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arrangement three. three stooges three. move three broken a lot of videos for your media drug free media gun tard t.v. dot com. welcome back you're watching r t here's a look at the week's top stories the lead in capitals been rocked by nato's have used air strikes since the start of military operations in the bombings have reportedly claimed more than thirty lives and led to growing anger at foreign intervention. moscow agrees to lift the ban on european vegetables if the e.u. can guarantee their free from the deadly e. coli bacteria assurance came from president of vienna during russia e.u. talks the leaders also discuss russia's accession to the world trade organization and the situation in media and. also the e.u.
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prepares a new rescue package for banker greece sparking massive protests against tougher cuts in the country there's outrage to you too in germany where critics say they're tired of paying for people's debts calling on greece to leave the euro zone. am people here moscow and nationwide prepared to celebrate russia day it's twenty years since the country staged its first free presidential elections just one year after declaring independence from the soviet union. that's our interview with nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen speaking earlier to my colleague and he's a fan of the alliance's actions in media and insisted the organization has no plans to act in syria. thank you very much for joining us here in r t it's much appreciated i want to get straight to our first question the u.k. and france want a u.n.
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security council resolution condemning the syrian government in your opinion are we heading for libya two point zero here you know i would like to stress the nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see a resolution and russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes head and goes ahead rather and approves that resolution once again let me stress we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that i share the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria the only way forward is to accommodate. the aspirations of the syrian people let's look at the lack of an entry strategy into
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libya it could be said that you were dragged into this rushing to regime change have you accidently gone to war in libya definitely not on the contrary we considered this a very carefully. laid out certain conditions that should be fulfilled before we took action and the decisive factor was that the united nations very correctly according to the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone according to the u.n. security council resolution we are mandated to. protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's exactly what we're doing right now all necessary measures if i might speak of what our admiral pollo has legitimised
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strikes on any command center in libya i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen holmes gone they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces there's daffy in a car on a phone or in a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say. i would like to stress that we are not targeting individuals we hate you if you commit military. targets. and of course control centers can be used to. organize actually gain civilians show amount of control genders commit military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook. from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing metropolitan areas in libya and civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do all we can to
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avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful in identifying legitimity military targets. has to mediate in the they sent an envoy and as mikhail margelov arrived intensified bombing of libya be cowed why is that. there's no link between the two events we appreciate all attempts to find a political solution to the crisis in libya because obviously there is no military solution only we need a political process having said that i still think that's a strong military pressure on the gadhafi regime will facilitate a fruitful political process mr rangel of yesterday in fact stated and you just
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mentioning that that that the military conflict doesn't have to be there means that it could be resolved peacefully he said adding that he believes that the rebels and the regime forces are ready to negotiate that they both think that war is not the way out of this conflict so why are you still bombing libya with this information coming from the russian envoy that both sides are are ready to talk. we are continuing our regime because we still see gadhafi regime attacking each own population at its absolutely outrageous and. has mandated an operation to protect civilians and we will continue our gratian as long as the regime still attacks on people you met with the russian defense minister sort of call of yesterday and he believes that troops on the ground in libya are now a possibility do you think there will be troops under your command in the future.
