we're putting up our own low power radio towers. remember the airwaves belong to us and we the people don't take the media back no one will. come.
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if you just. assume rights. and. most people. seem to. go. from the. these are. the ones.
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those. responses. in most countries have long. to see you have the rights but if you don't. eat. so you must. get. wealthy british style. sometimes. margetts why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on. the for.
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