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we have no intention to put troops on the ground in libya what if gadhafi doesn't back down. well i do believe that the combination of a strong military pressure and a reinforced political pressure will eventually lead to the collapse of the regime it may happen tomorrow it may take some weeks but we will stay committed until we have fulfilled three very clear military activity firstly a complete end to all attacks against civilians secondly withdrawal of gadhafi military forces and paramilitary forces to their parents and certainly immediate and on hindered humanitarian access to the people in need we will continue our gratian until these objectives are met. post-war libya seems premature doesn't it given william hague and him seeing standing that nato as he sees it will be there
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until after christmas this of course are all despite a ninety day deadline when do you think we'll leave the libyan people at peace. well i'm not going to guess about any time frame what i can say is that we are prepared to stay committed as long as it takes to fully implement the u.n. mandate and that is to protect the civilian population against any attack what about the civilians that are being attacked in syria indiaman in our rain. yeah of course that's a legitimate question. the difference is in libya we are operating on the bases of a u.n. mandate and with strong support from contras in the region actually and on of contras in the region contribute actively to operations for these reasons we are in libya. what do you say to critics who aren't convinced that nato is and goal is to
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protect civilians and that in fact is a regime change. we have been very open about our military. to compete into attacks against civilians withdrawal of gadhafi forces and humanitarian access these are all military objectives and we will continue until they are met. in parallel if there is a political track if you find the international community. recently the g eight group including the russian president called on. true leave power. and. these two tracks are separate a military product and a political track but having said that i think it's hard to imagine a complete end to a checks against civilians in libya as long as gadhafi remains in power i'd like to move on to missile defense in europe if i may defense minister sort of called also
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said yesterday that he's been largely ignored by you in your plans for a.m.d. over europe of course you wouldn't accept that but the facts they certainly at this stage speak for themselves don't they. no russia is definitely not ignored on the contrary we have invited russia to cooperate on difference the fact is that nature has decided to develop an h.r. based missile defense system because we want to protect our populations against attacks from who but we would all like cooperate with russia we have this trial starts from who is from russia. we are faced with a common threat and this is the reason why we would like to see true independence missile defense systems a russian system and a nato system cooperate for instance by changing data the whole system would become
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much more effective that way for the benefit of the russian population and population in nato countries you do understand that it sounds a little bit of a contradiction there you talk about trust about mutual threat and then about separate systems why want one system between nato and russia be acceptable to protect both sides from any kind of threat. because i don't think at the end of the day. the russian government and the russian people would accept to be shot through a common command. i think the russian nation as such would insist on having control of its own missile defense system and this is the reason why the most realistic approach would be to have two independent systems part with a common purpose but this is particularly popular is now mr rasmussen has been
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proposing a joint european defense system. and i think the best way to join efforts would be to relate to independent systems corporates there with the aim to protect the russian people as well as people in nato conference. constantly claims that nato can't guarantee. that its interests will be protected why can't nato is to these guarantees. the best guarantee whatsoever would be to engage in close cooperation because close cooperation between russia and nato would clearly demonstrate. our missile defense is really a defense and it's not against russia. let's face it. we do not consider russia threats to nato and nato does not constitute a threat to russia so let's join efforts let us cooperate the russians sees it as
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they can't go forward on promises why put you down on paper that a missile defense system would not be directed towards them. very easy to guarantee it because we do not we don't have any intention to attack russia not whatsoever but the pace guarantee russia could get would be to engage in a close cooperation and for instance establish a common joint center where we could exchange data that would clearly demonstrate that this system is not aimed at russia. mr rasmussen the facts might demonstrate otherwise thank you very much for taking the time out to be live with us from brussels it's very much appreciated hope to see you again.
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in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph university of pennsylvania said i would if i could be gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a mouse. on all the main risk issues at least ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are very. and for the producers and only five percent. of the genuine the independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic vision is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there's a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if the trench genic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population you don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in
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our congress here in the united states legislatures throughout the will be vote all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws would be more important than deciding on the permanent genetic future of life on earth. we stop stories here on our team believe in capitals been rocked by nato's have used air strikes since the start of military operations the bombings have reportedly claimed more than thirty allies and led to growing anger at foreign intervention in moscow agrees to lift a ban on european vegetables if the e.u. can guarantee they are free from the deadly e. coli bacteria they surance came from present at the end of joining russia hughes hawks the leaders also discuss russia's accession to the world trade organization and the situation in libya. also the e.u. prepares a new rescue package for bankrupt greece sparking massive protests against tougher
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cuts in the country there is outrage to choose germany for critics say they're tired of paying for people's debts call you in greece to leave the eurozone. and people here in moscow and nationwide preparing to celebrate russian day it's twenty years since the country staged its first free presidential elections just one year after declaring in a pants from the soviet union. well our news bulletin in full is coming your way in just about fifteen minutes time before that there will come. well the latest in the world of sports and it's drawing us now and a happy homecoming for one of russia's basketball stars and hello to marina for me . he's back in moscow after his switch to the n.b.a. and he watched his former team get a bible victory last night we caught up with him to the details of march.
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hello there thanks for watching the sport and the other headlines perfect start him the stunning defending champions two years scar in the russian basketball player final. last red bull are flying again his battle takes in six poles and seven races ahead of sunday's canadian grand prix. in the big countdown with a thousand days to go to the sochi winter paralympics athletes take time out from training to inspire others. first the fight to be crowned russian basketball champions has got underway with m.k. winning the first game with the best of five finals against here scar a late surge giving them the edge against the defending champions it is the fourth time in five years these teams have faced each other in the end of season finals and here scar had one or more of them so him keep making a great start to these playoffs the seventy seven points the seventy two victory on the road gratian power forward there's no longer top scoring to him keep the sixteen points ball team make the beast and added fifteen game two is tonight again
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the tears guarino and him key expect another tough encounter. perfectly natural with somebody who says cover a plan already knew how important for his goodness of the try to kind of jump on them and offer a democrat of the president and read it over to the first or the second year of the most part of was rather grim admit there's a driver that was a political game trying to come to the fourth quarter besides we're going to be little bit more nervous that's our goal for the. meanwhile one of think peacefulness stars to me a famous cough is promising russia will not cut corners as they prepare for the upcoming european championships the denver nuggets player has been back in moscow ahead of the euro tournament which starts in the way in two months time. that with . this points not quite making its of
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itself on the bill just yet city more famous golf had already managed to make the headlines in north america it became part of a blockbuster multiplayer trade saw him move to denver nuggets and carmelo anthony to the new york knicks well mozzies and you'd seen were knocked out of the first playoff round in the n.b.a. giving him an opportunity to visit home and prepare for the upcoming european championship in lithuania winning the continental trophy in twenty eleven will mean automatic litigation for the london olympics. i can't make any promises in regards to the euro basket but i can say that i'm sure the guys will perform at their best and no one will cut corners and i think they found very curious i encourage joins us will have better chances because of his experience and be a great help despite leaving russia most golf still has a large band they said his previous club called him mozzie keeps in touch with them through his online blog and those lucky enough may even catch one of his master
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classes in the russian capital but where are the fans most dedicated in russia or the united states. when i play for khimki i saw the same people at all the games it was a group of fans who form the majority of the audience and even followed the team to other cities in regards to the n.b.a. well they might have something similar and although i personally never came across such a thing you just got a full audience of people who come to support city but i never saw such a thing in the us when an organized group of fans would take up a large share of the audience and root for their team. fan support is not the only difference between the russian basketball league and the n.b.a. the american schedule is a more intense with regular season games sometimes held four times a week so the studying of the poll and shot practice or simply warm up takes center stage in erie practice providing plenty of room for individual skills. it is
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team play no one negates that but compared to europe it is somehow more individualized i would say the game is based on single players who play one on one and win it they may score a goal just make a pass european basketball not to mention russia is slightly different people try to find other solutions to the difficulties that arise during the game. the russians will be hoping to qualify for the london olympics by winning the european championship in september it's hope that both russian and be a stars and break into lanka and see more famous golf will be available to help the team in lithuania to quiet individual skills from the united states and their home bred team play is expected to be the winning formula remark cost of artsy moscow. now it is becoming a familiar story in formula one sebastian vettel has grabbed pole position again this time for sunday's canadian grand prix big claims rain could have a big say on who wins the red bull driver top qualifying to grab his six pole in
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seven races this season phoenician just under two tenths of a second faster than ferrari's fernando alonso his teammates need to master and red bulls are the driver mark webber will start and fourth on the grid respectively however unsettled weather is predicted and it could be the first time a race has been held on a wet circuit this season. i think we had a school of qualifying and two very good runs we were able to use the first time a lot of the tire so all in all i'm very happy to be a big step but you know the main task comes tomorrow conditions are very likely to change so we will see some rain the question is when and how much so we will see but obviously you know you want to stop just first possible position to start from while in moto g.p. former champion casey stoner has taken pole for the british grand prix at silverstone destroy even more pressure on jorge lorenzo with the defending champion starting from third place on the grid behind italy's markets and jelly pole sitter
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stone is just seven points behind leading the renzo in the standings. elsewhere that he fastest men over one hundred metres this year have gone head to head the latest diamond league meeting with steve mullings picking his training partner tyson gay to first place in new york a three fold start saw three competitors disqualified before the race by got underway and when it began it was mullings from jamaica who got out of the blocks the fastest gaining a meter on gave in the first thirty however the american in red here then powers through the second part of the race and looked like he might have won it but replayed those show carefully too wordy and that gave mullins victory in a time of ten point two six seconds relatively slow but there was a shooter. headwind. register under a thousand days to go before the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi one of russia's best battle hopes this will not only serve that it can air and she's been
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using her incredible life story to inspire others to overcome their disabilities for the danny and has more. the aging two thousand and eight olympic games will russia's eligible begin a straw gold and silver new world record in the women's one hundred meter breaststroke wood was even more remarkable is that between a three year old who just five months after she'd lost her left arm in a car accident while she was in holding in thailand and prior to that had contemplated quitting the sport a victory was a triumph of mental strength and she's always really to share her thoughts with those would be a sport we needed this swimmer is no embezzler for the switch twenty fourteen olympics and with one thousand days to go to the games physically disabled people in one of the most schools rehabilitation centers have the chance to see and hear
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firsthand what it takes to excel the children overcoming injuries in winning work of it sport is what brought me back to life and made it worth living i managed to return to swimming and win the paralympics that's what inspired me and gave me strength i discovered any world new people and new goals to achieve. having got a new oliseh. the angels of whole band which consists of hearing impaired youngsters even those who once might have lost might get it back. i believe it's my duty to share my experience and views with anyone who is interested no matter if they have disabilities or not for some of them it could be really encouraging i know it works as they've seen it with my own eyes many times. it's very nice for lisa she's a great example for all of us some people would have given up but once they saw her and you know a story they did she helped us change our lives well done only so. despite her
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achievements millie would still call people like alyssa lo duca b.c. built but in many respects the group could be more evil than all of us. on forty. great stuff let's switch to tennis and andy murray will play joe will free to tsonga in sunday's final it queens the brit but using four time champion andy roddick in the semi's in this warm event the wimbledon queens is one of roddick's favorite torrence but he could be a little against murray he was the faster out of the blocks the world number four breaking roddick straightaway to seize the initiative. and the start never looked back waiting roddick with his own weapon the american is known for his big serve but could only manage a paltry three aces murray smashed thirteen including the one which saved the first set six three in the two thousand and nine champions went on to wrap it up six three six one in just under an hour as an error prone roddick failed to find his
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way back into the match. well next up i'm married any job with three to some guy who knocked up fourteen aces in his straight sets win against local hopeful and world number two big things james ward after losing the first set six three the lesser known brit did put up strong resistance in the second set he stalled for four one lead but still lost it on a tie break so it is to tsonga will be aiming to clinch his first title in over twenty months after also humbling world number one rafael nadal in the last eight. i. am finally england's robert rock could clinch his maiden european tour title today he's a two shot lead going into the final round of the italian open rock hit five birdies while dropping just one shot to carve a sixty eight for his pronouncement round and that put him top of the leaderboard on sixteen under six players are behind on fourteen under including local favorite
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francesco molinari also an actress and packers j.d. krueger the south african double bogey the fourth hole but immediately made up for this blip with an eagle on the fifth. so that's the sport's more later.
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